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Clarke (William). The natural history of nitre. 8 p. 1.93 pp. 18°. London, N. Brook, 1670. Clarke (William H.) The American organ or organist's parlor companion. A complete system of instruction. 136 pp. obi. 4°. Boston, S. D. <fe K. W. Smith, [1868].

Home recreations: a collection of new

songs and instrumental pieces, original and selected, arranged for the parlor organ, melodeon, or piano-forte. 144 pp. obi. 16°. Boston, S. X>. & S. W. Smith, 1867. Clarkson (Thomas). Water baptism and the Lord's supper, as christian rites. 16°. Philadelphia, 1811.

[In Dell (W.) and others, Doctrines of baptism, etc. 1811. pp. 73-148]. Claviere (fitienne). Commerce of America with Europe. See Brissot de Warville (J. P.) and Claviere. Clay (Henry). Private correspondence. Edited by Calvin Colton. 642 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Boston, A. S. Barnes Sr co. 1855. S. — Speeches. [Edited] by Richard Chambers. 504 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Cincinnati, Shepard <& Stearns, 1842. Cleave (E.) Prominent mercantile houses and corporate bodies that have contributed to the growth and prosperity of New York city. 421. 6 pi. 8°. [JVew York, E. Cleave, 1868]. [With Stone (W. L.) History of New York city. 1868 ed.] Clemency Franklyn. [A novel. anon.'] 2 v. 313 pp; 333 pp. 16°, London, Macmillan, 1866. Cler (Albert). Physiologie du ruusicien. Vignettes de Daumier, etc. 126 pp. 16°. Paris, Aubert & cie; <& Lavigne, [1841]. [With ALHOY (M.) Physiologie du voyageur]. Cleveland (Charles Dexter). A compendium of English literature, chronologically arranged, from Sir John Mandeville to William Cowper. 776 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, JE. C. &J.Biddle, 1848. S.

Lyra sacra americana; or gems from

American sacred poetry. With notes and biographical sketches, viii, 328 pp. 18°. New York, C. Scribner Sr co. 1868. Cleveland (Henry EusselL). A selection from [his] writings. With a memoir, by George S. Hillard. li, 384 pp. 12°. Boston, printed for private distribution, 1844. S.

Clichtove (Josse). Ars supputadi tarn per calculos quos per notas arithmeticas. 4°. n. p. [1517]?

[In Faber (J.) Introductio in arithmecam Seuerini


■ Elucidatorivm ecclesiasticvm, ad offi

civm ecclesiae pertinentia planivs exponens. 6 p. 1. 230 1. fol. Basilece, Io. Frobenius, 1519.

[With THIERRY (Jean, of Langres). Homiliarius doctorum. 1516]. Clodore (Jean de). Relation de ce qui s'est passe dans les isles et terre-ferme de 1'Amerique, pendant la derni&re guerre avec TAngleterre et avec un journal du dernier voyage du Sr de la Barre en le terre-ferme, et isle de Cayenne. Par I. C. S. D. V. [J". Clodore, secretaire de vaisseaux]. 2 v. 30 p. 1. 386 pp; 3 p. 1. 494 pp. 18°. Paris, G.Clovzier, 1671. Cloizeaux (A. Des). See Des Cloizeaux. Clok (Henry, V. S.) The diseases of sheep - explained and described, with the proper remedies to prevent and cure the same. With an essay on cattle epidemics. 146 pp. 5 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, Claxton, Bemsen Sr Haffelfinger, 1868. Clopper (Jonas). Fragments of the history of Bawlfredonia: containing an account of the discovery and settlement of the great southern continent, and of the formation and progress of the Bawlfredonian commonwealth. By Herman Thwackius. [pseudon.] 2 p. 1. 164 pp. 1 pi. 8°. [Baltimore] f 1819. Closset (A. de). Histoire de la langue et de la literature provencales. 1 p. 1. xviii, 112 pp. 8°. Bruxelles, T. Lesigne, 1845. S. Cluny (Alexander). Le voyageur am^ricain, ou observations sur P6tat actuel, la culture, le commerce des colonies brittaniques en Amerique. Traduit de l'Anglois. Augments par m. Jh. M[andrillon]. \anon.~\ viii, 197, 164 pp. 1 map. 3 tab. 8°, Amsterdam, J. Schuring, 1782. Cluver (Philipp). Introductio in universam geographiam tam veteram quam novam, notis, etc. olim ornata a J. Bunone; jam locupletata annotationibus, etc. J. F. Hekelii et J. Reiskii. 3 p.l. 429 pp. 22 1. 36 maps. 6 pi. 4°. Londini, S. Nicholson, 1711. Coates (George). Herd book; containing the pedigrees of improved short-horned cattle. [Continued] by H.Strafford, v. 17. 8°. London, S. & J. Brawn, 1867. Cobarruvias Orozco (Sebastian de). See

Covarrubias Horozco. Cobb (Howell). A scriptural examination of the institution of slavery in the United States; with its objects and purposes. 173 pp. 12°. Georgia, author, 1856. S.

