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Robinson (Horatio N.) A treatise on surveying and navigation. 230, 101 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, J. Ernst, 1852. S.

Robinson (Matthew). Considerations on the measures carrying on with respect to the British colonies in North America. [anon.] 160 pp. 8°. London, B. Baldwin, [1774].

■ The same, [anon.] 2d ed. With an appendix. 176,45 pp. 8°. London, B. Baldwin, 1774.

— The same, [anon.] 5th ed. 64 pp. 8°.

Boston, Edes $ Gill, 1774.

■ The same, [anon.'] 63 pp. 8°. Hartford,

E. Watson, 111 A.

The same. [anon. ] 60 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, B. Toione, 1774.

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Robinson (Solon). Me-won-i-toc. A tale of frontier life and Indian character. 133 pp. 8°. New York, N. Y. news co. 1867.

Robinson (William, M. D.) On dysentery.

8°. New York, Collins $ co. 1819.

[In North (Elisha). Outlines of the science of life, ed. 1829. pp. 188-196].

Robinson Crusoe?s farm yard: designed to accompany the game of natural history for children, [anon.] 228 pp. sq. 16°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1849. s.

Robison (John). Proofs of a conspiracy against all the religions and governments of Europe, carried on in the secret meetings of free masons, illuminati, and reading societies. 3d ed. 389 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. Dobson, 1798.

Robortello (Francesco). Scholia in JEschyli tragoedias omnes ex vetvstissimis libris mannseriptis collecta, [etc.} 10 p. 1. 216 pp. 16°. Venetiis, ex officiana erasmiana Vincentii Valgrisii, 1552.

Rochat (Alfred, Ph. D.) Uber einen bisher Tinbekannten Percheval li Galois, [etc.] 180 pp. 8°. Zurich, E.Kriesling, 1855. S.

Rochefoucauld (Francois, due de La). See La Rochefoucauld.

Rochette (Desire^ Raoul). Lectures on ancient art. [Translated from the French], viii, 184 pp. 2 pi. 16°. London, Hall, Virtue $ co. 1864.

— Peintures antiques inedites, prec^dees

de recherches sur Pemploi delapeinture dans

la decoration des Edifices sacr6s et publics, chez les Grecs et chez les Romains; faisant suite aux Monuments in^dits. xvi, 470 pp. 15 col. pi. 4°. Paris, imprimerie royale, 1836. s.

Rockport (Mass.) directory, for 1869. 8°.
Gloucester, Procter bros, 1868.
See Gloucester and Rockport.

Rockwell (Bev. J. E.) Sketches of the presbyterian church, giving a brief summary of arguments in favor of its primitive and apostolic character, [etc.] 282 pp. lpl. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, 1854. S.

Rockwell (Mrs. M. E.) Tom Miller; or, after many days. 351 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, J. C. Garrigues fy co. 1867.

Rocoles (Jean Baptiste). Les imposteurs insignes, ou histoires de plusieurs hommes de neant de toutes nations, qui ont usurpe" la quality d'empereur, de roi, et de prince. 2 v. in 1. 3 p. 1. 374 pp. 14 pi; 320 pp. 9 pi. 16°. Bruxelles, J. Van Vlaenderen, 1828.

Rodman (Ella, pseudonf) A grandmother's recollections. [A moral tale]. 235 pp. 12°. New York, C. Scribner, 1851. S.

Rogers (Charles). A collection of prints in imitation of drawings. [With] lives of their authors, with explanatory and critical notes. 2 v. 4 p. 1. vi, 217 pp. 2 L 44 pi; 2 p. 1. 246 pp. 11. 70 pi fol. London, J. Nicols, 1788.

Rogers (George). Washington, crowned by "equality, fraternity, and liberty/' A democratic poem. 168 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. New York, Leavitt, Trow fy co. 1849. s.

Rogers (Bev. James Edwin Thorcld). A manual of political economy for schools and colleges, xvi, 313 pp. 16°. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1868.

