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Archer (William Henry). Statistical notes on the progress of Victoria, from the foundation the colonies, 1835-60. First series. Parts of 1-2. 2 v. in 1. 1 p. 1. 103 pp; 56 pp. 4°. Melbourne, J. Ferres, [ 1861 ?] S.

■ The statistical register of Victoria, from

the foundation of the colony; with an astronomical calendar for 1855. iv, 447 pp. 8°. Melbourne, J. Ferres, 1854. s.

Archibald (Bev. G. D.) Book of chants: consisting of selections from the psalms, [etc.] Adapted to appropriate music, [etc.] hy D. H. Baldwin and L. W. Mason. 64 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys, & Co. 1857. S.

Archie at the seaside, and other stories. [ anon. ] 209 pp. 12 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, Am. S. S. union, [1866.]

Architectonicae civilis et militaris elementa. [anon.] 1 p. 1. 50 pp. [ Vratislaviw~\, typis universitatis. 1777. [ With Elementa mathesis, 1777.]

Architectural (The) magazine and journal of improvement in architecture, building, and furnishing. Conducted hy J. C. Loudon. v. 1-5. 8°. London, Longmans, 1834-38. S.

Archiv fiir anatomie und physiologic In verbindung mit mehreren gelehrten herausgegeben yon J. F. Meckel. 6 v. 8°. Leipzig, L. Voss, 1826-32. s.

Archiv fur die gesammte naturlehre, in verbindung mit [anderen], herausgegeben vom dr. K. W. G. Kastner. v. 1-18. 8°. Nilrnberg, J. L. Schrag etc. 1824-29. S.

The same. v. 19-27. Archiv fiir chemie

und meteorologie, in verbindung mit [anderen], herausgegeben vom dr. K. W. G. Kastner. v. 1-9. 8°. Nilrnberg, J. A. Stein, 1830-35. S.

[No more published.]

Archiv fur die neuesten entdeckungen aus der urwelt. Ein journal in zwanglosen heften, in gesellschaft von mehreren gelehrten herausgegeben von J. G. J. Ballenstedt, und J. F. Kriiger. 6 v. 8°. Quedlinburg & Leipzig, G. Basse, 1819-24. s.

[No more published].

Archiv fur die physiologie, von J. C. Reil (und J. H. J. Autenreith). 12 v. 8°. Halle, Curt, 1796-1815. s.

Archiv fiir die sachsische geschichte. [Vierteljahrsschrift] herausgegeben von Wilhelm Wachsmuth und Carl von Weber, v. 1-6. 8°. Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1863-67. S.

Archiv fiir den thierischen magnetismus.


In verbindung mit mehreren naturforschen herausgegeben von C. A. von Eschenmayer, D. G. Kieser, [und] Fr. Nasse. 10 v. 8°. Altenburg und Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus, etc. 1817-21.

Archivio storico italiano. Serie 3a. v. 5-6. 8°. Firenze, Celini e C. 1867.

Arenstein (Joseph). Oesterreich auf der internationalen ausstellung, 1862. xlviii, x, 128 pp. 8°. Wien, K. hof swaller und staatsdruckerei, 1862. s.

Aretino (Leonardo Bruni, surnamed). See Bruni, (Leonardo).

Arey (Henry W.) The Girard college and its founder. 85 pp. 2 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, C. Sherman, 1852. s.

Argensola (Bartolome' Leonardo de). The discovery and conquest of the Molucco and Philippine islands. Containing their history, description, etc. Translated [from the Spanish, by J. Stevens]. 3p.l. 260pp. 41. lmap. sm. 4°. London, 1708.

Argosy (The). Edited by Mrs. Henry Wood. Dec. 1867, to Nov. 1868. v. 5-6. 8°. London, C. W. Wood, [1868].

Argyle (Anna,pseudon). See Cecilias (The.)

Argyle (Archie, pseudon). See Cupid's album.

Argyll (G. D. Campbell, duke of). See. Campbell (G. D.)

Arias (Didaco Ximenez). Lexicon ecclesiasticum latino-hispanicum, ex sacris bibliis, conciliis, pontificum decretis, ac theologorum placitis [etc.] concinnatum, servata ubique vera etymologise, ortographise, et accentus ratione. Ed. ultima. 4 p. 1. 438, 24 pp. fol. Bancinone, ex typographies M. A. Marti viduai, 1763. s.

