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Cherokee primer. Anitsalagi tsunalenvtodi tsunadeloquasdi. 24 pp. 24°. Park Hill, mission press, 1840.

-The same. Park Hill, mission press,


Cherry the missionary; or, the church in the wilderness, \_anon.~] 236 pp. 4 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, 1868.

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Chetwood (William Rufus). A general history

of the stage, from its origin in Greece down

to the present time. With memoirs of the

principal performers on the English and Irish

stage for these last fifty years. 4 p. 1. 256 pp.

16°. London, W. Owen, 1749.

Chevalier (Michel). Lettres a m. Wolowski,

sur la question des banques.

[In WOLOWSKI (L. F. M. R.) La banque <TAngleterre. 1867. pp. 189-250, 391-400.]

On the probable fall in the value of gold;

the commercial and social consequences which may ensue, and the measures which it invites. Translated from the French, with preface, by Richard Cobden. 211 pp. 8°. New Yorh, D. Appleton $ co. 1859. s.

Chevreul (Michel Eugene). De la loi du contraste simultan6 des couleurs et de Tassortiment des objets colori^s. Atlas. 1 p. 1. 2 pp. 40 col. pi. 4°. Paris, Pitois-Levrault & cief 1839. s.'

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v. 2. Canzonette amorose morale: erli scherzi, retc.l 392 pp. L

v. 3. Poemati profanie sacri. 316 pp.

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The same. HalPs business directory of

Chicago, [1856]. xii, 94 pp. 16°. Chicago, Hall & co. 1856. s.

Chicago directories.—Hall & co's. Chicago city directory and business advertiser, for 1854-55. 3d annual ed. 8°. Chicago, B.Fergus, [1854]. s.



— D. B. Cooke & co's. directory of Chicago

for 1858 and 1859. 2 v. 8°. Chicago, D. B. CooJce & co. 1858-59.

■ Smith & Du Moulin's Chicago city di

rectory for the year ending May 1, 1860. 8°. Chicago, Smith $ Du Moulin, [1859].

• Halpin & Bailey's Chicago city direc

tory for the years 1861, 1863, and 1864 3 v, 8°. Chicago, Halpin 8? Bailey, 1861-64.

Child (Sir Josiah). Britannia languens; or, a discourse of trade. [anon,] 4p.l. 310 pp. 41. 16°. London, T. Bring, 1680.

A new discourse of trade, with treatise

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The same. Biographies of good wives.

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Childe (E. V.) Edward Vernon; my cousin's story. 194 pp. 12°. New York, Harpers, 1848. s.

Children's hearts and hands. [anon.~\ 96 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, American Sunday school union, 1868.

Chili. Anuario estadístico de la república de Chile, v. 1-6. 4o. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1861-64. S.

— Apuntes hidrográficos sobre la costa de

Chile, acompañados de algunos planos levantados por los oficiales de la armada de la republica. 192 pp. 8o. Santiago, imprenta nacional, 1866. s. • Documentos parlamentarios. Discursos

de apertura en los sesiones del congreso i memorias ministeriales. 5v. Ferrocarril, 1858-59.

v. 1. Correspondientes a la administración Prieto, 183] -51. 2p.l. 395 pp.

v. 2-3. Correspondientes al primer [i] segundo quinquenios de la administración Bulnes, 1842-46. 2p.l. 467 pp; 2 p. 1.800 pp.

v. 4. En los dos primeros anos del primer quinquenio de la administración Montt, 1842-53. 2p. 1. 493 pp. 2 tab.

v. 5. En los tres últimos anos del primer quinquenio de la administración Montt, 1854-56. 2 p. 1. 658 pp. 11. 7 tab.

Estadística comercial de la república

de Chile correspondiente al ano de 1865-66. 2 v. 4o. Valparaiso, imprenta del Mercurio, 1866-67. s.

■ Estadistica de la república de Chile.

Departamento de guerra y marina. Memoria que el ministro de estado en los departamentos de guerra y marina presenta al congreso nacional, 1839-48. 10 v. inl. 4o. Santiago, imprenta del estado, etc. 1839-48. S. ■ Departamento de guerra. Memoria que

el ministro de estado en el departamento de guerra presenta al congreso nacional de 1865. 8o. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1865. S.

