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Woodbridge (Rev. W. C.) He Hoikehonua,
he mea ia e hoakaka'i i ke ano o ka honua
nei, a me na mea maluna ilio. vii, 203 pp. 12°.
Oahu, a na misionari, 1836. S.

Woodrow ( G. ) The biographical gallery,
comprising 240 portraits of distinguished char-
acters of all nations, with brief descriptive
notices. 4 p. 1. 51 pp. 49 pi. 12°. London,
Allan, Bell & co. 1834.

Woodruff (Hiram). The trotting horse of
America: how to train and drive him. With
reminiscences of the trotting turf. Edited by
Charles J. Foster. 412 pp. 1 portrait. 12°.
New York, J. B. Ford <& co. 1868.

"Woods (Harriet F.) The blue-book stories.
203 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, American tract so-
ciety, [1866].

Woods (Leonard, D.D.) An essay on native
depravity. 230 pp. 12°. Boston, W. Peirce,

Woods (Nicholas Augustus). The past cam-
paign: a sketch of the war in the east, from
the departure of lord Raglan to the capture
of Sevastopol. 2 v. xv, 439 pp; xi, 402 pp.
12°. London, Longmans, 1855.

Woodward (George E.) Woodward's record
of horticulture. No. 2. Edited by A. S. Fuller.
128 pp. 12°. New YorJc, F. W. Woodward,

"Woodward (Joseph Janvier, M.D.) Report
on epidemic cholera and yellow fever in the
army during 1867. See United States.
( War department: Surgeon general's office).

Woodworth (Eliza, editor). Selections from
the British poets. 365 pp. 12 pi. 12°. New
York, Carlton & Phillips, 1856. S.

Woolman (John). Serious considerations on
various subjects of importance. With some
of his dying expressions. 137 pp. 18°. Lon-
don, Mary Hinde, 1773.

"Worcester (Noah, D.D.) Last thoughts, on
important subjects, in three parts: i. Man's
liability to sin. ii. Supplemental illustrations,
iii. Man's capacity to obey, iv, 323 pp. 16°,
Cambridge, Brown, Shaituck $ co. 1833.

Worcester (Massachusetts). City document,
no. 22. Inaugural address of hon. James B.
Blake, mayor, [etc.]: with the annual reports
of the several officers for the municipal year
ending Jan. 6, 1868. 326 pp. 8°. Worcester,
city printers, 1868. s.

Free public library. Catalogue of the cir-
culating department. 186 pp. 12°. Worcester,
C. Hamilton, [1861]. s.

Words for the people: in three parts. Part i.

Civil government. Part ii. Government of
the U. S. Part iii. Social duties. By Origen.
[pseudon."] 295 pp. 18°. Hartford, Case,
LocJcwood $ co. 1865.

Worgan (G. B.) General view of the agricul-
ture of the county of Cornwall, xvi, 192 pp.
1 map. 15 pi. 8°. London, 1811. s.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].

World (The). [New York daily]. Jan. to
June, 1868. fol. New York, 1868.

World (The) almanac for 1869. 132 pp. 12°.
Neiv York, World print, 1868.

Worman (James H.) A complete grammar
of the German language: with exercises,
readings, conversations, paradigms, and an
adequate vocabulary. 576 pp. 12°. New
York, A. S. Barnes $ co. 1868.

An elementary grammar of the German

language: with exercises, readings, conver-
sations, paradigms, and a vocabulary. 222
pp. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes $ co. 1867.

Wotton (Sir Henry). The state of Christen-
dom; or, a most exact and curious discovery
of many secret passages, and hidden my steries
of the times. 8 p. 1. 262, 32 pp. portrait,
sm. fol. London, H Mosely, 1657.

Wrangham (Rev. Francis). The pleiad. A
series of abridgments from seven distinguished
writers on the evidences of Christianity. [Le-
land, Leslie, Doddridge, Watson, Butler,
Paley, and Jenyns and Watts], ix, 300 pp.
18°. Edinburgh, Constable & co. 1828.