Arispe. See Ramos de Arispe.

Aristeas. Tractatulus de xxii interpretibus et de eoiudem maxima sapientia ac nominibus. 311. sm. 4°. Erfordice, 1483.

Aristoteles. Opera omnia quae extant, grsecb et latine. Vetervm ac recentiorvm interpretvm, vt Adriani Tumebi, Isaaci Casauboni, Iulij Pacij studio emendatissima. Cvm Kyriaci Strozse libris dvobus graecolatinis de republica. Accessit in omnes Aristotelis libros commentarius. Authore Gvillelmo Dv Val. 2 v. 16 p. 1. 1251pp. 181; 1104 pp. 161. fol. Lutetian Parisiorum, typis regiis, 1619.

— — Questiones Johannis Versoris super libros

ethicarum Aristotelis et textus eiusdem. exxii, 2 1. fol. Coloniw, H. Quentell, 1491.



Arlstoteles. Politiqves, or discourses of government. Translated oat of Greek into French, with expositions, "by Loys le Roy, called

Regivs. Translated out of French into English [by J.D. 2ded.] 15 p. 1. 393 pp. 31. sm. fol. London, A. Lslip, 1598.

Arizona {Territory of). Journals of the fourth legislative assembly, 1867. 263 pp. 8°. Prescott, office Arizona miner, 1868.

Arkansas ( Territory of). Journals of the general assembly of the territory. 7th session, Oct.-Nov. 1831. 8°. Little Bock, C. P. Bertrand, 1832.

(State of). Journals of the general

assembly, special session, Nov. 1837-March, 1838. 8°.

[Imperfect: title-page wanting]. — The same. 2d-3d sessions, Nov. 1838

Dec. 1840. 2 v. 8°. [Imperfect: title-page wanting], Journal of the house of representatives.

4th-13th session, Nov. 1843-Jan. 1861. 10 v. 8°. Little Bock and Arlcadelphia, 1843-61. Journal of the senate. 4th-13th sessions,

Nov. 1842-Jan. 1861. 10 v. 8°. Little Bock

and Arkadelphia, 1843-61. Arlington (Henry Bennet, 1st earl of). See

Bennet (Henry). Armstrong (Gen. John). Hints to young

generals. By an old soldier. [anon.~] 71 pp.

18°. Kingston, J. Buel, 1812. Army (British). See Great Britain. War

department. Army and navy journal. See United States

army and navy journal. Army and navy prayer-book. [Diocesan miss.

soc. of Virginia]. 96 pp. 24°. Bichmond,

C. H. Wynne, 1864. Amaldi (Enea, conte). Descrizione delle archi

tetture, pitture, e scolture di Vicenzia, [etc.]

Parte 2a. Degli edifici pubblici e privati. 140

pp. 16 pi. 8°. Vicenza, Mosca, 1779. S.

Arnaud (Francois Thomas Marie Baculard

d'). Epreuves du sentiment. [25 nouvelles

en 5 volumes], 24 pi. 8°. Paris, Le Jay

1772. Arnauld (Antoine), and Nicole (Pierre).

Logic; or, the art of thinking. Translated

from the French. \_anon.~] 3d ed. 6 p. 1. 444

pp. 18°. London, J. Taylor, 1696. Arneth (Joseph). Monumento des k. k. miinz

und antiken cabinettes in Wien. Die antiken

cameen, etc. xvi, 48 pp. 25 pi. fol. Wien, k.

akad. der ivissenschaften, 1849. S.

Arnhem (Openbare bibliotheek te). Catalogus, [etc.] xx, 289 pp. 8°. Arnhem, J. A. Nijhoff $ zoon, 1858. S.

Arnim (L. Achim von), and Brentano (Clemens), editors. Des knaben wunderhorn. Alte deutsche lieder gesammelt. 3 v. 8°. Heidelberg, Mohr & Winter, 1808. S. [v. 1, 2eaufl. 1819].

Arnold (Benedict). Letters written while on an expedition across the state of Maine, to attack Quebec, in 1775. 8°. Portland, Bay, Fraser & Co. 1831. [maine historical society. Collections, v. 1].

Arnold (Edwin). Arithmetical questions on a new plan, [etc.] 163 pp. 12°. New York, D. Burgess Sf Co. 1853. s.

The same. Elements d'arithmetique sur

un plan nouveau, [etc.] Traduit de Fanglais, [etc.] par A. N. Girault. 171 pp. 12°. New York, Cady $- Burgess, 1852. S.

