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Adriano de' Castelli {Cardinal S. Chrysogoni). De sermone latino et de modis latine loquendi. Eiusdem uenatio ad Ascanium cardinalem. Item iter July ii, pontificis romani. 8 p. I. 429 pp. 16°. Colonice Agrippince, apud J. Gymnicum, 1578. S.

Adventure (The) of hunch-back. See Arabian nights' entertainments.

Adye (Stephen Payne). A treatise on courts martial. Also, an essay on military punishments and rewards. 4th ed. viii, 284 pp. 12°. London, J. Murray, 1797.

JSBgidius (Columna or Bomanus). See Colonna (Egidio).

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Quae supersunt.

[oratorvm grascorvm, etc. Ed. Reiske, v. 3-4].

——— See Demosthenes and JESschines.

iS3schyrus. Persse. Ad fidem librorum manuscriptorum et editionum antiquarum emendarunt, [etc.] E. R. Langeus et G. Pinggerus. xvi, 307 pp. 8°. Berolini, Duncker ty HumHot, 1825. . s.

JSBsoptis. Fabellse aliqvot sesopicse, in usum
puerorum selectae. 92 pp. 32°. Antverpiw,
C. Plantin, 1586.
[With JUNIUS (A.) Emblemata, 1596].

■ The same. Esop's fables, written in Chinese by the learned Mun Mooy Seen-Shang, and compiled in their present form (with a free and literal translation) by his pupil Sloth, [Robert Thorn]. 4 p. 1. xxix, 104 pp. 4°. Canton, Press office, 1840. s.

• The same. Fables, with illustrations by

H. L. Stephens. Lithographed by J. Bien.

x, 76 pp. 56 pi. 4°. New York, Scribner,

1868. .

iEsop at court; or, the labyrinth of Versailles

delineated in French and English. [anon.~\

From the Paris ed. [Illustrated] by G. Bick

ham. pp. 209-260. 44 pi. 4°. London,


[In Bellamy (D.) Ethie amusements." 4°. London, 1761].

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Agassiz {Mrs. Elizabeth Carey). A first lesson in natural history. [Sea-anemones and corals; coral reefs; hydroids and jelly-fishes; star-fishes and sea-urchins ]. By Actsea. [pseudon."] 82 pp. 12°. Boston, Little, Broivn & Co. 1859. s.

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Memoir of Hugh Miller.

[In Miller (H.) Foot-prints of the Creator].

■ • and (Mrs. Elizabeth Carey). A journey

in Brazil, xix, 540 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Boston, Tichnor $ Fields, 1868.

Age (L/) de papier, Etudes financieres et autres. [anon.~\ 312 pp. 16°. Paris, lihrairie des assurances, 1866.

Agnes Morris; or, the heroine of domestic life. [anon.~\ 143 pp. 12°. New York,Harpers, 1849. s.

Ago (Felix, pseudon.) See Rhymes of the poets.

Agoult (Marie de Flavigny, comtesse d'). N6lida, por Daniel Stern, [pseudon..] Traduction de M. Urrabieta. 240 pp. 8°. Burgos, P. Polo, 1847. s.

Agreement (The) of the customs of the East Indians with those of the Jews and other ancient people. [anon.~\ xiv, 159 pp. 6 pi. 8°. London, W. Davis, 1705.

Agriculture anatomized; or, a new treatise of husbandry, containing a plain and practical method of improving all sorts of land. With an account how the tillage of Ireland may be improved by a cheap manure, \_anon.] iv, 102 pp. 8°. Dublin, J. Hoey, 1746.

Agrippa von Nettesheim (Heinrich Cornelius). Fourth book of occult philosophy and geomancy. First translated by R. Turner. 319 pp.21. 16°. [London, 1783].

Aguilar (Grace). Home influence; a tale for mothers and daughters. [With memoir of the author]. New ed. xvii, 386pp. 12°. 'New York, Appleton, 1866.

— The spirit of Judaism. Edited by I.

Leeser. 2d ed. 216 pp. 18°. Philadelphia,
Jeivish pubL soc. 5609 [1849].
[JEWISH miscellany, no. xiii]. — Woman's friendship; a story of do-
mestic life. 357 pp. 1 pi. 12°. New York,
Appleton, 1867.