Roget (Peter Mark). Thesaurus of English words and phrases: so classified and arranged as to facilitate the expression of ideas and assist in literary composition. Revised and edited by B. Sears. 468 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould 8? Lincoln, 1854.

■—- The same. New Am. from 3d Lond. ed.

510 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1855.

Rogg (J.) Bibliotheca mathematica. Handbuch der mathematischen literatur, vom anfange der buchdruckerkunst bis zum schlusse des jahrs 1830. Erste abth. welche die arithmetischen und geometrischen wissenschaften enthiilt. vi, 578 pp. 8°. Tubingen, L. F„ Fues, 1830.

Rojo de Flores. See Roxo de Flores,



Roland de la Platiere (Manon Jean Phlipon, madame). An appeal to impartial posterity; or, a collection of tracts written by her in the prisons of the Abbey, and St. Pelagie, in Paris. Translated from the French. 1st Amer. ed. 2 v. ix. 202,164 pp; 202, 235 pp. 8°. New York, A, Van Hook, 1798.

Rolewinck von Laer (Werner). Fasciculus temporu. 8 p. 1.661. 4°. Venetiis, E. Batdolt, 1485.

The same. 5 p. 1. 90 1. fol. Argentine,

J. Pryss, 1488.

— Questiones duodeci notables valde et

vtiles pro probris et studentibus ac alijs sacre doctrine insudantibus. [anon.'] 14 1. 4°. [Colonios, Arnold Therhoem, about 1475].

Roll of honor. See United States. ( War department).

Holland (Charles). La Turquie contemporaine; hommes et choses. Etudes surPOrient. 426 pp. 8°. Paris, Pagnerre, 1854.

Rollin (Frank A.) Life and public services of Martin R. Delany, late major 104th U. S. colored troops. 367 pp. 12°. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1868.

Rollins (E. B.) A brief illustration of the prophecies and promises of God's word; concerning the kingdom of God. By the White mountain pilgrim. [anon."] 176 pp. 16°. Dayton, {Ohio), author, 1857. S.

Roman de la rose. See Lorris (Guillaume de) and Meun (Jeun de).

Romance (The) of William of Palerne: (otherwise known as the romance of ''William and the werwolf"); translated from the French, about 1350; [with] a fragment of the alliterative romance of Alisaunder, translated from the Latin by the same author, about 1340. Edited by W. W. Skeat. xliv, 328 pp. 8°. London, Trubner 8f co. 1867. [early English text society publications. Extra series, 1867. No. 1].

Romero (Jos6 M.) Memoria sobre el distrito

de Pachuca. 8°. Mexico, 1865.

[In Almaraz (R.) Memoria por la comision cientifica de Pachuca].

Romeu (Francisco, editor). See Bible. (Spanish).

Root (George I.) The musical fountain, enlarged; a collection of temperance music, for public and social meetings, and the home circle. 126 pp. 12°. Chicago, Moot & Cady, 1867.

Ropes (Joseph). Linear perspective, for the use of schools and students in drawing. 4th ed. 40 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott <h co. 1868.

Roquette. See La Roquette.

Ros celestis. Hymelsche douwe. [anon."] cxl, 21. sm. 4°. Coelne,J3[tBoemgartvanPetwech, 1516.

Rosales (Vicente Perez). Ensayo sobre Chile, escrito en frances i publicado en Hamburgo, i traducido al espanol, por Manuel Miquel. 510 pp. 1 tab. 2 maps. 8°. Santiago, Ferrocarril, 1859. s.

Roscoe (William Stanley). Poems. vii,195pp. 16°. London, W. Piclcering, 1834.

Rose (George). The great country; or, impressions of America, xvi, 416 pp. 8°. London, Tinsley bros. 1868.

Mrs. Brown's visit to the Paris exhibition.

By Arthur Sketchley. [pseudon.] vi, 138 pp. 16°. London, George Routledge & sons, [1868]?

Rose (Heinrich). Handbuch der analytischen chemie. v. 1. Die lehre von den qualitativen chemisch-analytischen untersuchungen. 3e aufl. xiv, 657 pp. 8°. Berlin, E. S. Mittler, 1833. s.