Arnold (Harriet N. K.) The poets and poetry of Minnesota. 336 pp. 16°. Chicago, S. P. Bounds, 1864.

Arnold (John L.) Lectures on anatomy, physiology, and hygiene; and disease, its cause, prevention, and cure, [etc. With] synopsis of anatomy, [etc.] 2 v. in 1. 165, 167 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, H. M. Bulison, 1856. S.

Arnold (Matthew). On the study of Celtic literature, xviii, 181 pp. 8°. London, Smith, Elder & Co. 1867.

Arnold (Thomas, D. T>.) The history of Rome. 3 v. in 2. 536 pp; 509 pp. 8°. New York, Appleton, 1846.

Arnold (Thomas Kerchever). Greek reading book, [etc.] Also, a copious selection from Greek authors, with notes, [etc.] 12°. New York, D. Appleton 8? Co. 1848. S.

Arnold (W. M. D.) A practical treatise on the bilious remittent fever: its causes and effects. [Also], medical topography of the different military stations in [Jamaica.] xi, 320 pp. 8°. London, J. Churchill, 1840. S.

Arriamis. History of the expedition of Alexander the Great, and conquest of Persia. Translated from the Greek by [John] Eooke. 2d ed. 264 pp. 8°. London, J. Davis, 1813.

Arrom (Cecilia Bohl de). Elia; or, Spain fifty years ago. From the Spanish of Fernan Caballero. \_pseudon.~\ 12°. New York,D.Appleton & Co. 1868.

Art journal (The). [London.] 1867. [v. 29.] New series, v. 6. 4°. London, Virtue & Co. 1867.


Art de voyager utilement. [anon.'] 2 p. 1. 51

pp. 16°. Amsterdam, J. Louis de Lorme, 1698.

[With Las Casas, (B. de.) Relation des voyages dans les Indes occidentales. Amsterdam, 1698].

The same. Art of travelling to advantage.

[anon.'] 40 pp. 8°. London, 1699. [Imperfect: title wanting. With Las Casas, (Bar

tolonie de,) Account of the first voyages and discoveries made by the Spaniards in America.

London, 1699], Artedi (Peter). Descriptions specierum piscium quos vivos pra3sertim dissecuit et examinavit, inter quos primario pisces regni Suecise facile omnes accuratissime describuntur, cum non paucis aliis exoticis. Ichthyologiae pars v. Ed. 2a. 2 p. 1. 112 pp. 8°. Grypeswaldice, A. F. Rose, 1793. s.

[With his Synonymia. Ed. 2a].

Genera piscium, [etc.] Emendata et

aucta a Iohanne Iulio Walbaum. 4 p. 1. 723 pp. 3 pi. 8°. Grypeswaldice, A. F.Bose, 1792. s. [The above forms part iii of the author's "Ichthyologia"].

Synonymia nominum piscium fere omnium; in qua recensio fit nominum piscium, omnium facile authorum qui umquam de piscibus scripsere, [etc.] Ichthyologia3 pars iv. ed.2a. 2p.l. 140pp. 8°. Grypeswaldice, A. F. Hose, 1793. s.

Arthur (R. M. D.) Treatment of dental caries, complicated with disorders of the pulp. 121 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Jones,White tf- M' Curdy, 1853. s.

Arthur (Timothy Shay). After a shadow, and other stories. 248 pp. 4 pi. 16°. New York, Sheldon <& Co. 1869.

Blind Nellie's boy, and other stories. 192

pp. 4 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, Perkinpine 8f Uiggins, 1867.

The children's hour. v. 1-3. sm. 4°.

Philadelphia, T. S. Arthur cf son, 1866-68. ■ Growler's income tax. 4 pp. 8°. New

York, 1864.

[loyal publication society, No. 57],

The heiress. 141 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley, 1855. s.

—The home mission. 213 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley, 1853. g.

Juvenile library. The lost children and

other stories. 154 pp. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Crambo & Co. 1852. s.

The same. Who is greatest % and other

stories. 153 pp. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Crambo ty Co. 1852. s.

The same. The wounded boy, and

other stories. 154 pp. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1852. s.

—■— Maggy's baby, and other stories. 153


pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo & Co. 1852. s.

The maiden: a story for my young

countrywomen. 162 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley, 1855. S.