Wratislaw (Rev. Albeit Henry). Common
places. See Swainson (Rev. Charles A.) and

Wright (Rev. Alfred). Uba anumpa Mak a
na ponaklo holisso. A book of questions on
the gospel of Mark, in the Choctaw language,
[etc.] 75 pp. 16°. New York, S. W. Benedict,
1852. s.

Wright (Rev. George Newnham) and Tim-
perley (C. H.) The gallery of engravings.
3 v. 4°. London, Fisher, son 8? co. [1845-46].
[Wanting: pi. 63, v. 2].

Wright (Henry Goode, M. I).) Headaches,

their causes and their cure. 4th ed. 160 pp.

16°. London, J. Churchill & sons, 1865.
Wright (Mrs. Julia McNair). Almost a nun.

398 pp. 6 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian

publication committee, 1868. The corner stall, a New York story. 257

pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, H. Hoyt, 1868.

The golden heart. 360 pp. 4 pi. 16°.

Boston, H Hoyt, 1867.
——The golden life. 379 pp. 4 pi. 16°.

Boston, H Hoyt, 1867.



"Wright (J. M.) The golden work. By the author of "The golden heart/' etc. \_anon.~\ 391 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Boston, H. Hoijt, 1868.

Malcom's cottage and Malcom's friend.

320 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, J. S. Claxton, 1867.

The New York needle-woman; or, Elsie's

stars. By the author of "Golden life," etc. [anon.] 254 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication committee, 1868.

The shoe binders of New York; or, the

fields white to the harvest. 237 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, presbyterian publication committee, [1867].

Wright (Lewis). The Clifton and other remarkable suspension bridges of the world. 2p.l. 128 pp. 11. 11 pi. 12°. London, J. Weale, 1865. S.

Wright (Paul, D. D.) The new and complete life of Jesus Christ. With the lives of his apostles, [etc.] 512 pp. 8°. Winchester, (Va.) J. F. Archbold, 1816.

Wright (Thomas, F. S. A.) and Jones (H. Longueville). The universities. Le Keux's memorials of Cambridge. A series of views of the colleges, halls, and public buildings, engraved by J. Le Keux; with historical and descriptive accounts. 2 v. viii, [304] pp. 40 pi; viii, [268] pp. 36pi. 8°. London, Tilt & Bogue, 1841-42. s.

Wright (W.) The book of Jonah, in Chaldee, Syriac, iEthiopic, and Arabic; with glossaries. 1857. See Bible (Polyglot).

Wright (William B.) Highland rambles: a poem. 183 pp. 12°. Boston, Adams & co. 1868.

Wronski (Hoen6). Le destin de la France, de FAllemagne, et de la Russie, comme prol^gom&nes du messianisme. 584 pp. 8°. Paris, F. Didot frdres, 1842.

Wudrian (Valentin). Creutz schule, in sich haltend: eine schone christliche unterweisung von dem lieben creutz; vor alle ereutz-briider und schwestern, als durch welches mittel sie sieh in allerhand zustoffendem creutz, trubsal, [etc.] trosten mogen. 5p.l. 468 pp. 12°. Ephrata, BruderscJiaft, 1762. s.

Wullerstorf-Urbair (Bernhard von, commodore). Reise der osterreichischen fregatte Novara um die erde in den jahren 1857,1858, 1859. Anthropologischer theil. 2e abth. Korpermessungen, an individuen verschiedener menschenracen vorgenommen durch dr. Karl Scherzer und dr. Eduard Schwarz, bearbeitet von dr. A. Weisbaeh. 2 p. 1. 271 pp,

4°. Wien, K. Jc. hof- und staatsdrucJcerei, 1867. S.

The same. Geologischer theil. v. 1-2.

