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10 s.

8 s. 2 s. 1 s.

1 s.



Twyford. Maidenhead. Beasts per head

0 d.

0 d. Calves per ditto

2 s. 6 d.

0 d. Pigs per ditto

8 d.

4 d. Sheep per ditto

1 s. 0 d. 0 3. 10 d. Further information may be obtained at either of the Railway Stations.

Parcels conveyed 1) as usual, at 1 s.; not exceeding 28 6. and 6 d. for each additional 286., including carriage, porterage, and delivery. Four deliveries daily made in London and the country. It is particularly requested that the words «via Railway» should be written on all Parcels.


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Ship News. Liverpool, April 20th. Wind E. S. E. The schooner Adelina of Dartmouth, in proceeding to sea, Feb. 10, came in contact with a barque, which struck the Adelina on the quarter, carried away the whole of the stern, and obliged her to return into dock.

Alicante, April 6. The Prussian ship Flora, being leaky in her upper seams, has discharged part of her cargo, and proceeded to Carthagena to repair.

Baltimore, April 1. The Christina Murray, hence for Liverpool, is in the river, the crew having taken the boat and run away last night.

The Waterlily sailed from St. John's, Newfoundland, December 17. for Zante, and has not since been heard of.

Arrived. Europa, Albatros, Eucharist and Argo from Norway; Gitana from China; Seringapatam, from Calcutta, &c.

Sailed. Falstaff, for Honduras; Isabella, for Jersey, &c.

Vessels spoken with ?). Templeman, bound for Calcutta, on Jan. 24. 10 leagues S. of the Isle des Etats.

Don, from Cape Coast Castle for London, March 23, in lat. 20, long. 29 W.

Calphurnia, from London for Port Philip, Feb. 9. in lat. 29, S. long. 30 W.

Prize Money.

London, April 13. Notice is hereby given to Commander E. H. Beauchamp, and the officers and crew of Her Majesty's ship Hecla, who are entitled to share in the proceeds arising from the capture of the slaver, name unknown (supposed Assombra), on the 20th. January 1850, that the distribution thereof will be made on th 12th. day of May next, at No. 1. Jamesstreet, Adelphi, and where the list will be recalled every Wednesday and Friday for three months. € d.

.€ s. d. Flag 27. 14. 93/4 Sixth class

4. 2. 0. Commander

52. 0. 3/2
Seventh class

2. 14. S. Third class.

13. 13. 4.
Eighth class

1. 7. 4. Fourth class

8. 4. 0.
Ninth class

0. 17. 1. Fifth class

4. 15. 8.
Tenth class

0. 10. 3.

Woodhead & Co., Agents. To sail?) on the 10th. March, for Madras and Bengal, the fast sailing Teak Ship Lady Flora, Thomas M Donnell, Commander, burthen 700 tons. This Ship carries a Surgeon, and is elegantly fitted - up for Passengers.

) Fortschaffen. 2) Angesprochen oder angetroffen. 3) Segelfertig.

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For Freight or Passage apply to the Commander, at the Jerusalem Coffeehouse; to Messrs. Cockerell, Trail & Co., 18. Austin - friars; or to John S. Brinley, 14. Birchinlane, Cornhill.

War Office April 16th. 1st. Regiment of Life Guards. James Keith Fraser, gent., to be Cornet

and Sub. Lieut., by purchase, vice Hare, promoted. 7th. Light Dragoons. Lieut. the Hon. Charles Harbord has been permitted to retire from the Service by the sale of his Commission, &c.

Unattached. Brevet - Major Donald Stuart, from the 46th. Foot, to be Major, without purchase.

Brevet. Brevet - Major Stephen James Stevens. C. B. of the Bombay Army to be

Major in the East Indies, while employed as Captain and Adjutant of the East India Company's depot at Varley, &c.

Hospital Staff. Surg. Edward Bradford, from the 23d. Foot, to be Staff Surg. of the First

Class, vice Andrew Foulis, who retires upon half pay. Commissions signed by the Lord Lieutenant of the County of Lincoln. Gilbert Henry Heatheste, Esq. to be Deputy Lieut., &c.

Naturalization. Aliens established in this country, and desirous of being naturalized, so that they may enjoy all the rights and capacities of a natural born British subject must apply to the office for the naturalization of aliens. C. Wetherly 26. Throgmorton - street, city, late of Winchester - buildings.

The Zoological Gardens, Regent's - park, are open to visitors daily. The collection now contains upwards of 1,500 specimens, a fine series of antelopes having been added to the Hippopotamus, Elephant Calf, and other rare animals, during the winter. Admission 1 s., on Mondays, 6 d.

The pre

Diorama, Regent's Park, Open Daily from Ten till Four. sent Views are the Interior of Chartres Cathedral, one of the finest Gothic Remains still extant in France, and Brest Harbour; which Two Views will be shortly removed.

Anniversary. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts 1).

A Sermon will be preached by Christopher Lord Bishop of Gloucester, in the Parish Church of St. Mary-le- bone, London, on Friday next, Feb. 18. Prayers to commence 2) at Twelve o'clock.

