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Barclay (JRev. John, pastor of the Berean assembly, Edinburgh). Without faith, without God; or, an appeal to God concerning his own existence, [etc.] An essay proving that the knowledge of God comes only by revelation. With a preface by the Rev. David Thom. xxiv. 128 pp. 12°. London, etc. Simpkin ty Marshall, 1836. s.

Barclay (Robert). Anarchy of the ranters

and other libertines; the hierarchy of the

romanists and other pretended churches

refuted, in an apology for the quakers. viii,

111 pp. 12°. Wilmington, James Adams,


[TTi'tfiPENN (William). Brief account of the rise and progress of the people called quakers. Wilmington, 1783].

An apology for the true christian divinity; being an explanation and vindication of the principles and doctrines of the people called quakers. 548 pp. 6°. Philadelphia, Friends1 booh store, 1848. s.

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Barker-Webb (P.) See Webb (Philip Barker).

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Barlaams ok Josaphats saga. En religos romantisk fortaelling om Barlaam og Josaphat, oprindelig forfattet paa Grsesk i det 8de aarhmidrede, senere oversat paa Latin, og

herfra igjen i fri bearbeidelse ved aar 1200 overfort paa Norsk af kong Haakon Sverresson. Udgivet af R. Keyser og C. R. Unger. xxiv, 262 pp. lpl. 8°. Christiania, Feilberg fy Landmark, 1851. S.

Barlaeus (Caspar). See Van Baerle.

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CONTENTS. Advice to the privileged orders. Letter to the national convention. Letter to the people of Piedmont. The conspiracy of kings.

The vision of Columbus; a poem in nine

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See, also, United States. (Department

of Education). Barnard (Bev. John). Sermons on several

subjects. 190 pp. 8°. London, for S. Ger

rish, Boston, N. E. 1727. Barnes (Albert). Lectures on the evidences of

Christianity in the nineteenth century. 451 pp.

12°. New York, Harper & bros. 1868.

Notes on psalms. See Bible, English.

See,also, Davies,(Bev. Samuel). Sermons

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-The same. 2d ed. 636 pp. 18 portraits.

8°. New York, Harpers, 1868.

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Barrantes (Vicente). Catalogo razonado y critico de los libros, memorias y manuscritos, que tratan de las provincias de Extremadura [etc.] Obra premiada por la biblioteca nacional, [etc.] vjii, 320 pp. 8°. Madrid, impresa de real or den, 1865. S.

[spain. Biblioteca nacional].

Barratt (Joseph, M. D.) The Indian of New England, and the northeastern provinces; with vocabularies in the Indian and English. 24 pp. 12°. Middleton, Conn. C. R. Pelton, 1857. s.

— Key to the Indian language of New England, in the Etchemin, or Passamaquoddy language. No. 1. 8 pp. 12°. Middleton, Conn. C. H. Pelton, 1850. s. [With the preceding].

Salices americanae. North American

willows,disposed in sections,or natural groups; with notes showing the kinds best adapted for the useful arts and ornamental culture. 8 1. 4°. Middletown, Conn. C. H. Pelton, 1840. s.

Barrera. See La Barrera y Leirado.

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ligion. 139 pp. 12°. New York, Amer. tract society, 1868.

Barruel-Beauvert (Philip Auguste de). Lettre du delegue de la population francaise de Greytown, Amerique centrale, au commerce gen6rale de rempire franchise, etc. 39 pp. 8°. Paris, A. Lebon, 1856.

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[deutsche (Das) volk dargestellt in vergangenheit und gegenwart, etc.' v. 11-13].

Geschichte der deutschen stadte und

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Geschichte des grossen deutschen

krieges vom tode Gustav Adolfs ab. 2 v. in 1. xiv, 400 pp; xv, 696 pp. 8°. Stuttgart, S. G. Liesching, 1842-43.

Bartholomseus Anglicus. See Glanvil (Bartholomew).

Bartholomeeus Pisanus. See Bartolomeo da Pisa.

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The same. El hombre de letras, escrito

en italiano, y aoro nuevamente en castellano, por G. Sanz. 18 p. 1. 288 pp. 4°. Barcelona, J. Jolis, 1744. s.

