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Piper (Ferdinand). Mythologie mid symbolik der christlichen kunst, von der altesten zeit bisin'ssechzehntejahrhundert. lr"band. Mythologie. 1 v. in 2. xliii, 510 pp; xxviii, 732 pp. 8°. Weimar, Landes-industrie-comptoirs, 1847-51.

[No more published]. Firckheimer (Bilibaldus). Epistola apologetica. [Contra theologos colonienses pro Joanne Reuchlino defensio]. sm. 4°. Nurenbergce, 1517.

[Jw Lucianus. Piscator. ed. 1517]. Pitrat (John Claudius). Paul and Julia; or, the political mysteries, hypocrisy, and cruelty of the leaders of the church of Rome. 319 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Boston, E. W. Kinks & co. 1855. 8.

Pitt (William, of Birmingham). A general view of the agriculture of the county of Leicester, viii, 411 pp. 1 col. map. 35 pi. 8°. London, 1809. g.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

General view of the agriculture of the

county of Northampton. xii, 320 pp. 1 col. map. 8°. London, 1809. s.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

— General view of the agriculture of the

county of Stafford. 2d ed. xii, 327 pp. 1 col. map. 15 pi. 8°. London, 1808. s.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

A general view of the agriculture of the

county of Worcester, xx, 428 pp. 1 map. 6 pi. 8°. London, 1810. g.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture]. Pittenger (Bev. William). Oratory, sacred and secular; or, the extemporaneous speaker, with sketches of the most eminent speakers of all ages, and a "chairman's guide" for conducting public meetings. With introduction, by John A. Bingham. 220 pp. 12°. New York, S. B. Wells, 1868. Pitton de Tournefort. See Toumefort. Pittsburg landing, (Shiloh), and the investment of Corinth, [anon. By A. J. V.] 96 pp. 16°. New York, Beadle # co. [1862]. Placido (Gabriel de la Concepcion Yald6s, known as). Poesias. xxvii, 479 pp. 16°. Nueva York, Lockwood <fc son, 1855. s.

Plake (Mrs. Kate). The southern husband outwitted by his union wife. 161 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Philadelphia, Moore $ bro. for the authoress, 1868. Flanche (Miss Matilda). See Mackarness

(Mrs. M. P.) Planck (Gottlieb Jacob). Geschichte der christlich-kirchlichen gesellsch afts-verfassung 5 v. in 6. 12°. Hannover, Hahn, 1803-09. s.



V. 1. Geschichte der entetehung und ausbildung der christlich-kirchlichen gesellschafts-verfassung in romischen staat, [etc.] xxviii, 706 pp. 1803.

V. 2. Geschichte der christlich-kirchlichen gesellsehafts-verfassu^jg■ in den neuen staaten des Occidents, [etc.] xx, 828 pp. 1804.

v. 3-5. Geschichte des pabstthums in den ahendlandischen kirchen von der mitte des neunten jahrhunderts an. v. 1-3. 1805-09.

Plat. See Piatt.

Plato. Phedon; or, a dialogue of the immortality of the soul. 178 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. London} J. Davidson, 1777.

Piatt (Sir Hugh). The garden of Eden; or, an accurate description of all flowers and fruits now growing in England,with particular rules how to advance their nature and growth. 2 v. inl. 14 p.l. 148 pp; 8p.l. 159pp. 18°. London, W. $ J. Leake, 1675.

Playfair (R. Lambert) and Giinther (Albert C. L. G.) The fishes of Zanzibar. Acanthopterygii, by R. L. Playfair. Pharyngognathi, etc. byA.C.L. Giinther. xiv, 153 pp. 21 pi. [6 col.] 4°. London, J. Van Voorst, 1866. Playse or Pleyce (John). [Henry Hudson] his discouerie toward the north pole, in May, 1867. 8°. New York, J. Biley, 1811.

[In New York historical society. Collections, v. 1. 1st series].

Pleasants (Julia, pseudon f) Callamura. [A novel]. 454 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Bemsen $- Saffelfinger, 1868.

