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Volney (Constantine Francois Chasseboeuf de). Tableau du climat et du sol des fitats-Unis d'Amerique. Suivi d'eclaircissemens sur la Floride, sur la colonie francaise au Scioto, sur quelques colonies canadiennes, et sur les sauvages. 2 v. 4 p, 1. xvi, 532 pp. 2 maps. 2 pi. 8°. Paris, Courtier et Bmtu, 1803.

Voltaire (Francois Marie Arouet de). Fame and fancy j or, Voltaire improved. Containing the story of Candid—revised. By lord Hail-fair [Enos Cobb]? 2 v. 215 pp. 4 pi; 214 pp. 8 pi. 18°. Boston, 1826.

[note.—In addition to the story of Candide, this work contains the second part of Candide, attributed to Thorel de Champigneulles, and a relation Of the adventures of lord Hail-fair; the latter being a description of men and things in America, written probably by Enos Cobb].

Volz (Robert). Das spitalwesen und die spitaler des grossherzogthums Baden, [etc.] x, 500 pp. 8°. Karlsruhe, Malsch <& Vogel, 1861. s.

Vouziers (M. de, pseudon.) See Moithey


Voyage au Kentoukey, et sur les bords du Genesee, precede* de conseils aux liberaux, [etc. anon.'] 244 pp. 1 map. 8°. Paris, M. Sollier, 1821.

Vries (Simon de). Curieuse aenmerckingen der bysonderste Oost en West Indische verwonderens-waerdige dingen j nevens die van China, Africa, en andere gewesten des werlds. 4 v. 4°. Utrecht, Bibbius, 1682.

Vulgarisms and other errors of speech: including a chapter on taste, and one containing examples of bad taste, [anon.] x, 194 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Bemsen fy Haffelfinger, 1868.

Wachsmuth (Wilhelm, editor). See Archiv fur die sachsische geschichte. 1863-64.

Wade (William, major U. S. A.) Reports of

experiments on strength of iron. 4°. 1848-54.

Philadelphia, 1856.

[In United States. War Department. Reports of experiments, etc. 4°. Philadelphia, 1856],

Wagner (Albrecht). On the process of repair

after resection and extirpation of bones.

Translated, with an appendix of cases, by T.

Holmes. 8°. London, 1859.

[new Sydenham society, v. 5. Selected monographs, pp. 111-245].

Wainewright (Jeremiah, M.D.) A mechanical account of the non-naturals: being a brief application of the changes made in humane bodies, by air, diet, etc. 16 p. 1. 196 pp. 8°. London, B Smith, 1707.

Wainwright (Daniel Wadsworth). Wheat and chaff. A comedy in five acts. 84 pp. 12°. New York, C. Boe, 1858. s.

Waiting for the morning, [anon.] 230 pp.

2 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union,

1867. Waitz (Georg). Deutsche verfassungsges

chichte. 2 v. xxvii, 296 pp; xxii, 668 pp.

8°. Kiel, Schwers, 1844-47.

CONTENTS. v. 1. Die verfassung' des deutschen volks vor der zeit

der grossen wanderungen. v. 2. Die deutsche verfassung im frankischen reich.

1. Die merovingische zeit.

Uber die anfange der vassalitat. Aus

dem 7en bde. der abhandlungen der Kon. gesell. der wissen. zu Gottingen. 1 p. 1. 78 pp. 4°. Gottingen, Dieterich, 1856.

Wakeley (Bev. Joseph B.) The heroes of methodism, containing sketches of eminent methodist preachers, [etc.] viii, 470 pp. 3 portraits. 8°. New York, Carlton & Porter, 1856. S.

Walch (Georg Ludwig). Emendationes livianss. vii, 291 pp. 8°. Berolini, apud C C. Nauckium, 1815. S.

Waldo (S. Putnam). Memoirs of Andrew Jackson. 5th ed. 336 pp. portrait. 16°. Hartford, J. <fc W. Bussell, 1819.

The tour of James Monroe, president of

the United States, in the year 1817; [with] a sketch of his life, xii, 300 pp. portrait. 16°. Hartford, F. D. Bolles & co. 1818.

Waldron (Neil A.) and Sturdivant (John A.) Waldron & co's shippers' express guide, for the states of N. Y., Pa., N. J., Md., Del., and the Canadas. xi, 159 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, King <$* Baird, 1868.