Bartoli (Pietro Sante, and Francesco). Le pittare antiche delle grotte di Roma. See Bellori (G. P.) and La Chausse (M. A. de).

Bartolomeo da Pisa, or da 8. Concordio. Suma de casibus cosciencie. 492 1. fol. Colonial, per Arnoldum Therhuemen, 1474. s.

Barton (Benjamin Smith, M.B.) Fragments of the natural history of Pennsylvania. Part i. [Birds of Philadelphia and suburbs], xviii, 24 pp. fol. Philadelphia, author, 1799. S. [No more published!.

Memoir concerning the disease of goitre,

as it prevails in different parts of North America. 94 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, 1800. s.

——- New views of the origin of the tribes and nations of America. [With comparative vocabularies], cix, 133, 32 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, author, 1793. s.

Barton (Jerome). Comic recitations and humorous dialogues, in prose and poetry, burlesque scenes, etc. 180 pp. 16°. New Yorh, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1868.

Bartos (Bartolomej, pisar). Kronika Prazska od leta pane 1524 az do k6nce leta 1530. Die dvourukopisu cis, verejn6 knihovny Prazske' k vydani upravil K. J. Erben. 24 p. 1. 376 pp. 8°. Praze, J. G. Kalve, 1851. s.

Bartram (John, botanist). A journal kept for the Floridas. 4°. London, 1769. [With Stork (W.) A description of East Florida, 1769].

Bartram (William). Eeisen durch Nord- und Siid Karolina, Georgien, Ost- und West-Florida, das gebiet der Tscherokesen, Krichks, und Tschaktahs, nebst umstandlichen nachrichten von den einwotmern, dem boden und den naturprodukten, etc. Aus dem Englischen, mit erliiuternden anmerkungen von E. A. W. Zimmermann. xxvi, 469 pp. 8°. Berlin, Voss, 1793. [magazin von reisebeschreibungen, v. 10, 1793].

Basselin (Olivier), and he Hoiix (Jean). Les

vaux-de-vire 6dit£s et inedits; avec discours preliminaire,[etc. ] publies par Julien Travers. 252 pp. 18°. Paris, Lance, 1833. S.

Bassini (Carlo). The education of the voice, on an improved plan: being musical instructions, exercises, and recreations. 96 pp. obi. 12°. New Yorh, Huntington & Co. 1868.

Batchelder (Eugene). A romance of the seaserpent, or the ichthyosaurus. [By Wave]. Also, a collection of the ancient and modern authorities, with letters from distinguished merchants and men of science. [pseudon.~\ 2p.l. 172 pp. 12°. Cambridge, J. Bartlett, 1849. s.

Batchelor ( Thomas ). General view of the agriculture of the county of Bedford, [etc], xvi, 636.pp. 1 col. map. 8 pi. 8°. London, 1808. [great Britain. Board of agriculture].

Bate (John). Mysteries of nature and art, in foure severall parts: 1. Of waterworks. 2. Of fire works. 3. Of drawing, washing, limning, painting, and engraving. 4. Of sundry experiments. [With separate title-page: the bookeof extravagants]. 2ded. 6 p. 1. 288 pp. 81. lpl. portrait. London, printed by Thomas Harper, for Ralph Mab, 1635. S.

[Title page and portrait wanting].

Bates (Walter). Companion for Caraboo. A narrative of the conduct and adventures of Henry Frederic Moon, alias Henry Frederic More Smith, alias Newman, etc. now under sentence in Connecticut, xvi, 84 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. London, Allman $ Co. 1817.

Bath and west of England society for the encouragement of agriculture, arts, manufactures, and commerce. Letters and papers on agriculture, planting, etc. selected from the correspondence of the society, v. 1-14. 15 v. 8°. Bath, society, 1792—1814. [No more published of this series].

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Batilly (Denis Lebey de). See Lebey de Batilly.

Battista Mantovano. See Spagnuoli (Giovanni Battista).

Battle (The) of Brooklyn, a farce; as it was performed on Long-Island, 27th of August, 1776. By the representatives of the tyrants of America, assembled at Philadelphia. [anon.] 27 pp. 12°. New York, J. Bivington, in the year of the rebellion. 1776.