Rosecrans (William Starke). Report on the

Chickamauga campaign. 8°. Philadelphia,


[In Fitch (John). Chickamaug-a, the price of Chattanooga, ed. 1864. pp. 703-716].

Rosemary (The), a collection of sacred and religious poetry, from the English and American poets, [etc.] 248 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay ds Blahiston, 1849. 8.

Rosenheim or Rosenhaym (Petrus von).

Roseum memoriale dininorum eloquiorum.

47 1. sm. 4°. [n. p. about 1480].

[ With Chaimis or Chai (B.) Interrogatoriu siue cofessionale. Venetiis? 1480].

Rosinus or Rossfeld (Johann). Antiqvitatvm romanarvm syntagma abaolvtissimvm concinnatvm. Avctvm deinde et exornatvm k Thoma Dempstero, [etc.] Ed. nova. 16 p. 1. 600 pp. 401. 4°. Colonic Allobrogvm, 6r. Cartier, 1613. s.

Rossetti (Christina). The prince's progress, and other poems. 2 p. 1. viii, 216 pp. 16°. London, Macmillan <f co. 1866.

Rossetti (Domenico de, editor). L'archeografo triestino. Raccolta di opuscoli e notizie per Trieste e per PIstria, [dei Leandro Alberti, Francesco Berlingeri, Flavio Biondo, Andrea de Bonomo-Stetner, conte Gianrinaldo Carli, Carlo Catinelli, Pietro Contarini, Pietro Coppo, Giovanni Battista Goina, Pietro Kandler, Joel Kohen, Giovanni Labus, Luca da Linda, prof. Lugnani, Nicolo Manzuoli, Domenico di Rossetti, prof. Stadler, Pietro Tommasini, e Ludovico Vergerio]. 4 v. 8°. Trieste, Cr. Marenigh, 1829-37. s.


Rossetti (William Michael). Fine art, chiefly contemporary; notices reprinted with revisions, xx, 392 pp. 12°. Cambridge, McMillan 4- co. 1867.

Rossfeld (Johann). See Rosinus or Rossfeld (Johann).

Rossi (Guglielmo). Sulle istituzioni di istruzione primaria nella Lombardia, e in particolare nel circondario di Monza-Allocuzione, [etc.] 3a ed. 101 pp. 4°. Milano, P. Agnelli, 1866. s

Rosslin (Eucharius). De partv hominis, et qvae circa ipsvm accidunt. 67 1. 24°. Francofurti, apud C. Egenolphum, 1544.

Rossmassler (Emil Adolph). Der mensch im epiegel der natur. Ein volkshuch. 5 v. 16°. Leipzig, E. Keil, 1850-55. [v. 1 and 3. 2e aufl.J

. {Editor). See Aus der heimath.

Rostan (J. C.) La lyre chretienne, recueil de psaumes, d> hymnes, etc. 75 pp. 16°. New York, T. Holman, 1857. s.

Roth (Carl Ludwig). Romischen inschriften des kantons Basel. 4°. Basel, Schneider,

1843. s

[mittheilungen der Gesselschaft filr vaterlandische altenthttmer in Basel. Pt. 1]. Roth (Eduard). Geschichte unserer abendlandischen philosophic Entwicklungsgeschichte unserer spekulativen, sowohl philosophischen als religiosen ideen von ihren ersten anfiingen bis auf die gegenwart. 2 v. in 3. x, 461, 291 pp; xlix, 984, 319 pp. 8°. Mannheim, F. Bassermann, 1846-58.


v. I. Die agyptische und die zoroastrische glaubenslehre, als die altestenquellen unserer spekulativen ideen.

v. 2. Geschichte der griechischen philosophic Die ubertragung der orientalischen ideenkreise nach Griechenland, und ihre forthildung durch die altesten jonischen denker und Pythagoras.


