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Reed (Edward J.) Ship-building, in iron and steel. A practical treatise, giving full details of construction, processes of manufacture, and building arrangements; with results of experiments on iron and steel, and on the strength and watertightness of riveted work. xxvii,540pp. 5 pi. 1 tab. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1869. Reed (Isaac, editor). See Repository (The)

of wit and humor. Reed (Sampson). Observations on the growth of the mind; with remarks on some other things, viii, 192 pp. 16°. Boston, 0, Clapp, 1838. Reed (William B.) A rejoinder to [George] Bancroft's historical essay on president Reed. 114 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, author, 1867'. Reed. See, also, Read, and Reid. Reemelin (Charles). The wine-maker's manual, viii, 123 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, B. Clarke <& co. 1868. Rees (James, editor). Beauties of Webster.

See Webster (Daniel). Reeve (Clara). The old English baron; a Gothic story. 5th ed. xi, 263 pp. 16°. London, C. Dilly, 1794. Reeves (Minnie). Ingemisco. [A novel]. By Fadette. [pseudon.] 341pp. 12°. New York, Bleloch $ co. 1867. 1 Randolph Honor. By Fadette. [pseu

don.1 382 pp. 12°. New York, Richardson & co. 1868. Regale accademia ercolanese di archeologia. Dissertationis isagogicae ad hercvlanensivm explanationem pars prima. 3 p, 1. 104 pp. 2 maps. 20 pi. fol. Neapoli, ex regia typographia, 1797. s.

■ — Hercvlanensivm volvminvm quae super

svnt. 11 v. in 12. fol. Neapoli, ex regia typographia, 1793-1855. s. [v. 7 wanting-]. Regel (Eduard). Nachtrage zur flora der gebiete des russischen reichs ostlichs vom Altai bis Kamtschatka und Sitka, [etc.] v. 1. vii, 447 pp. 9 pi. 8°. Moskau, ouchdruckerei der k. universiUit, 1861. S. [radde (Gr.) Reisen, etc. Botanische abtheilungj. — and Herder (Ferdinand von). Enumerate plantarum in regionibus cis-et transiliensibus a cl. Semenovio, anno 1857, collectarum. [Extract from Bulletin de la soci&e" imp. des naturalistes]. 1 p. 1. 43 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Mosquce, typis universitatis ccesarece, 1864. s. Regime sanitatis metrice coscriptu cu multis aphorismis ex diuersis mediciarum doctoribus collectis cu tractatu quoda de regimie contra


morbu epidimie siue pestiletie. sm. 4°. Colonie, 1494.

— The same. Regimen sanitatis Salerni;

or, the schoole of Salernes regiment of health. [anon.'] Corrected and enlarged, with a commentary, [by Philemon Holland]. With a discourse of fish. 3 p. 1. 200 pp. 71. sm.4°. London, B. Alsop, 1634.

Regnault (Henri Victor). Elements of chemistry, [etc.] Translated from the French, by T. Forrest Betton, and edited, with notes, by James C. Booth and William L. Faber. 2d ed. 2v. xiv, 9-671 pp; 804 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B, Lippincott <& co. 1853. S.

-The same. 3d ed. 2 v. xiv, 9-671 pp;

804 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1856. s.

Reichel (Rev. Levin T.) The Moravians in North Carolina. An authentic history, iv, 206 pp. 12°. Salem, (N.C.) O. A.Keehln, 1857.

Reichenbach (Heinrich Gottleib, the son).

Gynandrae [von Mossambique]. fol. Berlin,


[In Peters (W. C. H.) Nat, reise naclf Mossambique. Botanikj.

Reid (John, M.D.) The philosophy of death; or, a general medical and statistical treatise on the nature and causes of human mortality, viii, 381 pp. 12°. London, S. Highley, 1841.

Reid (Mayne). The boy hunters; or, adventures in search of a white buffalo. 364 pp. 12 pi. 16°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1858.

—The boy slaves. With illustrations, v, 321

pp. 8 pi. 16°. Boston, Ticknor $ Fields, 1865. - The bush boys; or, the history and ad

ventures of a Cape farmer and his family in the wild karoos of southern Africa. 356 pp. 12 pi. 16°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1857. • The child wife; a tale of the two worlds.

402 pp. 12Q. New York, Sheldon <& co. 1869. The desert home; or, the adventures of

a lost family in the wilderness. 411 pp. 12 pi.