Cobb (Sophia Dickinson). Hillsboro' farms. 423 pp. 12°. Boston, Lee 8? Shepard, 1869.



Cobbe (Frances Power). Hours of work and play. 2 p. 1. 274 pp. 16°. London, N Trubner <f co. 1867.

Cobbett (William). The democratic judge; or, the equal liberty of the press, as exhibited, explained, and exposed, in the prosecution of William Cobbett, for a pretended libel against the king of Spain and his embassador, [etc.] By Peter Porcupine, [pseudon.] 102 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. Cobbett, 1798.

A grammar of the English language.

213 pp. 18°. New York, J, Doyle, 1833.

History of the American jacobins, commonly denominated democrats. By Peter Porcupine. [pseudon.J 48 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, 1796,

[ With Playfair (William). History of Jacobinism. Phila. 1796.]

Letters to lord Hawkesbury and Henry

Addington, on the peace with Buonaparte. 2d ed. 4 p.l. 259, xciv. pp. 8°. London, Cobbett # Morgan, 1802.

Paper against gold, and glory ^against

prosperity. 2 v. viii, 523 pp; iv. 100, cxxvii pp. 8°. London, J. McCreery, 1815.

—The rush-light. By Peter Porcupine.

[pseudon]. v. 1. nos. 1-5. Feb. 15-April 30, 1800. 258 pp. 8°. NewYorh, 'w. Cobbett,1800. {With Cobbett (W.) The scarecrow. Phila. 1796.]

The scare-crow; being an infamous let

ter sent to J. Oldden, threatening destruction to his house and violence to his tenant, W. Cobbett; with remarks on the same. By Peter Porcupine, [pseudon.2 23pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. Cobbett, 1796.

Le tuteur anglais; ou, grammaire regu

liere de la langue anglaise. 8, 328 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, T. $ W. Bradford, 1805. [Imperfect, pp. wanting at the end].

A year's residence in the U. S. of America.

Part 1. [Description of the climate, seasons, and soil, and of ruta baga turnip culture]. 134 pp. 16°. New York, Clayton fy Kingsland, 1818. Cobden (Richard). Political writings. 2 v. vii, 496 pp; v, 447, vii pp. 8°. London, Bidgway, 1867.


v. 1. England, Ireland, =and America, 1835.

Russia, 1836.

1793 and 1853, in three letters. v. 2. Letter to Henry Ashworth.

How wars are got up in India. The origin of the Burmese war.

What next—and next? {Russian war].

The three panics; an historical episode.

Cocheni (Martin von). Grosser baumgarten bepflanzt mit den schonsten morgen-abendmess-,beicht-, communion- und vespergebeten,

nebst vielen andern andachtsubungen zu Gott, etc. Neu herausgegeben von F. Willam. 510 pp. 18°. New York, C. & N Benziger, 1868.

Cochran (Bev. Wesley). The life of human souls. 224 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Perkinpine <& Higgins, 1868,

Cockburn (William, M.D.) Profluvia ventris; or, nature and causes of loosenesses plainly discovered, [etc.] 10p. 1.178 pp. 16°. London, B. Barker, 1701.

Coddington (David Smith). Speeches and addresses,with a biographical sketch. [Edited by J. Coddington]? xxxii, 177 pp. portrait. 8°. New York, Appletons, 1866.

Coffin (Robert Barry). Cakes and ale at Woodbine; from twelfth night to new year's day. By Barry Gray, \_pseudon.~] 229 pp. 12°. New York, Kurd & Houghton, 1868.

Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh. The war of the Gaedhil with the Gaill; or, the invasions of Ireland by the Danes and other Norsemen. The original Irish text, edited with translation and introduction, by James Henthorn Todd, ccvii, 348 pp. 2fac-sim. 8°. London, Longmans, 1867.