Electrio Telegraphic Despatch.
(From our own Correspondent.)

Southampton, Saturday Morning. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company's ship Bentinck, with the heavy portion of the East India and China Mails, has just arrived here.

Wanted 3). 4 10 8000 Pounds (Dollars) on bond and mortage on valuable improved property in the Fourth Ward in the city of New York valued at 10,000.

For particulars apply to J. W. Benedict 25, Nassau Street, corner of Cedar St. New York.

1) Ausland.

2) (321).

3) Gesucht.

Mortgaye '). Wanted to Borrow on Mortgage at Four and a Half per Cent, for Five Years, the Sum of Sir Hundred Pounds, on the Security of Freehold 2) Houses, situate in a central part of the City of London, producing a clear Annual Rent of Fifty-two Pounds. Applications (if by letter, post - paid) to be addressed to Messrs. Amory and Coles, Solicitors, 25. Throgmorton - street.

Private Confidential Money Negociations, &c. L. 50 to L. 3000 to advance upon Loan to Tradesmen and others that require pecuniary aid, upon Bills, Bonds, &c.; also upon Plate, Jewels, Woollen and Hosiery Goods. Apply to the Principal, Mr. S. S., at Letter A., Carlton Chambers, No. 8. Regent - street, Pall – mall, between Ten and Six. NB. Bills that will not bear investigation ?) cannot be discounted.

To Calico Printers. An English gentleman thoroughly and practically acquainted with calico printing is desirous of meeting with an engagement in Prussia as director of a Print - Work where his knowledge of the business added to the advantages he possesses from his connections in England would prove useful 4) to any %) house requiring his services. For reference and address 6), J. H. Nevill, Esqr. 54 Church St. Manchester.

A Gentleman, a native of Germany, desires to give instruction in his native language to such of the Nobility and Gentry as may purpose visiting?) the continent. Cards of Address at Messrs. Marshall & Co., Booksellers, No. 18. Leadenhall Street.

To let. A house and garden one mile from Brompton suitable for a small family; rent low 8), payable in advance. Inquire of Wm. Bolh, No. 24. Strand.

For sale or to be let. The new brick dwelling house fronting on 0sford street, on the corner of *** finished in modern style, containing 9 rooms, with pantries ) &c. Apply to James Nelson, at No. 25. Holborn.

For Sale, a handsome Bay Pony, warranted quiet in harness or to ride, is in constant work, and a good goer. Would suit any lady to drive, being perfectly quiet. A trial allowed if required. Apply to Mr. Lee, 32, Portland - street, Soho. Lowest price 16 guineas.

Lost. In passing through the Park on the 141h. inst. a letter directed to No. 14. Albermarle St. containing a Lst. 10 note: The finder shall be suitable rewarded by leaving 19) the same at No. 16. Norfolk-street.

Ten Pounds Reward. Lost, on the 3d. instant, at the Crystal Palace, a gold Geneva Hunting Watch, marked A. 1. in blue enamel on upper lid; maker's name Bantel, No. 71,684. It has a large turning index at the back. To be taken to No. 9. Finsbury - circus, city, where the above reward (being nearly its intrinsic value) will be paid.

Music Lessons. A lady wishes to obtain employment as a Music Teacher on the Piano Forte, in some school or family in this city. Respectable references 1) given. Please address a letter to Mary Summer', Park post office.

1) Auf Hypothek. 2) Freilebr. 3) Ohne gehörige Ausweise.

4) (261). 5) (164). 6) Auskunft bei. 3) (253). $) Billig. Speisekammer. 19 Abgeben. 19 Gute Empfehlungen.

To Teachers. A male teacher who has taught in the public schools of this city, is wanted to take charge of ') a public school in King's county on the 1st. day of May next. Apply to Dr. J. King, Deputy Superintendant, Court St. Brooklyn.

Wanted to purchase. A small country residence near the city; a good house is required, capable of accommodating a moderate sized family, with about 2 acres of land. Letters addressed, stating terms ?) to L. L., and left 3) at the office of this paper, will be attended to.

Boarding. Single gentlemen and gentlemen with their wives can be accommodated with board '), furnished or unfurnished rooms, by applying at 15. Walker street, near Broadway. Terms satisfactory, reference exchanged.

Frederick C N. is entreated to communicate his Address and Prospects. His proceedings have deprived his father of his reason and bread.

Wanted. A situation by a respectable young woman in a small private family to do general housework, or as chambermaid and to assist in washing and ironing 5). Apply ......; good city reference can be given.

A correct accountant“), good penman and excellent salesman ?), having a general knowledge of business, wishes a situation in or out doors; no objection to go south; good city reference given. Apply 171 Bowery.

To the Ladies. The Art of Cutting and fitting 8) dresses taught in 4 easy lessons of one hour each, by the use of Mathematical Theorems. Terms moderate. For further particulars 9) inquire of D. West No. 4. Little Green Street.