Roth (Paul). Geschichte des beneficialwesens, von den altesten zeiten bis ins zehnte jahrhundert. xx, 484 pp. 8°. Erlangen, J. J. Palm and E. EnJce, 1850. Roulin (Francois D6sir6). Mammiferes. (Races humaines). Atlas. See Cuvier (G.L. C. F. D.) Regne animal, v. 1. 1836-46. Round the block. An American novel. With illustrations. [anon.] 468 pp. 3 pi. 12°. New York, D. Appleton fy co. 1864. Round (The) table. A Saturday review of politics, literature, society, and art. Jan. to June, 1868. v. 7. sm. fol. New York, 1868. Rous (John) and others. See New England

a degenerate plant. Rouse (E. S. S.) The bugle blast; or, spirit of

the conflict. Comprising naval and military exploits, anecdotes, etc. 336 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. Challen fy son, 1864. Rousseau (Jean Jacques). A dissertation on political economy: [with] a treatise on the social compact; or, the principles of politic, law. 1st Am. ed. 72, 214 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Albany, Barber $ Southwick, 1797.

Supplement a la collection des ceuvres

de Rousseau. 3 v. 18°o Geneve, 1784. S. Rousset de Missy (Jean). History of the duke of Marlborough. See Dumont (J.) and Rousset de Missy. Roux(PhilibertJoseph). Secretions; generation. See Bichat (M. F. X.) Traite" d'anatomie descriptive, v. 5.

Roux ( sergeant-major). Le nouveau Mis

sissipi; ou, les dangers d'habiter les bords du Scioto, par un patriote voyageur. [anon.] 44 pp. 12°. Paris, Jacquemart, 1790. Roux de Rochelle (Jean Baptiste Gaspard). La byzanciade, poeme, [etc. anon.] xxviii, 346 pp. 8°. Paris, F. Didot, 1822. s.

— Les trois ages; ou, les jeux olympiques,

Tamphitheatre, etlachevalerie. [anon.] 3p.l. 288 pp. 12°. Paris, F. Didot, 1816. 8.

Row (Augustus). Masonic biography and dictionary. 365 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lippincott 8f co. 1868. Rowe (Nicholas R. C. M. D.) A treatise on catarrh, its causes and effects. 47 pp. 24°. 'New York, [author], 1868. Rowley {Rev. Henry). The story of the universities' mission to Central Africa, from its commencement, under bishop Mackenzie, to its withdrawal from the Zambesi, xii, 493 pp. 8 pi. 2 maps. 8°. London, Saunders, Otley $ co. 1866.

Roxburghe library. Publications, sm. 4°.
London, 1868.

BROWNE (William). Works, v. 1.

Roxo de Flores (Felipe). Invectiva contra el luxo, su profanidad y excesos por medio de proprias reflexiones que persuaden su inutilidad, Descripcion hist6rica y circumstanciada de los trages y adornos de diversas naciones, etc. 2a ed. 8 p. 1. 110 pp. 16°. Madrid, imprenta real, 1804. S.

Royaards (Herman Jan). Geschiedenis der invoering en vestiging van het Christendom in Nederland. 3e uitg. xiv, 414 pp. 8°. Utrecht, C. Van der Post, jr. 1844. S.

Royal academy of Spain. See Real academia espanola.



Royal agricultural society of England. Journal. 2d series, v. 4. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1868.

Royal college of surgeons, England. Calendar. July 9, 1868. xvi, 317 pp. 8°. London, Taylor ty Francis, 1868. s.

Royal (The) family of the Stuarts vindicated

from the false imputation of illegitimacy, etc.

\_anon.'] 44pp. 8°. London, 1722.

[ With Dorleans (P. J.) History of the revolutions in England. 1722].

Royal microscopical society. Transactions.

New series, v. 1-5, 8-16. 8°. London, J.

Churchill $ sons, 1853-68.

[ With Quarterly journal of microscopical science. 1853-68].

Royall (Mrs. Anne). The black hook; or, a continuation of travels in the United States. 3 v. 12°. Washington, author, 1828-29.

The Tennessean; a novel, founded on

facts. 372 pp. 16°. New-Haven, author, 1827.

