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[InFuRNiVALL(C.F.) Babees book, etc. pp. 289-296. Early English text society publications, no. 32].

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The same. 5th ed. iv, 115 pp. 16°.

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■ Rudiments of the Greek language; ar

ranged for the students of Loyola college, Baltimore. Upon the basis of Wettenhall. 2d ed. 1 p. 1. 113 1. 12°. Baltimore, J. Murphy <f co. 1855. s.

Wetherell (Elizabeth,pseudon.) See Warner (Susan.)

Wettenhall (Edward). See Wetenhall.

Wetter. See Van Wetter.

What Elise loved best: or, the pet rabbits, and other stories. By the author of " Kitty's victory," etc. [anon.] 180,170 pp. 10 pi. 18°. New York, Carters, 1865.

What shall we eat? A manual for housekeepers. Comprising a bill of fare for breakfast, dinner, and tea, for every day in the year. With an appendix, containing recipes for pickles and sauces, \_anon.~] 134 pp. 16°. New York, G. P. Putnam fy son, 1868.

Whately (Richard, archbishop of Dublin). Easy lessons on reasoning. 3d Amer. ed. 180 pp. 12°. Boston, W. H. Bennet, 1868. Introductory lectures on political econ

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Poems on various subjects, religious and

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Where is the city? [An examination of the doctrines of the various sects of protestant christians, anon. ] viii, 349 pp. 16°. Boston, Boberts bros. 1868.

Whitaker (Bev. Alexander). Good newes from Virginia. Wherein also is a narration of the present state of that country, and our colonies there. And a preface of some matters touching that plantation. [By W. Crashawe]. 14 p.]. 44 pp. sm. 4°. London, W. Welby, 1613.

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Whitlock's horticultural advertiser. Oct. [?]

1867, to June, 1868. v. 1. 12°. New York, L. L. Whitloch, [1868].

The same. Whitlock's horticultural recorder. July to Dec. 1868. v. 2. 8°. New York, L. L. Whitlock, [1868].

Whitmore (William H.) The American genealogist. Being a catalogue of family histories and publications containing genealogical information, issued in the United States, arranged chronologically. 287 pp. 8°. Albany, J. Munsell, 1868.

[note.—This is a 2d ed. of his Hand-"book of American genealogy. 18621.

Whitney (William Dwight, annotator). See

Atharva-Veda Praticakhya (The). Whitney's musical guest. Nov. 1867, to Oct.

1868. v. 1. 4°. Toledo, (Ohio), W.W.Whitney, 1868.

Whiton (Bev. Samuel J.) Glimpses of west Africa, with sketches of missionary labor. 208 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Boston, American tract society, 1866.

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Whittlesey (Charles). On the fresh-water glacial drift of the northwestern states. 3 p. 1. 32 pp. 2 maps. 4°. Washington, Smithsonian institution, 1867. [smithsonian contributions, v. 15].

Whittlesey (Sarah J. C.) Herbert Hamilton; or, the has bleu. 123 pp. 12°. Alexandria, ( Va.) State journal office, 1868.

Whitworth (Sir Charles). State of the trade of Great Britain in its imports and exports, 1697 [to 1773]: also of the trade to each particular country, during the above period, distinguishing each year. [With ms. additions to 1801, and an account of the number of vessels entered and cleared in the ports of Great Britain, 1772-1802]. 239 pp. [641. ms.'] fol. London, Gr. Bobinson, 1776.

Who's who in 1868. Edited by W. J. Lawson. 299 pp. 24°. London, A. H. Baily fy co. 1868.

Whymper (Frederick). Travel and adventure in the territory of Alaska, formerly Russian America, and in various other parts of the north Pacific, xix, 331 pp. 1 map. 14 pi. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1868.



Whyte (Rev. Andrew) and Macfarlan (Dun can). General view of the agriculture of the county of Dumbarton. viii, 344 pp. 1 map. 3 pi. 8°. London, 1811. s.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].

