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= 30°/4 sq. yds., or 272/4 sq. ft. 1 Square yard = 9 sq. ft., or 1296 sq. in. - 1 Square foot 144 sq. in.

Cubic, or Solid Measure.. 1 Cubic yard = 27 cubic feet. 1 Cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches. 1 Ton of shipping 42 cubic feet.

Measures of Capacity.

a) Wine and Spirit Measure.
1 Tun
2 pipes,


p. 2 hogsheads, 1 hhd. 63 gallons, 1 gal. = 4 quarts, 1 qt. 2 pints, 1 half pint 2 quarterns.

b) Ale and Beer Measure. 1 But 2 hhds., 1 hhd. 54 gallons. 1 barrel 36 gallons, 1 firkin 9 gallons, 1 gallon 4 quarts, 1 qt.

2 pints. c) Corp, or Dry Measure. 1 Last 80 bushels, 1 quarter 8 bushels, 1 bus. 4 pecks or 8 gallons, 1 gal. 4 quarts, or 8 pints.

7. Auszüge aus Zeitungen.

East-India-House, Feb. 11. 1825. The Court of Directors of the United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East-Indies do hereby give Notice

That a General Court 1) of the said Company will be held by adjournment?) at their House in Leadenhall-street, on Friday next the 18th. instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of continuing the consideration 3) «of the Hyderabad Papers 4) now before the Proprietors, as far as they respect the conduct of the Most Noble the Marquis of Hastings, late Governor General of India.»

Joseph Dart, Secretary. Preservation of the Crystal Palace.

Notice. In consequence of the Chief Commissioner of Works having issued peremptory instructions to close the Building in Hyde Park, the Committee for the Preservation of Crystal Palace have 5) this day removed to the King's Arms Hotel, New Palace Yard, Westminster, where all communications are requested ) to be addressed. April 15th. 1852.

John Warren Hon. (Honorable

J. Morgan Deere Secs. Secretaries.) Eastern Dispensary? A Special General Meeting of the Governors will be holden at the Dispensary, in Great Alie -street, Goodman's - fields, on Thursday, the 17th. day of February (instant), at One or Two o'clock in the Afternoon, to confirm the Minutes and Resolutions of the Special General Meeting, holden on the 5th. instant, for the appointment of Dr. Francis Henry Rambotham, as Physician Accoucheur to this Charity, and for other affairs.

W. Baker, Secretary. 5. Freeman's-court, Cornhill, Feb. 8. 1835.

1) Versammlung. 2) Anberaumung. 3) Berathung. 4) Zeitungen. 6) (242). 9) (254 §. 142). 3. Krankenhaus.

Pursuant to a Decree of the High Court of Chancery, made in a cause « Nixon against Nixon», the Creditors of Thomas Nixon, late of New Ormond - street, in the county of Middlesex, and of Weston - under - Pengard, in the county of Hereford, Esq. deceased (who died in or about the month of September 1817) are forthwith to come in and prove their Debts before James Stephen, Esq. one of the Masters of the said Court, at his Chambers in Southampton-buildings, Chancery-lane, London; or in default thereof), they will be excluded the benefit?) of the said Decree.

Feb. 14. 18..

Mr. Thomas Levilt, deceased. All persons having Claims or Demands against the Estate of Thomas Levitt, late of Church-street, Islington, Middlesex, draper, deceased, are requested to forward the particulars thereof to me; and all persons indebted to the said estate are forthwith to pay the amount to me. April 1852.

Thomas Maligate,
Executor of the deceased 48, Gresham-

street, London.

The Bishop of London versus 3) the Rev. J. E. Gladstone. The Bishop having abandoned his original charge against Mr. Gladstone, the question now pending in the Arches' Court is simply whether the Bishop has the power to inbibit a Clergyman from performing clerical duties in the Diocese without assigning a reason for so doing.

Mr. Gladstone's Committee sit every Monday Evening at the Craven Hotel, Strand. A Fund has been opened for the purpose of defraying the legal expenses which will be incurred by the Rev. Defendant, Communications and subscriptions (by Post - office Order or otherwise) will be received by either of the Hon. Secretaries.

Robert Cross, Esq. M. D. 21. Leicester square. April, 15. 1852.

Edmund H. Stanley, Esq. Craven Hotel, Strand.

Ratcliff Gas Light and Coke Company. Notice is hereby given that at an adjourned Half-yearly General Meeting of Proprietors in this Undertaking holden on the 16th. instant, it was Resolved, that a Call 4 be made on the Shareholders 5) for the sum of Five Pounds on each and every Share 6) by them respectively held, payable on or before the 14th. day of March next, to the Treasurers of the Company, Messrs. Williams, Burgess and Williams, Bankers, Birchin-lane.