[great Britain and Ireland (Chronicles, etc. of) during the middle ages].

Coggeshall (William T.) The signs of the times: comprising a history of the spirit-rappings, in Cincinnati and other places; with notes on clairvoyant revealments. 144 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, author, 1851.

Coghill (J. Henry). Abroad. Journal of a tour through Great Britain and on the continent, xi, 314 pp. 12°. New York, Sheldon & co. 1868.

Cogolludo (Diego Lopez de). -Historia de Yucathan. Sacada a lvz por Francisco de Ay eta. Engraved title. 15 p. 1. 760 pp. 16 1. 1 pi. fol. Madrid, J. Garcia, 1688.

Cohen (Bernard). Supplement to the seventh

edition of Fairman on the funds. 50 pp. 8°.

London, J. Bichardson* 1827.

[With FAIRMAN (William). Account of the funds. 1824].

Coke (Edward Thomas). A subaltern's furlough: descriptive of scenes in the United States, upper and lower Canada, [etc.] during 1832. 2v. 222 pp; iv, 188 pp. 12°. New York, Harpers, 1833.

Colburn (Warren). Arithmetic; being a sequel to first lessons in arithmetic. 3d ed. xi, 267 pp. 16°. Boston, Cummings, Hilliard 8? co. 1826.

-Intellectual arithmetic, upon the inductive method of instruction. 172 pp. 18°. Hallowell, (Me.) Glazier fy co. 1828.



Introduction to algebra* 276 pp. 12°.

Boston, Milliard, Gray 8? co. 1841. S.

Colburn's united service magazine, and naval and military journal. Sept. 1867, to Dec. 1868. 4 v. 8°. London, Hurst Sf Blachett, [1868].

Cole (Christian). Historical and political memoirs, containing letters by sovereign princes, state ministers, admirals, and general officers, etc. from almost all the courts in Europe, 1697-1708. [2ded.] xii, 559 pp. fol. London, J, Millan, 1735.

Cole (Henry). Hand-book of Hampton court. With embellishments. By Felix Summerly. \_pseudon.~] 16°. London, 1841.

Coleman (Lyman, D. D.) A church without a bishop. The apostolical and primitive church, popular in its government, and simple in its worship. With an essay by A. Neander. 432 pp. 12°. Boston, Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1844.

Coles {Bev. George). Incidents of my later years. 315 pp. 18°. Neio York, Carlton & Phillips, 1855. S.

Colfax (Schuyler). Speeches. 8°. New York, 1868.

[In Martin (E. W.) The life of Schuyler Colfax.

Colhouer (T. H.) Eepubliean methodism contrasted with episcopal methodism; and the policy of the methodist church, illustrated and defended. With an introductory essay by rev. W. Reeves, vii, 186 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, JDaughaday & co. 1868.

Collection de chroniques nationales franchises, &crites en langue vulgaire du 13e au 16e si&cle, avec notes, etc. par J. A. Buchon. 47 v. 8°. Paris, VerdUre, 1824-29/

CONTENTS, v. 1-2. Histoire de Constantinople, par Du Fresne

Du Cange. v. 3. La prise de Constantinople, par Geoffroy De

Ville Hardoin. v. 4. Conquete de Constantinople, par un auteur

anonyme. v. 5-6. Chronique de Ramon Muntaner. Y. 7-8. Blanche des royaux lignages; chronique

m6trique de Guillaume Guiart. v, 9. Chronique mitrique de Godefroy de Paris, v. 10. Poisies de Froissart. v. 11-25. Chroniques de Froissart. v. 26-40. Chroniques de Monstreletet continuations, v. 41. Chronique de J. de Lalain, par G. Chastelain. v. 42-43. Des dues de Bourgogne, par G. Chastelain. v. 43-47. Chroniques de Jean Molinet.

Collection (A) of epigrams, [.with] a critical

, dissertation on this species of poetry, \anon.

By W. Oldys? 1st series], xxiii pp. 132 1.

16°. London, J. Walthoe, 1727. The same. 2d ed. 2 v. xii pp. 172 1;

132 1. 16°. London, J. Walthoe, 1735-37. Collection (A) of hymns for the use of native

christians of the Mohawk language, Ne karo

ronh ne teyrighwaghkwatha ne ne enyontste ne yagorihwiyoghstonh kanyengehaga niyeweantenh. Translated by A. H. Hill. 39, 68 pp. 32°. New York, 1829.

