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A tour in tartan land. By Cuthbert

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■ The same. Continuation, Edward i to

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[With his "Continuation of the complete history of England"].

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[Note.—Impression limited to 49 copies].

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From the German, by Rev. W. J. Wiseman, 215 pp. 16°. New York, Benziger bros. 1867.

Brandis (Johann). ttber den historischen gewinn aus der entzifferung der assyrischen inschriften. Nebst einer ubersicht liber die grundziige des assyrisch-babylonischen keilschriftsystems. vi, 126 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Berlin, W. Hertz, 1856.

Brandreth (Benjamin, M. D.) The doctrine of purgation. Curiosities from ancient and modern literature. A collection of quotations from Hippocrates and other medical writers, proving that purgation is the corner-stone of all curatives. Compiled by B. Brandreth. 224 pp. 8°. New YorJc, BaJcer 8? Godwin, 1887.

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St. Petersburg, 1851.

[With Middendorf (A, T. von), Reise, etc. v. 2. theil I].

Brandt (R. J.) Okalluktualiaat, nuktersimarsut, R. J. Brandt-mit, [etc.] ark' iks5rsimorsut titarnekartisimarsudlo P, Kragh-mit, [etc.] 118 pp. 12Q. Kjobenhavnime.F.D, Tengnagelib, 1839. s.

Brandy (The) drops; or, Charlie's pledge. A temperance story. By aunt Julia. [anon.~\ 103 pp. 1 pi. 16°. New YorJc, Carlton <& Porter, 1858. s.



Brasyls schuyt-praetjen, ghehouden tusschen een officier, een domine, en eencoopman, noopende den staet van Brasyl. [anon.'] 12 1. sm. 4°. [Amsterdam] f West-Indische lamer, 1849.

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[In PETERS (W. G. H.) Nat. reise nach Mossambique. Botanik].

Betrachtungen iiber die erscheinung der

verjiingung in der natur, inshesondere in der lebens-und bildungsgeschichte der pflanze. xvi, 364 pp. 3 col. pi. 4°. Freiburg im Breisgau, H. M. Poppen, 1849-50. S. Braun (Johann Baptist). Das Mrchliche vermogen von der aitesten zeit bis auf Justinian i. mit besonderer rtxcksicht auf die verwaltung desselben gegeniiber dem staate. 4 p. 1. 80 pp. 8°. Greisser, W. Keller, 1880. s. Braun (Johann Wilhelm Joseph), and Elvenich (Peter Joseph). Acta romana [de Georgii Hermesii libris]. xxxii, 284 pp. 8°, Hannover ce, Helming, etc. 1838. s. —-—"(editors). Meletematatheologica, vi, 106 pp. 8°. Hannoverce, ex libr. aul, helwingiana, etc. 1838, s. Bravo (Bartolome). Compendium latino-hispanum, utriusque linguae, veluti lumen Petri de Salas. Accedent verba sacra ex adversariis J. L. de la Cerda. [anon.] Ed. nov. viii, 743 pp. 8°. [Madrid], ex typographic, regies societatis, 1829. Brazil. Coleccao de documentos officiaes, [etc.] 8°. Bio de Janeiro, 1861. [With Rio Janeiro. Almanak, 1861]. ■ The empire of Brazil at the Paris international exhibition of 1887. [With a glance at the empire]. 139, iii, 197 pp. 1 map. 8°. Bio de Janeiro, E. 8? H. Laemmert, 1867. Breckenridge (Eobert Jefferson). Third defence against the calumnies of Eobert Wickliffe. 90 pp. 8°. Baltimore, B. J. Matchett, 1843. s. Breed (William P. B.B.) The theatre. [An essay]. 35 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, presbyterian board of publication, [1868], Under the oak. 304 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, presb. board of pub. [1866]. Brehm (Christian Ludwig). Die eier der europaeischen voegel. See Badeker (F. W. J.)

Breitenbach (Bernhard von). [Die heyligen
reysen gen Jherusalem]. 1481. fol. Meyntz,
Erhart reivich von Uttricht, 1486.
[Imperfect: 16 1. wanting in the body of the work].

Breithaupt (Christian). Ars decifratoria, sive scientia occvltas scriptvras solvendi et legendi. Prsemissa est disqvisitio historica de variis modis occvlte scribendi tarn apvd veteres qvam recentiores vsitatis. 160 pp. 61. 16°. Helmstadii, C. F. Weigand, 1737. S.

Bremen. Zur statistik des bremischen staats. xxii, 97 pp. 4°. Bremen, H. Strode, 1862. S.

Tabellarische uebersicht des bremischen

handels im jahre 1849[-62], zusammengestellt durch die behorde far die handelsstatistik. 13 v. 4°. Bremen, J. G. Heyse, H. Strach, 1850-63. s.

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■ Life, letters, and posthumous works.