Royce (M. S.) A series of brief historical sketches of the church of England, and of the protestant episcopal church in the United States. 198 pp. 16°. New York, F. D. Karriman, 1859, S.

Rucellai (Giovanni). Le api. Con aimotazioni diR.Titi. 8°. Milano, 1804. [In Alamanni (L.) La coltivazione. 1804].

Ruckert ( Heinrich ). Culturgeschichte des deutschen volkes in der zeit des uebergangs aus dem heidenthum in das christenthum.

2 v. viii, 354 pp; vii, 527 pp. 8°. Leipzig, T. O. Weigel, 1853-54.

Ruddiman (Thomas). The rudiments of the Latin tongue; or, a plain and easy introduction to Latin grammar, viii, 104 pp. 16°. Glasgow, J. Duncan 8f B. Farie, 1781.

The same. With an essay on grammatical studies. 24th ed. xviii, 10-144 pp. 18°. Glasgow, W. Smith, 1782.

The same. 21st genuine ed. 112,32 pp.

18°. Edinburgh, Bell $ Bradfute, 1793.

Rudge (Thomas). General view of the agriculture of the county of Gloucester, viii, 408 pp.

3 maps. 3 pi. 8°. London, 1807. s. [great Britain. Board of agriculture].

Rueckert. See Ruckert.

Ruffin ( Edmund ). Agricultural, geological, and descriptive sketches of lower North Carolina, and the similar adjacent lands. 296 pp. 8°. Raleigh, institution for the deaf, dumb, and blind, 1861.

Ruge (Arnold). Acht reden tiber die religion "an die gebildeten unter ihren verehrern." 90 pp. 16°. St. Louis, freien gemeinde, 1868.

Ruggles (Samuel B.) Resources of the United

States. Report to the international statistical
congress, at Berlin, Sept. 1863. 30 pp. 8°.
New York, 1864.
[loyal publication society, no. 48].

Rumpf (Christian). Dictionnaire technologique francais, allemand, anglais, [etc.] See Beil (J. A.) Technologisches worterbuch. v. 3].

Ruprecht (F. J.) Tange des ochotskischen meeres. 4°. St. Petersburg, 1851. s.

[In Middendorff (A. T. von). Reise, etc. v. 1. theil 2].

Rusconi (Mauro). Del proteo anguino. 4°. 1819. See Configliachi (P.) and Rusconi.

Ruskin (John, LL. D.) Time and tide, by weare and tyne. Twenty-five letters to a working man of Sunderland on the laws of work. 2d ed. viii, 199 pp. 18°. London, Smith, Elder cfc co. 1868.

Russell (Rev. David). Letters, chiefly practical and consolatory; designed to illustrate the nature and tendency of the gospel. 3d ed. 2v. 4 p. 1. 295 pp; 3 p. 1. 353 pp. 12°. Edinburgh, Waugh & Lnnes, 1825.

Russell (John). The boke of nurture follow-
yng Englondis gise. Edited from the ms. by
F. J. Furnivall. 8°. London, 1868.
[In Furnivall (F. J.) Babees book, etc. pp. 115-228.
Early English text-society publications, no. 32].

Russell (William). A letter to Joseph Priestley.

8°. London, 1792.

[In Priestley (J.) An appeal to the public, on the subject of the riots in Birmingham, part ii].

Russell (William S.) Pilgrim memorials, and guide for visitors to Plymouth village, [etc.] viii, 148 pp. 1 map. 7 pi. 12°. Boston, author, 1851. • s.

Russia (Imperatorshaia publitchnaid biblioteha). Catalogue des acquisitions de livres imprimis. Sept.-Dec. 1863. Catalogue des nouvelles acquisitions en langues 6trang&res. Jan.-Juin, 1864 [—] Juillet-D6c. 1865. 10 title pages. [Russian and French]. 462 pp. 8°. St. Petersbourg, W. Bogalshi <$f co. 1864-66. s.

