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Proceedings of a convention of delegates from several of the New England states, held at Boston, Aug. 3-9, 1780, to advise on affairs necessary to promote the most vigorous prosecution of the war, and to provide for a generous reception of our French allies. Edited from an original ms. record in the N. Y. state library, with an introduction and notes. By F. B. Hough. 80 pp. Itab. 4°. Albany, J. Munsell, 1867.

Proceedings of the national convention of manufacturers, Cleveland, O. Dec. 1867. 32 pp. 8°. Cleveland, Sanford & Hay-ward, 1867.

Processionale pro ecclesiis ruralibus, ritibus romanse ecclesise accommodatum, responsoria, hymnos, antiphonas, psalmos, complectens, etc. 4 p. 1. 124, lxxxiii pp. 4°. Antverpiat, ex arckitypograpMa plantiniana, 1819, S.

Frochazka (Ignaz Joseph). Neue darstellung der empirischen psychologic xviii, 242 pp. 51. Itab. 8°. Wien, C. Ueberreuter,1841. s.

Procope-Couteaux (Michel Coltelli, known as). L'art de faire des garcons. [anon."] 312 pp. 18°. Montpellier, 1782.

Progres et position actuelle de la Russie en Orient; ouvrage traduit de 1'Anglais, [etc. anon.'] 2 p. 1. 226 pp. 8°. Paris, Truchy, etc. 1836. 8.

Prosch {Prof. V.) Frederiksborg-stutteri. En historisk undersogelse. 148 pp. 8°. Ejobenhavn, C. A. Beitzel, 1866. S.

Protestant episcopal church, Z7. S. A. See General theological seminary.

Providence (B. I.) Alphabetical lists of the names of persons deceased, born, and married, in the city of Providence, 1867. Prepared by E. M. Snow, iv, 75 pp. 8°. Providence, Ham* mond, Angell & co. 1868.

Providence (The) association of mechanics and manufacturers. Mechanics' festival. An account of the 71st anniversary, [etc.] held in Howard hall, [etc.] together with a sketch of the early history of the association. Prepared by Edwin M. Stone. 119 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Providence, Knowles, Anthony & co. 1860. S.

-—TM^— Lectures read at quarterly meetings, [etc.] 1798-99. 18 pp. 8°. Providence, 1860. [ With the preceding],

Prus (Madame ■ —, widow of Bend). A residence in Algeria, [1849-50. Translated from the French], vii, 332 pp. 8°. London, W. Pickering, 1852.

Prussia. Der feldzug von 1866 in Deutschland. Redigirt von der kriegsgeschichtlichen abtheilungdesgrossengeneralstabes. 2 v. vi, 729 pp.


411; atlas, 46 1. folded 8°. Berlin, konigliche hofbuchhandlung, 1867. S.

Gradmessung in Ostpreussen und ihre

verbindung mit preussischen und russischen dreiecksketten. Ausgefuhrt von F. W. Bessel, [und J. J.]Baeyer. xv, 452 pp. 7 pi. 8°. Berlin, F. Dilmmler, 1838. S.

Die koniglich preussische landes trian

gulation. Triangulation der umgegend von Berlin zwischen 52° 12' und 52° 48' breite und 30° 30' und 31° 30' lange. Herausgegeben von bureau der landes-triangulation. viii, 516, 36 pp. 21. 4 maps. 2 pi. 4°. Berlin, im selbstverlage, 1867. S.

——• Die verbindungen der preussischen und russischen dreiecksketten bei Thorn und Tarnowitz. Ausgefuhrt von der trigonometrischen abtheilung des generalstabes. Herausgegeben von J. J. Baeyer, etc. xvii, 442 pp. 4 pi. 4°. Berlin, F. Duemmler, 1857. S.

K. statistische bureau. Preussische statis-,

tik. Herausgegeben in zwanglosen heften,

[etc.] v. 1-11. 4°. Berlin, B. Becker, etc,

1861-67. S.

* « Tabellen und amtliche nachrich

ten liber den preussischen staat, fur das jahr . 1849. 6 v. in 7. fol, Berlin, A. W, Hayn, 1851-55. s.

The same, 1852,1855,1858. 3 v.

fol. Berlin, A. W. Hayn, etc. 1855-60. S. • The same. Ergebnisse der in den

jahren 1848-57, angestellten beobachtungen des meteorologischen instituts. 2 p. 1. xxiv, 179 pp. fol. Berlin, buchdrucherei der Tc. akademie der wissenschaften, 1858. S.

