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R. S. S. f. regiae societatis socius, T. f. Thomas, Thomas.

Mitglied der königlichen Gesellschaft. t'. f. to, gu, Zeichen des Dativs. Rt. f. right, sehr, hoch, recht.

th'. f. the, der, die, das, den. Rt. Wp. ful. F. Right Worshipful, bochth‘art. f. thou art, du bist. ehrwürdig.

that's. f. that is, das ist. Rt. Honble. f. Right Honorable, hoch- The. F. Theophilus, Theopbil, Gottlieb. zuverehrend.

There's. F. There is, da ist, es giebt. Ri. Revd. f. Right Reverend, hoch- Thes. f. Thesis, Thesis. würdiger.

Then's. f. Then is, dann ist.

they're. F. they are, sie sind. S. s. f. Shilling, Saint, South, Ship, They've. f. They have, sie haben.

Schilling, Heiliger, Süd, Schiff They'd. F. they had, they would, es S. A. f. Secundum Artem, der Kunst hatten, sie wollten. gemäß.

They'll. (thehl) F. They shall or will, Salop, f. Salopium, lat. Name der fie sollen oder wollen. Grafidhaft Shropshire.

Tho. f. Thomas, Thomas. Sa. Sam. f. Samuel, Samuel.

thoʻ. F. though, obgleich. S. C. f. Senatus Consultum, Raths: théold. f. the old, der Alte, die Alten. beschluß.

thou'dst. f. thou hadst, thou wouldst, 'scaped. scap'd. f. escaped, entwischt. du möchtest, du würdest. Scil. f. scilicet, nämlich.

thou'lt. F. thou wilt, du willst, du wirst. Sd. sd. f. said, gesagt.

thou‘st, f. thou hast, du hast.
S., S. E., S. W. f. South, South east, thouʻrt, F. thou art, du bist.
South west, Süd, Süd-Ost, Süd- thro', f. through, durch.

‘till. f. untill

, bis. senr. f. senior, der ältere.

Tim. f. Timothy, Timotheus.
s'ennight. f. seven nights, acht Tage. timʻrous. f. timorous, furchtsam.
Sept. f. September, September. 'tis. f. it is, és ist.
Serg. f. Sergeant, Sergeant, Beamter. Tit. f. Theodore, Theodor.
Servt. servt. f. servant, Diener. To. Tob. f. Tobias, Tobias.
Sh. f. Shire, Grafichaft.

toʻs, f. to his, zu seinem. shan't. (scha’nt) f. shall not, joll nicht, loʻt. f. to it, dazu, daran. wird nicht.

'twas, f. it was, es war. she'd (jchihd) f. she had, she would, 'twere. f. it were, es wäre. fie möchte, sie würde.

'twixt. f. betwixt, zwischen. she's (ich ihs) f. she is, sie ist. shou'd. (ichudd) f. should, jollte,

u. f. un, un (in Zusammenseßungen). würde. size f. assize, geseßl. Maaß (jeßt size). U. 3. D. f. utriusque juris doctor, S. N." F. secundum Naturam, zweiten ult. f. ultimo (i.e. mense), des leßten,

Doktor beider Rechte. (andern) Natur, der Natur gemäß. Sol. f. Solution, Auflösung.

vergangenen Monats. Sp. f. Spain, Spanish, Spanien, spanisch. 'specially. f. especially, besonders.

V. F. Virgin, Jungfrau Maria. 'spy. f. espy, ein Spion.

v. f. verse, vide, Vers, fieb; f. versus, 'squire. Squire. f. esquire, Edelknapp. gegen, contra (in der Rechtssprache). Sr. Sr. F. Sir, Herr:

Venble. venble. f. venerable, verehSs. ss. f. semissis, ein halbes Pfund.

rungswürdig. SS. T. P. f. sacrosanctae Theologiae Viz. viz. f. videlicet, nämlich, das heißt; professor, Professor der Theologie.

wird gelesen: namely. St. f. Saint, Street, heilig, Heiliger, V. g. f. verbi gratia, zum Beispiel.

Straße. Ste. Steph. f. Stephen, Stephan. W. f. west, West. Sterl. f. sterling, engl. Münzfuß. wan't. wa‘n't. (uannt) f. was it not, 'stead. 'F. instead, anstatt.

was not, war es nicht, war nicht. Swd. f. Sword, Schwert.

was't. f. was it, war es. Sy. f. Symphony, Symphonie.