Collections with regard to the case of the American loyalists, [owwm.] 7pp. fol. \_London? about 1783],

Collingwood (Cuthbert). Rambles of a naturalist on the shores and waters of the China sea: being observations in natural history during a voyage to China, Formosa, Borneo, Singapore, etc. 1866-67. 1 p. I. xiv, 445 pp. 3 pi. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1868.

Collins (Arthur). The peerage of England; or, an historical and genealogical account oi the present nobility, with the coats of arms of each family. 3d ed. corrected. 2 v. in 1. 3 p. 1. 486, 286,23 pp. 8°. London, A. Collins, 1715.

— The same. 2d ed. 4 v. 8°. London, W,

Lnnys, 1741.

- The same. Supplement, (to ed, 1741,)

containing succession of peers from 1740.] 2 v. viii, 398 pp. 81; 21. 399-820 pp. 8 L 8°. London, W. Lnnys, 1750. The same. 4th ed. 7 v. 8°. London, H,

Woodfall, 1768. Collins (Charles Allston), At the bar. A tale. 2t. 4 p. 1'303 pp; 2 p. I. 330 pp. 12°.

London, Chapman <k Hall, 1866.

The bar sinister. A tale. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 305

pp; 2 p. 1.336pp. 12°. London, Smith, Elder

$ co. 1864. Collins (William Wilkie). The moonstone. A

novel. With illustrations. 223 pp. 1 pi. 8°.

New York, Harpers, 1868. Collyer (Bev. Robert). Nature and life: sermons. 6th ed. 4 p. 1. 313 pp. 16°. Boston,

H. B. Fuller, 1868. Colman (George, the younger). Poetical works,

16°, Philadelphia,!^.

Broad grins, viii, 81 pp.
Poetical vagaries, xii, 168 pp.
Eccentricities for Edinburgh, v, 75 pp.

Colman (Julia). The boys' and girls' illustrated bird book. 140 pp. 4 col. pi. sm. 4°. New York, Carlton & Porter, [1857]. s.

Colmeiro (Miguel). Labotaniea y los botanicos de la peninsula hispano-lusitana. Estudios bibliogr^ficos y biogr^ficos. Obra premiada por la biblioteca nacional. xi, 216 pp. 8°. Madrid, gobierno, 1858. S,

[SPAIN. Biblioteca nacionall.

Colonizationist (The) and journal of freedom, [April, 1833, to April, 1834, inch] 384 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Boston, W, Laight, 1833-34.



Colonna (Egidio). Liber deregimineprincipu.

134 1. fol. Borne, Stephanus Plannck, 1482. Colquhoun (John Campbell). William Wilberforce, his friends and his times. vii, 448 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1866. Colton (Eev. Caleb C.) Remarks, critical and moralj on the talents of Lord Byron, and the tendencies of Don Juan. By the author of Hypocrisy, a satire. [anon.] 48 pp. 8°. London, G. Wood/all, 1819. [miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 56]. Colton (Calvin). Public economy for the United States. 536 pp. 8°. New York, A. S. Barnes <k co, 1848. s.

■ The same. 2d ed. 536 pp. 8°. New

York, A. S. Barnes $ co. 1849. Columbian (The) magazine, or monthly miscellany, Sept. 1786, to Dec. 1787. v. i. [With supplement]. 890 pp 27 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, T. Seddon and others, 1786-87. Columbus. Amerikanische miscellen. Herausgegeben von C. N". Roding. Jan. 1827, zu Miirz, 1832. 11 v. in 5. 8°. Hamburg, Her old und Hoffmann & Campe, 1827-32. [Note.—Vols, for 1825-26 wanting- to complete the set]. Columbus (Ohio) directory, 1848, containing a brief history of the city, etc. By J. Siebert. 2 p. 1. 264 pp. 16°. Columbus, S. Mcdary, 1848. ■ — The same. By E. Glover and W. Henderson. 1850-51. 239 pp. 16°. Columbus, E. Glover, 1850. Comenius (Jan Amos). Janua linguarum trilinguis, [ anglo-latino-graeca ]; adjunctis metaphrasi grseea et anglicana versione. 6 p.l. 276pp. 16 pi. 16°. Londini, J. Redmayne, 1670.