Wales (Philip S. M.D. U.S.N.) Mechanical therapeutics. A treatise on surgical apparatus, appliances, and elementary operations. Illustrated. 685 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1867.

Walford (Cornelius). The insurance guide and hand-book on fire, life, marine, tontine, and casualty insurance. Am. ed. with revisions and additions, by [H. C. Fish], vi, 572 pp. 8°. New York, Wynkoop fy Hallenbech, 1868.

Walker (Amasa, LL.D.) The science of wealth: a manual of political economy. Embracing the laws of trade, currency, and finance. 4th ed. xxxiv, 496 pp. 9 diag. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1867.

Walker (Francis, of the British museum). Monographia chalciditum. 2 p. 1. 333 pp. 8°. London, H. BaillUre, 1839. S.

Walker (Jesse). Poems, written during his early professional years, with a brief notice of the author by rev. M. Schuyler. 196 pp. 12°. Buffalo, Phinney $ co. 1854. s.



Walker (Robert James). American slavery, finances, and repudiation. 3d ed. with appendix. 9v.ini. 8°. London, W. Bidgway, 1863. s.


Jefferson Davis. Repudiation, recognition, and slavery. Letters 1-2. 58 pp; 12 pp. 1863.

Jefferson Davis. Repudiation of Arkansas bonds. Letter 3.1864.

American thanksgiving dinner, [etc.] 94 pp. 1863.

American finances and resources. Letters 1-5. 1863-64.

"Wallace {Bev. James A.) History of Williamsburg church, [S. C. etc.] 122 pp. 16°. Salisbury, {N.C.) Herald office, 1856. S.

Wallace (Robert). A dissertation on the true age of the world, in which is determined the chronology of the period from creation to the christian era. xx, 407 pp. 8°. London, Smith, Elder $ co. 1844. S.

Wallis (S. Teackle). Leisure: its moral and political economy. A lecture, [etc.] 53 pp. 8°. Baltimore, mercantile library association, 1859. s.

Walmesley {Bev. Charles). The general history of the christian church, chiefly deduced from the apocalypse of St. John. By sig. Pastorini. [pseudon.] 2d Am. ed. 396 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. New York, J. Boyle, 1834. s.

Walrath (M. E.) History of the earth's formation. Its first inhabitance in connexion with the explanation of the bible. By a convocation of God's messengers through mediumship of M. E. Walrath. viii, 633 pp. 8°. New York, for author, 1868.

Walsh (John Henry). The horse, in the stable and the field: his varieties, management in health and disease, anatomy, physiology, etc. Illustrated. New ed. x, 623, 21 pp. 1 pi. 8°. New York, G. Boutledge fy sons, 1869.

A manual of domestic economy: suited

to families spending from £100 to £1000 a year, xvi, 736 pp. 56 pi. 16°. London, G. Boutledge 8? co. 1856.

Walsh (Michael). A new system of mercantile arithmetic; adapted to the commerce of the United States in its domestic and foreign relations. [With] a system of book-keeping. 4fck ed. xi, 264 pp. 16°. Salem, Cushing fy Appleton, 1824. Walsingham (Thomas). Chronica monasterii S. Albani. Gesta abbatum monasterii S. Albani, a T. Walsingham compilata. Edited byH. T.Riley, v. 2. 1290-1349. xx, 519 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, 1867.

[g-eeat Britain and Ireland. Chronicles and memorials during the middle ages].

Walton (Christopher, editor). An introduction

to theosophy, [etc. ] See Law (Bev. William).

Notes and materials for an adequate biog

raphy of the celebrated divine and theosopher, William Law. Comprising an elucidation of the scope and contents of the writings of Jacob Bohme, and of his great commentator, D. A. Freher; with a notice of the mystical divinity, [etc. With] A guide to the peculiar sciential and experiential knowledge of theology, needful to compose an adequate and suitable biography of William Law. xxxii, xv-xxxiv, 688 pp. 8°. London, author, 1854-56. s.

Walton ( Elijah ). Clouds: their forms and combinations, xi, 31 pp. 46 photog. pi. 4°. London, Longmans, 1868. Walton (Izaak) and Cotton (Charles). The complete angler; or, contemplative man's recreation. With the lives of the authors, and notes, by sir J. Hawkins. 2 v. in 1. lxxviii, 303 pp. 12 pi; lviii, 128 pp. 4 1. 4 pi. 12°. London, T. Hope, 1760. Wang Keaou Lwan pih neen chang han; or, the lasting resentment of miss Keaou Lwan Wang, a Chinese tale: founded on fact. Translated from the original by Sloth. [Robert Thorn], viii, 6Q pp. 1 pi. 8°. Canton, press office, 1839. s.