4°. Wien, K. Jc. hof-und staatsdrucJcerei, 18656Q. S.


v. 1. 1. abth. Geologie von Neu-Seeland. Beitrage zur geologie der provinzen Auckland und Nelson. Von Ferdinand von Hochstetter. 1864.

v. 1. 2. abth. Palaontologie von Neu-Seeland. Fossile pflanzreste. Von Franz Unger; Fossile mollusken und echinodermen. Von Karl A. Zittel; Die foraminiferen-fauna des tertiaren grunsandsteines der Orakei-bay bei Auckland. Von Ferdinand Stoliczka; Die foraminiferen der tertiaren merg*el des Whaingaroahafens (prov. Auckland). Von Guido Staclie; Bericht fiber einen fast vollstandigen schadel yon palapteryx. Von Gustav Jaeger, viii 318 pp. 26 pi. 1865.

V. 2. 1. abth. Geologische beobachtungen. (Von Ferdinand von Hochstetter).

v. 2. 2. abth. Palaontologische mittheilungen. (Uber fossile korallen von der insel Java. Von A. E. Reuss; Fossile foraminiferen von Kar Nikobar. Von C. Schwager). xiv, 1268 pp. 11 pi. 1866.

■ The same. ISTautiseh-physikalischer theil.

Herausgegeben von der hydrographischen anstalt der k. k. marine, xix, 499 pp. 32 maps, etc. Wien, K. Jc. hof- und staatsdrucJcerei, 1862-65. S.

CONTENTS. Geographische ortsbestimmungen, von Robert Muller. Fluthbeobachtungen, zusammengestellt von F.

Schaub. Magnetische beobachtungen. (Von R. Muller und F.

Schaub). Meteorologische beobachtungen. Zusammengestellt

von f. von Wfillerstorf und R. Mliller.

The same. Statistisch-commercieller

thiel, von dr. Karl von Scherzer. 2 v. ix, 368, 20 pp. 2 col. maps; vi, 540, 150 pp. 8 col. maps. 4°. Wien, K.h. hof- und staatsdrucJcerei, 1864-65. S. The same. Zoologischer thiel. v. 1.

[$ Reptilien; cmd] v. 2. 4°. Wien, K. k. hofund staatsdrucJcerei, 1867-68. S.

v. 1. § Reptilien, bearbeitet von Franz Steindachner.

v. 2. 1. abtheil. A. 1. Coleoptera. Von dr. Ludwig Redtenbacher. 2. Hymenoptera. Von dr. Henri de Saussure. Nebst einem anhange von dr. J. Sichel. 3. Formicidse. Von dr. Gustav L. Mayr. 4. Ncuroptera. Von Friedrich Brauer. 4 v. in 1. 1868. s.

v. 2. 1. abtheil. B. 1. Diptera. Von dr. J. R. Schiner. 2. Hemiptera. Von dr. Gustav L. Mayr. 2 v. in 1. '1868. s.

v. 2. 3. abtheil. 1. Crustaceen. Von dr. Camil Heller. 2. Anneliden. Von prof. Ed. Grube. 3. Mollusken. Von Georg ritter von Frauenfeld, 3 v. inl. 1868.

Wulp. See Van der Wulp,

Wurmamptamoe sampooaonk wussampoowontamun nashpe moeuwe[hko]munganash [ut] New Eng[land] Nas[bpee] Grindal R£avlinson]. [Confession of faith, Indian and English, translated by Grindal Rawson, WUOTAMPTAMOE.



ofMendon]. 7 p. 1. 161pp. 24°. Mush[auwomuk], [Cambridge]*} S. Green, for John [ Usher, 1699].

[Title imperfect, wanting pp. 1-3, 33-36, 159-1611. Wurdtwein (Stephan Alexander). Bibliotheca moguntina libris sseculo primo typographico MoguntisB impressis instructa, hinc inde addita inventae typographic historia. 251 pp. 4°. Augustce Vindelicorum, C. F. Biirglen, 1787. Wuttke (Heinrich). Polen und deutsche. Politische betrachtungen. 112 pp. 8°. Schkeuditz, W. v. Blomberg, 1846. s.