Wichura (M.) On the winding of leaves. 8°.

London, 1853.

[In Henfrey (A.) and Huxley (T. H.) Scientific memoirs, art. 9].

Wickes (Thomas, D.D.) The son of man.

382 pp. 16°. Boston, American tract society,

1868. Widenmann (Eduard). Die nordamerikan

ische revolution und ihre folgen. vi, 262 pp.

8°. Erlangen, I. J. Palm, 1820.

[Imperfect: pp. 251-257 wanting].

Wiebel (C.) Controverse iiber diefrage: was ist mineral-species? See Ulex (G. L.) and others.

Wight (Danforth P. M. D.) Seaman's medical guide; with advice on the preservation of health in hot climates, viii, 172 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boston, Russell, Odiorne $ Metcalf, 1834.

"Wight (Samuel F.) Adventures in California and Nicaragua, in rhyme. A truthful epic. 84 pp. 8°. Boston, A. Mudge ty son, 1860.

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Wiley (Charles A.) Elocution and oratory: giving a thorough treatise on the art of reading and speaking. Containing numerous and choice selections of didactic, humorous, and dramatic styles, from the most celebrated authors. 444 pp. 12°. New York, Clark & Maynard, 1869.

Wilhelmus parisiensis. See Guillermus.

Wilk (Frederik Johan). Forsok till framstallning af Helsingforstraktens gneis- och granitformationer. 1 p. 1. 51 pp. 1 map. 8°. Helsingfors, J. C. Frenclcell d- son, 1866. s.

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Williams {Sir Charles Hanbury). Works. With notes by H. Walpole, earl of Orford. 3v. 16°. London, E. Jeffrey $ son, 1822.

Williams (Rev. D.) Composition, literary and rhetorical, simplified. 2 p. 1. 147 pp. 18°. London, W. $ T. Piper, 1850.

Williams (Folkstone or Robert Folkstone). The youth of Shakespeare. 254 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. B. Peterson, [1865]?

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Williams (John, bishop of Chichester). An im-
partial consideration of those speeches which
pass under the name of the five Jesuits. Viz:
Whitebread, Harcourt, [etc. anon.'] 14 pp.
fol. London, R. Chisioill, 1679.
[trials for treason, v. 1].

Williams (John Mason). Nullification and
compromise; a retrospective view. 32 pp. 8°.
New York, Francis $* Loutrel, 1863.
[loyal publication society, no. 27],

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Williams (Thomas, M. C.) Eulogium on the life and character of gen. Wm. Henry Harrison, delivered before the legislature of Pennsylvania, April 24, 1841. 43 pp. 8°. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven, [1841].

Eulogy on the life and public services of

Abraham Lincoln, delivered in Pittsburgh, June 1, 1865. 36 pp. 8°. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven, 1865.

Williamson (Hugh, LL. D.) A discourse on

the benefits of civil history, delivered before

the New York historical society, Dec. 1810.

8°. New York, Van Winkle $ Wiley, 1814,

[In New York historical society. Collections, v. 2. 1st series].

Williamson (Hugh, M. D.) A manual of problems on the globes. 91 pp. 1 pi. 16°. New York, Harpers, 1868.



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Willis (Anson). Outlines of the United States government: its origin, branches, departments, institutions, officers, and modes of operation. iv, 434 pp. 12°. New York, N. Tibials $ co. 1868.

The same. Our rulers and our rights;

or, outlines of the United States government, its origin, branches, departments, institutions, officers, and modes of operation. 2d ed. enlarged. 517 pp. 4 pi. 12°. New York, N. Tibials & co. 1868.

Willis (Nathaniel Parker). Poems of early and after years. Illustrated by E. Leutze. 2 p. 1. 410 pp. 17 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Carey $ Mart, 1848. S.

Rural letters and other records of thought

at leisure, [etc.] 380 pp. 12°. New York, Baker fy Scribner, 1849. s.