Ministerium fur handel, gewerbe und

offentliche arbeiten. Preussisches handelsarchiv. Wochenschrift fur handel, gewerbe undverkehrs anstalten. Herausgegeben von Moser und Jordan, Jahrgange 1861-66. 10 v. 4°. Berlin, k. g. ober-hofbuchcfo'uckerei, 1861-66. s.

[J. 1865 wanting*].

■ —> The same. Beilage jahresbe

richte der handelskammern und haufmannischen korporationen des preussischen staats fur 1860-64. 5 v. 4°. Berlin, k. g. ober-Jwfbuchdruckerei, 1861-64. S.

-_» —_—_ Statistische nachrichten von den

preussischen eisenbahnen. Bearbeitet auf anordnung, [etc.] von dem technischen eisenbahn-bureau des ministeriums. v. 1-13. 4°. Berlin, Ernst $ Korn, 1855-66. S.

Pryor (J. P.) Campaigns of lieut. gen. Forrest. See Jordan (Thomas) and Pryor.

Psalms {Book of). See Bible,




Public ledger (The) building, Philadelphia; with an account of the proceedings connected with its opening, June 20, 1867. ix, 186 pp. 2pi. 8°. Philadelphia, G.W.Childs,l868. s.

Public opinion: a comprehensive summary of the press throughout the world on all important topics. Oct. 1861, to Dec. 1868. v. 1-14. fol. London, 1861-68.

Public (The) spirit: a monthly magazine of entertaining reading. Oct. 1867, to July, 1868. v. 2-3. 8°. New York, Le Grand Benedict, [1868]. [No more published].

Publick good without private interest. Or, a compendious remonstrance of the present sad state and condition of the English colonie in Virginea. [anon.] London, H. Marsh, 1657. [Reprint], 8 p. 1. 26 pp. sm. 4°. Vienne, F. Koke, [1866].

Puente (Pedro de la). See La Puente.

Puetter. See Putter.

Pulte (J. H. M.B.) Woman's medical guide; containing essays on the physical, moral, and educational development of females, and the homoeopathic treatment of their diseases, etc. 336 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, Anderson, Wilstach $ Keys, 1853. s.

Pumpelly (Raphael). Geological researches in China, Mongolia, and Japan, 1862-65. vi, 143 pp. 9 pi. 4°. Washington, Smithsonian inst. 1867. [smithsonian contributions, v. 15].

Punch; or, the London charivari. July, 1867, to June, 1868. v. 53-54. 4°. London, at the office, 1867-68.

Purcell (John B. r. c. archbishop of Cincinnati). The Vickers and Purcell controversy [in regard to religious free thought]. 205 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, Benziger bros. 1868.

Purnell (Thomas). Literature and its professors, xi, 292 pp. 12°. London, Bell 8? Daldy, 1867.

Purpose. A story based on facts. By the author of "Paul Venner." [anon.] 495 pp. 5 pi. 16°. New York, Am. tract soc. 1867.

Putnam (Mrs. E. ) Mrs. Putnam's receipt book and young housekeeper's assistant. New ed. xxiii, 322 pp. 12°. New York, Sheldon $ co. 1867.

Putnam (George P.) The world's progress; a dictionary of dates. With tabular views of general history and a historical chart. 4 p. 1. 716 pp. 1 col. chart. 8°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1851. S.

Putnam (G. P. editor.) Letters from Europe touching the American contest, and acknowledging the receipt, from citizens of New York, of presentation sets of the "Rebellion record," and "Loyal publication society" publications. 27 pp. 8°. New York, 1864. [loyal publication society, no. 70].

Soldiers' and sailors' patriotic songs. A

collection. 24 pp. 8°. New York, 1864. [loyal publication society, no. 49].

Putnam's magazine. Original papers on literature, science, art, and national interests. Jan. to Dec. 1868. New series, v. 1-2. 8°. New York, G. P. Putnam <fc son, 1868.

Putter (Johann Stephan). An historical development of the present political constitution of the Germanic empire. From the German, with notes, by J. Dornford. 3 v. 8°. London, T. Payne & son, 1790.

Quackenbos (George P. LL.D.) Elementary history of the United States; with numerous illustrations and maps. 212 pp. 12°. New York, Appletons, 1868.