Plessing (Friedrich Victor Leberecht). Memnonium, oder versuche zur enthiillung der geheimnisse des alterthums. 2 v. x, 564 pp; xxxvipp. 41. 694 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Weygand, 1787.

Plinius Secundus (Caius). Natvralis historic. la pars—3a pars. 3 v. 16°. Venetiis, Aldus, 1535-36. s.

Plunket (William Conyngham,&cm>?i Plunket). Life, letters, and speeches. [Edited] by D. Plunket. With preface, by lord Brougham. 2 v. xi, 410 pp. 1 portrait; vii, 380 pp. 8°. London, Smith, Elder $ co. 1867.

Plutarchus. Qvse exstant omnia, cvm latina interpretatione Hermanni Cruserii; Gulielmi Xylandri. Accedit nvnc primvm libellvs eivsdem de fluuiorum montiumque nominibus, cum versione Maussaci. [Gr. et Lat.] 2 v. 22 p. 1. 1076, 114 pp. 16 1; 4 p. 1. 164, 72, 80 pp. 17 1. fol. Francofvrti, off. D. & D. Au~ briorum & C. Schleichij, 1620. s.

■ De his qui tarde a numine corripiuntur

libellus. 261. sm. 4°. Argentorati, ex aedibus Schurerianis, 1514.



Plutarchus. Opuscula nuper traducta. Erasmo

Roterodamo interprete. 27 1. 25 1. sm. 4°.

Basilce, J. Frobenius, 1514. Paralelia in latinu couersa [a Guarino

Yeronense]. 61. 4°. Brixice, perJ. Brittan

icum, 1498.

[ With POLYBIUS. De primo bello pvnico. Brixise, 1498].

Plymley (Joseph). General view of the-agriculture of Shropshire. xxv; 366 pp. 2 maps. 5 pi. 8°. London, 1803. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].

Plymouth collection. The baptist hymn and tune book: being "the Plymouth collectionv enlarged^ and adapted to the use of baptist churches, lii, 521 pp. 8°. New York, Sheldon, Blaheman 3f co. 1858. S.

Plymouth colony. The first Plymouth patent: granted June 1, 1621. From the original ms. Edited by Charles Deane. 16 pp. 4°. Cambridge, privately printed, 1854.

Pocket (The) letter writer. [With a dictionary of poetical quotations]. 256 pp. 32°. Cincinnati, J. A. fy U. P. James, 1853. S.

Poe (Edgar Allan). The conchologist's first book: a system of testaceous malacology, etc. 2d ed. 166 pp. 12 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, author, 1840. s.

Poets (The) offering, for 1850. [Edited by Sarah Josepha Hale]. 576 pp. 14 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Crigg, Elliot ty co. 1850. S.

Poiret (Jean Louis Marie). Botanique. See Lamarck (J. B. P. A. de Monnet, chevalier de) and Poiret.

— Voyage en Barbarie, ou lettres dcrites

de l'ancienne Numidie pendant les ann^es 1785 et 1786. Avec un essai sur Thistoire naturelle de ce pays, [etc.] 2 v. xxiv, 363 pp; 315 pp. 21. 8°. Paris,J.B.F.NeedelaBochelle, 1789.

"Poke" and her sisters; or, a peep at the Clyse family, [cmon.] 299 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, 1868.

Pollard (Edward A.) The lost cause regained. 214 pp. 12°. New York, Carleton $ co. 1868.

Pollington (John Horace Savile, viscount). See Savile (J. H.)

Pollock (Thomas C.) Ivanhoe masonic quartettes. 75 pp. 8°. New York, Pond & co. 1867.

Pollux (Julius). 'OvofiaoTiKov ev (3l[3alolc Seica. Onomastikon, hoc est, instrvctissimvm rervm ac synonymorvm dictionarivm, decern libris constans, [etc.] Cvm prefatione Simonis Grynsei ad ludimagistros. 9 p. 1. 562 columns on 141 1. 39 1. 8°. Basilice, per B. Lasium fy T. Platterum, 1536. s.