CONTENTS. Letters from under a bridge; The four rivers; Glenmary poems; Open-air musings in the city; Invalid rambles in Germany in ] 845; Letters from watering-places; A plain man's love.

Willis (Thomas, M. D.) Two discourses concerning the soul of brutes, which is that of the vital and sensitive of man. The first is physiological, showing the nature [etc.] of the same. The other is pathological, which unfolds the diseases which affect it and its primary seat, the brain and nervous stock. Englished [from the Latin] by S. Pordage. 4 p. 1. 234 pp. 41. 7 pi. fol. London, T. Dring, 1683.

Willis (William). The history of Portland, from its first settlement: with notices of the neighboring towns, and of the changes of government in Maine. Part i. 8°. Portland, Day, Fraser db co. 1831. [In MAINE historical society. Collections, v. 1].

Willison (Bev. John). A sacramental catechism: or, a familiar instructor for young communicants. 278 pp. 16°. Glasgow, D. Niven, 1794.

Willmott (Robert Aris). Pleasures, objects, and advantages of literature. 4th ed. xii, 171 pp. 16°. London, G. Boutledge $* co. 1855. 8.

Wilmer (Miss Margaret A.) The nine prizes.

312 pp. 4pi. 18°. New York, board of pull, ref. church, 1868.

Wilson (Floyd B.) Wilson's book of recitations and dialogues. With instructions in elocution and declamation. 186 pp. 16°. New York, Dick f Fitzgerald, [1868].

Wilson (Henry). History of the reconstruction measures of the 39th and 40th congresses. 1865-68. 467 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Hartford, Hartford pub. co. 1868.

Wilson (Jacob). Phrasis: a treatise on the history and structure of the different languages of the world, with a comparative view of the forms of their words, and the style of their expressions. 384 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Albany, J. Munsell, 1864.

Wilson (James Grant). Biographical sketches of Illinois officers engaged in the war against the rebellion of 1861. 120 pp. 28 pi. 8°. Chicago, J. Barnet, 1863.

The life and campaigns of Ulysses

Simpson Grant, general-in-chief of the United States army. [With a sketch of the life of Schuyler Colfax]. 100 pp. 8°. New York, B. M. DeWitt, 1868.

The life and letters of Fitz-Greene Hal

leek. 1 p. 1. 607 pp. 2 pi. 12°. New York,

D. Appleton & co. 1869. Wilson (John). General view of the agriculture of Renfrewshire, xii, 370 pp. 5 1. 1 col.

map, 2 pi. 8°. Paisley, 1812. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture]. Wilson (J. H.) Life of U. S. Grant. See

Dana (Charles A.) and Wilson. Wimpheling (Jacob). Elegantie maiores.

Rhetorica eiusdem pueris vtilissima. 27 1.

sm. 4°. Argentine, M. Hupssuff, 1515. Winchester (Stephen Gardiner, bishop of).

See Gardiner (Stephen). Wind and whirlwind. A novel. By mr. Thom.

White. [pseudon.~\ 307 pp. 12°. New York,

G. P. Putnam $ son, 1868. Wines (E. C. D.D.) The promises of God,

considered in their nature, source, certainty,

freeness, preciousness, and sanctifying power.

96 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board

of publication, 1868. Winge (Emanuel Frederik Hagbarth). Beret

ning om Gronlands lazareth under cholera

epidemien i Christiania, 1853. 8°. Christiania,


[In Norway. Actstykker ang. cholera-epidemien i Norge].

Winkler (E. T. compiler). The sacred lute:

a collection of popular hymns. 12, 286 pp.

24°. Charleston, southern baptist publication

society, 1855. S.



Winkler (E. T.) The spirit of missions is the spirit of Christ. 33 pp. 16°. Charleston, 1853. [southern baptist publication society. Tracts on important subjects].

Winner (Septimus). Improved method for

the violin. 79 pp. obi. 4°. Philadelphia, C.