Wat. f. Walther, Walther. II. Vierte Auflage.


f. second, third, zweite, drite.

wc. wch. f. which, welcher, welche, y'. f. ye, ihr. welches.

Ye. ye. f. the, der, die, das, den. we'd. (uihd) F. we had, we would, ym. ym. f. them, sie, ihnen. wir hatten, wir würden.

Yn. yn. f. then, dann. we'll. (uihl) f. we shall or will, wir Yor. F. Your, Gure, Ihre. werden oder wollen.

you'd. (juhd) F. you had, you would, we're. (uibr) f. we are, wir sind. ihr hattet, ihr würdet. were't. f. were it, wäre es.

you're. (juhr) f. you are, ihr seid. we've. (uibw) f. we have, wir haben. you've. you have, ihr habt. what's. f. what is, was ist.

Ys. ys. F. this, dieser, diese, dieses. when's. F. when is, wann ist.

Yt. yt. f. that, daß. where's. F. where is, wo ist.

Yu. yu. 1. thou, you, du, ihr. who's. (huhß) f. who is, wer ist. Will. Wm. F. William, Wilhelm. 1st. f. first, erste. wi'me. (uimmi) f. with me, mit mir. 2d. Wn. wn. F. When, wann.


. W. N. W. f. West-north-west, West: 4th. 5th. f. fourth, fifth, vierte, fünfte

. Nord-West.

2012. f. twentieth , zwanzigste. Wo. wo. f. Who, wer , welcher. 21st. f. twenty first, einundzwanzigste

. won't. (uohnt) f. will not, will nicht, 22d. f. twenty second, zweiundzwan: wird nicht.

zigste. wou'd. f. would, wollte, würde. 4to. f. Quarto, das Quarto. wou'dn't. f. would not, wollte nicht, 8vo. f. Octavo, das Octav. würde nicht.

12mo. f. Duodecimo, das Duodez. Wp. f. Worship, Titulatur der Geistl. 24to. F. Vicesimo quarto, die VierundWpful. f. Worshipful, Gestrenger. zwanzigstel - Form. W. R. f. Wilhelmus Rex, König Wils N. L. 4° 5', 7". F. North latitude, helm.

four degrees, five minutes, seven W. S. W. f. West-south-west, West- seconds; nördliche Breite, vier Grad, Süd-West.

fünf Minuten, fieben Secunden. Wt. wt. f. What, was, theils.

Lst. 4. 5 s. 4 d. Vier Pfund Sterling, Wth. wth. F. With, mit.

fünf Schillinge und sechs Pence (enge

lijch). Xn. f. Christian, Christian.

& et. f. and, und. Xpher. f. Christopher, Christoph. &c. f. et caetera , and so on, und jo Xt. f. Christ, Christus.

weiter. And such like, And the Xmas. f. Christmas, Weihnacht.

rest, und dergl., und die Uebrigen.

9. Fehlerhaftes Englisch zur Verbesserung.

Letter written by a poor woman to the Emperor Alexander of Russia.

«Unto the most Excellent Alexander Emprore of that Great Dominyon of Russia, and the Teratorys ther Unto Belonging, &c. &c. Your most humble servant most humbly beges your most Gracious Pardon for my Boldness in approaching your Most Dreed Sovring for your Clemency at this Time. My Sovring, the Candor of this freedom is on account of Your Sovring's Goodness in the serving and Inlarging of my Son, whose name is John Duncan, aged 26 years, who was an a Prentice, and was prisoner with his master Captain of the Han, of Alloa at the time of the British Embargo in your Sovring's Dominions in Russia, who is the only Seport of me his Mother and Besaid I have no other frend; and on the

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account of your Gracious Benevallence Be Pleased to accept of this small present from your ever Well - Wisher whilst I have Breath. The small present is three Pairs of Stockings when your Sovring gos a Hunting, I would have sent Your Sovring silk Stockings if that my Son could go in search for it, but the press being so hot at this time that he cannot go for fear of being pressed. If your Sovring will be pleased to axcept of this, and faveour me with an ansner of this by the Bearer, and let me know what Famely of Children your Sovring has, I will send stockings for them for the Winter, before Winter comes on, as also what sons and what Daughters you might have. Most Dreed Sovring I am your most Obedient and Humble Servant Till Death,»

«Elizabeth Duncan.) «St. Neunsons by Sterling April 2nd. 1804.» «Please to Decret to me to the care of Robert Raunce in St. Neunsons by Sterling.» So far was his Imperial Majesty from despising the humble token of this poor woman's gratitude, that he ordered her a remittance of Lst. 100, which was paid her through the Russian Minister in London.