Polo (Marco). I viaggi di Marco Polo veneziano, tradotti per la prima volta dalP originale francese di Rusticiano di Pisa, e corredati d'illustrazioni e di documenti da Vincenzio Lazari, pubblicati per cura di Lodovico Posini. lxiv, 484 pp. lmap. 8°. Venezia, P. Naratovich, 1847. S.

Polybius. De primo bello pvnico, ex grseco in latinu traductus per Leonardum Aretinum. 26 1. fol. Brixice, per J. Britanicum, 1498.

Pomeroy (Martin M.) Sense; or, Saturdaynight musings and thoughtful papers. By "Brick" Pomeroy. 273 pp. 6 pi. 12°. New York, Carleton fy co. 1868.

Nonsense; or, hits and criticisms on the

follies of the day. By "Brick" Pomeroy. 274 pp. 6 pi. 12°. New York, Carleton fy co. 1868.

Pomponius Mela. See Mela (Pomponius).

Poncet de la Grave (Guillaume). Precis historique de la marine royale de France, depuis l'origine de la monarchic jusqu'au roi regnant. 2v. xlviii, 330 pp; 2p.l. 336pp. 21. 16°. Paris, E. Onfroy, 1780.

Pontoppidan (Erik, bishop of Bergen, Norloay). Versuch einer natiirlichen historie von JSTorwegen. Aus dem Diinischen, von Johann Adolph Scheiben. 2v.ini. 367 pp. 16pi; 536pp. 13pi. 12°. Kopenhagen, F.C. Mumme, 1753.

Poor (Henry V.) Manual of the railroads of the United States, for 1868-69. [With] appendix, containing a full analysis of the debts of the United States, and of the several states. 442 pp. 8°. New York, H V. ft H. W. Poor, 1868.

Porcacchi (Tommaso). L'isole piv famose del mondo. Intagliate da G. Porro. 12 p. 1. 211 pp. fol. Padova, P. & F. Galignani, 1620.

Porcupine (Peter, pseudon. ) See Cobbett (William).

Porphyrius. Epistola ad Anebonem segyptium. fol. Oxonii, 1678.

[In Jamblichus. FLepi /LtvgrTjpcov loyog. T.
Gale edidit. 1678].

Porta (Giovanni Battista). Lafantesca. Comedia. 96 1. 18°. Venetia, C B. Bonfadino, 1610.

—■ An inquiry into the analogy existing between the brute and human physiognomy. From the Italian of Porta. 48°. New Haven, 1829. [In LAVATER (J. C.) The pocket Lavater. 1829].

The same. 24°. New Haven, [1840]?

[In Lavater (J. C.) The pocket Lavater. [1840] 1



Porta (G. B.) Natural magick: in twenty books: wherein are set forth all the riches and delights of the natural sciences. 3 p. 1. 409 pp. 31. fol. London, T. Young & S. Speed, 1658.

Porta (Luigi, prof, at Pavia). Delle alterazioni patologiche delle arterie per la legatura e la torsione esperienze ed osservazioni. x, 440 pp. 13 pi. 4°. Milano, G. Bernardoni di Gio, 1845. s.

Delia litotrizia. xii, 400 pp. 9 pi. 8°.

Milano, D. Bernardoni, 1859. S.

Delia malattie generali interne riverberate da operazioni e malattie chirurgiche locali esterne. 86 pp. 4°. Milano, G. Bernardoni, 1854. s.

Porter (John A. M. D.) Principles of chemistry: embracing the most recent discoveries in the science, and its application to agriculture and the arts. 20th ed. 699 pp. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1868.

Porter (Noah, B.D.) The educational systems of the puritans and Jesuits compared. 95 pp. 12°. New YorJc, M. W. Dodd, 1851. S.

— The human intellect: with an introduction upon physiology and the soul, xxvii, 673 pp. 8°. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1868.

Portico (The), a repository of science and literature. [Monthly]. Jan. 1816, to Dec. 1817. v. 1-4. 8°. Baltimore, Neale, Wills ty Cole, 1816-17.

Portland, (Maine). The Portland business directory, and business man's guide for 1868. ByAtwell&co. 275 pp. 12°. Portland, B. Thurston é co. 1868.