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Baudot de Juilly (Nicolas). Histoire et regne de Louis XI. 6 v. 16°. Paris, Pissot, 1755.

Note.—This book was published under the name of Marguerite de Lussan.

Baudrillart (Jacques Joseph). Traite general des eaux et forets, chasses et peches. 2e partie. Dictionnaire general raisonne et historique des eaux et forets. 2 v. 816 pp; 1006 pp. Atlas. 48 pi. 4°. Paris, Huzard, 1823-25.

Bauerman (H.) A treatise on the metallurgy of iron; containing outlines of the history of iron manufacture, processes of manufacture of iron and steel, etc. Illustrated by J. B. Jordan, viii, 399 pp. 12°. London, Virtue, <& Co. 1868.

■— The same. With appendix on the Martin

process of making steel, from the report of A. 8. Hewitt, United States commissioner to the exposition at Paris, 1867. Illustrated, viii, 406 pp. 12°. New York, Virtue & Yorston, 1868.

Baumann (Ludwig Adolph). Abrisz der staatsverfassung der vornehmsten lander in Amerika, nebst nordlichen polarlandern. 4 p. 1. 700 pp. 8°. Brandenburg, gebrilder Halle, 1776.

Baumer (Johann Wilhelm). Naturgeschichte des mineralreichs, mit besonderer anwendung auf Thiiringen herausgegeben. 4 p. 1. 520 pp. 71. 11 pi. 16°. Gotha, J. C. Dieterich, 1763. s.

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Baur (Ferdinand Christian). Das Christenthum und diechristliche kirche der drei ersten jahrhunderte. 2e ausg. xxiv, 535 pp. 8°. Tubingen, L. F. Fues, 1860.

Die christliche kirche vom anfang des

4en bis zum ende des sechtsen jahrhunderts.

x, 326 pp. 8°. Tubingen, L. F. Fues, 1859. Bayer (J. J ) Gradmessung in Ostpreussen.

Ausgefuhrt von F. W. Bessel, [und] Baeyer.

See Prussia. ■ Nivellement zwischen Swinemiinde und

Berlin. Auf dienstliche veranlassung ausgefuhrt. x, 122 pp. 1 map. 4°. Berlin, JDummler, 1840. s.

Die verbindungen der preussischen und

russischen dreiecksketten. See Prussia.

Ueber die grosse und figur der erde.

viii, 111 pp. 1 map. 8°. Berlin, G. Beimer, 1861. s.

Bayne (Peter). The christian life, social and individual. 528 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould 8? Lincoln, 1856. s»

■ Essays in biography and criticism. First

series. 426 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1857. s.


De Quincey; Tennyson; Mrs. Browning; Glimpses
of recent British art; John Ruskin; Hugh Miller;
The modern novel; Dickens; Bulwer; Thackeray;
Currer Bell ;-Ellis-Acton-Currer.

Baynes (Thomas Spencer). Sir William Ham-
ilton. [A biography]. 8°. Edinburgh, A. fy
C. Black, 1857.
[In Edinburgh essays, pp. 241-300. 1857].

Beadle's monthly, a magazine of to-day. Jan-
uary, 1866, to June, 1867. 3 v. 8°. New
York, Beadle & Co. 1866-67.
[No more published].

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London: past, present, and prospective. 2d
ed. xi, 309 pp. 2 pi. 1 tab. 8°. London, T.
Bosworth, 1852.

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[In TOBOLD (Adelbert). Chronic diseases of the larynx, pp. 1-71. 8°. N. Y. 1868].

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Beaten tracks; or, pen and pencil sketches in Italy, [anon.'] viii, 278pp. 42pi. 8°. London, Longmans, 1866.

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Beattie (Bev. U.K.) What is faith? 102 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, 1857. s.



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Beaumont (iSlie de). See Elie de Beaumont.

Beaumont (Bev. G.) The warrior's lookingglass: wherein is shewn the trivial causes, cruel nature, and antichristian spirit of war. 204 pp. 16°. Sheffield, J. Crome, 1808.