Not anything for peace, and other sto

ries. 240pp, 4pi, 16°, MMfiWr

don$ Co. 1869. The old man's bride. 347 pp. 1 pi.

12°. New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1853. S.

The peacemaker, and other stories.

239 pp. 4 pi. 16°. New York, Sheldon $ Co. 1869.

Riches have wings; or, a tale for the

rich and poor. 192 pp. 18°. New York, Baker fy Scribner, 1847. S.

True riches; or, wealth without wings.

210 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley, 1852. S.

Uncle Ben's new year's gift, and other

stories. 154 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo ty Co. 1852. S.

Arti (Le) che vanno per via nella citta di Yenezia. \_anon.~] 1 p. 1. 60 pi. fol. [London,] Lackington, Allen & Co. 1803.

Artiga, or Artieda (Francisco Joseph). Epitome de la eloquencia espanola. Arte de discurrir, y hablar con agudeza, y elegancia en todo genero de assumptos, [etc.] xi, 511 pp. 16°. Barcel, M. Marti, 1750. s.

Artis (Edmund Tyrell). Antediluvian phytology. Illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains of plants peculiar to the coal formations of Great Britain, [etc.] xv, 24 1. 24 pi. 4°. London, author, 18:.8. g.

Arundell (F. V. J.) Discoveries in Asia Minor; [with] a description of the ruins of several ancient cities. 2 v. xxiii, 358 pp; 439 pp. 1 map. 10 pi. 8°. London, B. Bentley, 1834.

Arwidsson (Adolph Iwar). Handlingar till upplysning af Finlands hafder. v. 4-5. 8°. Stockholm, P. A. Norstedt cfc Soner, 1851-52. s.

[Wanting, v. 1-3].

Ashcroft (John). AshcrofVs railway directory, for 1868, containing an official list of the officers and directors of the railroads in the United States and Canadas, with their financial condition and amount of rolling stock, xxxii, 367 pp. 8°. New York, J. Ashcroft, [1868].

Asher (Georg M. of Heidelberg). Sketch of Henry Hudson, the navigator. 23 pp. 8°. Brooklyn, reprinted for private distribution, 1857. s.



Asmodeus in New York. [anon.] 378 pp.

12°. New York, Longchamp <fc Co. 1868. Asmuss (Hermann Martin). Monstrositates

coleopterorum. Commentationem patholo

gico-entomologicam scripsit. 2 p. 1. 86 pp.

10 pi. 8°. Rigae, E. Frantzenius, 1835. S. Asser (John). Chronicon fani sancti Neoti,

sive annales. Foi. Oxonice, 1691.

[gale (Thomas) and Fell (John). Rerum anglicarum seriptores veteres. Oxonise, 1684-91. v. 3].

Associate-reformed church in North America. Constitution and standards. 612 pp. 11. 8°. New York, T. $ J. Swords, 1799.

Association de la propagation de la foi. Annales de la propagation de la foi. Recueil p^riodique des lettres des eveques et des missionaires des missions des deux mondes, et de tous les documents relatifs aux missions et a Poeuvre de la propagation de la foi. Collection faisant suite aux lettres edifiantes. 14 v. 8°. Lyon, editeur des annates, [1823]-42. S.

Ast (FriedrichJ. Platon's leben und schriften, [etc.] 530 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Weidmann, 1816. s.

Astrand (J. J.) Begnebog for skoleungdommen. 2en udgave. 228 pp. 12°. Bergen, E. B. Gierlsen, 1861. s.

Atharva-veda praticakhya (The), or, caunakiya caturadhyayika; text, translation, and notes. By William D. Whitney. [Extract]. 285 pp. 8°. New Haven, Am. oriental soc, 1862. S.

Athenaeum club (New York city). Commemorative proceedings of the Athenaeum club, on the death of Abraham Lincoln. 36 pp. 1 pi. 8°. New York, C. S. Westcott, 1865.

Athenseus. Banquet des savans. Traduitpar Lefebvre de Villebrune. 5 v. 4°. Paris, Lamey, 1789-91.

Athern (Anna, pseudon?) Step by step; or, Delia Arlington. A fireside story. 3 p. 1. 448 pp. Boston, J. Munroety Co. 1857. S.