Ahmad bin Abubeker bin Wahshih. Ancient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters explained; with an account of the Egyptian priests, their classes, initiation and sacrifices, Ahmad—continued.

in the Arabic language. And in English byJoseph Hammer. xxi, 190 pp. 4°. London, W. Bulmer $ Co. 1806. S.

Ahn (Friedrich). Praktischer lehrgang zur schnellen und leichten erlernung der englischensprache. Nebst angabe der aussprache mit deutschen tonen, von J. C. Oehlschlager. 2er. cursus. 122 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. Weit 8? Co. 1858. S.

Aigner (Hans von). Tabellen fiir den kubikinhalt run der Stammholzer, [etc.] iv, 38 pp. 12°. Breslau, T. U. Kern, 1863. S.

Aiken (William, M.D.) The science and practice of medicine. 2d American, from 5th London ed. Revised and enlarged;. with large additions, by Meredith Clymer, M. D. 2 v. 927 pp. lpl; 1079 pp. lmap. 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay fy Blakiston, 1868.

Aim-well (Walter, pseudon.) See Simonds (W.)

Ainslie (Whitelaw, M. D.) Materia indica; or, some account of those articles which are employed by the Hindoos and other eastern nations in their medicine, arts, and agriculculture, [etc.] 2 v. xxiv, 654 pp; xxxix, 604 pp. 8°. London, Longman, 1826 s.

Medical observations.

[With Murray (H.) Historical account of British India, v. 3],

Ainsworth (William Harrison). Rookwood; a romance. From the 2d London ed. 2 v. in 1. 204pp; 208pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836. [Imperfect. Title v. 1 wanting].

Airy (George Biddell). On the laws of the tides on the coasts of Ireland. [Extract]. 124 pp. lmap. 4°. London, Royal society, 1845. s.

Mathematical tracts on the lunar and

planetary theories, the figure of the earth, precession and mutation, the calculus of variations, and the modulatory theory of optics. 4th ed. vi, 400 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Cambridge, Macmillan fy Co. 1858. s.

— Tides and waves. [Extract*]. 156 pp.

6 pi. 4°. [London, Encyclopaedia britannica, 1845]. s.

Akademische monatsschrift. Centralorgan fur die gesammtinteressen deutscher universitaten. Herausgegeben under der mitwirkung der herren professoren dr. Bluhme in Bonn, dr. Btilau, dr. Erdmann in Leipzig, dr. Hoffmann in Wiirzburg, hofrath dr. Oppolzer in Wien, geheimrath dr. V. Vangerow in Heidelberg, und anderer akademischer lehrer von

dr. J. L. Lang und dr. H. Th. Schletter. Der "Deutschen universitats-zeitung." 3r — 6r jahrg. 4 v. 8°. Leipzig, Jef. Bethmann, 1851-54. s.

[Jahrg. 1853, pp. 113-128; 1854, heft 4 wanting].

Aken (Herrmann von). Verzeichniss sammtlicher thiere, welche sich in [seiner] menagerie befinden. 26 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Hamburg, F. W. C. MencJc, 1830. S.

Alabama (State of). Official journal of the constitutional convention, held in Montgomery, commencing Nov. 5th, 1867. iii, 291pp. 8°. Montgomery, Barrett & Broivn, 1868.

Alamanni (Luigi). La coltivatione di Luigi Alamanni, e le api di Giovanni Rucellai. Con annotazione del dottor Giuseppe Bianchini da Prato, sopra la coltivazione, e di Roberto Titti sopraleapi. 88,323 pp. 8°. Milano, Societd tipografica de classici italiani, 1804.

Alarcon (Felix de). Loa para la coronacion de Fernando el vi. 21 1. 8°. [Lima?] 1748. s.

[With MANSO De Velasco (J.) El dia de Lima,


Alatizet (Francois Isidore). Des soci6t£s dites

de cooperation. 15 pp. 8°. Paris, Cosse,

Marchal $ Cie. 1866. Albany (City of). Albany directory and city

register for 1851-52. 2 v. 12°. Albany, J.

Munsell, 1851-52. S.