Edited by Charlotte Bremer. From the Swedish, by F. Milow [and] Emily Nonnen. x, 439 pp. 12°. New York, Hurd & Houghton, 1888,

Brentano (Clemens, editor). Des knaben wunderhorn. See Aruim (L. A. von), and Brentano.

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Brereton (Bev. C. D.) Observations on the administration of the poor laws in agricultural districts. 3d ed. 124 pp. 8°. London, Hatchard cf son, [about 1825].

A practical inquiry into the number,

means of employment, and wages of agricultural laborers. 2d ed. xxiii, 110 pp. 8°. London, Hatchard tfe son, [about 1826]. [ With Brereton, (C. D.) Observations on the poor laws, &c. 3d ed.]

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Breydenbach (Bernhard von). See Breitenbach.

Brewster (Sir David). The kaleidoscope, its history, theory, and construction, with its application to the useful arts. 2d ed. viii, 189 pp. 1 pi. 16°. London, J. Murray, 1858. s. BRICE.


Brice (Wallace A.) History of Fort "Wayne, from the earliest known accounts of this point, to the present period. Embracing an extended view of the aboriginal tribes of the northwest, more especially the Miamies. xvi, 324, 33 pp. 7 pi. 8°. Fort Wayne, (Ind.) D. W. Jones & son, 1868.

Bridgeman (Thomas). The American gardener's assistant. In three parts. Revised by S. E. Todd. New ed. 5.29 pp. 8°. New York, W. Wood <b co. 1867.


1. Kitchen gardening.

2. Fruit gardening.

3. Flower gardening.

Bridgens (R.) Sketches illustrative of the manners and costumes of France, Switzerland, and Italy, iv pp. 46 1. 50 col. pi. 4°. London, Baldwin, Cradock <b Joy, 1821.

Brief (A) extract, or summary of important arguments, advanced by some late distinguished writers, in support of the supremacy of the British legislature, and their right to tax the Americans. By a Liveryman. [anon. ] 48 pp. 8°. London, J. Willie, 1775.

Brief (A) view of the conduct of Pennsylvania for the year 1755; with an account of the inhumanities committed by the Indians [and] anecdotes relating to Quakers. lanon.~] 88 pp. 8°. London, R. Griffiths, 1756.

Briefe (A) treatise conteyning manie proper tables and easie rules, verye necessary and needefull, for the use and commoditie of all people, collected out of certaine learned mens workes. Newlie set forth and alowed. [anon."] 561. b. I. 18°. London, J. Walley, 1585.

[tf^/ibkunfels(0.) A verytruepronosticatio. 1536]. [Note.—By Win. Rastell?]

Briefe iiber religionswesen und freymaurery.

An allerley leser. \_anon.~\ 120 pp. 18°.

Frankfort a. M; Schafer, 1780.

[ With Meine gedanken iiher die zwey kleine freymaurerische schriften, 1780].

Briefless (Jeremiah, pseudon.) See Maidenthorpe.

Bright (Richard, M. D.) Clinical memoirs on abdominal tumours and intumescences. Reprinted from "Guy's hospital reports." Edited by G. H. Barlow, xviii, 326 pp. 8°. London, 1860. [new Sydenham society, v. 6].

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Brisbane (William Henry). Slaveholding ex

amined in the light of the holy bible, viii, 222 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Am. and for. antislavery society, 1847. s.

Briseno (Ramon). Estadistica bibliogr&fica de la literatura chilena. Obra compuesta en virtud de encargo especial del consejo de la universidad de Chile, xiv, 546 pp. 4°. Santiago, imprenta chilena, 1862. s.

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Brisson(Mathurin Jacques). Ornithologia, sive synopsis methodica sistens avium divisionem in ordines, sectiones, genera, species, ipsarumque varietates: \_or~\ Ornithologie; oum6thode contenant la division des oiseaux en ordres, sections, genres, especes et leurs vartetes. [Lat and Fr.] 6 v. 4°. Paris, J. B. Bauche, 1760. s.

The same. [In Latin only]. 2 v. 10 p. 1.

500 pp; 527 pp. 8°. Lugduni Batavorum, T. Maak, 1763. s.

Brissot de Warville (Jean Pierre). Examen critique des voyages dans l'Amerique septentrionale, de m. le marquis de Cha[s]tellux: ou, lettre dans laquelle on reTute principalement ses opinions sur les quakers, sur les negres, sur le peuple, et sur rhomme. 2 p. 1. 143 pp. 8°. Londres, 1786.

The same. A critical examination of the

marquis de Cha[s]tellux?s travels in North America, intended as a refutation of his opinions concerning the quakers, the negroes, the people, and mankind. From the French, with additions and corrections. 89 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. James, 1788. Oration upon the necessity of establishing at Paris a society to cooperate with those of America and London, toward the abolition of the trade and slavery of the negroes, delivered 19th February, 1788, at'Paris. 25 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, F. Bailey, 1788. [With Clarkson (JRev.T.) Impolicy of the slavetrade. Philadelphia, 1788].