Porto-Alegre (Manoel de Araujo). Brasilianas. 359 pp. 8°. Vienna, typographia imperial. 1863.

Colombo. Poema. 2 v. 4 p. 1. 428 pp;

2 p. 1. 522 pp. 8°. Bio de Janeiro, B. L. Garnier, 1866.

Portrait (Le) et les avantures divertissantes du duc de Roquelaure. Par le sr. J. R. \_anon.~] 95 pp. 18°. Cologne, P. Marteau, . 1781.

Ports (Les) de France. See Vernet (C. J.) and Huë (J. F.)

Portsmouth (N. H.) The Portsmouth directory. By D.Dudley. 132,48 pp. 8°. Portsmouth, J. F. SJwres, 1867.

Possenti (Carlo, engineer). Sulla sistemazione idraulica della Valdichiana osservazioni storicicritiche. 89 pp. 2 maps, etc. 8°. Firenze, tipografia degV ingegneri, 1866. S.

Postlethwayt (James). The history of the

public revenue, from the revolution in 1688 to Christmas, 1753. 2 p. 1.352 pp. obi. fol. London, J. Knapton, 1759.

Post office department, U. S. See United States.

Potiez (Valéry Louis Victor). Musée de Douai. Catalogue des collections d'histoire naturelle. Galerie des vertébrés. 2e partie. Oiseaux. 1er fasc. pp. xi, 1-192. 8°. Paris, J. B. Baillière et fils, 1863. S.

Michand (André Louis Gaspard).

Galerie des mollusques, ou catalogue méthodique, descriptif et raisonné, des mollusques et coquilles du muséum de Douai. 2 v. xxxvi, 560 pp. 2 1; 2 p. 1. xxxvii-xliv, 307 pp. 2 1. Atlas, 56 pp. 37 pi. 8°. Paris, J.B. Baillière, 1838-44. s.

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Poirjade (Eugène). Le Liban et la Syrie, 1845-60. iii, 315 pp. 16°. Paris, A. Bourdilliat $- de. 1860. Poujard'hieu (G.) Les chemins defer et le crédit en France. 2 p. 1. 410 pp. 12°. Paris, J. Heizel, 1862. S. POYNTZ.


Poyntz (John). The present prospect of the famous and fertile island of Tobago: with a description of the situation, growth, fertility, etc. 2 p. 1. 47 pp. sm. 4°. London, G. LarIcin, 1683.

Pradt (Dominique Dufour de). The congress of Vienna, xv, 224 pp. 8°. London, S. Leigh, 1816. S.

Prater (Horatio). Letters to the American people, on Christianity and the sabbath, xi, 144 pp. 12°. London, J. Clayton 8? son, 1856.

Pratt (Parley P.) A voice of warning, and instruction to all people, or an introduction to the faith and doctrine of the latter day saints. 3d Amer. ed. 284 pp. 24°. Nauvoo, J. Taylor, 1844.

Pratt (Samuel Jackson). Gleanings through Wales, Holland, and Westphalia, with views of peace and war, at home and abroad. [With] humanity; or the rights of nature. A poem. 2 v. xlix, 426 pp; xii, 450 pp. 8°. Dublin, P. Wogan, 1797.

Pratz (Lepage du). See Lepage du Pratz.

Pray (Lewis G.) Historical sketch of the twelfth congregational society in Boston, xii, 123 pp. lpl. 12°. Boston, society, 1863. s.

Preble (Commander George Henry, TJ.S.N.) The chase of the rebel steamer of war Oreto, into the bay of Mobile, by the U. S. steam sloop Oneida, Sept. 4, 1862. 60 pp. 8°. Cambridge, (Mass.) printed for private circulation, 1862.

Preisgekronten (Die) entwiirfe zur erweiterung der inneren stadt Wien. Mit sieben in der kaiserlich- koniglichen hof- und staatsdruckerei in farbendruck ausgefiihrten planen und einem erlauternden texte von prof. R. v. E. 37 pp. 7 col. pi. oblong fol. Wien, 7c. Jc. hof- und staatsdrucJcerei, 1859. S.