Departamento de justicia, cultot etc. Me

moria que el ministro de estado en el departamento de justicia, culto e instrucción publica presenta al congreso nacional de 1856-58. 3 v. 8o. Santiago de Chile, imprenta nacional, 1856-58. s. Departamento de marina. Memoria que

Provincia del Maule, v. 1. viii, 179 pp. 8o. Santiago, imprenta de los tribunales, 1845. S.

el ministro de estado en el departamento de marina presenta al congreso nacional de 1849-53. 5 v. 4o. Santiago de Chile, J. Belinico. 1849-53. S.

Chinese mission. See Presbyterian church, U.S.A.

Choiseul-Gouffier (Marie Gabriel Florent Auguste, comte de). Voyage pittoresque de la Greee. [anon.] 2 v, [v. 1, le tirage]. 3p.l. xvi, 204 pp. 127 pi. and maps. 1 tab; 2 p. 1. xii pp. 2 1. 518 pp. 157 pi. on 701. 1 portrait, fol. Paris, Tilliard, graveur, 1782-1820, et J. J. Blaise, 1824.

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Christian (The) examiner. Jan. to June, 1868. v. 84. [New ser. v. 5]. 8°. New York, J. Miller, 1868.

Christian (The) orator; or, a collection of speeches delivered before religious benevolent societies. By a gentleman of Massachusetts. [anon.] 3d ed. 298 pp. 18°. Charlestown, S. Etheridge, 1819.

Christie (Bev. William). A review of Dr. Priestley's theological works, with observations on his character and conduct as a christian minister. 8°. Northumberland, (Pa.) J. Binns, 1806.

[In PRIESTLEY (J.) Memoirs, v. 2. pp. 482-824.
Northumberland, 1806J.

Christine de Pisan. Extraits des écrits. 2 v.

8°. Paris, 1786.

[ROBERT (L. F. G. de). Collection des ouvrages

francois, composes par des femmes. 1786-89.

v. 2-3]. Christliche (Der) Sanger, eine sammlung der vornehmsten und gebrauchlichsten lieder, [etc.] vi, 440 pp. 18°. Skippackville,(Penn.) S. K. Cassel, 1855. s.



Christmas blossoms, and new year's wreath, for 1849, 1850, 1851, and 1854. By uncle Thomas, [pseudon.] 4 v. 12°. Philadelphia, E. IS. Butler $ co. 1849-54. s.

Christmas (The) gift, and other stories. [anon.] 176, 17 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Am. s. s. union, 1868.

Christmas greens, [anon.] 147 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, Am. s. s. union, 1865.

Christophers (John Crowch, M.D.) Observations on syphilis, and on inoculation as the means of diagnosis in ulcers and discbarges invading the genital organs, iv, 74 pp. 8°. London, J. Churchill, 1853.

Chronica regvm Manniaa et insularvm. The chronicle of Man and the Sudreys. Edited from the manuscript codex in the British museum, and with historical notes, by P. A. Munch, xxxiv, 191 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Christiania, Brogger 8? Christie, 1860. S.

The same. [Extra paper, with portrait

of Munch]. 8°. Christiania, Brogger 8{ Christie, 1860. s.

Chronica. See Cronycke.

Chronicles of Yonkers. [anon.'] 23 pp. 8°. Yonkers, privately printed, 1864.

Chronicon ecclesiae ripensis, sev annales epis

coporum ripensium, qvos ex veteri codice

manuscripto eruit et edidit Petrus Terpager.

43 pp. 16°. Havnice, ex typographeo regice

majest. 1708.

[With Toefesen (Thormod). Historia Vinlandiae antiqvae. 1705],

Chronique de la conquete de Constantinople

et de l^tablissement des Franeais en Moree,

6crite en vers politiques par un auteur

anonyme. [anon.] Traduit par J. Buchon.

xlvii, 456 pp. 11. 8°. Paris, Verdiere, 1825.

[collection de clironiques nationales franchises. v. 4].

Chroniqueuse [pseudon.] See Logan (Olive).

Chrysostom (Joannes Saint). Opera. [Latin]. 8 p. 1. cxii 1. fol. Basilea, J. de Psortz, 1504.

The same. Tomvs 1-3 opervm. [Latin]. 3 v. in 1. fol. Basilice, A. Cr 1522.

v. 1. Homiliae in Matthaeiim.

y.2. In Ioannis evangelia homiliae.

v. 3. De lavdibvs Pavli homiliae. In epistolam ad Titum, ad Philemon, ad Hehrteos, 1-2 ad Timotheum, ad Corinthios, homiliae. Adnersus uituperatores nitse monasticEe libri.