Wyatt (Thomas, editor). The sacred tableaux: or, remarkable incidents in the old and new testaments, [etc. ] The descriptions by distinguished American writers, x, 314 pp. 20 pi. 12°. Boston, J. M. WMttemore, 1848. s.

Wyeth (Samuel Douglass). The federal city; or, ins and abouts of Washington. 3d ed. 108 pp. 1 map, 13 pi. 8°. Washington, Gibson bros. 1888.

History of the library of Congress.

Compiled from official documents. 16 1. 1 photog. pi. 8°. Washington, Gibson bros. 1868. Wyndham (Neville, pseudon.) See Travels

through Europe. Wyss (Johann Rudolf von) and Montolieu (Isabelle Polier de Bottens, baronne de). The Swiss family Robinson. 2d series, [etc.] Translated from the French, by J. De Clinton Locke. 2v. 258 pp; 237 pp. 16°. New York, Harpers, 1848. g.

Xenophon. Opera. Ad optimorvm librorvm fidem edidit G. H. Schaefer. 5 v. 18°. Lipsice, C. Tauchnitz, 1811-12. g.

CONTENTS. T. 1. Cyropsedia, [etc. ] 2 p. 1. 382 pp. v. 2. Memorabilia Socratis, [etc.] xvi, 176 pp. v. 3. Anabasis, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 288 pp. v. 4. Historia graeca, [etc.] 2 p. 1. 339 pp. v. 5. CEconomicus, apologia Socratis, convivivm, Hiero, Agesilavs. 2 p. 1. 208 pp.

A discourse upon improving the revenue

of the state of Athens. Made English by

[blocks in formation]

Yale (Elisha, editor). A select verse system, for the use of individuals, families, and schools. 215 pp. 8°. Albany, C. H. Pease & co. 1853. s.

Yale college. Catalogus senatus academici, et eorum qui munera et officia academica gesserunt, quique aliquovis gradu exornati fue* runt, in collegio yalensi. 148 pp. 8°. in Novo Portu, E. Hayes, 1856. s.

The same. 160 pp. 8°. in Novo Portu,

E. Hayes, 1859. s.

The same. 204 pp. 8°. in Novo Portu,

Tattle, Morehouse & Taylor, 1868. Yates (Edmund). Broken to harness. A story of English domestic life. 4th ed. 386 pp. 12°. Boston, Loring, 1866.

The business of pleasure. [A series of

essays]. 2 v. viii, 302 pp; vi, 320 pp. 12°. London, Chapman <b Hall, 1865.

Running the gauntlet. A novel. 385

pp. 12°. Boston, Loring, 1865. Year-book (The) of facts in science and art: exhibiting the most important discoveries and improvements of the past year. By John Timbs. 288 pp. 1 portrait. 16°. London, Lockwood & co. 1868. Yonge (Charlotte Mary). Cameos from English history from Rollo to Edward ii. xi, 379 pp. 16°. London, Macmillan & co. 1868.

Landmarks of history. Part iii. Modern

history. From the beginning of the reformation to the accession of Napoleon iii. Edited by Edith L. Chase, viii, 465 pp. 12°. New York, Leypoldt $ Holt, 1868.

— The prince and the page. A story of

the last crusade. [anon.] vii, 256 pp. 6 pi. 18°. London, Macmillan ty co. 1866.

The pupils of St. John the divine.

[anon.] xvi, 320 pp. 3 pi. 12°. [London], Macmillan & co. [1868]. [sunday library for household reading, v. 1]. The six cushions. [A novel]. 196

[ocr errors]

16°. London, J. & C. Mozley, 1867. Yorick's sentimental journey continued, by Eugenius. [pseudon.] 143 pp. 18°. Brattleborough, (Vt.) W. Fessenden, 1810.

[With Sterne {Rev. L.) Sentimental journey. 18°. Brattleborough, 1810. Imperfect: pp. 37-48 wanting].