16°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1858. The forest exiles; or, the adventures of

a Peruvian family amid the wilds of the

Amazon. 360 pp. 12 pi. 16°. Boston, Ticknor

& Fields, 1857. —— Lost Lenore; or, the adventures of a

rolling stone. 392 pp. 8 pi. 16°. London, C.

H. Clarke, [1865]?

• The quadroon; or, a lover's adventures

in Louisiana. 384 pp. 6 pi. 12°. New York, B. M. Dewitt, 1856. s.

——— Ran away from home; a life of adventure. By cannibal Jack. Ipseudon. ] iii, 322 pp. 8 pi. 16°. London, B.Bryce, [1866].



Reid (Mayne). Ran away to sea; an autobiography for boys. 359 pp. 6 pi. 16°. Boston, Tichnor $ Fields, 1868.

The young voyageurs; or, the boy hunters in the north. 360 pp. 12 pi. 16°. Boston, Tichnor $ Fields, 1857.

The young yagers; or, a narrative of

hunting adventures in southern Africa. 328 pp. 12 pi. 16°. Boston, Tichnor & Fields, 1857'.

Reid (Whitelaw). Ohio in the war: her statesmen, her generals, and soldiers. 2 v. 1050 pp. 7 maps, 19 pi; 949 pp. 12 pi. 8°. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach & Baldivin, 1868.

Reig y Garcia (Tomas). Tarifas perpetuas para hallar el importe de las sueldos, pres, salarias, haberes y abonos por afios, meses, y dias, con sus descuentos y Kquidos para los ajustes, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 184 pp. 4°. Valencia, Mallen y Berard, 1834. s.

Reign (The) of humbug. A [tory] satire. [anon.] 2d ed. xv, 80 pp. 8°. London, P. Richardson, 1836.

Reil (Johann Christian, editor). See Archiv fur die physiologie, 1796-1815.

Reilly's (C. Leslie) Pennsylvania state business directory for 1868-69. Containing names of merchants [and professional men]. A complete list of post offices in the state, etc. xxxvi, 516 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, C. L. Beilly, 1868.

Reimarus (HermannSamuel). Vondemzwecke Jesu und seinerjunger. Noch ein fragment des Wolfenbuttelschen ungenannten. Herausgegeben von Gr. E. Lessing. Neue aufl. 6 p. 1. 276 pp. 12°. Berlin, A. Wever, 1784. s.

[The same]. Fragmente des Wolfenbuttelschen ungenannten. Ein anhang zu dem fragment von zweck Jesu und seiner junger. Bekanntgewacht von G. E. Lessing. 1 p. ]. 298 pp. 12°. Berlin, A. Wever, 1784. s. [ With his Von dem zwecke Jesu. 1784].

Reinhardt (Johan T.) Pseudorca crassidens, a cetacean hitherto unknown in the Danish fauna. Translated from the [Danish]. 4°. London, 1866.

[ray society. In Flower (W. H.) Recent memoirs on the cetacea. pp. 189-218].

Reinhold (Ernst). Lehrbuch der geschichte der philosophic 2eaufl. xx, 764 pp. 8°. Jena, F. MauJce, 1839. S.

— System der metaphysik. 2e bearbeitung.

xiv, 640 pp. 8°. Jena, F. Mauhe, 1842.. s.

Reinwald (C.) Catalogue annuel de la librairie francaise, 1867. 8°. Paris, C. Beinwald, [1868].

Reisch (Gregorius). Margarita philosophica, totius philosophiae rationalis et moralis prin

cipia duodecim libris dialogice complectens. 320 1. 8°. Basiliae, industria M. Furterij $ J. Scoti, 1508. S.

[Title page in ms.]

Relagao verdadelra, etc. De gedenkwaardige voyagie van Ferdinand de Soto na Florida, en desselfs ontdekking van de landen in dat gewest, met al wat aanmerkenswaardig op die vierjarige reyse is voorgevallen. Gedaan anno 1539 en vervolgens. Naauwkeurig beschreven door een Portugijs, die selfs dit alles heeffc by gewoond. [anon.] 3 p. 1. 86 pp. 21. 1 map. 7 pi. 16°. Leyden, P. Van der Aa, 1706.