■ Sermo de penitencia. 6 1. sm. 4°. [n. p. about 1476].

Church (Albert E.) Elements of the differential and integral calculus. Improved ed.

containing the elements of the calculus of variations, viii, 344 pp. 8°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1850. S.

Church (Benjamin). History of Philip's war, commonly called the great Indian war, of 1675-76. Also, of the French and Indian wars at the eastward. With notes, [and] an appendix. By S. G. Drake. 2d ed. 360 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, J. H. A. Frost, 1827.

Church (Mrs. Florence Marryat). "Too good for him." iv, 444 pp. 16°. London, F. Warne & co. 1868.

Church of England. Portions of the book of common prayer, in the language of the Cree. Indians. [By archdeacon Hunter]. Transmitted with phonetic symbols. [By rev. R. Hunt]. 6 p. 1. 52 pp. 8°. London, church missionary house, 1856. S.

Church review and ecclesiastical register. See American quarterly church review.

Churchill (Fleetwood, M. D.) On the diseases of infants and children, xii, 636 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea <k Blanchard, 1850. S.

Churchill (Sir Winston). Divi britannici: being a remark upon the lives of all the kings, of this isle, from 2855 B. C. to 1660 A. D. 3 p. 1. 362 pp. 11. fol. London, T. Roycroft, 1685.

Churchman (John). The magnetic atlas, or variation charts of the whole terraqueous, globe, vii, 80 pp. 4°. London, J. Seioell, 1794.

Churchyard (Thomas). The mirror of man, and manners of men. London, 1594. 8 1. 4°. Reprinted, Auchinleck press, A. Bosivell, 1816. A mvsicall consort of heauenly harmonie,

called Chvrchyards charitie. London, 1595. 1 p. 1. 23 pp. 4°. Reprinted, Auchinleck press, A. Bosivell, 1816.

A pleasant discourse of court and wars:

with a replication to them both. Called [Churchyards] cherrishing. 121. 4°. Reprinted, Auchinleck press, A. Bosivell, 1816.

A praise of poetrie. London, 1595.

pp. 25-43. 4°. Reprinted, Auchinleck press, 1816.

■ A sad and solemne funerall, of the right

honorable sir Francis Knowles. London, 1596. 41. 4°. Reprinted, Auchinleck press, A. Boswell, 1816. A trve discovrse historicall, of the suc

ceeding governovrs in the Netherlands, and the ciuill warres there begunn in 1565. With the memorable services of our honorable English generals, captaiiies, and souldiers, espe



Churchyard—continued, cially under sir Iohn JSTorice, 1577-1598. Translated and collected by T. C. and Ric. Ro. [RichardRobinson] outofE.M[eteranus] his 15 bookes Historiae belgicse; and other collections added. 6 p. 1. 154 pp. sm, 4°. London, M. Lownes, 1602. [Imperfect: pp. 15-16 wanting].

Cicero (Marcus Tullius). Opera quae extant omnia: ex sola fere codd. mss. fide emendata. Studio atque industria J. Gulielmii et J. Gruteri. 4 v. in 2. 9 p. 1. 547 pp; 2 p. 1. 765 pp. fol. London, J. Dunmore, 1681.

——— De natura deorum libri tres. Cum notis integris Paulli Manucii, Petri Victorii, Joachimi Camerarii, Dionys. Lombini, Fulv. Ursini, et Joannis Walkeri, recensuit Joannes Davisius. Ed. 3a. 6 p. 1. 434 pp. 12°. Cantabrig'ice, C. Crounfield, 8fc, 1733.

De officijs cu libris eiusdem, de amicitia,

senectute, et paradoxis cum Petri Marsii, Francisci Maturancii, et Jodosi Badij ascensij explanatione. 6 p. 1. ccxxxvi 1. fol. Lugduni, P. Balet, 1516.

■ The same. De officiis libri tres. Item,

Cato major, seu de senectute; Laelius, sive deamicitia; paradoxa; et somnium Scipionis. Ed. J. Olivet. 5 p. 1. 258 pp. 8°. Edinburgh A. Kincaird & A. Donaldson, 1758. s. The same. 1 p. 1. 261 pp. 5 1. 18°.

Glasguae, A. Stalker, 1732. The same. Les offices, traduits en Fran

cois, sur la nouvelle Edition latine de Graevius. 12 p. 1.402 pp. 231. 18°. La Haye, H. van Bulderen, 1692.