Wanklyn (James Alfred) and Chapman (Ernest Theodore). Water analysis: a practical treatise on the examination of potable water, xii, 103 pp. 16°. London, Trubner $ co. 1868. Warcupp (Edmund, compiler). Italy, in its original glory, ruine and revival, being an exact survey of the whole geography, and history of that famous country; with the adjacent islands of Sicily, Malta, etc. And whatever is remarkable in Rome. Translated

out of the [Italian] originals. 4 p. 1. 327 pp. 4 1. 3 pi. fol. London, H. Twyford, 1660. Ward {Bev. F. DeW.) A christian gift; or, pastoral letters. 192 pp. 32°. Bochester, E.

Harrow, 1853. s.

Ward (J.) Workmen and wages at home and

abroad; or, the effects of strikes, combinations,

and trades' unions, xx, 314 pp. 12°. London,

Longmans, 1868. Ward (James W.) The song of Higher-water.

30 pp. 8°. New York, B. H. Johnston & co.

1868. Ward (Thomas). England's reformation, (from

the time of k. Henry viii, to the end of Oates's

plot). A poem in four cantos. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1.

212 pp; 204 pp. 16°. London, E. More, 1719. WARD.


"Ward (Thomas). Errata to the protestant bible; or, the truth of their English translations examined, [etc.] New ed. 4 p. 1. 116 pp. 4°. Dublin, R. Coyne, 1807. s.

Ware (Henry, jr.) The life of the saviour. 6th ed. xi, 271 pp. 16°. Boston, American unitarian association, 1888.

Warfel (Linda). Early efforts. [Poems]. 136 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. Philadelphia, Daughaday & co, 1868.

Waring (George E.) The elements of agriculture: a book for young farmers. 2d ed. 254 pp. 16°. Neio York, Tribune association, 1868.

Warner (Anna B.) Three little spades. By the author of "Dollars and cents." [anon.] 268 pp. 16°. New York, Harpers, 1868.

— • The word. The star out of Jacob.

[anon.] 391pp. 8 pi. 16°. New York, B. Carter $ bros. 1868.

and Warner (Susan). Ellen Montgom

ery's bookshelf. By the authors of "The

wide wide world/' "Dollars and cents/7 etc.

[anon.] v. 2-4. 16°. New York, G. P„ Putnam

$ co. 1854-56. s.

v. 2-3. Mr. Rutherford's children. [ By Elizabeth

Wetherell. pseudon.] v. 4. Casper. By Amy Lothrop. \pseudon.]

Warner (Susan). Daisy. Continued from "Melbourn house." 435 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lippincott & co. 1868.

The wide, wide world. By Elizabeth

Wetherell. [pseudon.'] Newed. 413 pp. 4pi. 16°. London, G. Boutledge fy sons, [1866].

Warren (Le comte Edouard de). L'Inde anglaise en 1843-1844. 2e eU 3 v. 8°. Paris, Comon & cie. 1845.

Warren (Gouverneur K.) An account of the operations of the fifth army corps at the battle of Five Forks, and preliminary to it. 53 pp. 1 map. 8°. New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1866.

Warren (Samuel Edward). General problems in the linear perspective of form, shadow, and reflection; or, the scenographic projections of descriptive geometry, xvii, 197 pp. xvii pi. 8°. New York, John Wiley $ son, 1868.

Warville (Jean Pierre Brissot de). See Brissot de Warville.

Was it a ghost? The murders in Bussey's woods. An extraordinary narrative, [anon.] 143pp. 2 pi. 16°. Boston, Loring, 1868.

Washington (George). Letters to Arthur Young and sir John Sinclair, containing an account of his husbandry, with his opinions on various questions in agriculture; and many particulars of the rural economy of the United

States. 128 pp. 12°. Alexandria, (Va.) Cottorn & Stewart, 1803. s.

Washington {City of). Twenty-first [and] twenty-second annual reports of the board of trustees of the public schools, 1866-67. 2 v. 8°. Washington, McGill <& Witherow, 1866-67.