James Watson, Secretary. Ratcliff Gas Works, 16. Febr. 1835.

General Steam Navigation Company's Office, 24. Crutchedfriars. The Directors of this Company hereby inform the Public, that the Steam Packets, the Lord Melville and the Earl of Liverpool, will commence running to and from Calais and London in the month of March; and that in the month of April a regular communication will be opened by the Steam Vessels of the Company between Brighton and Dieppe, London and Hamburg, Ostend, · Ramsgate, and other Parts, for the conveyance?) of Passengers, Merchandise, Carriages &c. &c. of which further particulars 8) will be published. Information may be had at the Office, 24. Crutchedfriars.

Charles Bessel, Chief Clerk.

1) In Ermangelung dessen, widrigen Falls. 2) (261). 3) Gegen, d. h. im Proceß mit. 4) Aufforderung. 5) Aktionär. 9) Aktie. Beförderung. 8) Näheres.

The Irish Channel Submarine Telegraph Company, via Port Patrick and Donaghadee, distance 21/4 miles. Notice is hereby given, that no further applications for shares in the above Company can be received in London after Monday, the 19th. instant and from the country after Tuesday, the 20th. inst., immediately after which day the allotment of shares will take place. By order of the Board.

S. F. Griffin, Secretary. Temporary offices, 15. Great Bell-alley, Moorgate-street.

British Ladies' Female Emigrant Society, (established for Providing Employment and Instruction for Female Emigrants during their Voyage). The Third annual Meeting will be held at the Queen's Concert Rooms, Hannover Square, on Friday, April 23. 1852. The Earl of Harrowby will take the chair at half past 2 o'clock. Tickets to be had at Messrs. Hatchard and Sons, 187. Piccadilly, &c. and at the office of the Society; 25, Red


Anglo Californian Gold Mining Company. Messrs. Spackman, Son & Co., acquaint the public that for a few days longer they will continue to Purchase the Unregistered Shares of this Company. 1. Guildhall chambers; Basinghall- street.

London, Brighton, and South Coast Railway. On-sunday, April 11th., and on every succeeding Sunday, until further notice, Return Tickets will be issued at Reduced Fares, from London to all the principal stations. London bridge Terminus. April 10. 1852.

Fred. Hight, Secretary.

Loans on Debenture 1).

British Electric Telegraph Company. The Directors of the British Telegraph Company are prepared to receive Tenders 2) for Loans on the Debentures on the said Company for terms of three or five years, in sums of not less than € 50 each, and at interest not exceeding five per cent, per annum. For further information apply to the Secretary.

By order, George Seward, Secretary. Central Station, Royal Exchange, London, April 18. 1852.

Horticultural Society of London, 21, Regent Street. The Exhibitions will take place on the Second Saturdays in May, June and July; namely, May 8, June 12, July 10, Tuesday 20th. April, is the Last Day for procuring Privileged Tickets.

The Seventh Monthly Meeting of the London Temperance League, in Exeter - hall, will be held on Monday, April 19th. 1852, when the Rev. William Forster &c. will submit resolutions affirming the necessity of petitions being sent to Parliament. Lawrence Heyworth Esq. M. P. will take the chair at 7 o'clock precisely. Admission free.

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Aus Bradshaw's „Continental Railway, Steam Navigation and Conveyance. May 1852". No. 1. London to Frankfort o/M. (via Ostend in 44/2 hours).

London dep. 84/2 p. m. 3) by Railway.
Dover dep.

by Steamboat.


a. m.4)

dep. 81/4 a. m. by Railway. 1) Schuldscheine. 2) Anträge. 3) post meridiem, Nachmittags. 4) ante meridiem, Bormittags.

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3 P

Ghent dep. 9. 50. a. m.


8 p. m.

9 p. m. by Steamboat.
Mayance arr. 1 p. m.
Castel dep.

m. by Railway
Frankfort arr. 4. 5. p. m.
London to Paris by way of Boulogne in 10 hours,

double service daily.
Anmerkungen dazu:

Carriages. Two persons may, without any additional charge, travel in carriages of two wheels, and three in those of four wheels, passengers above that number must pay second class fare.

Fares. From London to Folkestone 1st. class 20 s., 2nd. class 14 s., 3rd. class 9 s., &c.

Passengers should be at the station 5 minutes before the hour of departure. Luggage should be brought at least 15 minutes before departure of the trains and it must be legibly directed. Each passenger is allowed 60 lbs. of luggage; all above this weight is charged for. There are refreshment rooms at Boulogne, Amiens and Creil the trains stay ten minutes at the two last stations.