Wanted. Immediately, a good cook, and servant, a man who understands farming and gardening, and a colored 10) man for waiter. Apply at 654 Broadway, to T. Elliot.

Wanted, in a family, a few miles from town, a Servant of All-Work, about 20 years of age. She must understand the dairy and baking. Likewise a young man, about 25 years of age, as Gardener and Groom. He must understand milking, and be willing to make himself generally useful. Apply at 3. Liscomb Cottages, Queen's Road Dalston, on Friday and Saturday next.

Wanted, an Apprentice to an Ornamental Carver. Apply to R. N. 31. Marshall - street, London - road, Southwark.. A Premium ?l) of 50 Guineas will be required.

Wants a Situation, as Ladies' Maid, a young Woman of respectable connexion, who perfectly understands her Business, and whose character will bear the strictest investigation. Direct to E. D., 44. Castle-street East, Oxford - street.

Extensive Workshops or Warehouses and Dwelling Houses. To be Let by Winstanley and Sons, an extensive range of Light Workshops or Warehouses of Five Floors (with or without a Steam Engine of six - horse power) and an excellent Dwelling House attached, Counting House and

1) Uebernehmen. 2) Mit Bedingungen. 3) Abzugeben. 4) Tisch und Wohnung (in Kost). 5) Bügeln. 6) Rechnungsführer. 7) Verkäufer. 8) Anpassen. 9 Wegen des Näheren. "10) Farbig (schwarzer). 1) Angeld.

Cellarage, desirably situated in the centre of the City, near the NewPost-Office. To be viewed, and further particulars had') by applying to Winstanley and Sons, Paternoster- row.

Cottage and Land. To be Let, pleasantly situated, a Cottage, replete with useful and ornamental fixtures and fittings ?), with an extensive lawn in front, containing large oak, beach, fir, and other trees. The House consists of drawing and dining rooms, eight bed rooms, butler's pantry :), and milk house, with coach house and stabling adjoining; a large barn, two farm yards and farming offices 4). Two Tenements for carters, 220 Acres of Land, and a Right of Sporting“) over 440 acres of land and coppices o), well stocked with Game from the Residue of the Owner's Property. Fox hounds are kept in the neigbourhood. Immediate possession may be had, and the Sheep and Stock may be taken at a valuation. If required, the Owner will let the House, Lawn, Royalty ?), and as much land and coppice as may be wanted, with half of the farm buildings and yard, and one tenement. The Estate is situated eight miles from Southampton, seven from Metley Abbey, five from Winchester, four from Bishop's Waltham, five from the New Forest, and fourteen from Portsmouth and Gosport. Apply to John Richards, Esq., Gosport, and to Messrs. Sweet, Stokes and Carr, Basinghall-street, London, if by letter, post paid.

Wanted, for the month of May, a Furnished House, containing four or five bed rooms, and two or three sitting rooms, within 10 minutes walk from Brixton Church. Address to F. S. Halnaker Lodge, East Brixton.

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S. Estcourts Criterion 8) Razor Straps 9). Wholesale Hardwaremen and other Travelling Houses will please to send their Orders in future to the Manufactory, No. 22, Weymouth-terrace, Hackney-road. NB. Gentlemen will do well when they purchase a Strap to observe the signature of S. Estcourt on the Copper-plate label, as there are many imitations.

Beard's enamelled Daguerreotypes taken daily, at 85, King Williamstreet, city; 34, Parliament - street. Mr. Beard's Daguerreotype Miniatures are, by the process of enamelling, secured from that susceptibility to tarnish and become obscured to which others are liable.

India Shawls. Davies, of Bond-street, continues to purchase all sorts of Shawls and Shawl Neckerchiefs, and any other curious Ornaments of Foreign Produce, at his Warehouse, No. 71.

India Shawls Wanted. - The full Value may be obtàined in Cash for India Shawls, Gold and Silver Muslins, Birds of Paradise, Chessmen ''), Fans, and other Oriental Articles, at Howe's and Harts India Warehouse, 60, Fleet - street, where an elegant Assortment is constantly on Sale. NB. Ladies desirous of exchanging Cachemeres will be liberally dealt with '!).

Officers in the King's or Hon. East India Company's service, and Civilians proceeding to Tropical Climates, are informed that they can lay in 12) the Whole of their Outfit 13) for the voyage, and supply for arrival at Wholesale Prices say, white jean and satteen trowsers from 5 s. to 10 s.; ditto waistcoats, 4 s. to 6 s.; ditto jackets, 7 s. to 11 s.; Russia drill trow

1) Zu erfahren. 3) Hausgeräthe und Ausstattung. 3) Speisekammer. 4) Geschäfts- und Gesindestuben. 5) Jagdgerechtigkeit. 6) Unterholz.

7) Vorrecht. 3) Sier: echt, mit des Verfertigers Namen versehen. 9 Streichriemen. 10) Schach: steine. 11) Billig behandelt. 2) Erlangen, anschaffen. 13) Bedarf.

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