Washington daily constitution. See Constitution (The).

Washington daily union. See Daily (The) union.

Washington evening star. See. Evening (The) star.

Washington evening union. See Constitutional union.

Washington gazette. [Daily]. May 11,1819, Jan. 10, 1821, to July 6, 1822, Jan. 1824, to Dec. 1825. 4 v. fol. Washington, 1819-25. The same. [Tri-weekly], May 5, 1821,

to April 25, 1822. fol. Washington, 1821-22.

Washington and Georgetown (Boyd's) directory, [etc.] 1858. 8°. Washington, H. Boyd, 1858. s,

— The same. Boyd's directory of Washington and Georgetown, 1868-69. 2 v. 8°. Washington, [ W. H. Boyd, 1868-69].

"Washington (The) republic. See Republic (The).

Washington republican and congressional examiner. [Semi-weekly]. Aug. 7, 1822, to July 10, 1824. fol. Washington, 1822-24.

Washington (The) states. See States (The).

"Watch (The). An ode, [with] the genius of America addressed to general Carleton; an ode. [anon.] 22 pp. 4°. London, J. Bewt 1778.

Waterman (Miss Catharine H.) See Esling (Mrs. C.H.W.)

Watson ( James C.) Theoretical astronomy relating to the motions of the heavenly bodies, embracing a derivation of the formulae for the calculation of places, determination of orbits, [etc.] With numerous examples and tables. 662 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott <& co. 1868.

Watson (James Madison). Independent fifth reader: containing a complete treatise on elocution, etc. 336 pp. 1 pi. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes 8f co. 1868.

Watson (John Forbes, M.D.) Index to the native and scientific names of Indian and other eastern economic plants and products, viii, 637 pp. 8Q. London, India museum, 1868.

Watson (Bev. J. V.) Helps to the promotion of revivals. 223 pp. 12°. New York, Carlton #• Porter, 1856.



Watson (Rachel M. M.D.) What every family wants. The family physician ; containing simple remedies, easily obtained, for the cure of disease in all its forms. 208 pp. 12°. Salem, (O.)J.K. BuJcenbrod, 1868.

"Watson (Richard, B.J), bishop of Landaff). An apology for the Bible, in a series of letters, addressed to Thomas Paine. 201 pp. 16°. New-Brunswick, A. Blauvelt, 1796.

Watt (John James). Anatomico-chirurgical views of the male and female pelvis ; with appropriate explanations and references to the parts, [etc.] 19 pp. 8 col. pi. 8 outline copies, fol. London, author, 1811.

[Entitled fasciculus ii. The first fasciculus is Anatomico-chirurgical views of the nose, mouth, larynx and fauces. 1809],

Wattenbach ( Wilhelm ). Deutschlands geschichtsquellen im mittelalter bis zur mitte des dreizehnten jahrhunderts. xvi, 477 pp. 8°. Berlin, W. Hertz, 1858.

Watts (Alaric A.) See Literary souvenir.

Watts (Henry) and others. A dictionary of chemistry and the allied branches of other sciences. 5 v. 8°. London, Longmans, 1866-68.

Watts (Isaac). Improvement of the mind. School ed. With Denman's questions. 301 pp. 16°. New YorJc, A. S. Barnes $ co. 1849. s.

Wayland (Francis, jr.) No failure for the North. [anon.~\ From the Atlantic monthly. 23 pp. 8°. New YorJc, W.C. Bryant 8? co. 1864., [loyal publication society, no. 11].

Weaver (Rev. G. S.) Hopes and helps for the young of both sexes. Relating to the formation of character, [etc.} 246 pp. 12°. New YorJc, Fowler <? Wells, 1853. s.

Weaver (Robert). Monumenta antiqua; or, the stone monuments of antiquity yet remaining in the British isles, particularly as illustrated by scripture. Also, a dissertation on "Stonehenge:" [with an] account of the Druids, xvi, 199 pp. 4 pi. 12°. London, J". B. Nichols $ son, 1840.

Webb (Bev. Edward). Hindoo life, with pictures of the men, women, and children of India. 63 pp. 9 pi. sm. 4°. Philadelphia, presby. pub. com. 1866.

Webb (Maria). The Penns and Penningtons of the 17th century, in their domestic and religious life; illustrated by original family letters: also, notices of T. Ell wood, with some of his unpublished verses, xiv, 430 pp. 7 pi. 12°. London, F. B. Kitto, 1867.