« Janua linguarum reserata: sive omnium

scientiarum et linguarum seminarium: id est compendiosa latinam et anglicam, aliasque linguas, et artium etiam fundamenta addiscendi methodus: una cum januse latinitatis vestibulo. Translated [into English] by T. Horn. 207 1. 16°. London, company of stationers, 1673. Comer (George N".) Comer's navigation simplified. A manual of instruction in navigation as practised at sea. 112, 51 pp. 3 pi. 8°. New York, Harpers, 1868. Cometh up as a flower. An autobiography. [anon.] 2 v. 2 p. 1. 327 pp; 294 pp. 12°. London, JR. Bentley, 1867. Comfort (Lucy Randall, pseudon f) Folks and fairies, stories for little children. With engravings. 259 pp. 1 pi. sq. 16°. New York, Harpers, 1868.

Comforts of human life; or smiles and laughter of Charles Chearful and Martin Merryfellow. By Charles Chearful. [pseudon.] 2d ed. 238 pp. 1 pi. 12°. London, Oddy & co. 1807.

Comical fights and fighting comicals, showing how the noble art is burlesqued, [anon. Illustrated.] 31pp. 4°. New York, Abraham & Needham, 1868.

Commercial convention. Proceedings of the commercial convention, held in Detroit, July 11-14, 1865. 276 pp. 8°. Detroit, convention, 1865.

Commercial (The) and financial chronicle; a weekly newspaper. July, 1867, to Dec. 1868. v. 5-7. fol. New York, W. B. Dana & co. 1867-68.

Compagnoni (Giuseppe). Storia delP America, in continuazione del compendio della storia universale del conte di Segur. [Con uno indice.] 29 v. in 15. 24°. Milano, Fusi, Stella, e compagnia, 1820-23.

Companion (The). After-dinner table talk. By Chetwood Evelyn, esq. [pseudon.] 192 pp. 1 portrait. 8°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1850. g.

Complete course of meditations for the use of the sisters of charity, [anon."] 3 v. 16°. Philadelphia, Sherman & co. 1868.

Compton ( Charles ). The savings bank assistant; containing a practical and ready method of calculating interest on deposits in savings banks; with numerous tables, xi, 144 pp. 12°. London, author, 1829. s.

Comstock (John Lee). Natural history ot quadrupeds. 73 pp. 4°. New York, Pratt Woodford <& co. 1848.

The young botanist; being a treatise on

the science. 3d ed. 243 pp. 1 col. pi. 24°. New York, Pratt, Woodford $ co. 1850. s.

Conant (Helen S.) The butterfly hunters. With illustrations, vi, 167 pp. sm. 4°. Boston, Ticknor 8f Fields, 1868.

Concord (New Hampshire). A municipal register, containing the city charter and ordinances, [etc.] 80 pp. 8°. Concord, city council, 1855.

The Concord directory, 1867-8. 150 pp.

8°. Boston, Dudley & Greenough, 1867.

Condie (D. Erancis, M. D.) A practical treatise on the diseases of children. 6fch ed. 783 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1868.

Confederate States of America (The so-called). Compilation of the tariff act. approved May 21st, 1861, showing the rates of duties payable on imported goods, wares, and merchandise, CONFEDEKATE.


Confederate states, etc.—continued, from and after Sept. 1, 1861, alphabetically arranged. By P. E. Walden. vil, 282 pp. 8°. New Orleans, Corson tf Armstrong, 1861.

Conference on missions held in 1860 at Liverpool; including the papers read, the deliberations, and the conclusions reached. Edited by the secretaries to the conference. 10th thousand, xi, 428 pp. 8°. London, J. Nisbet $? co. 1860. s.

Configliachi (Pietro) and Rusconi (Mauro). Del proteo anguino di Laurenti monografia. 3 p. 1. 119 pp. 4 pi. 4°. Pavia, Fusi e comp. 1819. S.

Congrès international des réformes douanières réuni à Bruxelles, 23-25 Septembre, 1856. 2 p. 1. xx, 363 pp. 8°. Bruxelles, M. Weissenbruch, 1857. S.

Congressional (The) globe and appendix ; first session, fortieth congress. Mar. 4-30, July 3-20, Nov. 21-Dec. 2, 1867. 4°. Washington, 1867.

Connecticut {Colony of). Public records from Aug. 1689, to May, 1706. Edited by C. J. Hoadly. vi, 574 pp. 8°. Hartford, Case, LocJcivood & Brainard, 1868.

(State of). Annual report of the board

of education, 1868, [with] the annual report of the secretary of the board. 8°. New Haven, Tuttle, Morehouse <k Taylor, 1868.