Answer of a country man, concerning the conflagration of the two houses

of parliament &c.

To Sir Jacob Jubb, Baronet, M. P. «Honnerd Sur, Youre faver enclosin the Ruings of the Parlimint housis cam dully to hand, and did indeed put up all the hares on my hed.

It cam like the bust of a thunderbolt. You mite hav nockt me down with the fether of a ginny ren. My bran swum. I seamed rooted to the hearth, and did not no weather I was a slip or a wack, on my hed or my heals. I was perfecly unconshunable, and could no more kollect meself then the Hirish tiths. I was a long Tim befor I cud perswade meself that the trooth was trew. But sich a dredful fire is enuff to unsettil wons resin. A thowsend ears mite role over' our heds, and not prodeuce sich a blo to the constitushun. I was 'barley sensible. The Currier dropt from my hands wen I cam to the perrygraft witch says, «Our hops are at an end. The Hous of Communs is a boddy of Flams, and so is the Hous of Pears! The Lords will be dun! Honnerd Sur, I beg to kondole as becums on yure missin yure seat. I must have bean the suddinest of shox, and jest wen goin to sit after standin for the hole county, on yure hone futting, at your sole expens. But I do hop and trust it will not be yure dissolushun, as sum report; I do hop it is onely an emty rummer pictup at sum publick Hous. At such an encindery crisus our wust frend wood be General Elixion, by stirrin up inflametory peple, particly if there was a long pole. You see, Sir Jacob, I konker in evvery sentashus sentemint in yure respected Letter. The Volkano you menshun I can enter into. Theres a grate deal of combustibul sperits in the country that onely wants a spark to convart them into catarax: and I greave to say evvery inflammetory little demy Gog is nust, and has the caudle support of certin pappers. Im alludin to the Press. From this sort of countenins the nashunal aspec gits moor friteful evvery day. I see no prospex for the next gererashun rocking and swinging. I hav had a grate menny low thorts, for wat can be moor dispiritin then the loss of our two gratest Publick Housis! There is nothin cumfortable. There is a Vesuvus under our feat, and evvery step brinks us nearer to its brinks. Evvery reflective man must say we are a virgin on a precipus. Honnerd sur! In the mean tim I hav pade atenshuns to yure letter, and studid its epistlery derecshuns, witch I hav made meself very particler in fulfiling to the utmost xtent. if the most zellus effuts have not sucksedid

to wish, I humbly beg no blaim but what is dew may fall on me, and hope other peples shears will visit their bone heds. The axident with the spring gun was no neglex of mine. After Barnes settin it himself, his tumblin, over the wier must be lade to his hone dore along with his shot legs. I sent for two surgings to sea to him, and they cauld in two moor, so that he is certain of a good dressin, but he was very down - harted about gittin a livin, till I tolled him yure honner wood settle on him for the rest of his days. I may say the lik of the other axident to Sanders and Sam, who got badly woundid wile wotchin the stax, by apprehendin won another after a sanguine conflic by mistake for incinderies. I hav promist in yure honners nam to reword them boath hansumly for their vigilings, but they stedfistly refus to padrol anny moor after dusk, tho they are agreble by daylit, which leays me at my whits ends for Firegards, as strange men wood not be trusswurthy. Honnerd Sur - I am sorry I cood not git the mad servents to set up for theaves even for wun nite runnin. I tride the Currier on them, but it didn't wurk on there minds; they tuk lites in there hands and waukd to there pillers as if they hadn't a car on there heds, and wen I insisted on there allarmin me they all give me warnin. As for the swetharts there's a duzzen domesticatted luvers in the kitchin, and I'm sorry to say I can't giv them all a rowt. I ketchd the cook's bo gettin in at a winder, and serchd his pockets for feer of fosfrus, but he contaned nothin xcept a cruckid sixpens, a taler's thimbel, and a tin backy - box, with a lock of hare that did not match with cook's. It is dangerus wurk. Becos I luck after the mades candels they tie strings to the banesters to ketch my fut, and I have twice pitcht from the hed to the fut of the stars. I am riting with my forrid brandid and brown pepperd, and my rite hand in a poltus from gropping in the durk for combustibils in the cole seller, and diskivering nothin but the torturous kat and her kittings. Honnerd Sur I got six capitol gees a bargin, am verry dubbius weather they possess the propperty that ort to make them wakful and weary of nites. The old specious may be lost. The Roman gees you menshun wood certinly hav nevver sufferd themselvs to be stolen without a cakeling, as our hone did too nites ago. As for the wotch dogs, to be candied, they were all errers in judgment. There was to much Bul in the bread. The verry fust nite they were let lose they flew in a rag, and began to vent there caning propensites on each other's curcases. I regret to say too was wurrid to deth before the next morning, and the rest were so full of bad bits and ingeries in there vittles they were obligated to be kild. In shutting Seazer with the blunderbush, I lament to ad it hung fire, and in liftin it up it went off of its hone hed and shot the bucher's horse at the gait, and he has thretind to tak the law if he isn't maid good, and he was verry vallyble. Honnerd Sur