York ( County of, Maine). Extracts from [its] records. 8°. Portland, 1831. [In Maine historical society. Collections, v. 1].

Youatt (William). The horse; with a treatise on draught, viii, 472 pp. 8°. London, Baldwin ty Cradock, 1830.



Youmans (William Jay, M.D.) Elements of physiology and hygiene. See Huxley (Thomas H.) and Youmans.

Young (Andrew W.) First book on civil government; being an introduction to the government class book. Designed for the younger classes in schools. 192 pp. 16°. New York, Clark fy Maynard, 1867.

Young (Arthur). A course of experimental agriculture: containing an exact register of all the business transacted during five years on near three hundred acres of various soils, [etc.] 4 v. 8°. Dublin, J. Exshaw, etc. 1771.

■ General view of the agriculture of the

county of Essex. 2 v. xv, 400 pp. 1 col. map. 44 pi; Hi, 450pp. 14 pi. 8°. London,

. 1807. s.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture}.

■ General view of the agriculture of Hert

fordshire, xix, 236 pp. 1 col. map. 9 pi. 8°. London, 1804. S. ("GrREAT BRITAIN: Board of agriculture]. • General view of the agriculture of the

county of Lincoln. 2 p. 1. vii, 455 pp. 3 col. maps. 11 pi. 8°. London, 1799. s.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture].

■ General view of the agriculture of the

county of Norfolk. xx; 532 pp. 5 pi. 8°. London, 1804. S. [great Britain: Board of agriculture]. General view of the agriculture of the

county of Suffolk. 3d ed. xv, 432 pp. 1 col. map. 2 pi. 8°. London, 1804. [great Britain: Board of agriculture]. General view of the agriculture of the

county of Sussex, x, 471 pp. 1 col. map. 20

pi. 8°. London, 1808. S.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture]. Yiew of the agriculture of Oxfordshire.

xii, 362 pp. 28 pi. 8°. London, 1809. s.

[great Britain: Board of agriculture]. Young (Brigham). Discourses. See Journal

of discourses. Young (E. D.) The search after Livingstone.

["A diary kept during the investigation of his

reported murder"]. Revised by rev. Horace

Waller. 262 pp. 1 map, 6 pi. 12°. London,

Letts, son $ co. 1868. Young (James Reynolds). An elementary

treatise on algebra, theoretical and practical,

[etc.] x, iv, 296 pp. 12°. London, J.

Souter, 1834. s. Simple arithmetic, algebra, etc. 8°.

London, 1854.

[In ORE'S (W. S.) Circle of the sciences. The mathematical sciences].

Young (Philip, M. D.) History of Mexico:

her civil wars, and colonial and revolutionary annals: 1520 to 1847: including an account of the war with the United States. Continued to the treaty of peace, 1848, by G. C. Furber. 656 pp. 1 map, 7 pi. 8°. Cincinnati, J. A. $ U. P. James, 1850.

Young (William, editor of the Albion, N. Y.) Mathieu Ropars, et cetera. By an ex-editor. 236 pp. 16°. New York, G. P. Putnam $ son, 1868.

Young (Sir William, bart.) The West-India common place book: compiled from parliamentary and official documents; shewing the interest of Great Britain in its sugar colonies, etc. xxi, 256 pp. 2 tab. 2 maps. 4°. London, B. Phillips, 1807. s.

Young (The) American's picture gallery. With 70 illustrations. \_anon.~\ 150 pp. 4°. Philadelphia, Lindsay fy Blakiston, [1856]. S.

Young (The) lady's mentor: a guide to the formation of character, [etc.] By a lady, [flwwm.] 284 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, H. C. Peck 8? T. Bliss, 1851. S.

Young (The) sportsman; or, Mel Carroll's twelve months in the woods. A down-east story. By cousin Hay ward. [pseudon.~\ 319 pp. 16°. Boston, Pratt bros. 1865.

Zachos (J. C.) The high school speaker, [etc.] 334 pp. 12°, Cincinnati, Mickey, Mallory & co. 1858. S.