Reise durch die Vereinigten Staaten von

Nord-America, im jahr 1788. Aus dem Franzosischen von T. F. Ehrmann. Ixviii, 628 pp. 1 tab. 8° Dilrkheim an der Haard, F. L. Pfahler,1792.

and Claviere (I^tienne). The commerce

of America with Europe. Shewing the importance of the American revolution to the interests of France, and pointing out the actual position of the United States in regard to trade, manufactures, and population. From BRISSOT.



the French, with the life of Brissot, by the translator, xxxv, 228 pp. portrait. 18°. New York, T. & J. Sioords, 1795.

Bristed (Charles Astor). The cowards' convention. 16 pp. 8°. New York, 1864. [loyal publication society, no. 68].

The interference theory of government.

109pp. 16°. NewYork,Leypoldt&Holt,l8&7.

Bristol (T. W.) Report on the mineral region of lake Superior. See Houghton (J.) and Bristol.

Britain (Great). See Great Britain.

British almanac and companion. 1828-30, 1843-44, 1849, and 1868. 7 v. 16°. London, C. Knight, 1828-68.

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British liberties; or, the free-born subject's inheritance: containing the laws that form the basis of those liberties, with observations thereon, \_anon.~] 6 p. 1. Ixxix, 396 pp. 8°. London, E. <& C. Billy, 1766.

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Catalogue of the fishes in the British

museum. By Albert Giinther. v. 7. 8°. London, by order of the trustees, 1868.

■— A catalogue of the manuscripts in the

Cottonian library. By J. Planta. xv, 618 pp. 38 1. fol. London, L. Mansard, 1802.

Catalogue of the specimens of heterop

terous hemiptera in the collection of the British museum. By Francis Walker. Part ii. Scutata. pp. 241-417. 8°. London, trustees of the Brit. mus. 1867.

— A guide to the Blacas collection of antiquities. By C. T. Newton. 35 pp. 16°. \_London\, by order of the trustees, 1867.

• List of the specimens of birds in the

collection of the British museum. By G. R. Gray. Part iii. Sect. 3 and 4. Capitonidse and Picidse. 137 pp. 16°. London, by order of the trustees, 1868.

British (The) naturalist; or, sketches. of the more interesting productions of Britain and the surrounding sea, in the scenes which they inhabit, xvi, 380 pp. 12°. London, Whittaker, Treacher 8r co. 1830. s

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and Richmond (B. W.) A discussion

of the facts and philosophy of ancient and

modern spiritualism. ix; 378 pp. 8°. New

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Brix {Dr. P. W.) Heizversuche. 4°. Leipzig,


[In Hartig (E.) Untersuchungen fiber die heizkraffc der steinkohlen Sachsens. I860].

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Broken idols. A story for girls, [anon.2 422 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Mass. S. S. Soc. 1868.



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Broom (W. W.) An Englishman's thoughts on the crimes of the south, and the recom

pence of the north. 24 pp. 8°. New York,


[loyal publication society, no. 84]. Great and grave questions for American

politicians, with a topic for America's statesmen. ByEboracus. [pseudon.] 122 pp. 8°.

New York, C. S. Westcott $• co. 1865. s.

Brother Mason, the circuit rider; or, ten years

a methodist preacher, [cmcm.] 310 pp. 1 pi.

12°. Cincinnati, H. M. Bidison, 1855. s. Brougham (John). The Bunsby papers. 2d

series. Irish echoes. With designs by Mc

Lenan. 298 pp. 2 pi. 12°. New York, Derby

Sf Jackson, 1856. Broughton (J. C. Hobhouse, baron). See

Hobhouse (John Cam). Brown (Andrew Belts). Notes on the various

departments of the Paris exhibition, 1867.

12°. London, 1868.

[In Engineering facts and figures for 18671. editor. See Engineering facts and


Brown (Carrie L.) Poems. 112 pp. 16°. Boston, C. M. Brown, 1867.

Brown (Bev. Henry). Arminian inconsistencies and errors, in which it is shown that all the distinctive doctrines of the presbyterian confession of faith are taught by standard writers of the methodist episcopal church. 430 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, W. S. & A. Martien, 1857. s.

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Brown (James, grammarian). An appeal from the absurdities and contradictions which pervade and deform the old theory of English grammar, to the true constructive principles of the English language. 1 p. 1. x, 209 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. T. Lange, 1850. s. An English grammar, in three books.

Book i-ii. 2 v. 12°. Philadelphia, J. J. Lange, 1849. s.

[v. 3 wanting].

Brown (Bev. James Baldwin). Idolatries, old and new: their cause and cure. 4 p. 1. 158 pp. 12°. London, Jackson, Walford & Rodder, 1867.

The soul's exodus and pilgrimage. 2d

ed. xx, 415 pp. 12°. London, Smith, Elder & co. 1862.

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