Relation de Pambassade de Migon de Rochefort, seigneur de la Poniard de, et de Gruillaume Gaian, conseiller du due d'Anjou, envoy^s en Sardaigne par Louis ler due d'Anjou, a Hugues, juge d'Arbor6e, pour faire alliance avec ce prince contre le roi d'Arragon, au mois d'Aoust 1378. [anon.] x pp. 11. 208 pp. 8°. Paris, Verdiere, 1826. [COLLECTION de chroniques nationales franchises. v. 25].

Religious mystery considered, [anon.] 52pp. 12°. London, J. Chapman, 1850.

Renan (Joseph Ernest). Studies of religious history and criticism. From the French, by O. B. Frothingham. With a biographical introduction. 394 pp. 8°. New York, Carleton, 1864.

Rengger (Albert, M. D.) and Longchamp (— -. M. D.) Essai historique sur la revolution du Paraguay, et le gouvernement dictatorial du docteur Francia. xxxv, 300 pp. 1 map. 8°. Paris, H. Bossange, 1827.

Rente. See Giiell y Rente.

Renzi (Angelo Maria). La signora di Monza (soeur Yirginie Marie de Leyva) et son proces, 1595-1609. viii,192pp. 2 pi. 8°. Paris, E. Bentu, 1862. s.

Reporter (The). A periodical devoted to religion, law, legislation, and public events. Conducted by R. Sutton, [and others], v. 1_4, 8°. Philadelphia and Washington, B. Sutton, 1865-67.


v. 1. Protestant episcopal church. The debates and proceeding's of the general triennial convention. Held in Philadelphia Oct. 1865. v. 2. Arguments in U. S. supreme court and court of claims. Important subjects of congressional action. Report of national union convention at Philadelphia, Aug. 1866. Report of southern loyalists' convention at Philadelphia, Sept. 1866. v. 3. Legislation relative to the supreme court of the U.S. Arguments in U. S. supreme court on enforcement of military reconstruction acts. Trial of John H. Surratt. v. 4. Trial of John H. Surratt.



Repository (The ): a collection of fugitive
pieces of wit and humour, in prose and verse.
By the most eminent writers. [Edited by
Isaac Reed]. 4 v. 16°. London, E.^-G. Billy^
Republic (The). [Daily], June 13, 1849, to
Dec. 30,1850. 3 v. fol. Washington, 1849-50.
Republican convention. See National union

republican convention.
Rethel (Alfred). Ein todtentanz aus dem jahre
1848. Mifc erklarendem texte von R. Reinick.
6 pi. obi. 4°. Leipzig, G. Wigand, [1849].
Retrospect (The) of medicine. Edited by
W. and J. Braithwaite. Jan. to June, 1866,
July, 1867, to June, 1868. v. 53, 56-57. 16°.
London, Simpkin, Marshall & co. 1867-68.
Rettberg (Friedrich Wilhelm). Kirchenge-
schichte Deutschlands. Bis zum tode Karls
des grossen. 2 v. xii, 652 pp. 1 map; x, 825
pp. 8°. Gottingen, Vandenhoech & Buprecht,
Reuilly (Jean, baron de). Voyage en Crimde
et sur les bords de la Mer Noire, pendant
Tanned 1803. Suivi d'un memoire sur le
commerce de cette mer, etc. xix, 302 pp. 2
maps. 3 pi. 8°. Paris, Bossange, etc. 1806.
Reumont (Alfred). Andrea del Sarto [A.
Vannucchi]. Mit einem grundriss des verhofs
der servitenkirche in Florenz. xxviii, 231 pp.
1 pi. 1 tab. 16°. Leipzig, F. A. Brockhaus,
Reuterdahl (Henrik). Swenska kyrkans his-
toric 3 v. in 5. 80. Lund, C. W. K. Gleerup,
1838-63. s

Revue francaise des families et des pension-
nats, ou choix de nouvelles, historiettes, anec-
dotes, etc. tiroes des meillures publications
francaises. 384 pp. 11. 8°. New York, F. G.
Berteau, 1845.
Rezende (Andr6 de). Lusitaniae antiqvitates,
et de antiqvitatibus Eborae. [Item] Jacobi
Moenetii Vasconcelli de eborensi mvnicipio
commentarius. 346 pp. 21. 18°. Colonice
Agrippince, Greuenbruch, 1613.
[ With Delicle Lysitano-HispanicaB, Cologne, 1613].
Rhode Island {State of). Records of the state
of Rhode Island and Providence plantations
in New England. Edited by J. R. Bartlett.
v. 10. 1784-92. 8°. Providence, Providence
press co. 1865.