Zarate (Agustin de). Histoire de la d^couverte et de la conquete du Perou. Traduit de l'Espagnol par S. D. C. [de Broe, seigneur de Citry et de La Guette]. 2 v. xl, 360 pp. 1 map, 14 pi; viii, 479 pp. 16°. Par*is, la compagnie des libraires, 1742.

Zeitschrift fur deutsche landwirth. Herausgegeben von Ernst Stockhardt. Der neuen folge. Jahrgang 7-10, 12-17. 10 v. 8°. Leipzig, C Wigand, 1856-66. [Wanting: old series, and of new series v. 1-6, 11, and nos. 2 and 12 of v. 7].

Zeitschrift fur wissenschaftliche zoologie,

herausgegeben von C. T. v. Siebold und A.

Kolliker. v. 1-7. 8°. Leipzig, W. Engel

mann, 1849-55. s.

[v. 7, heft 4, et seq. wanting]. Zend-Avesta. See Zoroaster. Zeno (Caterino). Brodrene Zenos reiser, med

indledning og anmaerkninger, ved J. H.

BredsdorfF. 8°. Kjobenhavn, S. L. Holler,


[In Gronlands historiske mindesmserker. v. 3. pp.


Zeuss (Caspar). Der Deutschen und die nachbarstamme. viii, 778 pp. 1 1. 8°. Milnchen, I. J. Lentner, 1837.



Ziegler (J. Melchior). Geographischer atlas iiber alle theile der erde, bearbeitet nach der ritterscben lehre, [etc. and'] Erlauterungen. 2 p. 1. 12 pp; 1 p. 1. 24 col. maps. fol. Berlin, D. Beimer, 1851. s.

Zimmerman (Bev. J. A. E.) Der fromme landmann. Ein katholisches lehr- undgebetbuch fur das fromme landvolk. 480 pp. 24°. New York, C. $ N. Benziger, 1868.

Zionitischer meyrauchs hiigel, oder: myrrhen berg, worinnen allerley liebliches und wohl reichendes nach apotheker-kunst zu bereitetes rauch-werck zufinden, [etc.] 6 p. 1. 792 pp. 7 1. 16°. Germantown, C. Sauer, 1739. s.

Zoega (Frederic). Art of making sugar from beets. See Blachette (L. J.) and Zoega..

Zollikofer (Georg Joachim). Briefwechsel zwischen C. Garve und G. J. Zollikofer, etc. See Garve (C.) Sammtliche werke. v. 18.

Zorgdrager (Cornelius Gijsbertus). Beschreibung des gronliindischen wallfischfangs und fischerey, nebst einer nachricht von dem bakkeljau- und stockfischfang bey Terreneuf, und

einer abbandlung von Gronland, Island, u. a. Aus dem hollandischen iibersetzt. 3 p. 1. 370 pp. 5 1. 6 maps. 7 pi. 4°. Nurnberg, G. P. Monaih, 1750. Zoroaster. Avesta, die heiligen scbriften der Parsen. Aus dem grundtexte iibersetzt, mit steter riicksicht auf die tradition von dr. F. Spiegel, v. 1-2. 8°. Leipzig, W. Engelmann, 1852-59.


v. 1. Der vendidad. viii, 295 pp. 1 pi.

v. 2. Vispered und Yacna. cxxiv, 222 pp. 11. 4 pi.

[Wanting: v. 3. Khorda-Avesta].

Zschokke (Jobann Heinrich Daniel). Hor

tensia; or, tbe transfigurations. Translated

from tbe German. 12°. Boston, W. White &

co. 1868.

[In Davis (A. J.) Memoranda of persons, etc. 12°. 1868. pp. 345-464],

Zumpt (Carl Gottlob). A scbool grammar of

tbe Latin language. Translated by Leonard

Schmitz. Corrected and enlarged by Charles

Anthon. xi, 247 pp. 12°. New York, Harpers,

1847. s.

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