T An English grammar. 288 pp. 12°. New York, Appletons, 1862. s.

Quadragesimale de filio prodigo, et de angelo ipsius. Nouum edit urn a quoda fratre minore de obseruantia. 2311. 16°. Basilee, M. Furter, 1497. s.

Quadruple (Le) oracle des dames et des demoiselles. Par Halbert (d'Angers), [pseudonl] xxiv, 156 pp. 1 pi. 18°. Paris, Bernardin-Bechet, 1862.

Quaglino (Antonio, M. D.) Sulle malattie interne dell'ochio: saggio di clinica et d'iconografia ottalmoscopia. (Extract). 384 pp. 12 col. pi. 8°. Milano, Annali universali di medicina, 1858. s.

Quaritch (Bernard). A general catalogue of books, arranged in classes, offered for sale, viii, 1130 pp. 8°. London, B. Quaritch, 1868.

Quarterly journal of microscopical science. Edited by E. Lankester and G. Busk. v. 8. New series. 8°. London, J. Churchill & sons, 1868.

Quarterly (The) journal of science. Edited by J. Samuelson and W. Crookes. v. 5. 8°. London, J. Churchill & sons, 1868.

Quarterly (The) review. Jan. to Oct. 1868. v. 124-125. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1868.

Quayle ( Thomas). General view of the agriculture of the isle of Man. xvi, 293 pp. 1 tab. 1 col. map. 8°. London, 1812. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].



Quayle (Thomas). General view of the agriculture and present state of the islands on the coast of Normandy, subject to the crown of Great Britain, xvi, 352pp. 21. 8°. London, 1815. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].

Quebec {Province of, dominion of Canada). Journals of the legislative assembly. 1st session. 1867-68. v. 1. 8°. IQuebecl 1868. See, also, Canada.

Quebec diocese. Rapport sur les missions du diocese de Quebec [etc.] Mars, 1855. No. 11. 8°. Quebec, A. Cote & cie. 1855. S.

Quetelet (Lambert Adolphe Jacques ) and Heuschling (Philippe Francois Xavier Th6odose). Statistique internationale (population) publide avec la collaboration des statisticiens officiels des differents 6tats de TEurope et des ^tats-Unis d'Amenque. 2 p. 1. cxv, 406 pp. 4°. Bruxelles, Hayez, 1865. S.

[Extrait du t. x. du Bulletin de la commission centrale de statistique de Belgique].

Quick (Rev. Robert Hebert). Essays on educational reformers. xxii, 328 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1868.

Quimby (E. T.) Analysis of French pronunciation. 54 pp. 18°. Boston, Wright & Hasty, 1854. S.

Quinter (Rev. James) and M'Connell (Rev. N. A.) A debate on trine immersion, the lord's supper, and feet-washing; held at Dry creek, Linn co. Iowa, Oct. 1867. Reported by J. L. M'Creery. 326 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, R. S. Bosworth, 1868.

Quintinye (Jean de La). See La Quintinye.

Raccolta di poemi didascalici. ed. 2a. 3 v. in 1. 8°. Milano, societa tipogr. de1 classici italiani, 1825.

1. La nautica. Bi Bernardino Baldi. 1 p. 1. 85 pp.

2. Delia sifillide, ovvero del morbo gallico. Di Giro

lamo Fracastoro. 105 pp. 1 portrait.

3. La coltivazione del riso. Del marchese Gianbat

tista Spolverini. 160 pp. 1 portrait.

Racine (Jean). Theatre complet et oeuvres diverses en vers. Nouv. 6d. 4 v. in 2. 8°. St. Petersburg, Pluchart $ cie. 1811. S.

Radde (Gustav). Eeisen in den stiden von Ost-Siberien, im auftrage der k. russischen geographischen gesellschaffc ausgefuhrt in den jahren 1855-1859. Botanische abtheilung. Nachtrage zur flora der gebiete des russischen reichs ostlich vom Altai bis Kamtschatka und Sitka, [etc.] v. 1. vii, 447 pp. 9 pi. 8°. MosJcau, buchdruc7cerei der Jc. universitiit, 1861. s.