— Reports upon the registration of births,

marriages, and deaths, in the state. 18631866. 11th to 14tk reports. 4 v. 8°. Providence, state printers, 1865-67.

Reports and documents relating to the

CONTENTS, v. 1-2. i. [8de seklern--1248j. 1838-63. v. 2. ii. Swerige under konungarne af folkung-aat

ten. 7 p. 1. 672 pp. 1850. v. 3. l-n. Swerige under Calmar-unionen. 4 p. 1. 521

pp. 2 1; 2 p. 1. 594 pp. 2 1. 1863.

Revelations: a companion to the "New gospel of peace." According to Abraham, [anon.] 36 pp. 12°. New York Peeks <k BancJcer, 1863.

Reverhorst. See Van Reverhorst.

Revival and camp meeting minstrel. Containing hymns and spiritual songs, original and selected. 422 pp. 24°. Philadelphia, Perlcinpine & Higgins, 1868.

Revolution (The). Elizabeth Cady Stanton,
and Parker Pillsbury, editors. Jan. to Dec.
1868. v. 1-2. 4°. New York, Susan B. An-
thony, 1868.

Revue des deux mondes. 38e ann6e. 2e periode.
Jan. to Dec. 1868. v. 73-78. 8°. Paris, [J.
Claye], 1868.

Revue (La) francaise. v. 1-6. 8°. New York,
Hoskin & Snowden, 1833-36.

public schools of Rhode Island, for 1848.

By Henry Barnard. 560 pp. 8°. Providence,

general assembly, 1849. s.

Rhode Island historical society. Collections.

v. 6. 8°. Providence, Hammond, Angell $ co.

1867. Rhodes (Hugh). The boke of nurture, or

schoole of good maners: for men, seruants

and children, with Stans puer ad mensam.

Edited by F. J. Furnivall. 8°. London, H.

Jackson, 1577, [reprint, 1867].

[With Furnivall (F. J.) Babees book. pp. 61-114.
Early English text society publications, no. 32].

Rhodion or Rdsslin (Eucharius). See Rbss

lin. Rhodomann or Rhodomanus (Laurentius). ILoiTjcng xpicriavi}. Poesis Christiana. Palsestinse, sev historise sacrae, libri novem. [Latin and Greek texts]. 321pp. 8°. Francofvrdi, apud A. Wecheli heredes, 1589. s.

Rhymes of the poets. By Felix Ago. [pseudon.]
56 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, E. H. Butler $ co.

Rhyming story-book, [anon.] 64 pp. 6 pi.
sm. 4°. New York, Kurd & Houghton,
Riccio (Michele). De regibus Francoru lib.
iii. De regibus Hispanise lib. iii. De regibus
Hierosolymorum lib. i. De regibus Neapolis
et Sicilia3 lib. iv. De regibus Yngarise lib. ii.
85 1. sm. 4°. Basilew, apud Ioannem Fro-
benivm, 1517.
Rice (Victor M.) Special report on education
in the U. S. and other countries. See John-
son (A. G.)



Rich (O.) and son. Part 1 of catalogue for 1848, containing near two thousand books, relating principally to America. 127 pp. 18°. London, Bich ty son, 1848. [With prices].

Richard (P. Charles). Moments perdus. Poesies. 173 pp. 16°. Paris, we. J. Benouard, 1868.

Richards (C. French). John Guilderstring's sin. A novel, vi, 244 pp. 8 pp. 12°. New York, Carleton, 1864.

Richards (George H.) Memoir of Alexander Macomb, major general. 130 pp. 16°. New York, MElraih, Bangs & co. 1833.

Richardson (Albert D.) A personal history of Ulysses S. Grant. With a sketch of Schuyler Colfax. 560 pp. 34 pi. 8°. Hartford, American publ. Co. 1868.

Richardson (Sir John). Fish. 4°. London, 1844.

[In Hinds (R. B.) The zoology of h. m. s. Sulphur, v. 1].

Richardson (Joseph, M.D.) A practical treatise on mechanical dentistry. 2d ed. enlarged, with 159 illustrations. 442 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay 8f Blakiston, 1869.

Richardson (Robert). Memoirs of Alexander Campbell, embracing a view of the origin, progress, and principles of the religious reformation which he advocated, v. 1. 560 pp. portrait. 8°. Philadelphia, Lippincott $? co. 1868.

Richardson (William H.) Journal of W. H. Richardson, a private soldier in col. Doniphan's command. 84 pp. 12°. Baltimore, J. Bobinson, 1847. s.