- The same. Officia. Ein biicb zii seynem

sune Marco. Welchs Johansen von Schwartzenbergs etc. verteutschet, vnd volgens, durch jne, in zyerlicher Hochteutsch gebracht, mit vil figuren vnnd teiitschen reymen gemeynem nutz zii gilt in druck gegeben worden. 8 p. 1. xci 1. fol. Aug spurg, H. Steyner, 1531. ■ Cato major, or his discourse of old-age.

[Translated by James Logan]. With notes [by B. Franklin], viii, 159 pp. sm. 4°. Philadelphia, B. Franklin, 1744. — [Epistolae]. Los dos libros de las epis

tolas selectas; con traduccion i declaraciones en lengua castellana, hechas por Pedro Simon Abril. 23 p. 1. 320 pp. 16°. Valentiae, S. Fauli, 1770. s.

— Rhetorica s. de oratore comm. Omniboni

Leoniceni. De perfecto oratore. Topica. Partitiones oratoriae. De claris oratoribus. De petitione consulatus. De optimo genere

oratorum. Aeschinis et Demosthenis orationes

contrariae per Leonardum Aretinum in lat.

conversa. Epistola editoris H. Squarzafici

ad Petrum Brusonum. 2111. fol. Venitiis,

T. de Blauis, 1488. — Orationum, volumen primum, a Dionysio

Lambino emendatum. Ed. recens; 668 pp.

48°. Lugduni, J. Canier, 1679. • The same. Orationes quaedam selectae,

notis illustratae. [Edidit Carol us Folsom],

Ed. stereotypa. 278 pp. 12°. Bostonice,

Milliard, Gray, et soc. 1835. — The same. Hvictoraisons. 3 p. 1. 381pp.

18°. Paris, A. de Sommaville, 1653. ———- Oratio pro A. Licinio Archia. Jacobus

Tollius emendavit. 7 p. 1. 120 pp. 24°.

Lugd. Batav, Daniel Gaesbeeck, 1677. — Translator. [Arati Phaenomena]. Inter

pretatio [latinis versibus reddita]. 36 pp.

4°. [Lugduni-Batavorum~\, 1600.

[With GrROAT (H. de). Syntagma arateorum, 1600).

Cincinnati (The) almanac, 1839-40. 2 v. 88 pp. 1 map; 82 pp. 1 map. 1 pi. 24°. Cincinnati, Glezen & Shepard, 1839-40.

Cincinnati (Williams') almanac, business guide, and annual advertiser, 1850. 200 pp. 1 map, 16°. Cincinnati, C. S. Williams, 1850. s.

Cincinnati chamber of commerce and merchants' exchange. Annual reports for 1864 to 1867. 4 v. 8°. Cincinnati, 1864-67.

Cincinnati (daily) commercial. July, 3867, to June, 1868. 2 v. fol. Cincinnati, M. Halstead & co. 1867-68.

Cincinnati directory for 1829, 1831, 1836, 1840, 1842, and 1843. 6 v. 16°. and 8°. Cincinnati, 1829^43. [v. for 1831 and 1836-37 imperfect].

Cincinnati (daily) gazette, v. 2-3; Dec. 27, 1828, to Dec. 21,1829. v. 7-9; Jan. 7,1833, to Dec. 31, 1835. 9 v. fol. Cincinnati, 1828-35. See Liberty Hall and Cincinnati gazette.

Circe; or, three acts in the life of an artist. A

novel. By Babington White. [pseudon. ] 146

pp. 8°. New York, Harpers, 1867.

[Note.—Largely plagiarized from the '' Dalila" of Octave FeuiiletJ.

■ The mme. 2 v. 274 pp; 279 pp. 12°.

London, Ward, Lock fy Tyler, 1867. Cisneros (Francisco Jimenez de). See Jimenez

de Cisneros. Civil (The) engineer and architect's journal,

1867. v. .30. 4°. London, W. Kent $ co. 1867. Civilingenieur (Der). Zeitschrift fur das in

genieurwesen. Unter besonderer mitwirkung

von Julius Weisbach, herausgegeben von CIVILINGENIEUR.


Civilingenieur—continued. Gustav Zenner, und C. R. Bornemann. Neue folge, v. 1-10. 4°. Freiberg, J. C.Engelhardt, etc. 1854-64. s.

See, also, Xngenieur (Die).

Clack {Mrs. Louise). General Lee and Santa Claus. Christmas gift to her little southern friends. 36 pp. 6 pi. sm. 4°. New York, Blelock 4' co. 1867.