Radical (The). A monthly magazine, devoted to religion. Conducted by S. H. Morse and

J. B. Marvin. Sept. 1867, to Dec. 1868. v. 3-4. 8°. Boston, Adams <fc co. 1867-68.

Radicke (Gustav). On the importance and value of arithmetic means; with especial reference to recent physiological researches on the determination of the influence of certain agencies, upon the metamorphosis of tissue, [etc.] 8°. London, 1861. [new Sydenham society, v. 11 J.

Radink (Jaeobus, bookseller at Amsterdam). Catalogus van het magazijn van boeken, plaatwerken, en handschriften nogelaten, [etc.] xiv, 340 pp. 8°. Amsterdam, E. J. Brill, etc. 1867. S.

Raffaello Santi. See Santi.

Rafn (Carl Christian). Fornaldar sogur nordrlanda eptir gomlum handritum utgefnar. 2v. xxviii, 533 pp. 1 pi; xiv, 559 pp. 8°. Kaupmannahofn, 1829. S.

— Memoria sobre o descobrimento da

America no seculo decimo. Trad, por Manoel Ferreira Lagos. 1 p. 1. pp. 152-280. 2 maps, 8°. Rio de Janeiro, J. Cabral, 1840. S.

Rafter (Hermann). Einheit und freiheit. 16 pp. 8°. New York, Abend-zeitung print, 1863. [LOYAL publication society no. 19].

Rainey (Thomas). The improved abacus: an explanatory treatise on the theory of arithmetic and mensuration, etc. 316 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, E. D. Truman, 1850. S.

Ramirez (Braulio Anton). Diccionario de bibliografia agr6nomica y de toda clase de escritos relacionados con la agricultura; obra premiada por la biblioteca nacional. xix, 1015 pp. 11. 8°. Madrid, gobierno, 1865. S. [SPAIN. Biblioteca nacional].

Ramon de la Sagra. See La Sagra. Rampegolo (Antonio). Aurea biblia. Liber

introductorius in biblie historias figurasque.

\_anon.~] 14 p. 1. 144 1. numbered as 138. 4°.

Vim, J. Zeiner de Reutlingen, 1476. Ramsay (David, M. D.) History of the

American revolution. New ed. 2 v. xii, 357

pp; 2 p. 1. 360 pp. 8°. London, J. Stochdale,


History of the United States, 1607 to

1808. Continued to the treaty of Ghent, by S. S. Smith. 2d ed. 3 v. 8°. Philadelphia, M. Carey 8f son, 1818.

• Military memoirs of Great Britain: or,

a history of the war, 1755-1763. xii, 471 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, author? 1779. [Imperfect: plates wanting].



Ramusio (Giovanni Battista, editor). Delle navigationi et viaggi, nel qvale si contiene la descrittione delP Africa, [etc.] et la navigation attorno il mondo, [etc.] v. 1. 4 p. 1. 405 1. fol. Venetia, heredi di L. Giunti, 1550. S.

— Secondo volume delle navigationi et

viaggi, [etc.] nel qvale si contengono Thistoria delle cose de Tartari, et diuersi fatti de'loro imperatori, [etc.] Nuova ed. 2431. fol. Venetia, Giunti, 1583. s.

Terzo volume delle navigationi et viaggi

nel qvale si contengogo la nauigationi al mondo nuouo, [etc.] 453 1. fol. Venetia, Giunti, 1556. S.

Ranby (John, surgeon general British army). The nature and treatment of gunshot wounds. 8°. Boston, 1777.

[In Van Swieten (G. baron). Diseases incident to armies. Boston, 1777. pp. 120-131].

Randall (Gurdon P.) A handbook of designs, containing plans in perspective, of courthouses, universities, etc. and suggestions relative to their construction, heating and ventilation. 44 pp. 30 pi. 8°. Chicago, Church, Goodman, fy Donnelly, 1868.

Randall (Henry S.) Fine wool sheep husbandry. 8°. Albany, 1862.

[In New York State agricultural society transactions, v. 21. pp. 663-774]. .

Randall (Samuel S.) First principles of popular education and public instruction. 256 pp. 12°. New York, Harpers, 1868.

Randolph (Paschal Beverly, M.D.) After death; or, disembodied man. The world of spirits, its location, extent, etc. 2d ed. 260 pp. 8°. Boston, author, 1868.

Rankin (Rev. John). Letters on American slavery, addressed to Thomas Rankin. 118 pp. 18°. Boston, Garrison & Knapp, 1853.