Albert (J. F. M.) Recherches sur les principes

fondamentaux de la classification bibliograph

ique. vii, 63 pp. 8°. Paris, auteur, 1847. S. Albertano da Brescia. De doctrina dicendi

et tacendi. 7 1. 4°. Numberge, fratres ordinis

Augustini, 1479.

[With GEWS (J.) £Tractatus devious lingue. Nurn oerge, 1479].

Alberti (Leandro). Descrittione dell a decimanona regione della Italia. [Corografie delF Istria, n. 4.] S.

[In Rossetti (D. de). Archeografo triestino, v. 2].

Albertus Magnus. De mineralibus, libri i-v. 281. fol. Papie,per Christophorum decanibus, 1491.

[ With Aeistoteles. Questiones Johannis Versoris super libros ethicorum. Colonise, 1491].

Libellus aureus de adhaerendo Deo.

51 pp. 24°. Colonics, J. M. Heberle $ Co.

1851. Liber de laudibus gloriosissime Dei gen

itricis Marie. 1891. fol. [Basiliw, Wensler,

about 1470?]. S. Tractatus de virtutibus, [etc.]; scd'm

alios vocatus paradisus anime. 34 1. 8°.

Meming, [about 1475?]. S.

Albinus (Flaccus). See Alciiirms (Flaccus). ALBEECHT.


Albrecht (Heinrich Christoph). Materielen zu einer kritischen geschichte der freymaurerey. Erste sammlung. x, 199 pp. 18°. Hamburg, F. Bachman, 1792.


I. G. E. Lessing-'s Meinung iiber den ursprumg- mid

zweck der freymaurerey. II. Die constitutionen der englischen freymaurer. NOTE.—No more published.

Album der natuur. Een werk ter verspreiding van natuurkennis onder beschaafde lezers van allerlei stand. 1852-56. 5 v. 8°. Haarlem, A. C. Kruseman, 1852-56. s.

■— The same. Onder redactie van P.

Harting, D. Lubach, en W. M. Logeman. Nieuwe reeks. 1857-62. 6 v. 8°. Haarlem, A. C. Kruseman, 1857-62. s.

Alcedo y Bexarano (Antonio de). Atlas to Thompson's Alcedo; or, dictionary of America and the West Indies. By Aaron Arrowsmith. 1 p. 1. 5 maps in 19 sheets, fol. London, G. Smeeton, 1816.

Alciati (Andrea). Libellvs de magistratib. ciuilibusq; ac militaribus officijs. S.

[ With Notitia vtraqve cvm orientis tvm occidentis, 1552].

Omnia emblemata. Adiecta ad calcem

notse posteriores, per C. Minoem. 18 p. 1. 818 pp. 11 1. 16°. Parisiis, Iohannes Bicherius, 1589. Alcidama. Qusb supersunt.

[oratoeym graecorvm, etc. Ed. Reiske. v. viii.]

Alcott (Louisa M.) Aunt Kipp. "Children and fools speak the truth." 16 pp. 8°. Boston, Boring, [1868].

Kitty's class day. "A stitch in time

saves nine." 12 pp. 8°. Boston, Loring, 1868.

— Little women; or, Meg, Jo, Beth, and

May. 341 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, Boberts brothers, 1868.

Morning glories, and other stories. 195

pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, H B. Fuller, 1868.

Psyche's art. "Handsome is that handsome does." 16 pp. 8°. Boston, Loring, 1868.

Alcott (William A. M. D.) The life of Eobert Morrison, the first protestant missionary to China. 132 pp. 2 pi. 16°. New York, Carlton # Phillips, 1856. s.

■ Tall oaks from little acorns; or, sketches

of distinguished persons of humble origin. 369 pp. 6 pi. 16°. NewYorlc,Carlton & Phillips, 1856. s.

Alcuinus (Flaccus). De pontificibus et Sanctis ecclesise eboracensis, poema. fol. Oxonice, 1691.

GALE (T.) and Fell (J.) Rerum anglicarum scriptores yeteres. Oxonise, 1664-91. v. 3.}

Alden (Henry M.) Harpers' pictorial history of the rebellion. See Guernsey (A. H.) and Alden.

Alden (Joseph, D. D.) Alice Gordon; or, the uses of orphanage. 198 pp. 16°. New York, Harpers, [1847]. s.

The lawyer's daughter. 186 pp. 1 pi.