Claims (The) of the American loyalists reviewed and maintained upon incontrovertible principles of law and justice. [anon."] viii, 138 pp. 8°. London, G. $ T. Willie, 1787.

Clap (Roger). Memoirs, 1630. Boston, 1731. 62 pp. 1 1. 16°. Boston, [reprinted %] D. Clap, 1844.

[dorchester antiquarian and historical society.
Collections, No. 1].

Clar (Fr.) Anno 1724. Zur charakteristik der polnischen herrschaft. 2 p. 1. 249 pp. 12°. Bromberg, C. M. Roskowski, 1862.

Clarendon (Henry Hyde, 2d earl of). See Hyde (Henry).

Claret de Fleurieu (Charles Pierre, comte de). See Fleurieu.

Clark (A. N.) Excursion of the Putnam phalanx to Mount Vernon, Dec. 1860. 40 pp. 8°. Hartford, C. G. Geer, 1861.

Clark (Rev. Daniel, jr.) A candid discussion of christian baptism. 199 pp. 16°. Auburn, Derby $ Miller, 1854. s.

Clark (Rev. D. W. editor). Fireside reading. Historical sketches; or, narratives of strikingevents in the course of human affairs. 443 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, Stvormstedt ty Poe, 1856. S.

——— The same. Traits and anecdotes of birds and fishes. 382 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Swormstedt & Poe, 1856. s.

- The same. Travel and adventure; com

Clark (Joshua V. H.) Lights and lines of In dian character, and scenes of pioneer life. 375 pp. 1 portrait. 12°. Syracuse, E. H. Babcoch fy co. 1854. s.

Clark (Peter H.) The black brigade of Cincinnati; being a report of its labors and a muster-roll of its members, etc. 30 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, J. D. Boyd, 1864.

Clark (Stephen W.) Analysis of the English language, designed as an introduction to English grammar. 168 pp. 1 chart. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1851. s.

■ First lessons in English grammar. 156

pp. 1 pi. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes 8? co. 1857. s.

- A practical grammar; in which words,

prising some of the most striking narratives on record. 416 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, Swormstedt & Poe, 1856. s.

— Select lectures; comprising some of the

more valuable lectures delivered before the young men's christian association, in Exeter Hall, London, from 1847 to 1855. 439 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Swormstedt & Poe, 1856. s.

— ■ True tales for the spare hour; or,

sketches of life and character. 415 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, Swormstedt fy Poe, 1856. s.

Clark (John, M.D.) Observations on the diseases in long voyages to hot countries, and particularly on those which prevail in the East Indies. New ed. xvi, 366 pp. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1778.

phrases, and sentences are classified according to their offices, and their various relations to one another. 40th ed. 309 pp. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1868.

Clark (Rev. William George). Peloponnesus; notes of study and travel, xv, 344 pp. 5 maps. 8°. London, J. W. Parker & son, 1858.

Clarke (Charles). The flying scud. A sporting novel, iv, 312 pp. 16°. London, Chapman & Hall, 1868.

Clarke (Edward). A treatise upon the law of extradition. With the conventions upon the subject existing between England and foreign nations, and the cases decided thereon, x, 183 pp. 12Q. London, Stevens & Haynes, 1867.

Clarke (Rev. Edward William). The churchyard stile; twelve sermons adapted to the mechanical and agricultural population. xxiv# 211 pp. 8°. London, B, Fellowes, 1835, s.

Clarke (Henry, LL.D.) Seaman's desiderata; or, concise, practical rules for computing the apparent time at sea. With additions and corrections by John Garnett. 48 pp. 181. lpl. sm. 4°. New Brunswick, A. Blauvelt, 1801.

Clarke (Rev. James Freeman). The hour which cometh, and now is: sermons preached in Indiana-place chapel, Boston. 6, 364 pp. 12°. Boston, W. V. Spencer, 1868.

Clarke (John). An introduction to the making of Latin: comprising, after an easy, compendious method, the substance of the Latin syntax, with proper English examples, xii, 276 pp. 16°. Worcester, Lsaiah Thomas, 1786.

Clarke (Mrs. Stirling). The ladies' equestrian guide, vi, 216 pp. 9 pi. 4°. London, Day & son, 1857.

Clarke (Thomas). The two angels; or, love led: a story of either paradise; in six cantos. 194 pp. 16°. Chicago, Clarke 8? Brown, 1867.

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