Rantoul (Robert). Report relating to capital punishment in the commonwealth of Massachusetts. 96 pp. 8°. [Boston, state printer], 1836.

Raoul-Rochette. See Rochette.

Raphael. See Santi (Raffaello).

Rassman (Christian Friedrich). Kurtzgefasstes lexicon deutscherpseudonymer schriftsteller, von der altern bis auf die jiingste zeit aus alien fachern der wissenschaften. Mit einer vorrede von J. W. S. Lindner, viii, 248 pp. 8°. Leipzig, W. Nauclc, 1830.

Rau (Carl Heinrich). Grundsatze der finanzwissenschaft. 2 v. in 1. xii, 393 pp; xiii, 413 pp. 8°. Heidelberg, C. F. Winter, 1850-51.

Rau (Heribert). Mozart; a biographical ro

mance. From the German, by E. R. Sill. 323 pp. 12°. New York, Leypoldt $ Holt, 1868. Rau (Jan Jakob). Responsio ad qualemcunque defensionem Frederici Ruyschii, pro septo scroti. 4°. Amstelcedami, 1721. s.

[RUYSCH (F.) Opera, v. 3. no. 33].

— Epistola de inventoribus septi scroti.

4°. Amstelwdami, 1721. S.

[RUYSCH (F.) Opera, v. 3. no. 34]. Rauch (Bev. Frederick A.) The inner life of the christian. Edited by rev. E. V. Gerhart. 333 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lindsay & BlaJciston, 1856. s.

Rauh (Dr. —. of Munich). Anti-contrat social, order rationelle begriindung des historischen rechts. viii, 226 pp. 16°. Augsburg, Pilon & co. 1854. s.

Raumer (Friedrich von, editor). See His

torisches taschenbuch. 1830-66. Rawlinson (George). The five great monarchies of the ancient eastern world; or, the history, geography, and antiquities of Chaldsea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, and Persia, v. 4. [Persia]. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1867. [Completes the work]. Ray society publications, 1864-68. 8°. and fol. London, 1864-68. Bowerbank (J. S.) A monograph of the British

spongiadse. 2 v. 8°. 1864-66. BROWN (Robert). The miscellaneous botanical works.

2 v. 8°. 1866-67. Douglas (J. W.) and Scott (J.) British hemiptera.

v. 1. Hemiptera heteroptera. 8°. 1865. FLOWER (W. H.) Recent memoirs on the cetacea, byprofessors Eschricht, Bernhardt, and Lilljehorg.

fol. 1866. Gunther (A. C. L. G.) The reptiles of British India.

fol. 1864. NlTZSCH (C. L.) Pterylography. Translated from

the German. Edited by P. L. Sclater. fol. 1867. PARKER (W. K.) A monograph on the structure and

development of the shoulder-girdle and sternum in

the vertebrate, fol. 1868.

Raynal (Guillaume Thomas Francois). Histoire du divorce de Henri viii. roi d'Angleterre, et de Catherine d' Arragon. 258 pp. 16°. Amsterdam, 1763.

— Histoire philosophique et politique des

6tablissemens et du commerce des Europeans dansles deux Indes. [anon~\. 7 v. [in5]. 8°. Amsterdam, [ Gosse fils"], 1772-74. s.

The same. A philosophical and political

history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies. From the French, by J. Justamond. 3d ed. 4 v. 8°. Dublin, J. Exshaw, 1799.

A philosophical and political history of

the British settlements and trade in North America. From the French. [With] an impartial history of the present war in America, xii, 410 pp. 16°. Edinburgh, C. Denovan, 1779. RAYNAL.


Raynal (G. T. F.) Revolution de FAmerique. xvi, 171 pp. 12°. Londres, Lochyer Davis,1781.

The same. The revolution of America.

[Translated from the French]. xvi, 181 pp. 8°. London, L. Davis, 1781.

— The same, vii, 92 pp. 16°. Salem,

[Mass.] S. Hall, 1782.

Raynouard (Francois Juste Marie). Les templiers, trag6die. Prec6dee d'un prdcis historique sur les templiers. lxxxii, 118 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Paris, Giguet et Midland, 1805.

Read (Hollis). The hand of God in history; or, divine providence historically illustrated in the extension and establishment of Christianity. 402 pp. 14 pi. 12°. Hartford, H E. Bobins $ co. 1851. s.