Goodwin's annual legislative statistics,

1850-65. 2 v. in 1. 8°. New Haven, 1850-65,

Conradi ( Andreas Christian). Cholera i

Christiania og dens Omegn i aaret 1853. 8°.

Christiania, 1854.

[ With NORWAY. Actstykker ang. cholera-epidemien i Norge].

Constance Aylmer. A story of the 17th century. By H. F. P. [anon.] 347 pp. 12°. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1869. Constant-Rebecque (Henri Benjamin de). Collection complète des ouvrages publiés sur le gouvernement représentatif et la constitution actuelle de la France, formant une espèce de cours de politique constitution elle. 4 v. in 6. 8°. Paris, etc. P. Plancher, etc. 1817-20. S. [v. 1-2 imperfect}.

CONTENTS: v. 1. Introduction; réflexions sur les constitutions et les garanties; esquisse de constitution; de la liberté des brochures, des pamphlets et des journaux. v. 2. Observations sur le discours de le ministre de l'intérieur en faveur du projet de loi sur la liberté de la presse; de la responsabilité des ministres; de la doctrine politique qui peut réunir les partis en France; histoire de la session de la chambre des députés, 1816-17; questions sur la législation actuelle de la presse en France. v. 3. Des elections de 1817; entretien d'un électeur avec lui-même ; réponse aux attaques dirigées contre lui pendant les élections; lettres et pièces relatives à Wilfred Regnault, condamné à mort; exposé de la prétendue conspiration de Lyon, en 1817; extrait

du compte rendu de m. de Sainneville; lettres à m. Ch. Durand sur les protestants de Nimes; des élections de 1818; des réactions politiques; essai sur la contre-révolution d' Angleterre en 1660. v. 4. Éloge de sir Samuel Romilly; annales de la session de 1817 à 1818; delà liberté des anciens; session des chambres de 1818 à 1819; première lettre à mm. les habitants du department delà Sarthe; de 1' opinion sur la nouvelle législation de la presse; seconde lettre à mm. les habitants du département de la Sarthe.

Constitution (The) [Washington daily]. April 13, 1859, to June 31, 1861. 4 v. fol. Washington, 1859-61.

The same. June 8, 1863, to June, 1868.

10 v. fol. Washington, T. B. Florence, 1863-68.

Contarini (Pietro). Frammento tratto dalP argoa voluptas. (Corografie dell' Istria, no. 8). 8°. Trieste, 1831. [In Rossetti (D. de'). Archeografo triestino, v. 3].

Conversations-lexicon. (Allgemeine deutsche real-encyklopâdie fur die gebildeten stânde). 8e original auflage. 12 v. 8°. Leipzig, F. A. Brochhaus, 1833-37. S.

— The same. Universal register zur 8e

auiî. des conversations-lexikon. viii, 283 pp. 8°. Leipzig, F. A. Brochhaus, 1839. s.

■ The same. Allgemeine deutsche real

encyklopàdie fiir die gebildeten stânde. Conversations-lexikon. 11e aufl. v. 11-14. OccuVenedig. 8°. Leipzig, Brochhaus, 1867-68.

Conversations-lexikon der neuesten zeit und literatur. 4 V. 8°. Leipzig, F. A. Brochhaus, 1832-34. S.

Conway (James). Forays among salmon and deer, xii, 248 pp. 12°. London, Chapman $ Hall, 1861.

Conyngham (Capt. David P.) Sherman's march through the south. With sketches and incidents of the campaign. 431 pp. 12°. New Yorh, Sheldon & co. 1865.

Cook (James). A second voyage round the world in 1772-75. 2 p. 1. 102 pp. 4°. Lon~ on, J. Almon, 1776.

A voyage towards the South Pole, and

round the world, in 1772-75, [including] captain Furneaux's narrative of his proceedings in the adventure. 4th ed. 2 v. xl, 378 pp; 3 p. 1. 396 pp. 1 map. 62 pi. 4°. London, W. Strahan f T. Cadell, 1784.

Cooke (Miss Anna B.) The home of the tulip, and other stories. 200 pp. 5 pi. 8°. New Yorh, gen. prot. episc. s. s. union, 1867.

Cooke (George). Animals after the first masters, including Carl du Jardin, D. Stoop, Dietrich, Paul Potter, Berghem, Cuyp, [etc.] for examples in drawing. 1 p. 1. 30 pp. obi. 4°. [London, Moon, Boys, 8ç. Graves, 1829]?

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