Preller (L.) Griechische mythologie. 2 v. viii, 528 pp; vi, 366 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Weidmann, 1854.

CONTENTS. T. 1. Theogonie und goetter. v. 2. Die heroen.

Romische mythologie. viii, 820 pp. 11.

8°, Berlin, Weidmann, 1858.

Prendergast (Thomas). The mastery series. French. 2d ed. xi, 107 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1868.

The same. German. 2d ed. xi, 86 pp*

31. 12°. London, Longmans, 1868.

Presbyterian church of the United States. Minutes of the general assembly, from the first, 1787 to 1862. 72 v. in 16 v. 8°. Philadelphia, 1788-1862.

• Characters formed by the divisible type

belonging to the Chinese missions of the presbyterian church in the U. S. A. 110 pp. Appendix. 12 pp. 4°. Macao, presbyterian mission press, 1844. s.

Presbyterian (The) historical almanac, and annual remembrancer of the church. For 1865. By J. M. Wilson, v. 7. 407 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. M. Wilson, 1865.

Presbyterian (The) magazine. Edited by C. Van Eensselaer. Jan. 1851, to Dec. 1857. v. 1-7. 8°. Philadelphia, 1852-57.

Prescott (T. C.) Some account of Emanuel Swedenborg and his writings. 32 pp. 12°. Boston, O. Clapp, 1854. S.

Preservation (The) of the Union, a national economic necessity. [anon.~\ From the German commercial gazette. 7 pp. 8°. New York, W. C. Bryant & co. 1863. [LOYAL publication society, no. 14].

Pressense (i£adame E. de). Eosa. From the French. 366 pp. 4 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, 1868.

Theresa's journal. From the French.

297 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, s. s. union,

1868. Prestel (Michael August Friedrich). Vor

schule der geometrie. 3e aufl. viii, 288 pp.

8°. Leipzig, E. Fleischer, 1867. s.

Preston (Laura). Aldeane. A novel. 403 pp.

12°. New York, A. Roman & co. 1868. A boy's trip across the plains. 233 pp.

1 pi. 16°. New York, A. Roman # co.

1868. Preston (Rev. Thomas S.) Lectures on reason

and revelation, delivered in St. Ann's church,

New York, 1867. 266 pp. 12°. New York,

catholic pub. house, 1868. Prevost d'Bxiles (Antoine Francois). Abreg6

de Thistoire g6n6rale des voyages. See La

Harpe (J. F. de).

Le philosophe anglois, ou histoire de

monsieur Cleveland, fils naturel de Cromwell, 6crite par lui meme. Traduite de YAnglois. [pseudon.] Nouv. ed. 7 v. in 4. 24°. Amsterdam, ArJcstee <& Merhus, 1744. Price (Rev. T.) An essay on the physiognomy and physiology of the present inhabitants of Britain; with reference to their origin, as Goths and Celts. [With] remarks upon the physiognomical characteristics of Ireland, and of some of the neighbouring continental nations, xii, 123 pp. 8°. London, J. Rodivell, 1829.


Prickett (Abacuk). A larger discourse [of

the voyage] of Henry Hudson, for the dis

couerie of the north-west passage, 1610. 8°.

New York, J. Biley, 1811.

[In New York historical society. Collections, v. 1. 1st series].

Priest (Josiah). Slavery, as it relates to the negro, or African race, examined in the light of circumstances, history and the holy scriptures; with an account of the origin of the black man's color, and strictures on abolitionism, xii, 340 pp. 12°. Albany, C. Van Benthuysen fy coa 1843.

Priest (Bev. St. John). General view of the agriculture of Buckinghamshire, etc. With an appendix containing extracts from a survey of the same county by mr. Richard Parkinson, viii, 412 pp. 3 tab. 1 map. 13 pi. 8°. London, 1810. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture}.

Priesthood and clergy unknown to Christianity; or, the church a community of co-equal brethren. By Campaginator. [pseudon.] 168 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1857. s.

Priestley (Joseph, XL. D.) An appeal to the public, on the subject of the riots in Birmingham. Part ii. To which is added a letter from W. Russell to the author, xxviii, 210 pp. 8°. London, J, Johnson, 1792. s.