16°. New York, Harpers, [1847]. s.

Our father; or, considerations relating

tothe Lord's prayer. 107pp. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, [1846]. S.

A text book of ethics for union schools

and bible classes. 92 pp. 16°. New Yorh, A. S. Barnes & Co., 1869.

Aler(Paul). Gradus ad Parnassum; sivenovus synonymorum, epithetorum, versuum ac phrasium poeticarum thesaurus, [etc.] Ab uno e societate Jesu. [anon.~\ Ed. a Thoma Morell. 667 pp. 8°. Londini, soc. stationariorum, 1802. S.

Alexander (Alexander, claiming to be 9th Earl of Stirling). Narrative of the oppressive law proceedings resorted to by the British government and numerous private individuals to overpower the earl of Stirling. Also, a genealogical account of the family of Alexander, earls of Sterling, etc. Followed by an historical view of their possessions in Nova Scotia, Canada, etc. vi, 259. 4°. Edinburgh, J. Waller, 1836.

Alexander (Archibald, D. D.) Biographical sketches of the founder, and principal alumni of the Log college. [With] an account of the revivals of religion, under their ministry. 369pp. 12°. Princeton, (N. J.), J. T.Robinson, 1845.

A brief compend of bible truth. 207 pp.

1 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, 1846. S.

Outlines of moral science. 272 pp. 12°.

New Yorh, C. Scribner, 1852. S.

Thoughts on religious experiences.

[With] an appendix containing letters to the aged. 1 p. 1. 397 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, 'presbyterian board of publication, 1868.

Alexander (James Waddell). The American sunday-school and its adjuncts. 342 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, American sunday-school union, 1856. S.

Thoughts on family-worship. 2 p. 1.

260 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, [1847]. S.

Alexander (John Henry). Eeports on the standards of weight and measure for the state of Maryland, and on the construction of the yard measures, iv, 213 pp. 8°. Baltimore, [1845]. s.



Alexander (William). The eight "beatitudes,

St. Matthew, chap. v. With the Lord's Prayer.

11 pi. obi. 8°. London, W. Jackson, [about

1850]. Alexander (William, of Texas). Elements of

discord in secessia, etc. 16 pp. 8°. New York,

W. C. Bryant $ Co. 1863.

[LOYAL publication society. No. 15.] Alexandria (Fa.) library. Catalogue. 61pp.

8°. Washington, G. S. Gideon, 1856. Alford (Bev. L. A.) The great atonement

illustrated. A poem. 123 pp. 16°. Cincinnati,

J. Sherer, 1868. Masonic gem; consisting of odes, poem

and dirge. Being a miniature sketch of esoteric

and exoteric masonry. 48 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Soman, Abraham <fc Co. 1867. Alfriend (Frank H.) The life of Jefferson

Davis, xvii, 645 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. Cincinnati,

Caxton publishing house, 1868. Alger (Horatio, jr.) Ragged Dick; or, street

life in New York with the boot-blacks. 296

pp. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, Boring, 1868. Alger (William Rounseville). The friendships

of women, xvi, 416 pp. 12°. Boston, Roberts

hros. 1868. Algerine (The) slaves: a poem. By a citizen

of Newburyport. \_anon.~\ 16°. Neivburyport,


[ With Foss (John). Journal of captivity. 1798]. Alhoy (Philadelphe-Maurice). Physiologie du

voyageur. Vignettes de Daumier et Janet

Lange. 126 pp. 16°. Paris, Aubert & Cie. and

Lavigne, [1841]. Physiologie du creancier et du debiteur.

116 pp. 16°. Paris, Aubert & Lavigne, [1841].

[With HUART (Louis). Physiologie du garde national].

Alibert (Jean Louis, baron). Physiologie des passions, ou nouvelle doctrine des sentimens moraux. 2 v. 2 p. 1. lxxv, 372 pp; 2 p. 1. 472 pp. 8°. Pan is, Bechetjeune, 1825. s.

Alibert (J. P. editor). La mine de graphite de Siberie decouverte en 1847 par J. P. Alibert. Comtes-rendus des academies, des societes savantes et des journaux. [anon.~] 134 pp. 7 pi. 8°. Paris, imprimerie Poitevin, 1865. s.