Last fridy morning there was grate riotism and sines of the populus risin, and accordin I lost no time in berryin the plait as derected by yure ordirs. I am gratifid to say the disturbans turned out onely a puggleistical fit; but owen to our hurry and allarm, the spot ware the plait was berrid went out of our heads. We have sinse dug up the hole srubbery, but without turnin up anny thing in its shape. But it cant be lost, tho' it isn't to be found. The gardner swares the srubs will all di from being transplanted at unpropper sesin but I trust it is onely his old grumblin stile witch he cannot git over. Honnerd Sur The wust is to cum.

lo casis of Fire the trooth is shure to brake out suner or latter, so I may as well cum to the catstrophy without any varnish on my tail. This morning, accordin to yure order, I hignitted the littel faggit stak, fust takin the precawshuny mesure of drawin up a line of men with buckits, from the duxpond to the sene of combusting. Nothin can lay therefor on my sholders: it all riz from the men striking for bear, wen they ort to håv. bean

handin warter to won another. I felt my deuty to argy the piut, which I trust will be apruved, and wile we were cussin and discussin the fire got a hed that defide all our unitted pours to subdo. To confess the fax, the fire inguns ware all lokt up in the stabble with a shy key thad had lost itself the day before, and was not to be had wen we wantid to lay hands on it. Not that we could have wurkd the inguns if they had faverd with their presens, for want of hands. Evvery boddy had run so offen at the allarm bell that they got noboddy to go in there steed. It was an hawful site; the devowring ellemint swallerd won thing after another as sune as cotched, and rushed along roring with friteful violins. Were the finger of Providins is the hand as does we must not arrange it, but as the him says, “we must submit and humbel Bee!» Heavin direx the winds, and not us. As it blue towards the sow the piggry sune cotchd, and that cotchd the foul housis, and then the barn cotchd with all the straw, and the granery cotchd next, which it wood not have dun if we had puld down the Cow Hous that stud between. That was all the cotching, excep the haystax, from Jenkins running about with a flaimin tale to his smoakfrock. At last, by a blessin, when there was no moor to burn it was got under and squentched itself, prays be given without loss of lif or lim. Another comfit is all bein inshured in the Sun, enuff to kiver it; and I shud hop they will not refus to make gud on the ground that it was dun wilful by our hone ax and deeds. But fire officis are sumtimes verry unlibberal, and will ketch hold of a burning straw, and if fax were put on their oths I couldn't deni a bundil of rags, matchis, candel ends, and other combustibils pokt into the faggits, and then litin up with my hone hand. Tim will sho. In the meenwile I am consienshusly eazy, it was dun for the best, though turnd out for the wust, and am gratifid to reflect that I hav omitted nothin, but hav scruppleusly fulfild evvery particler of yure honner's instruxions, and in hop of approval of the saim, await the faver of furthir commands, and am

Honnerd Sur Jacob,
Your humbel, fathful, and obedient Servint,

Roger Davis.

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