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sers, 5 s. to 12 s. when made to order ) 10 per cent. extra; fullsize plain cotton shirts, 2 s. 9 d.; good at 4 s, and excellent at 5 s. Ladies are furnished with their Outfit, on similar terms. Shipping information given to persons going abroad. Silver & Co. (late ?) Arrowsmith & Silver), 9, Cornhill, near the Mansion - house, London.

The London and Westminster Wine and Spirit Company beg 3) to assure the Nobility and Gentry, that their endeavours shall be unremitting to merit a continuance of the favors with which they have been honored, and that they have constantly on Sale the following Articles, warranted genuine and free from adulteration: Per doz.

Per doz. Fine Old Port 36 s. 40 s. 42 s. Teneriffa, Vidonia, Bronte, Crusted ditto from 2

Lisbon, Mountain, &c. 36 s. 40 s. 42 s. to 8 years in bottle 48 s. 54 s. 63 s. Bucellas, finest quality Full flavored ditto in pints . . . 36 s. Malmsey ditto, in pints Brown and Pale Sherry 36 s. 40 s. 44 s. Foreign Liqueurs in cases of six Real Amontillado

48 s. 50 s. bottles 24 s. 8 s. per case. Curious East India ditto 54 s. Curaçao, 10 s. 6 d.; Maraschino West India Madeira

40 s. 42 s. 15 s. 6 d. per flask. Genuine East India ditto 48 s. 50 s.

42 s. 35 s.

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54 s.

French and German Wines.
Per doz.

Per doz. Claret St. Julien 60 s. Champagne, finest imported

105 s. Lafitte Château Margaux 80 s. 90 s. Ditto, ditto, in pints . Sparkling Champagne

105 s. Sauterne, Moselle, &c.. 62 s. 73 s. Superior Champagne 90 s. Old Hock

105 s. Cape Wines.. Per doz.

Per doz. White Cape : 16 s. 18 s. 21 s. Red Pontac .

24 s. Superior ditto, Madeira and

Constantia , in pints Sherry flavours

24 s. Hock .. Fine Cordial Gin, 14 s. per gallon; Jamaica Rum, 14 s.; Whiskey, 14 s.; Cognac Brandy, 21 s. 25 s.

Country orders, inclosing remittances (post paid), addressed to Mr. Wm. Godfree, 16 Strand, faithfully executed.

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28 s. 28 s.

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Books and prints.

In folio, price 2 L. 2 s. Etchings 4). By David Wilkie, R. A. Printed for Hurst. Robinson & Co., 90, Cheapside, and 8, Pall-mall.

Of whom may be had by the same Artist, « The Pipers »; engraved by E. Smith, price 10 s. 6 d. « The Letter of Introduction»; engraved by Burnet, 21 s. «The Rabbit on the Wall»; engraved by Burnet, 21 s.

Library for the Times (1852). On the 16th. of February, price 1 s., cloth 1 s. 6 d. The Life of Constantine the Great, by the Rev. Joseph Fletcher.

The following will appear in succession:
The Life of Roger Williams, by Romeo Elton, D. D. Cloth 2 s. 6 d.

The Treasure-Seeker's Daughter; .a Tale of Persecution. By Miss Lawrence, Author of „The Queens of England,“ &c. &c. Cloth 2 s. 6 d.

1) Nach Bestellung gemacht. 2) Früher. 3) Beehren sich. 4) Radirzeichnungen. The Free Church of Ancient Christendom, and its Subjugation by Constantine. By the Rev. Basil H. Cooper.

Poetical Selections; a Companion to «Classical Selections».

Lately published, Footsteps of our Forefathers, what they Suffered and what they Sought. Graphically describing localities, and portraying personages and events, most conspicuous in the struggles for religious liberty. By J. G. Miall. Thirty-six Engravings. Cloth, 5 s.; extra gilt edges, 6 s.; morocco 8 s.

«One of the works we would wish to put into the hands of young Englishmen. The design is felicitous, and the execution admirable.»— Leader.

« The pictorial illustrations are exceedingly beautiful.» Newcastle Guardian.

The Church of England in the Reigns of the Tudors and the Stuarts. With Preliminary Notices of the Ecclesiastical History of our Country from the Earliest Time. 2 vols. 2 s. 6 d. each, cloth, or in Four Parts, at 1 s. each.

«When completed, it will not be easy to name the book that can compete with it, as a cheap, rational, and popular summary of the principal events in the history of the Church of England.» Daily News

John Milton: A Biography. Especially Designed to exhibit the Ecclesiastical Principles of that Illustrious Man. By Cyrus R. Edmonds. 2 s. 6 d. cloth.

«We know no work of equal dimensions in which so much may be learnt of Milton in all the aspects of his manhood.» Bristol Examiner.

The Test of Experience; or, the Voluntary Principle in the United States. By J. H. Hinton, M. A. 1 s.; cloth, 1 s. 6 d.