Alison (William Pulteney, M. D.) Observations on the management of the poor in Scotland, and its effects on the health of the great towns, xv, 123 pp. 12°. Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1840.

All the year round. A weekly journal. Conducted by Charles Dickens. June, 1867—

June, 1868. v. 18-19. 8°. London, Chapman $ Sail, 1867-68.

Allan Cameron; or, the three birthdays. By the author of "Ilverton rectory," etc. \_anon.~\ 184 pp. 3 pi. 18°. New York, Am. tract soc. [1864].

Alleghania; or, praises of American heroes. By Christopher Laomedon Pindar, [pseudon. ] 148 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott 8? Co. 1868.

Allen (Ann H.) The young lady's new oracle. 311 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Cincinnati, E. Hendenhall, 1857, s.

Allen ( Carl Ferdinand, editor). Breve og aktstykker til oplysning af Christiern den andens, og Frederik den forstes historie. v. 1. xxxviiii,715pp. 8°. Kj'obenhavn, C. A.Beitzel, 1854. s.

[Wanting', v. 2, etc]. Allen (.Miss Elizabeth). The silent harp; or,

fugitive poems. 120 pp. 16°. Burlington, ( Vt.)

E. Smith, 1832. Allen (Ethan, D. D.) Clergy in Maryland of

the protestant episcopal church since 1783.

106 pp. 8°. Baltimore, J. S. Waters, 1860. Allen (Lewis F.) American cattle: their history, breeding, and management. 528 pp.

1 pi. 12°. New York, Taintor bros. 8f Co.

1868. The American herd book, containing

pedigrees of short-horn cattle, v. 7. 597 pp.

53 pi. 8°. Buffalo, Franklin printing house,

1866. Allen (Rev. L. L.) Pencillhigs of scenes upon

the Rio Grande [during the war with Mexico].

48 pp. 16°. New York, 1848. Allen (Martha). Day-dreams. 154 pp. 12°.

Philadelphia, Lippincott fy Co. 1852. S.

Allen (William, D. D.) Account of Arnold's

expedition against Quebec in 1775. 8°. Portland, Day, Eraser & Co. 1831.

[MAINE historical society. Collections, v. 1]. Allen (William H.) Eulogy on the character

and services of the late Daniel Webster, [etc.]

51 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Crissy & Markley,

1853. s.

Allen Prescott; or, the fortunes of a New England boy. By the author of " The young emigrants." [anon.~\ 2 v. 212 pp; 222 pp. 12°. New York, Harpers, 1834.

Mletz (Pierre Edouard). Harmonies de Pintelligence humaine. 2 v. xix, 367pp; 2p. 1. 406 pp. 8°. Paris, Parent-Desbarres, 1846. S.



Allgemeine historie der reisen zu wasser und lande; oder Sammlung aller reisebeschreibungen, welche in verschiedenen sprachen von allen Völkern herausgegeben worden; ins deutsche übersetzet [von A. C. Kästner, J. J. Schwabe, und andern], v. 1-18. 4°. Leipzig, ArJcstee 8? Merhus, 1747-64. S.

[Note.—Volumes 19-21 wanting].


Y. 1. Einleitung. Von dem Ursprünge und fortgange der Schiffahrt und handlung. Die ersten reisen der Portugiesen nach Ostindien. Die ersten reisen der Engländer nach Guinea und Ostindien.

v. 2. Reisen nach verschiedenen theilen von Africa und den angränzenden eylanden.

v. 2-3. Die reisen langst der westlichen küste von Africa, von Capo Blanco his nach Sierra Leona.

V. 3. Reisen nach Guinea und Benin.

v. 3-4. Beschreibung von Guinea.

v. 4. Beschreibung der küsten von Rio da Volta bis an das Vorgebirge Lope Gonsalvo. Schiffahrten und reisen nach Guinea und Benin, Kongo und Angola.

V. 4-5. Beschreibung der königreiche Loango, Kongo, Angola, Benzuela und den angränzenden ländern.

T. 5. Beschreibung der länder längst der ostlichen
küste von Africa, vom Vorgebirge der Guten
Hoffnung nach capo Guarda Fuy.
Reisen nach dem reiche China.

v. 6. Beschreibung von China.

v. 6-7. Beschreibung von Korea, der westlichen Tartar ey und Tibet.