Catalogue des livres doubles de

la bibliotheque imp^riale publique de St. Petersbourg. [French and Russian], v. 1. x, 350 pp. 11. 8°. St. Petersbourg, I860. s. - Wegweiser der kaiserlichen bib

liothek zu St. Petersburg, iv, 52 pp. 12°. St.

Petersburg, buchdrucherei der h alcademie der

wissenschaften, 1860. s.

[Imperial botanical garden"]. Catalogus

systematicus bibliothecae horti imperialis botanic! petropolitani. Curavit Ernestus de Berg, xvi, 514 pp. 8°. Petropoli. typis acad■emiae caes. scientiarum, 1852. S.

Rusticiano or Rustichiello. I vlaggi di Marco Polo. See Polo (M.)



Rustow (Wilhelm). Heerwesen und kriegfiihrung C. Julius Casars. xv; 184 pp. 4 pi. 8°. Gotha, M. Scheube, 1855. s.

Ruth Derwent: a story of duty and love. By C. J. G. [anon.'] 320 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, American tract society, [1867].

Rutherford (Bev. Samuel). Manna-crumbs for hungry souls. Excerpts from his letters gathered by W. P. Breed, D. B. 168 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board, 1865.

Ruysch (Frederik). Opera omnia anatomicomedico-chirurgica. 45 v. in 3. 4°. Amstelodami, apudJanssonio- Waesbergias, 1720-35. S.


BOERHAAVE (Hermann) and RUYSCH (Frederik). Opusculum anatomicum de fabrica glandularum in corpore humano. 1733. [h. 42].

BOHL or BOHLIUS (Johann Christoph). Tractatio anatomica de musculo in fundi uteri observato, etc. 1726. [n. 36]. Dissertatio epistolica de usu nouarum cavae propaginum in systemate chylopoeo, ut et de corticis cerebri textura. 1727. [n. 37].

Campdomeecus (Jan Jakob). Epistola de glandulis, fibris, cellulisque lienalibus. 1725. fn. 20],

Ettmuller (Michael Ernst). Epistola de cerebri corticali substantia. 1721. [n. 27]. Epistola de ovario novo. 1729. [n. 41].

Frentz (Gerard). Epistola de vasis sanguiferis periostii tibise, etc. 1725. [n. 21].

GrAUB or GrAUBius (Jan). Epistola de pilis, pinguedine, septoque scroti, etc. 1724. [n. 19].

Golicke (Andreas Ottomar). Epistola de cursu arteriarum perpiam matrem, etc. 1724. [n. 25].

Gratz (Albrecht Heinrich). Epistola de vasorum sanguineorum extremitatibus, placentae uterinse, mammarumque structura, etc. 1722. [no. 31].

Gratz (Jan Henrik). Epistola de arteria et vena bronchiali, etc. 1731. [n. 22]. Epistola de pia matre, ejusque processibus. 1724. [n. 23]. Epistola de structura nasi cartilaginea [etaure interna]. 1724. [n. 24].

Hecquet (Philippe). Epistola de rvyschiano vteri mvscvlo. 1727. [n..39].

Keerwolff (Bartel). Epistola de auricularum cordis, [etc.] structura. 1725. [n. 26].

RAU (Jan Jakob). Responsio ad qualemcunque defensionem Frederici Ruyschii pro septo scroti. 172 L. [n. 34]. Epistola de inventoribus septi scroti. 1721. [n. 35].

Ruysch (Frederik). Dilucidatio valvularum in vasis lymphaticis, et lacteis. 1732. [n. 1]. Observationum anatomico-chirurgicarum centuria. Ac. catalogus rariorum in museo ruyschiano. 1721. [n. 2]. Adversariorum anatomico - medico - chirurgicorum decas i. 1729. [n. 3]; ib. decas ii. 1720. [n. 4] ; ib. decas iii. 1723. [n. 5], Thesaurus anatomicus i. 1721. [n. 6]; ib. ii. 1722. [n. 7]; ib. iii. 1724. [n. 8J; ib. iv. 1724. [n. 9]; ib. v. 1725. [n. 10]; ib. vi. 1724. [n. 11]; ib. vii. 1726. [n. 12]; ib. viii. 1727. [n.13]; »6. ix. 1726. [n. 14]; ib. x. 1729. [n. 15]; curae posteriores seu thesaurus anatomicus [xi]. 1724. [n. 16]. Curse renovatae. 1727. [n. 17]. Thesaurus animalium i. 1725. [n. 18]. Responsio ad Godefridi Bidloi libellum, etc. 1721. [n. 33]. Responsio ad dissertationem epistolicam Jo. Christoph Bohlii, etc. 1727. [n. 38].