Memoirs to 1795, written by himself:

with a continuation, to the time of his decease, by his son, J. Priestley: and observations on his writings by T. Cooper, and W. Christie. 2 v. 3 p. 1. v, 824 pp. 8°. Northumberland, (Pa.) J. Binns, 1806.

——— Observations on the increase of infidel

ity. [With] animadversions on the writings

of several modern unbelievers, and especially

the Ruins of Volney. 3d ed. xxvi, 179 pp.

8°. Philadelphia, T. Dobson, 1797.

Prima morum et pietatis praecepta. Quibus

accessit summula catechismi ad piam junio

rem educationem apprime utilis. 32 pp. 16°.

Glasguce, J Duncan, 1782.

[With Ruddiman (T.) Rudiments of Latin. Glasgow, ed. 1781].

Prime (William Cowper). The Owl creek letters, and other correspondence, [anon.] 203 pp. 12°. New York, Baker ty Scribner, 1848.

Prince (Rev. Thomas). Civil rulers raised up by God to feed his people. A sermon at the publick lecture in Boston, July 25, 1728. 24 pp. 12°. Boston, Samuel Gerrish, 1728.

— The departure of Elijah lamented. A

sermon occasioned by the decease of the rev.


Cotton Mather. 26 pp. 8°. Boston, D. Henchman, 1728.

-——■ A sermon on the death of king George [i.] and the accession of George ii. Delivered in Boston, Aug. 24,1727. 27 pp. 16°. Boston, Daniel Henchman, 1727.

Prince Edward Island. Abstract of the census of the population, and other statistical returns, etc. 1855. 56 1. 4°. [ Charlottetown], E. Whelan, queen's printer, [1855]? S.

— Journal of the house of assembly of

Prince Edward island, [for 1854,1856, 1859, and 1863]. 4 v. 4°. Charlottetown, J. W. Hughes etc. 1853-61. s.

— Journal of the legislative council of

Prince Edward island. 3d sess. 20th gen. assembly. [1857]. 3 p.l. 78 pp. 6 1. 4°. Charlottetown, J. S. Bremner, 1857. S. • The parliamentary reporter; containing

an abstract of the debates and proceedings of the legislative council and house of assembly, for the session ending 14th April, 1856. As reported for u The examiner/' 100 pp. 4°. Charlottetown, Examiner office, 1856. s.

Prince Edward Island (The) calendar, for the years 1853, 1855, 1857, 1858, 1861. 5 v. 8°. Charlottetown, G. T. Haszard, 1853-61. s.

Prior (William M.) The king's vesture: evidence from scripture and history. Comparatively applied to William Miller, the chronologist of 1843. 184 pp. 12°. Boston, W. F. Brown 4-co. 1862. S.

The empyrean canopy. By the author

of the "King's vesture." [anon.'] 4 p. 1. 112 pp. 12°. Boston, W. M. Prior, 1868. s.

Pripovijetke iz staroga i novog zakona. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 250 pp. 3 1. 16°. u Becu, u stampariji Jermenskoga monastira, 1850. s.

Pritchard (Andrew). Galerie microscopique, (traduction du Microscopic cabinet de m. Pritchard), augmented de notes par N. P. Lerebours. 224 pp. 12 col. pi. 8°. Paris, N. P. Lerebours, 1843. 8.

Pritchard (Sarah J.) Faye Mar of Storm cliff. 351 pp. 12^. New York, Wynkoop & Sherwood, 1868.

Pritchard (William T.) Polynesian reminiscences; or, life in the south Pacific islands. With preface by B. Seemann. xii, 428 pp. 4 pi. 8°, London, Chapman fy Hall, 1866.

Probus (Valerius or Marcus Valerius). De notis Romanorum interpretandis libellus. Magnonis, Diaconi, aliorumque notarum veterum explicationes, etc. 208 pp. 16°. Lvgdvni Batavorvm, apud A, Clouquium, 1599. s, [With Fiocco (A. D.) De potestatibvs Romq,norvm. 1561]. ■■■■• - • . ■

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