Each volume is complete in itself, and may be had separately.

Reprint Series. Buried Treasures. Part I. The Law of Liberty; a Letter concerning Toleration. By John Locke. With a Life of the Author. 6 d.; cloth 10 d.

Part II. On the Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes : and, On the likeliest means of Removing Hirelings out of the Church. By John Milton. With an Historical Sketch and Notes. 6 d.; cloth, 10 d.

London: A Cockshaw, Ludgate-hill.

Her Majesty's Theatre.

Madlle. Johanna Wagner. It is respectfully announced that the talent of Madlle. Johanna Wagner is secured exclusively to Her Majesty's Theatre, by an engagement dated the 9th. of November last, and signed by this celebrated artist, and also by her father Mr. Albert Wagner,

Her Majesty's Theatre.

Grand Extra Night.
On Thursday next, April 22, will be represented Rossini's Opera

İl Barbierre Di Siviglia.
Rosina, Madlle. Sofie Gruvelli; Il Conte d’Almaviva, Signor Calzolari; Figaro,
Signor Belletti; Basillo, Signor Ferlotti; Don Bartollo, Signor Lablache.

With various Entertainments in the Ballet Department by Madlle. Guy Stephan, Madlles. Rosa, Esper, Lamoureux, Allegrini, Pascales M. M. Di Mattia and Mathieu.

Application for Boxes, Stalls ') and Tickets to be made 2) at the BoxOffice, Opera Colonnade, Haymarket.

1) Sperrfig. 2) (240).

Royal Italian Opera, Covent- Garden.

Production of I Marlyri. The Directors have the honor to announce that,

To-Morrow will be produced, for the first time in this country Donizetti's Opera, entitled I Martyri,

As performed at the Académie Royale, Paris.
With new Scenery, Costumes, and Appointments, &c.

Royal !) Princess's Theatre, Oxford - Street.
Under the management of Mr. Charles Kean.

On Monday, April 19th. will be performed The Corsican Brothers. After which a Fairy Tale, in two acts, entitled: Wittikind and his Brothers; or the Seven Swan Princes and the Fair Melusine.

Tuesday 20. The Corsican Brothers, and the New Fairy Easter Piece. Wednesday 21. Shakespeare's Historical Play of King John &c.

Theatre Royal, Haymarket.
Mr. B. Webster, Sole Lessee and Manager, Old Brompton.

This Evening, will be performed Money.

After which a new Burlesque on a frightfully popular subject, to be called 0, Gemini; or the Brothers of Co(u)rse. Characters by Messrs. Buckstone, Bland, Woolger; Mesdames Buckingham, Collins, Caulfield, Honey &c.

To conclude with Box & Cox, by Messrs. Keely and Buckstone.

Punoh's Playhouse and Strand Theatre.
Lessee Mr. W. R. Copeland Liverpool.

This Evening
Will be presented A Village Tale. Characters by Messrs. E. Rogers,
Attwood, Moorland; Mesdames Copeland, Selby and Maskell. To be followed
by Matrimonial Prospectus.

After which Anthony and Cleopatra &c.

Boxes 3 s.; Pit 2) 2 s.; Amphitheatre 1 s.; Private Boxes One Guinea and a Half, each; Stage Manager, Mr. E. Stirting.

The New Times.

London: Thursday, February 17. The Honourable House. Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopez was sentenced by a Court of Justice to an imprisonment of three years and a half for bribery; but the House of Commons addressed his Majesty to release him, and the culprit forthwith took his seat amongst his equally honest and sympathising abettors. Leeds Mercury.

Accident. The following discovery of a sovereign in an oyster occurred on Tuesday, in the house of Mr. Cable, the Queen's Head Tavern, Rotherhithe. The servant girl purchased two oysters from a woman named Field, and upon opening the shell of one, was surprised at seeing something black adhering to the fish; finding it a piece of coin she cleaned it, and to her great delight discovered it to be as good a sovereign as ever was cast. The matter was soon made known to the connoisseurs, and a minute examination of the dead oyster and its habitation took place. Upon one shell the figure of St. George and the Dragon was legibly impressed, and the belly of the fish had the reverse, the head, faintly impressed upon it. Oysters, at the ebb tide, always lay with the shell partly open.

.) Kronprinzessin. 2) Parterre.

d. grs.

d. grs.

stock Exchange.

Saturday Morning, 11 o'clock.
Consols for Money

Ditto for Account (11th. May)

997/8 to 100. Yesterday being a holiday at the Bank, there was not much business transacted in the Funds: Consols remained nearly stationary at 99% to 100 for the Account.

Prices of Corn.
General Weekly Average received in the week ended April 1852.

41 4 513 Rye

32 8 590 Barley 29 4 241 Beans

29 11 507 Oats 19 7 687. Peas

29 2 892. Aggregate Average of Six Weeks 42. 2. for wheat &c.