Read (Thomas Buchanan, editor). The female poets of America. With portraits, biographical notices, and specimens of their writings. 420 pp. 7 portraits. 8°. Philadelphia, E, H. Butler f co. 1849. s.

Lays and ballads. 140 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, etc. Appleton, 1849. s.

— The onward age; an anniversary poem.

22 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, y. m. mercantile library association, 1852. s.

Read. See, also, Reed and Reid.

Reade (Charles). Clouds and sunshine. And art: a dramatic tale. 288 pp. 12°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1855.

Real academia espanola. Ortografia de la lengua castellana. 8aed. xix, 189 pp. 51. 16°. Barcelona, Brusi, 1823.

Real de Azua (Gabriel Alejandro). Poesias diversas. viii, 304 pp. 16°. Paris, V. Salvd, 1839. s.

Real children: their sayings and doings. [_anon.~\ 225 pp. 11 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, 1865.

Real colegio seminario de instruccion, Tepotzotlan. Constituciones. See Nunez de Haro y Peralta (A.)

Reavis (L. U.) The new republic, or the transition complete, with an approaching change of national empire, based upon the commercial and industrial expansion of the great west, [etc.] 2ded. 1 p. 1.124 pp. 8°. St. Louis, J. F. Torrey & co. 1867. s.

Rebel conditions of peace and the mechanics of the south. Extracts from Richmond journals. 4 pp. 8°. New Yorh, 1863. [LOYAL publication society, no. 30].

Rebellion (The) record: a diary of American events. Edited by Frank Moore, v. 11. 8°. New Yorh, D. Van Nostrand, 1868.

Rebolledo (Bernardino, conde de). La con-
stancia victoriosa. 2 p. 1. 174 pp. sm. 4°.
Colonia Agrippina, Kinchio, 1655.
[Wants portrait of queen Christina of Sweden].

Recent remarkable discoveries in central Africa, by the celebrated African explorer m. de Challue. \_anon. A parody]. 124 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Barclay & co. 1868.

Recollections of the early days of the national guard, comprising the prominent events in the history of the famous seventh regiment New York militia. By an ex-orderly sergeant. [anon. By John Mason]? 2 p. 1. iv, 201 pp. 1 pi. fol. New Yorh, J. M. Bradstreet & son, 1868.

Record (The) of zoological literature. 1864-66. v. 1-3. Edited by Albert C. L. G. Giinther. 3 v. 8°. London, J. Van Voorst, 1865-67.

Recueil de divers voyages faits en Afrique et en rAmeVique, le [tout traduit de l'Anglois, et publie par les soins de H. Justel. 2e ed.] 8 p. 1. 450 pp. 4 maps. 12 pi. 4°. Paris, i A. Cellier, 1684.

Almeida (M. de) and Mendez (A.) Description de

l'empire du Prete-Jean. Blome (R.) Description de l'isle de la Jamaique. LA Borde (Sieur de). Relation de l'origine, fete]

des Caralbes. LlGON (R.) Histoire de l'isle des Barlbades. Lobo (J.) Relation de la riviere du Nil. Relation du voyage fait sur les costes d'Afrique, par

le comte d'Estree, 1670-71. Telles. Extrait de l'histoire d'^thiopie.

Recueil de prieres pour tous les besoins de la vie. Par un pretre du diocese de Besancon. lanon.'] 429 pp. 24°. New Yorh, C. & N. Benziger, 1868.

Redden (Laura C.) Idyls of battle, and poems of the rebellion. By Howard Glyndon. [pseudon."] vi, 152 pp. 18°. New Yorh, Hurd fy Houghton, 1865.

Rede (Leman Thomas). The guide to the stage, containing instructions for obtaining theatrical engagements, [also] a list of the London theatres, their rales, etc. Ed. by F. C. Wemyss. 58 pp. 16°. New Yorh, S. French, 1861. [In MODERN standard drama, v. 28].

Redtenbacher (Jacob Ferdinand). Das dynamiden-system. Grundzuge einer mechanischen physik. x, 142 pp. Ipl. 4°. Mannheim, F. Bassermann, 1857. S.

Redtenbacher (Dr. Ludwig). Coleopteren.

iv, 249 pp. 5 1. 5 pi. 4°. Wien, 1868. S.

[In Wullerstorf-urbair (B. von). Reise der No1vara. Zoologischer theil. v. 2. abth. 1. A.J.

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