Beaumont (William, M. D.) Physiology of digestion, with experiments on the gastric juice. 2d ed. corrected by Samuel Beaumont. 304 pp. 12°. Burlington, [Ftf.] C. Goodrich, 1847. s.

Beausobre (Isaac de). See Bible (English, Matthew).

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[In Bach (J. A.) Des eaux de Soultzmatt, 1853].

Beck (Br. August). Johann Friedrich der Mittlere, herzog zu Sachsen. Ein beitrag zur geschichte des 16ten jahrhunderts. v. 1. xv, 600 pp. 8°. Weimar, H. Bohlau,18bS. S. [V. 2 wanting-].

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chemistry. Albany, 1837-41.

[new York. Geological survey, annual reports, v. 1-5].

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Gallus, oder romische scenen aus der

zeit Augusts. Zur genaueren kenntniss des romischen privatlebens. 2e ausg. 3 v. 8°. Leipzig, F. Fleischer, 1849.

Beckmaun (Johann, editor). See Physikalisch-okonomische bibliothek, 1770-98.

Becquerel (Antoine C6sar) odLawes (J.B.) The action of salt upon vegetation, and its use in agriculture. 8°. New York, 1848. [farmer's library, v. 3].

Bede (Cuthbert, pseudon.) See Bradley (Bev. Edward).

Beebe (Bev. Gilbert). A compilation of editorial articles, copied from the "Signs of the times," in which is reflected the doctrine and order of the old school, or primitive baptists.

v. 1.768 pp. portrait. 12°. Middletown,N. Y.

B. L. Beebe, 1868. Beecher (Catherine E.) Domestic receipt book;

designed as a supplement to her treatise on

domestic economy, xiii, 293, 24 pp. 8°. New

York, Harper & bros. 1846. Beecher (Bev. Charles). A review of the

''spiritual manifestations/' [etc.] 75 pp. 12°.

New York, G. P. Putnam, 1853. s.

Beecher (Bev. Henry Ward). Norwood; or,

village life in New England, xi, 549 pp. 12°.

New York, Scribner 8? Co. 1868.

Prayers from Plymouth pulpit. Phono

graphically reported. 5th ed. viii, 332 pp. 12°. New York, C. Scribner & Co. 1867. Sermons. Selected from published and

unpublished discourses, and revised by their

author. 2v. 484 pp. portrait; 447 pp. 8°.

Harper & bros. 1868. Beelen (Jean Theodore). Commentarius in

acta apostolorum. See Bible. Greek and

Latin. Commentarius in epistolam S. Pauli ad

Philippenses, [etc]. See Bible. Greek and

Latin. — Interpretatio epistolse S. Pauli ad Phil

ippenses. See Bible. Greek and Latin. Beer (August). Introduction a la haute optique.

Traduit de TAllemand par C. Forthomme.

xvi, 374 pp. 2 pi." 8°. Paris, E. Mellier;

Nancy Gremblot, etc. 1858. Beers (F. W.) and others. Atlas of Greene co.,

N. Y. From actual surveys. 21 maps. 1 pi.

4°. Sew York, Beers, Ellis, <fc Soule, 1867. Atlas of New London co., Conn., from

actual surveys. 41, 29 maps. 4 pi. 4°. New York, Beers, Ellis, 6s Soule, 1868.

• Atlas of New York, [etc], and vicinity,

from actual surveys. 61 maps. 5 pi. 4°. New York, Ellis, <k Soule, 1867. ■ The same. 51 maps. 9 pi. 4°. New

York, Beers, Ellis, $ Soule, 1867. — The same. 50 maps. 3 pi. 4°. New

York, Beers, Ellis, & Soule, 1868. Begas (J. Antonio D.) Nuevo estilo y formu

lario de escribir cartas missivas, [etc.] 4 p. 1.

351 pp. 16°. Barcelona, J. F. Piferrer, about

1793. s.

Beger (August Hermann). Additamenta in

anatomen comparatam arvicolaz amphibii Lac

et arvicolce arvalis Lac, [etc]. 44 pp. 21. 8°.

Halis, typis Lipkianis, 1867. S.

Beil (J. A.) and others. Technologisches wor

terbuch in deutscher, franzoischer und eng

lischer sprache, gewerbe, civil-und militar

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