Webb (Philip Barker) and Berthelot (Sabin). Histoire naturelle des iles Canaries. Ouvrage public sous les auspices de m* Guizot,

ministre de ^instruction publique. 11 parts in 3 v. 4°. Atlas, fol. Paris, Bethune, 1836-51. - s.


v. 1. le partie. I/ethnographie et les annales de la conquete. [Par Berthelot]. 2 p. 1. 338pp. 3 pi. 1842. V. 1. 2e partie. Les miscellanies canariennes, relations de voyage, excursions, chasses, navigationes, caravanes, notices, episodes, remarques et observations diverses. [Par Berthelot], 2 p.l. 251pp. 1839. v. 2. le partie. La geographic descriptive, la statistique, et la geologic 2 p. 1. 417 pp. 15 pi. fol. 1839. v. 2. 2e partie. La zoologie. 1836-44. Introduction, [et mammiferes], par P. B. Webb. 12 pp. Ornithologie canarienne. Par P. B. Webb, S. Berthelot, et A. Moquin-Tandon. 48 pp. 4 col. pi. Reptiles. Par P. Gervais. 5 pp. 11. 1 pi. Ichthyologie. Par A. Valenciennes. 109 pp.

11. 26 pi. Entomologie: animauxarticules. ParBrul16, (pour les crustaces et la plus grande partie des insectes); Lucas, (pour les arachnides et les myriapodes); Macquart, (pour les insectes dipteres). 119 pp. 8 col. pi. Mollusques, 6chinodermes, foraminiferes et polypiers. Par A. d'Orbigny. 152 pp. [14 pi.] v. 3. le partie. La geographie botanique. 2 p. 1. 283

pp. 1 portrait. [20 pi. fol.] 1840. v. 3. 2e partie. Phytographia canariensls. Sectio i. 2 p. 1. 220 pp. 48 pi. 1836-40.

Sectio ultima. [Plantes cellulaires, par

Camille Montaigne], xv, 208 pp. 9 pi. 1840.

Webber (Charles Wilkins). Tales of the southern border. 400 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott $• co. 1868.

"Weber (Carl von, editor). See Archiv fur sachsische geschichte. 1863-67.

Weber (Georg). Die geschichte der deutschen literatur nach ihrer organischen entwickelung, [etc.] viii, 112pp. 8°. Leipzig, W.Engelmann,

■ 1847. S.

Weber (Thomas R.) Die pennsylvanische sammlung von kirchen-musik, [etc. or], The Pennsylvania collection of church music, [etc. German and English], xvi, 160 pp. obi. 8°. [Philadelphia']? compiler, 1859. S.

Weber (Wilhelm Eduard). Atlas des erdmagnetismus. See Gauss (Carl F.) and Weber.

Webster (Daniel). Works. 14th ed." 6 v. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1866.

The beauties of Daniel Webster, with a

critical essay on his genius and writings. By James Sees. 95 pp. 12°. New YorJc, J. & H. a. Langley, 1839.

Select speeches. 8°. Philadelphia, 1859.

[In SCHMUCKER (S. M.) The life of D. Welbster, 1859],

Webster (Edward). The public and private business of the house of commons, considered in relation to the economization of the time of the house and of its members. 30 pp. 8°» London, W. Bidgway, 1868.



"Webster (Noah, LL. D.) An American dictionary of the English language. Revised and greatly enlarged and improved by C. A. Goodrich and N. Porter, lxxii, 1768 pp. 4°. Springfield, (Mass.) G. fy C. Merriam, 1869. [note.—The same as the copyrighted ed. of 1864].

A common-school dictionary of the English language, explanatory, pronouncing, and synonymous. Abridged from the American dictionary by W, G. Webster and W. A. Wheeler. 391 pp. 4 1. 18°. Philadelphia, Lippincott 8f co. 1868.

• A dictionary of the English language:

abridged from the American dictionary, [etc.] 4 p. 1. 532 pp. sq. 16°. New York, White, Gallaher <fc White, 1830. s.

The same. Abridged by W. G. Webster

and W. A. Wheeler. Academic ed. Illustrated, xxxii, 560 pp. 8°. New York, Ivison, Phinney co. 1868.