V. 7. Reisen durch die Tartarey, Tibet and Bucharey, nach und von China.

V. 8. Reisen der Hollander nach Ostindien.
Reisen der Franzosen nach Ostindien.

V. 9. George Juan und Antonio de Ulloa reise nach

v. 10-11. Reisen der Franzosen und anderer nach Ostindien.

V. 12. Reisen nach Ostindien durch Südwest. ~
Reisen nach den Südländern.
Irrende reisen, oder solche, die kein gewisses
vorgesetztes ziel haben.

v. 13. Erste reisen, entdeckungen und niederlassungen der Europäer in America.

v. 14. Geschichte und beschreibung von Neu-Frankreich, durch Charlevoix.

v. 15. Fortsetzung der reisen, entdeckungen und niederlassungen in America.

y. 16. Fortsetzung der reisen, entdeckungen und niederlassungen in dem Südlichen America.

Y. 17. Fortsetzung der reisen, entdeckungen und niederlassungen in Nordamerica. Reisen und niederlassungen auf den Antillen.

v. 18. Zusätze zu dem viii-xii bandes aus dem x bände der holländischen ausgäbe.

All-round (The) route guide. [New York, Canada, and New England]. 86 pp. 18°. Montreal, Montreal publ. co. 1868.

Allyn (William G.) Allyn's exchange tables, [etc.] for computing profit and loss, interest and exchange, [etc.] Also discount and advance tables. 2 p. 1. 180 pp. 8°. Buffalo, Faxon & Bead, 1841. ■ s.

Almanac and congressional directory for 1834. See United States congressional directory.

Almanach et directorium francais des EtatsUnis, pour 1868. 21eann6e. 124 pp. 12°. New York, J. D. Zender, [1868].

Almanach de Gotha. See Gothaischer hof kalender.

Almaraz (Eamon, director). Memoria de los trabajos ejecutados por la comision cientifica de Pachuca en el aiio de 1863, [etc.] Mandada publicar de orden de S. M. J. por el ministerio de fomento. 358 pp. 3 maps. 6 pi.

5 tab. 8°. Mexico, Andrade y Escalante, 1865. s.

Almon (John). Parliamentary register. See

Great Britain. Almonte (Juan Nepomuceno). Guia de foras

teros y repertorio de conocimientos utiles.

viii. 638 pp. 3 maps. 1 pi. 1 tab. 16°.

Mexico, J. Cumplido, 1852. S.

Alpino (Prospero). De planus Aegypti liber,

[etc]. Accessit etiam liber de balsamo alias

editus. 4 p. 1. 88 1. 4°. Venetiis, apud

Franciscum de Franciscis Senensem, 1592.

The presages of life and and death in

diseases. In which the whole Hippocratic method of predicting the terminations and events of diseases is illustrated and confirmed. Translated by E. James. 2 v. xi, 386 pp. 12 1.; 2 p. 1. 359 pp. 18 1. 8°. London, Q. Strahan, 1746.

Alsop (Samuel). An elementary treatise on Algebra. 288 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, E. C.

6 J.Biddle, 1846. S. - The same. A treatise on algebra. 3d ed.

323pp. 12°. Philadelphia,E.C.&J.Biddle, 1855. s.

First lessons in algebra. 116 pp. 12°.

Philadelphia, E. C. & J. Biddle, 1849 S.

Key to first lessons in algebra. 73 pp.

12°. Philadelphia, E. C. & J. Biddle, 1850. S

The same. New ed. 88 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, E. C. fy J. Biddle, 1853. S.

Alton (Johann Samuel Eduard d'). De monstrorum duplicium origme atque evolutione commentatio. 49 pp. 4°. JIalis, formis plcetzianis, 1848. s

Alvarez (Alönso). Progress and intelligence of Americans, founded upon the normal and absolute servitude of inferior animates to mankind, as indicated by the order of nature and by the acts of creation, as laid down in the bible: progress of that servitude South and Southwest, as new territory may be acquired. Translated by the author. 595, xvii pp. 8°. [New York] f author, 1865.

Alvarez (Francisco). Noticia del establecimiento y poblacion de las colonias inglesas en laAmericaSeptentrional. 196pp. 8°. Madrid, A. Fernandez, 1778.

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