■ ■— The same. Journal of a private soldier

in the campaign of New and old Mexico, under the command of col. Doniphan. 2d ed. 96 pp. 3 pi. 12°. Baltimore, J. W. Woods, 1848. s.

Richelet (Cdsar Pierre). Abrege' des regies de la versification francoise. 16°. Amsterdam, fibres Wetstein, 1720.

[jwbruzen De La Martiniere (A. A.) Nouveau recueil des epigrammatistes francois. ed. 1720. v. 2. pp. 273-354].

Richerand (Anthelme Balthazar, baron). Nouveaux elements de physiologic 3d ed. revue et corrig^e par l'auteur, et par B6rard aine\ Ed. beige, augmented du trait&de physiologie compared par F. Tiedemann. 535 pp. 1 table. 8°. Bruxelles, JH. Dumont, 1837. S.

Richings (Bev. Benjamin). A narrative of the sufferings and martyrdom of Robert Glover, of Mancetter, burnt at Coventry, 1555, and of mrs. Lewes of the same place, burnt at Lich

field, 1557. With some account of their friend, [rev.] Augustine Bernher. xvi, 142pp. 2pi. 16°. London, L. B. Seeley <k sons, 1833.

Richmond (Allen, pseudon?) The first twenty years of my life. 268 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, [1859J. S.

Richmond (B. W.) A discussion of spiritualism. See Brittan (S. B.) and Richmond.

Richthofen (Ferdinand Paul Wilhelm, baron von). The Comstock lode: its character, and the probable mode of its continuance in depth. 83 pp. 8°. San Francisco, Sutro tunnel company, 1866.

The same. 4°. Baltimore, J. Murphy <f

co. 1868.

[In Sutro (A.) Mineral resources of the U. S. 1868. pp. 95-140].

Rickey (Anna S.) Forest flowers of the west. [Poems], 138 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay 8f Blakiston, 1851. S.

Riddell (Mrs. J. H.) Too much alone. By F. G, Trafford. [pseudon. ] New ed. iv, 371 pp. 12°, London, C. J. Sheet, 1862.

Riddell (Robert). The carpenter and joiner, and elements of hand-railing. 181. 32 pi. 4°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Bemsen £f Haffelfinger, 1868.

Riedesel (Friedrich Adolph von). Memoirs, and letters and journals during his residence in America. From the German, by W. L. Stone. 2 v. viii, 306 pp. 2 pi; 284 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Albany, J. Munsell, 1868.

Right (The) divine of kings to govern wrong! Dedicated to the Holy alliance, [anon.'] 3d ed. 60 pp. 12°. London, W. Hone, 1821.

Rijkens (R. G.) Praktische handleiding voor kunstmatige ligchaams-oefeningen, ten dienste van huisgezinnen en verschillen de inrigtingen voor onderwijs en opvoeding. xlviii, 339 pp. 10 pi. 8°. Groningen, J. OomJcens, 1843. s.

Rimius (Heinrich). A candid narrative of the rise and progress of the herrnhuters, commonly called moravians, or unitas-fratrum; with a short account of their doctrines, [and] observations on their politics, etc. [Translated from the German]. 110 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, reprinted by William Bradford, 1753. [Imperfect].

Ring (Max). John Milton and his times. An historical novel. From the German, by F. Jordan. 308 pp. 8 pi. 8°. New York, Appletons, 1868.

Rio Janeiro. Almanak administrativo, mercantil e industrial da corte e provincia do Rio de Janeiro para o anno de 1861, fundado por E. von Laemmert. Redigido por C. G. HaRIO JANEIRO.


Rio Janeiro—continued, ring. [With appendices]. Provincia de Rio de Janeiro, 1861. [And] Supplement©: Coleccao de documentos officiaes, [etc.] vii, 673, 344, 347 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Bio de Janeiro, E. <b H. Laemmert, 1861. 8.

Ripley (Ezra, D.D.) A history of the fight at Concord, on the 19fch of April, 1775, showing that then and there the first British blood was shed by armed Americans, and the revolutionary war thus commenced. 2d ed. 40 pp. 8°. Concord, H. Atwill, 1832. [ With 49 pp. ms. notes, relating to the battle, collected by Peter Force].

Ripley (E. L.) System of map drawing. 11 pp. 9 maps. 6 pi. 4°. New York, A. S. Barnes $ co. 1866.