Athir (Izz ed-din Abu'l-Hasan Ali ben Mohammed, known as Ibn-el). Chronicon quod perfectissimum inscribitur. (v. 7-12). Annos H. (228-628) continens, [etc.] Edidit C. J. Tornberg. 6 v. 8°. Upsalice, C. A. Leffler, 1851-53. (v. 11-12); Lugduni Batavorum, E. J. Brill, 1862-65. (v. 7-10). s.

[V. 1-6 -wanting; not published in 1865].

The same. Chronika. Elfte delen ifran

arabiskan ofversatt af C. J. Tornberg. Haftet 1-2. 2 v. xiv, 231 pp; 1 p. 1. 355 pp. 11. 8°. Lund, Berlingska bogtryckeriet, 1851-53. S.

Atkins (Charles G.) Report [etc.] on fisheries. See Foster (N. W.) and Atkins.

Atkinson (Rev. J. C.) British birds' eggs and nests, popularly described, viii, 182 pp. 16°. London, Routledge,18Ql. s.

Atlante dell' America, contenente le migliori carte geografiche, e topografiche delle principali citta, laghi, fiumi, e fortezze del nuovo mondo. [anon.] Livorno, G. F. Masi & ca. 1777.

Atlantic (The) almanac, 1868-69. Edited by O. W. Holmes and Donald G. Mitchell. 2 v. 64 pp.; 80 pp. 4 pi. 8°. Boston, Ticknor $ Fields, [1867].

Atlantic city. Its early and modern history. By Carnesworthe. [pseudon.'] 96 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, W. C. Harris & Co. 1868.

Atlantic (The) monthly. A magazine of literature, science, art, and politics. Jan. to Dec. 1868. v. 21-22. 8°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1868.

Atlantic telegraph: its history, from the commencement of the undertaking in 1854, to the sailing of the "Great Eastern" in 1866. Illustrated. By G. W. Bacon, [anon.] 116 pp. 1 map. 12°. London, 1866.

Atterbom (P. D. A.) Svenskasiare och skalder. 3 v. 12Q. TJpsala, N. W. Lundequist, 1841-44.

Atuagagdliutit. Nalinginarnik tusaruminksassunik univkat. Nos. 25-68. Aug. 26, 1864—Fipruare 26, 1866. 2 v. 4°. Nungme nunap ndlagata nakiteriviane nakitat, L. Moller-mit, 1864-66. s.

[v. 1 wanting].

Atwater (Caleb). A history of the state of Ohio, natural and civil. 2d ed. 407 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, Glezen <b Shepard, 1838.

Atwood (George). A description of the experiments intended to illustrate a course of lectures on the principles of natural philosophy, read in the observatory at Trinity college, Cambridge. 128 pp. 8°. [London, author, 1776]. s.

Aube (Charles). Monographia pselaphiorum, cum synonymia extricata, [etc.] (Extract). 72 pp. 17 pi. 8°. Paris, magasin de zoologie, 1834. S.

Aubert (Michael Conrad Sophus Emil). Ora mundtlig rettergang og edsvarne. Indberetning i anledning af en efter offentlig foranstaltning foretagen reise i England, Skotland, Frankrig, Belgien og de preussiske Rhinprovinser, [etc.] vii, 688pp. 8°. Christiania, P. T. Mailing, 1849. 8.

Aubigne. See Merle d'Aubigne.

Auckland. (William Eden, 1st baron). See Eden (William).



Aucher-filoy (R.) Relations de voyages en Orient, 1830-38. Revues et annotees par le eomte Jaubert. 2 v. xxxix, 354 pp; 365-775 pp. 1 map. 8°. Paris, Boret, 1843. s.

Audiffret (G. <T). Le budget. xi,234pp. 8°. Paris, A. Allouard, 1841.

Audran (Gerard). The proportions of the human body, measured from the most beautiful antique statues. From the French. 2 p. 1. 29 pi. fol. London, John Sturt, 1718.

Audubon (John James). The birds of America, from drawings made in the United States and their territories. 7 v. 8°. New York, J. J. Audubon, 1840-44.

— A synopsis of the birds of North America, xii, 35!) pp. 8°. Edinburgh, A. 8f C. Black, 1839.

Auerbach (Berthold). Barfiissele. 2er abdruck. 2 p. 1. 255 pp. 16°. Stuttgart, J. G. Cotta, 1857.

The same. The little barefoot. A tale.

Translated by Eliza B. Lee. 275 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, H. B. Fuller & Co. 1867.

