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Abbott (Benjamin Yaughan) and ABBOTT (Austin). A digest of the reports of the United States courts and of the acts of congress, from the organization of the government to July, 1868. v. 3. 8°. New York, Diossydk co. 1868. [Completing the work. 20 copies].

Abstract of the decisions of the chancellor, [hon. Reuben H. Walworth], from 1841 to 1847. [anon."] 6v.ini. £ee Barbour(Oliver L.) Abstract, etc.

Adams (John, jr.) The doctrine of equity. A commentary on the law as administered by the court of chancery. 5th American edition, containing the notes to the previous editions of J. R. Ludlow, J. M. Collins, and Henry Wharton. With additional notes and references to recent English and American decisions, by G. Tucker Bispham. lxxxi, 811 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. fy J. W. Johnson ty co. 1868.

Alabama (State of). Revised code of Alabama, prepared by A. J. Walker, xvi, 960 pp. 8°. Montgomery, Reid <£• Screws, 1867.

Alabama reports, v. 20, 39-40. By J. W. Shepherd. 8°. Montgomery, Barrett fy Brown, 1852-68.

Allen (Charles). Reports of cases in the supreme judiciary court of Massachusetts, v. 12-13. 8^. Boston, Houghton & co. 1867-68. [2copipsof v. 13].

American (The) law register, v. 15-16. 8°. Philadelphia, Canfield & co. 1867-68.

American (The) law review. 1867-68. v. 2.8°. Boston, Little, Brown <$* co. 1868. [2 copies].

Angell (Joseph K.) A treatise on the law of carriers of goods and passengers, by land and by water, with an appendix of statutes regulating passenger vessels and steamboats, etc. 4th ed. Revised, corrected, and enlarged, by John Lathrop. xxxv, 700 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1868.

and Durfee (Thomas). A treatise on

the law of highways. 2d ed. with notes and references to the later cases. By George F. Choate. xxxvi, 579 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brotvn cf co. 1868.

Antigua (Island of). The laws of Antigua, from August 15, 1817, to April 4, 1845. v. 4. 4°. London, J. B, Bateman, 1846.

Arizona (Territory of). Laws, 1867. 8°. Pres

cott, 1868. [2 copies].

Arkansas reports, y. 24. By L. E. Barber.

8°. Little Boch, Woodruff & Blocker, 1867'.

Arnold (Benedict). Proceedings of a general court martial of the line, held at Raritan, New Jersey, for the trial of major-general Arnold, June 1,1779. Published by order of congress. 55 pp. fol. Philadelphia, F. Bailey, 1780. [NOTE.—Title page slightly imperfect].

Avery (Edward) and Hobbs (George M.) The bankrupt law of the United States, approved March 2,1867. With copious notes, xxii, 488 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown fy co. 1868. [2 copies].

Barbour (Oliver L.) Abstract of the decisions of the chancellor, [hon. Reuben H. Walworth], from Feb. 1, 1841, to May 24, 1847. [anon.] 6v.ini. 8°. Saratoga Springs, H. Wilbur, etc. 1841-47.

[Being a supplement to Saratoga sentinel and democratic champion, etc.]

-—— Reports of cases in law and equity in the supreme court of the state of New York. v. 49-50. 8°. Albany, W. C. Little, 1868. [2 copies]. f

Barnes (William). General statute laws of the state of New York relating to fire, marine, life, and casualty insurance companies, and miscellaneous insurance laws. 3d ed. 173 pp. 8°. Albany, Weed, Parsons ty co. 1868.

Beasley (Mercer). Reports of cases in the court of chancery, and, on appeal, in the court of errors and appeals of the state of New Jersey, v. 2. 8°. Trenton, Phillips Sf Boswell, 1863.

Beawes (Wyndham). Lexmercatoria rediviva; or, the merchantsVdirectory. A complete guide to all men in business, [etc.] containing an account of our mercantile companies; of our colonies and factories abroad; of oar commercial treaties with foreign powers; of the duties of consuls, and of the laws concerning aliens, naturalization, and denization. To which is added, a sketch of the present state of the commerce of the whole world, [etc.] 4th ed. £e*c.] by Thomas Mortimer. 5 p. 1. 944 pp. 8 1. 1 tab. fol. London,, J, Bivington & son, etc. 1783. S.

Belgium. Ministhe de la justice-. Compte de Vadministration de la justice criminelle en Belgique, pendant les ann6es 1831-34, [etc.] xviii, 176 pp. 4°. Bruxelles, imprimerie du Moniteur beige, 1835. s.