Coals, 15 s. 6 d. per ton. Good large Derbyshire Coals, suitable for kitchen purposes and for large consumers, at 15 s. 6 d. per ton; best D. excellent in size, quality and durability, 18 s. per ton. Cash Prices. T. S. Parry, 23 Wharf, Harrow Road, Paddington.

Partnerships Dissolved.
J. Castelli & B. Giustiniani, Constantinople and London.
J. Jackson & W. Goodman, Kingston-upon-Hull, Ale merchants.

Declarations of Dividends.
P. and F. Rufford and C. J. Wragge Stourbridge, bankers.

First div. of 1 s. 6 d. any Thursday before June 30, at Mr. Whitmore's, Birmingham, &c.

Bankruptcy Annulled.
William Green, Coggeshall, Essex, builder.

Bankrupts. William and Charles John Jones, High-street, Islington, plumbers, to surrender May 4. at 2 o'clock, May 24. at 12, at the Bankrupts' Court; solicitors, Messrs. Hill and Mathews, Bury-court, St. Mary-axe; official assignee, Mr. Groom Abchurch – lane. &c.

Fashionable 1) Parties. The Duke of Montrose entertained a distinguished party at dinner yesterday at his house in Grosvenor-square.

The Countess of Essex had an elegant circle of fashionables yesterday evening, at her house in Hill-street, Berkeley-square.

Sir George Warrender, Bart. entertained a select party of friends to dinner yesterday at his house, Whitehall-place.

Lord Gwydyr had a grand dinner party yesterday at his house in Piccadilly.

Fashionable Movements. The Duke and Duchess of Bedford and family arrived yesterday, at their house in St. James's square, from their seat, Woburn Abbey.

Lord George Lennox left town on Tuesday for his seat in Sussex.
Lord Apsley has arrived in town from a tour.

Arrivals at Fenten's Hotel, St. James's place: J. B. Lester, Esq. M. P. from Pool; and Richard Rushbrook, Esq. from his seat, Rushbrook Park, Norfolk.

1) Vornehm, zur feinen Welt gehörig.

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Court Ciroular.

Windsor, April 16. The following had the honour of dining with Her Majesty yesterday: His Serene Highness Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg and the Marchioness of Douro.

The band of the 2d. Life Guards attended in the Castle and played during dinner, and in the evening Her Majesty's private band performed the following selection:

Overture «La Bayadere», Auber. Duo «Marguerite d'Anjou», Meyerbeer. Bolero.

Reissiger. Adagio &c. Sinf. No. 7. Haydn. March, «Oberon», Weber.

The Queen and Prince, accompanied by Prince Leopold of Saxe Coburg rode out yesterday afternoon on horseback, attended by the Hon. Eleanor Stanley and the Equerries in Waiting.

The Marchioness of Douro has taken her departure to-day.

The Prince of Wales, the Princess Royal, and the younger members of the Royal Family took their usual walking and pony exercise this morning.

His Excellency the Prussian Minister visited the Earl of Malmesbury yesterday at the Foreign-office, Downing-street.

The Hon. Francis Charteris had an interview with Mr. Secretary Walpole yesterday at the Home-office.

Despatches were sent from the Colonial-office yesterday to the Governors of the North American provinces, and also to the Governors of the West India Islands.

Polioe. Bow - street ?). Yesterday Eliza Louisa Webster, alias Edy, was brought up in the custody of Thomas Jones, a Police constable, on a warrant ?), in which she stood charged with obtaining, by false and fraudulent pretences, three silk scarfs, a quantity of gros de Naples, bombasin, and other goods, value Lst. 25 and upwards, the property of Messrs. Mann, drapers, in Parliament- street. The prisoner, several months ago, kept a Coffee-house at Charing-cross, and was at that time in custody at this Office on charges of obtaining money under false pretences from one of her lodgers and other persons &c.

Law Report.

Court of Chancery, Feb. 16. The Lord Chancellor attended in Court in pursuance of his appointment, and as it was expected for the purpose of pronouncing his judgment in several causes; but immediately after taking his seat, he said he was afraid that a great deal of what he had promised to do to-day would not be done, in consequence of his having been ordered to attend to hear the remainder of the Recorder's Report, which, though it had occupied on a former day upwards of three hours, had not yet terminated.

Court of King's Bench, Westminster, Feb. 16. Nothing of public interest took place in this Court to-day.

Sales by Auotions. Excellent Household Furniture, an Upright Grand Pianoforte, Cellar of fine old Wine, Plate, Linen, Books, Paintings, a French Clock, China, Glass, Four very fine Orange Trees in full bearing, Green House Plants, Two fine Milk Cows, Meadow Hay, &c. By Mr. Hoggart, on the Premises, near the Eagle, at Snaresbrook, on Monday, Feb. 28., and following days, at


) Das Polizeiamt in London. 2) Verhaftsbefehl.

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