Paris time is kept on all the french railways, which is 15 minutes before London time. English money is received at the station at Boulogne.

The boats of the South Eastern and Continental Steam Packet Company perform the service daily between Folkestone and Boulogne, and vice versa. Passengers allways walk on board and land at the piers on both ports, so as to avoid the necessity of unbarking in boats out at sea. The time of arrival and departure is calculated to correspond with the trains on each side of the channel in such manner as to cause as little delay as possible and to admit of the journey being performed in a convenient time without risk or danger.

Aus ,,South Eastern Railway, Mai 1852“.

The South Eastern and Continental steam packet Company's Unrivalled steam ships sail every day each way between Dover and Calais (weather permitting).

May 1852.
Saturday (from Dover) 6. 30.' p. m. (from Calais) 8. 0. a. m.
9. 0. a. m.

7. 0. a. m.

&c. &c. Fares between Dover and Calais: Chief Cabin 8 s., Fore Cabin 6 s., Children 4 s. Carriages, 4-wheels L. 2. 2 s.; 2-wheel, L. 1. 1 s.; Horses L. 1. 1 s.; Dogs 2 s. 6 d. Double Journey Tickets, at a fare and a half

, are issued on Saturdays and are available until the following Monday evening.

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Aus den „General regulations for passengers (by Railways)".

Passengers are requested to examine their Tickets and Change before leaving the Booking-Office counter, as errors cannot afterwards be rectified.

Return Tickets are issued to First and Second Class Passengers to go and return a distance within sixty miles in the same day; for distances exceeding sixty miles they are available for two days; and those issued on Saturday and Sunday are available until the following Monday evening. Return Tickets issued for ordinary trains are not available on the return journey for express trains, except on payment of the difference of fare.

No money will be returned or allowance made for any Ticket lost, mislaid or not used.

Passengers are required, after taking their Tickets, to claim their Luggage on the platform, and to see it marked with the Company's tables; and no Luggage will be placed in the Train until it is so marked. The Company will not be responsible for the loss or detention of any article of Luggage that is not marked with their label, nor for Luggage of any other description than that mentioned in their Acts of Parliament, except a Declaration of its nature and value be made at the time, and it be booked and paid for accordingly.

All Unclaimed Property found on the Company's premises or in their carriages, is deposited in the Lost Property Office, at the London Bridge Terminus. If there be an address on the articles found, notice will be sent to that address that the property is in the Company's possession; and if there be no address thereon, the packages will be opened at the expiration of one week, with a view to ascertain the address of the owner, then notice will be forwarded to him, and the Property will in either case be restored to the owner on payment of a fee of 6 d. for each Article, or forwarded, if desired, at the usual Parcels Rates. An additional charge of 6 d. per week is made, after the expiration of the first week, on each Article left for a longer period.

Parcels tied or bound up together, or made up into one Package, conveyed by Passengers Trains on the North Kent Line whether or not the Property of one or more Consignees, will be considered as so many distinct Parcels, each of which will be charged Booking and Carriage as a separate Parcel, according to the Company's published Tariffs.

The Electric Telegraph is now in operation throughout the South Eastern Railway. Messages can be sent by the Public to and from the various Stations on the Line; and at the principal Stations the Telegraph Clerks are in attendance during the night. Communications for London are received at the London Bridge Terminus.

The charge for the transmission of Telegraph Messages to or from any Station on the S. E. Rw. and its Branches, is now 5 s. for 20 words and under, and 3 d. for every additional word.

A message and answer are considered as one communication and are charged according to the total number of words.

Cypher communications are sent according to the same rates, four cypher or private signals being considered equivalent to twenty words.

Messengers are despatched with telegraphic communications immediately on their arrival and are charged at the rate of 8 d. per mile, a shilling being the minimum charge. The Messenger is invariably sent by cab, in London, when medical men are required, unless otherwise ordered. Cab fare is charged in addition.

Inquiries after Luggage and Tickets and other matters strictly connected with the business of the Line are charged at the rate of 2 s. 6 d. for 20 words or under, to or from any Station.

Great Western Railway. The Directors of this Company have now arranged to convey Merchandise and Cattle between Twyford or Maidenhead and London by a Train which leaves Paddington every night (excepting Sundays) at Nine o' Clock, and returns from Twyford at Halfpast Eleven o'clock at Night, calling at Maidenhead.


Cwt. Carriage of goods, meat &c., to or from Twyford .. 15

9 d. ditto

to or from Maidenhead 10

6 d. Porterage, loading, and unloading goods

24/2 s.

or 11% d. Delivery or collection 1) in London


or 3 d.

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1) Auslieferung oder Abholung. II. Vierte Auflage.


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