■ On the heights. Translated [from the

German] by F. E. Bunnett. Authorized ed,

3 v. 18°. Leipzig, B. Tauchnitz, 1867. Auerbach (J.) and Trautschold (H.) Ueber

die kohlen von Central-Russland. (Extract).

1 p. 1. 58 pp. 3 pi. 4°. Moskau, societe imp.

des naturalistes, 1860. Auguez (Paul). Les manifestations des esprits.

Reponse a M. Viennet. 173 pp. 8°. Paris,

E. Dentu, 1857. Augustini (Agostino). Le belle faccendiere.

8, 135 pp. 18°. Bavenna, Pietro de Paoli,

1655. Augustinus (Aurelius, saint). De ciuitate

Dei,libri[xxii.] 2911. fol. Borne, C. Suueyn

heym 8? A. Pannartz, 1470.

[Imperfect: wanting pp. 7, 8, 14, 272-2911. Liber de conflictu viciorum et virtutum.

81. 4°. Argentorati, Georgius Husner, about

1473]. — Questio de numeroru et per digitos et per

articulos finita progressione. 4°. [n. p.


[In Fabeb (Jacques). Introductio in arithmecam
Seuerini Boetij],

Soliloquium deuotum. 7 1. sm. 49. [Colonice, Johannes Valdenerf about 1474].

■ Les soliloques, les meditations, et le

manuel de S. Augustin. Traduction nouvelle, [etc.] avec des notes. Nouv. 6d. [etc.] 8p. 1. 414pp. 18°. Lyon, B.Martin, [about 1709].


Aunt Zelpeth's baby. By the author of " The adventures of a German toy." [anon.] 132 pp. 4 pi. sq. 16°. Boston, W. V. Spencer, 1867.

Auntie's christmas-trees. The child's giftbook for the christmas holidays. By M. A. C. [anon.] 308 pp. 5pi. 18°. New YorJc, gen'l. prot. epis. s. s. union, 1867.

Aurelius Victor (Sextus.) See Victor.

Aus der heimath. Em naturwissenschaftliches volksblatt, herausgegeben von E. A. Rossmassler. Jahrgange 1862-64. 3 v. 8°. Leipzig, E. Keil, 1862-64. s.

Aus der natur. Die neuesten entdeckungen auf dem gebiete der naturwissenschaften. '12 v. 12°. Leipzig, A. Abel, 1852-58. s. [v. 12 wanting. 2 copies of v. 7-8].

The same. v. 13-42, oder neue folge,

v. 1-30. 30 v. in 8. 8°. Leipzig, Gebhart ds Beisland, 1860-67. S.

[v. 13, 15, 17-23, 26, 28 wanting].

Ausonius (Decimus Magnus). Opera. Interpretatione et notis illustravit Julianus Floridus. Recensuit,etc. Joannes BaptistaSouchay. [With appendix:] Obscoena e textu Ausonianoresecta. 16 pp. Ixviii, 684 pp. 72 1. 1 pi. 4°. Parisiis, J. Guerin, 1730. S.

Austin (Samuel). Avstin's Vrania; or, the heavenly mvse: being a true story of man's fall and redemption. ByS. A. 10 p. 1. 136 pp. 18°. London, B. Allot, 1629.

Austin (William). Haec homo; wherein the excellency of the creation of woman is described. 5 p. 1. 189 pp. 2 pi. 24°. London, JS. Blunden, 1638.

Austria. K. Jc. direction der administrate en statistich. See K. k. statistische central-commission, below.

K. Jc. general-direction der communica

tions anstalten (Cours bureau der). Oesterreichisches post-cours buch, [etc.] 601pp. 1 map. sq. 12°. Wien, Jc. Jc. hof-und staatsdrucJcerei, 1864. S.

Topographisches post-lexikon.

ii abtheilung. Der kronliinder Bohmen, Mahren und Schiesien umfassend. 2 p. 1. 802 pp. 241. 4°. Wien, Jc. Jc. hof-und staatsdrucJcerei, 1852-55.

[Heft 2 wanting]. 8.

• The same. Topographisches post

lexicon umfassend die Kronliinder,. Oesterreich ob der Enns, Salzburg, Tirol mit Vorarlberg, Steiermark, Karnthen, Krain, dann das furstenthum Liechtenstein, xvi, 533 pp. 4°. Jc. Jc. drucJcerei, 1861. s.

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