■ A high-school dictionary of the English

language, explanatory, pronouncing, and synonymous. Abridged from the quarto dictionary, by W. G. Webster and W. A. Wheeler. 415 pp. 16°. New York, Ivison, Phinney & co. 1868.

■ A primary school dictionary. Abridged

by W. G. Webster and W. A. Wheeler. 352 pp. 18°. New York, Ivison, Phinney £f co. 1868. Elements of useful knowledge, v. 2.

Containing a historical and geographical account of the United States. 206 pp. 16°. New

Haven, author, 1804. Wedel, or Wedelius (Christiaan). Epistola

de oculorum tunicis. 4°. Amstelcedami, 1720.

[rutsch (F.) Opera, v. 3, No. 29]. Weekly (The) messenger. Jan. 29,1813. v. 2,

No. 15. Oct. 13, 1815. v. 4, No. 52. 3 v. in

1. fol. Boston, J. Cutter, 1813-15. s.

[Imperfect]. Weeks (Helen C.) The Ainslee stories. 3

p. 1. 411 pp. 8 pi. 16°. New York, Kurd $

Houghton, 1868. Weighed in the balance. By the author of the

"Win and wear" series. [anon.~] 402 pp.

4 pi. 16°. New York, B. Carter & bros.

1868. Weil von Gernsbach ( ). Reden in

Philadelphia, 1864. See Schütz (Frederick)

and Weil von Gernsbach. "Weinhold (Carl). Altnordisches leben. Mit

einer schrifttafel. 4 p. 1. 512 pp. 8°. Berlin,

Weidmann, 1856. Die deutschen frauen in dem mittelalter.

Ein beitrag zu dem hausalterthümern der

Germanen. 1 p. 1. v, 496 pp. 11. 8C. Wien, C. Gerold. 1851.

Weiss (Siegfried). Die praktische deutsche nationalökonomie in Verbindung mit ihrer politik. iv, 352 pp. 1 tab. 8°. Leipzig, L. Fernau, 1852.

Weissbach (Julius, Ph. D.) Der ingenieur. Sammlung von tafeln, form ein und regeln der arithmetik, der theoretischen und praktischen geometrie sowie der mechanik und des ingenieurwesens, [etc.] 3eaufl. 3 parts in 1 v. viii, xxii, 862 pp. 1 1. 16°. Braunschtoeig, F. Vieweg $ söhn, 1860-63. 8.

Weisse (Christian Hermann). Die evangelienfrage in ihrem gegenwärtigen stadium, xi, 292 pp. 8°. Leipzig, Breitkopf $ Härtel, 1856.

Weiteilkampf (Johann Friedrich). Vernünftige trostgründe bey den traurigen Schicksalen der menschen. 221 pp. 8 1. 12°. Lancaster, J. Bär, 1825. s.

Welcker (Friedrich Gottlieb). Das akademische kunstmuseum zu Bonn. 2e ausg. xii, 180 pp. 8°. Bonn, F. Weber, 1841. s.

Kleine Schriften, v. 3. [or] Kleine Schrif

ten zu den alterthümern der heilkunde bei den Griechen, griechische inschriften, zur alten kunstgeschichte. viii, 555 pp. 2 pl. 8°. Bonn, F. Weber, 1850. s.

Weld (Charles Eichard). Florence, the new capital of Italy. [Illustrated], xviii, 431 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1867.

Weld (H. Hastings). The star of Bethlehem; or, stories for christmas. 242 pp. 6pl. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, Lindsay ty Blahiston, [ 1851 ]. S.

Wells (David Ames). Our burden and our strength; or, a comprehensive and popular examination of the debt and resources of our country, present and prospective. 39 pp. 8°. New York, 1864. [loyal publication society, no. 54].

Keports of the special commissioner of the

revenue, 1866-68. 3 v. See United States. ( Treasury department).

Wells (J. G.) Illustrated hand-book, embracing a complete compendium of the political history of the United States. 285 pp. 51. lpl. 12°. New York, B. W. Hitchcock, 1868.

"Weltmeer (Das). Kedigirt von K. J. Clement und Georg Blum. lr Jahrgang—2l* Jahrgang, no. 1-26. 2 Y. 4°. Hamburg, Blum fy Ackermann, etc. 1860-61. s. [v. 2 (27-52), et seq. wanting].

Welty (Mrs. E. A.) Self-made; or, living for those we love. 280 pp. 12°. New York, Sheldon & co. 1868.

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