Compte de la justice civile en

Belgique pendant les ann6es judiciaires 1839 —43. Present^, [etc.] par le ministre de la justice, xxiii, 288 pp. fol. Bruxelles, imprimerie du Moniteur beige, 1845. s.

Berriat-saint-prix (Jacques). Cours de procedure civile fait a la faculty de droit de Grenoble. 3e eU 2 v. viii, 356 pp; 357-672 pp. 8°. Paris, Mve, 1813. s.

Best (William Mawdesley) and Smith (George James Philip). Reports of cases in the court of queen's bench and the court of exchequer, on appeal from the court of queen's bench. v. 7. 8°. London, H. Sweet, 1868.

Bishop (Joel Prentiss). Commentaries on the criminal law. 4th ed. revised and enlarged. 2 v. xxxii, 778 pp; xii, 809 pp. 8°, Boston, Little, Brown & co. 1868.

The first book of the law: explaining

the nature, sources, books, and practical applications to legal science, and methods of study and practice, xi, 466 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown $- co, 1868, [3 copies].

Bittleson (Adam) and Wise (Edward). See Magistrates' cases.

Bittleson (Adam) and Parnell (Paul). See Magistrates' cases.

Blatchford (Samuel). Reports of cases in the circuit court of the United States for the second circuit, v. 4. 8°. New York, Baker, Voorhis <fc co. 1868. [4 copies].

Blenkinsop (Mary). Trial. See Stokes

(Dr. W. H.) and Blenkinsop. Bluntschli (Johann Caspar). Das moderne

volkerrecht der civilisirten staaten als rechts

buch dargestellt. xiii, 520 pp. 8°. Nordlingen,

C. H. Beck, 1868. Bonomq-stetner (Andrea de). Delia giustizia

dei diritti austrici carintiani sopra l'Istria. 8°.

Trieste, 1831.

[In Rossetti (D. de). Archeog-rafo triestino. v. 3]. Boyd (Walter). The law and practice of the

high court of admiralty of Ireland, under the

court of admiralty (Ireland) act, 1867, and

the general orders of 1867; with a complete collection of the statutes relating to merchant shipping, and the decisions thereon, xix, 657 pp. 12°* Dublin, Hodges, Smith fy Foster,


Brightley (Frederick C.) Annual digest of the laws of Pennsylvania, for each of the years 1854 and 1855: namely, from 28 May, 1853, to 8 May, 1855. 2 p. 1. pp. 1051-1196. 8°. Philadelphia, Kay ty brother, 1855. S.

A digest of the decisions of the federal

courts, from the organization of the government to the present time, viii, 976 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Kay 4s brother, 1868. [7 copies].

British Soldiers. The trial of the British soldiers, of the 29th regiment of foot, for the murder of Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, and Patrick Carr, March 5, 1770. [anon.] 146 pp. 16°. Boston, William Emmons, 1824.

Brooke (Sir Robert), Liver des assises. See Liber assissarum.

Browning (Ernest) and Lushington (Vernon ). Reports of cases in the high court of admiralty of England, and on appeal to the privy council, 1863-65. xv, 524 pp. 8°. London, Butterworths, 1868.

Buder(ChristianGottlieb, editor). Repertorivm reale pragmaticvm ivris pvblici et fevdalis [imperii romano-germanici]. Oder des heil. rom. reichs staats- und lehn recht sowohl iiberhaupt, als das besondere der geist- und weltlichen chur- und fursten, grafen und freyherren, der reichs-stadte und reichs-ritterschaft, [etc.] 9 p. 1. 1276 pp. 1 pi. 4C. Jena, C. H. Cuno, 1751. S.

Bump (Orlando F.) Practice in bankruptcy. The bankrupt law of the United States, with all the amendments, and the rules and forms as amended ; with notes referring to all decisions under the act, reported to September 1, 1868. 205 pp. 8°. Baker, Voorhis 8? co. 1868.

Burckhard (Hugo). Die civilistischen prasumptionen. xx, 407 pp. 8°. Weimar, Landesindustrie-comptoir, 1866. s.

Burdell (The) case. Closing argument of Charles Edwards, advocate for infant next of kin of Harvey Burdell, and in opposition to the claim of Emma Augusta Cunningham, for letters of administration. 66 pp. 1 map. 8°. New York, J. S. Voorhies, 1857?

Burr (Aaron). Reports of [his] trials for treason, and for a misdemeanor, in preparing the means of a military expedition against Mexico,

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