Ripley (Henry Jones, D.D. editor). See Bible {English). The epistle to the Romans and to the Hebrews.

Ritchie (Leitch). The game of life. 8°. Philadelphia, T. K. Greenbank, 1833, [greenbank's periodical library, v. 1. pp. 515-588].

Ritter'sgeographisch-statistischeslexikoniiber die erdtheile, lander, meere, buchten, hafen, seen, fliisse, inseln, gebirge, staaten, stadte, etc. 4eumgearb. aufl. Yon W. Hoffmann, C. Winderlich, und C. Cramer. 4e aufl. 1 p. 1. 1458 pp. 8°. Leipzig, 0. Wigand, 1855.

Rivarol (Antoine, comte de)cmdChampcenetz (- ). Le petit almanach de nos grands homines. Ann6e 1788. lanon.] 236 pp. 18°. [Paris, 1788].

Riverside (The) magazine, for young people. An illustrated monthly. Jan. to Dec. 1868. v. 2. 8°. New York, Surd <fc Houghton, 1869.

Rizo Neroulos (Jacovaky). Cours de literature grecque moderne donne* a Geneve. Public par Jean Humbert. 2e 6d. xxiv, 204 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Geneve, A, Cherbuliez, 1828. S.

Robbins (Bev. Chandler). A history of the second church, or old north, in Boston. [With] a history of the new brick church, viii, 320 pp. 5 pi. 8°. Boston, J. Wilson ds son, 1852.

Robert (Ludwig). Die nacht der verhaltnisse. Ein trauerspiel in fiinf aufziigen, und zwei briefe uber das antike und moderne und uber das sogenannte biirgerliche trauerspiel. 148 pp. 12°. Stuttgart, etc. J. G. Cotta, 1819. s. Robert Linton : and what life taught him. By the author of the "Win and wear" series. lanon.'] 395 pp. 4 pi. 16°. New York, B, Carter & bros. 1868. Roberton (John, M. D.) On the generative system: being an anatomical and physiological

sketch of the parts of generation, and a treatise on their diseases. [With] letters by M. Baillie, M. D. 4th ed. 548 pp. 13 pi. 8°. London, J. J. StocMale, 1817.

Roberts (Capt. A.) Never caught. Personal adventures connected with twelve successful trips in blockade-running during the American civil war, 1863-64. iv, 123 pp. 16°. London, J. C. Rotten, 1867.

Roberts (Capt. Lemuel). Memoirs: containing adventures in youth, vicissitudes experienced as a continental soldier, sufferings as prisoner, escapes from captivity, [etc.] Written by himself. 96pp. 8°. Bennington, (Vt.) A.Haswell, 1809.

Robertson (Abraham, M.D.) A manual on extracting teeth. 2d ed. 200 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blahiston, 1868.

Robertson (George, farmer). General view of the agriculture of the county of MidLothian. 223, 138 pp. 11. 1 col. map. 11 pL 8°. Edinburgh, 1795. S.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

———- General view of Kincardineshire; or,

the Mearns. 2 p. 1. 12, 477, 63 pp. 11. 8 tab. 4 pi. 8°. London, 1810. S.

[great Britain* Board of agriculture]* Robertson (James, D<D.) General view of the agriculture in the county of Inverness, xiii, lxvi, 447 pp. 2 maps. 8°. London, 1808. S.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

General view of the agriculture in the

county of Perth. 1 p. 1. xx, 576 pp. 2 1. 1 tab. 1 map. 3 pi. 8°. Perth, 1799. S.

[great Britain. Board of agriculture].

Robertson (William, D.D.) The history of America. 2 v. xvii pp. 31. 488 pp; 535 pp. 4°. London, W. Strahan, 1777.

Robiano de Borsbeek (Louis Francois de Paule Marie Joseph). De la violation des cimeti&res. 82 pp. 12°. Turin, Alliana $• Paravia, 1825. S.

[With La MENNAIS (H. F. K. de). Melanges, etc. 1825].

Robin {AbU Claude). New travels through North America, exhibiting the history of the campaign of general Washington and Rochambeau, in the year 1781. Also, narrations of the capture of general Burgoyne, and lord Cornwallis, with their armies. From the French. 112 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Bobert Bell, 1783.

Robinson (Charles S. D. D.) Short studies for Sunday school teachers, vi, 247 pp. 16°, New York, Wynhoop fy Sherwood, 1868.

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