M. Davis, 1854. s.

Winstanley (W.) The hypocrite unmask'd j

a comedy, in five acts. 95 pp. 8°. New York,

G. F. Hopkins, 1801.

[ With Kotzebue (A. F. F. von). Plays].

Winter (A) in Corsica; with the journey there and back. By two ladies, [anon.'] viii, 347 pp. 1 map, 1 pi. 16°. London, Sampson Lozv, son, & Marston, 1868.

Winterbloom (The). feMoore (Mei>.H. D.)

Winterbotham (William). An historical, geographical, commercial, and philosophical view of the United States of America, and of the European settlements in America and the West Indies. 1st Amer. ed. 4 v. 8°. Mew York, J. Beid, 1796.

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Wirth (Johann Georg August). Die geschichte der Deutschen. 2er abd. der 2en verbess. aufl. 4 v. 8°. Stuttgart, Hoffman, 1853.

Wisconsin (State of). A manual of customs, precedents, and forms in use in the assembly of Wisconsin. With lists of members, etc. Compiled by L. H. D. Crane, [etc.] 3d annual ed. 97 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Madison, state printers, 1861. s.

The same. The legislative manual of

the state of Wisconsin. 7th annual ed. 304 pp. 1 map. 2 pi. 12°. Madison, Atwood <h Bublee, 1868.

Wisconsin historical society. Report and collections of the state historical society of Wisconsin, for the years 1867-69. v. 5. 438 pp. 8°. Madison, Atwood & Bublee, 1868.

Wislizenus (Adolphus, M. D.) Memoir of a

tour to northern Mexico, connected with col.

Doniphan's expedition, in 1846-47. 141pp. 3

maps. 8°. Washington, Tippin & Streeper,


[With EMORY (W. H.) Notes of a military reconnoissancej.

Wiser (William, D.D.) Incidents in the life of a pastor. 316 pp. 12°. New York, C. Scribner, 1851. s.

Witcomb ( ). Guide to French conversation. See Bellenger (William A.) and Witcomb.

Witnessing for Jesus in the homes of the poor. With an introduction by the rev. J. C. Smith, D.D. 285 pp. 16°. New York, A. D. F. Bandolph, 1868.

Witter (Conrad). Pocket dictionary of the German and English languages. See Kohler (F.)and Witter.

Wocel (Jan Erazim). Labyrint SlaVy. xiii, 266 pp. 8°. w. Braze, J. B. Calve, 1846. s.

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Wolf (J. W.) Beitriige zur deutschen mythologie. 2v. xxvii, 267 pp. 4 pi; xi,468pp. 8°. Gottingen, Dietrichsche buchhandlung, 1852-57.

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Wolzogen (Caroline von). Schiller's leben. Verfasst aus erinnerungen der familie, seinen eigenen briefen, und den nachrichten seines freundes Korner. vi, 339 pp. 8°. Stuttgart, J. G. Cotta, 1851.

Wood (Benjamin). Fort Lafayette; or, love and secession. A novel. 300 pp. . 12°. New York, Carleton, 1862.

Wood (Horace G.) The philosophy of creation: unfolding the laws of the progressive development of nature, and the spirit world. By Thomas Paine, through the hand of Horace G. Wood, medium. 120 pp. 8°. Boston, B. Marsh, 1854. s.

Wood (Bev. John George). Homes without hands. Being a description of the habitations of animals, classed according to their principle of construction. With designs by W. F. Keyl and E. Smith, xix, 632 pp. 21 pi. 8°. London, Longmans, 1868.

Wood (William). New England's prospect. A true, lively, and experimentall description of that part of America: both as it stands to our new-come English planters; and to the old native inhabitants. [2d ed.] 4 p. 1. 83, 5 pp. 1 map. sm. 4°. London, Iohn Bellarnie, 1635.

Woodbine (The): a holiday gift. Edited by Caroline May. 332 pp. 8 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, Lindsay <& Blakiston, 1851, S.

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