Schreiber (Jan Frederik). Historia vitae Frederici Ruyschii. 1732.

Van Reverhorst (Maurice). Epistola de nova artuum decurtandorum methodo. 1732. [n. 30].

VATER or Vaterus (Abram). Epistola viis absconditis pulmonum, etc. 1727. [n. 32]. Epistola gratulatoria ad Ruyschium in qua de mvscvlo orbiscvlari in fvndo vteri detecto gratvlatvr. 1727. [n. 40].

Wedel or Wedelius (Christiaan). Epistola de oculorum tunicis. 1720. [n. 29].

WOLF (Jan Christiaan). Epistola de intestinorum tunicis, glandulis, etc. 1721. [n. 27].

Ryther (Rev. John). The seaman's preacher;

consisting of nine discourses on Jonah's voyage. With a preface by Eev. J. Newton. xi, 111pp. 16°. Cambridge, (Mass.) W. Milliard, 1806. [pp. 109-11 imperfect].

Saadi. See Sadi.

Saavedra Faxardo (Diego). Idea principis christiano-politici 100 symbolis expressa.

12 p. 1. 800 pp. 24°. Coloniw, C. Munich, 1650.

Sabas (Bishop of Mojaish). Sacristie patriarcale dite synodale, de Moscou. 2e 6&. revue, corrig^e et augmentee, avec xv tables photographies et gravies sur pierre des objets les plus remarquables de la sacristie. 3 p. 1. 32, 2, ii, 11. 15 pi. 4°. Moscou, 1865. 8.

-— Specimina palaeographica codicum grae

corum et slavonicorum bibliothecse mosquensis synodialis, saec. vi—xvii. [Russian and Latin]. 1 p. 1. iv, 46 pp. 2 ilium, titles. 47

13 pi. 4°. Moskva, Gotea, 1863. s. Sabbath (The) at home; an illustrated religious magazine for the family. Jan. to Dec. 1868. v. 2. 8°. Boston, American tract society, [1868].

Sachsse (Carl Robert). Historische grundlagen des deutschen staats- und rechtslebens. Yorstudien zur deutschen staats- und rechtsgeschichte. xviii, 604 pp. 8°. Meidelberg, G. F. Winter, 1844.

Saco (Jose* Antonio). Obras. [Escritos sobre las questiones mas vitales sobre la suerte de Cuba, etc.] Compiladas por primera vez, por un paisano del autor. [F. J. Vingut]. v. 1, 343 pp. 12°. Nueva York, B. Lochwood fy hijo, 1853. s.

Sacy (Claude Louis Michel de). L'honneur francois, on histoire des vertus et des exploits de notre nation, depuis l"6tablissement de la monarchic jusqu'anos jours. 2eed. 12v. 16°. Paris, Nyon, 1783.

Saddi (Nathan Ben, pseudon.) See Dodsley (Robert).

Sadi, or Moslik-ed din Sadi Ben Abdallah. Der fruchtgarten. Aus dem persischen auszugsweise tibertragen durch O. M. freiherrn von Schlechta-Wssehrd. 233 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Wien, Jc. k. hof- und staatsdrucherei, 1852. S.

Saga. See Fagrskrinna; also, Karlamagnus saga; also, Olafs konungs ens helga.

Sage (Rufus B.) Scenes in the Rocky Mountains, and in Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, and the grand prairies; or, notes by the way during an excursion of three years. By a New Englander. [anon.] 303 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey <f Mart, 1846.

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