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Cooke (John Esten). Fairfax; or, the master of Greenway court. A chronicle of the valley of the Shenandoah. 405 pp. 12°. New York, Carleton & co. 1868.

Mohun, or the last days of Lee and his

paladins. Final memoirs of a staff officer serving in Virginia. From the mss. of col. Surrey of Eagles-nest, [pseudon.] 509 pp. 6 pi. 12°. New York, F. J. Huntington cf co. 1869.

Cooke (M. C.) Index fungorum britannicorum. A complete list of fungi found in the British islands. 1 p. 1. 58 pp. 8°. London, E. Hardwicke, [about 1864]. s.

— A manual of botanic terms, iv, 90 pp.

27 pi. 16°. London, E. Hardivicke, [1862]. S.

— A plain and easy account of British

fungi; with descriptions of the esculent and poisonous species, and a tabular arrangement of orders and genera, viii, 148 pp. 24 col. pi. 16°. London, E. Hardtviche, 1862. S.

Cooley (Le Eoy C.) A text book of natural philosophy; an accurate, modern, and systematic explanation of the elementary principles of the science. 315 pp. 12Q. New York, C. Scribner & co. 1868.

Cooper (James Fenimore). The bravo: a tale. [anon.] 2 v. 240pp; 236pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey fy Lea, 1831.

The headsman; or, the abbaye des vign

erons: a tale, [anon.] 2 v. 263 pp; 261pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1833.

Tha heidenmauer; or, the benedictines.

A legend of the Khine. [anon.] 2 v. 226pp; 248 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1832.

Homeward bound; or, the chase. A

tale of the sea. [anon.] 2 v. 276pp; 287pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1838.

■ The monikins. Edited by the author of

The spy. [anon.'] 2 v. 251 pp; 244pp. 12° Philadelphia, Carey, Lea fy Blanchard, 1835, Notions of the Americans: picked up by

a travelling bachelor. [anon,] 2 v. 340 pp;

359 pp. 12°. New Yorlc, Stringer & Townsend,

1850. The pathfinder; or, the inland sea. 2 v.

240 pp; 233 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Lea 8?

Blanchard, 1840. The pilot: a tale of the sea. [anon.]

5th ed. 2v. 295pp; 268pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1833. —- The pioneers; or, the sources of the Sus


quehanna. [anon.'] 2v. 284pp; 327pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey # Lea, 1832. The red rover: a tale. 534 pp. 12°.

New Yorlc, Townsend <$• co. 1859.

The spy: a tale of the neutral ground.

[anon.'] 2 v. v.l. 7Hl ed. v.2. 6th ed. 264pp; 288pp. 12°. Philadelphia,Carey#Lea, 1834.

Stories of the prairie, and other adventures of the border. Selected from the works of Cooper. 339 pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, Surd <£• Houghton, 1868.

■ The water-witch; or, the skimmer of the

seas: a tale, [anon.] 2 v. 256pp; 251pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey & Lea, 1831.

■ The wept of Wish-ton-wish: a tale.

[anon.] 2v. 251 pp; 234pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Carey, 1829.

Cooper (Peter). Letter on slave emancipation,
[addressed to Abraham Lincoln]. 8 pp. 8°.
New York, W. C. Bryant $ co. 1863.
[loyal publication society, no. 23],

The death of slavery. Letter to gov.

Seymour. [With] a letter to Abraham Lincoln. 12 pp. 8°. New York, 1863. [loyal publication society, no. 28].

Cooper (Susan Fenimore). Mount Vernon : a letter to the children of America, [sketching the life of Washington]. 70 pp. 2 pi. 18°. New York, Appletons, 1859.

Cooper (Thomas, bishop of Lincoln). Cooper's chronicle. See Lanquet (T.)

Cooper (Thomas, M.D. LL.D. formerly of Manchester). [Observations on the chemical, philosophical,metapbysical, political, and miscellaneous writings and religious opinions of Joseph Priestley]. Iv. in2. 8°. Northumberland, (Pa.) J. Binns, 1806.

[In Priestley (J.) Memoirs. 1806. Appendices 1-5. pp. 223-481].

Political essays. 2d ed. 2 p. 1. 88 pp.

8°. Philadelphia, E. Campbell, 1800.

■ Some information respecting [the United

States of ] America. 2d ed. 240 pp. 1 map. 8°. London, J. Johnson, 1795.

Cooper (Eev. W. D ?) The history of North America. 4 p. 1. 159 pp. 8 pi. 18°. Lansingburgh, T. Spencer, 1795.

Copeland. See Copland.

Copello (Juan, M.I), of Lima). Memoria sobre la profilaxis de la tisis pulmonar tuberculosa. 267 pp. 8°. Lima, J. Enrique del Campo, 1867. s.

Nuovo zoonomia, ovvero dottrina der

rapporti organici. v. 2. Parte patologico ovvero filosofia della vita morbosa. 526 pp. 8°. Lima, A. Alfaro y ca. 1861. S.

[v. 1 wanting].



Copies and extracts of several newspapers printed in New England, in the months of September, October, and November, 1765, and referred to in the letters transmitted from Francis Bernard, esq. governor of the Massachusetts bay, to the lords commissioners for trade and plantations. 5, 108 pp. fol. In. p. 1765]?

Copies of the informations and original papers

relating to the proof of the horrid conspiracy

against the late king, his present majesty, and

the government. 1 p.l. 141pp. fol. London,

T. Netvcomb, 1685.

[ With Sprat (T. bishop). True account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy, etc. 1685].

— The same.

[ With Sprat (T. bishop). True account and declaration, etc. 2d ed. 1685].

The same. 3d ed. 207 pp. 16°. London,

T. Newcomb, 1685.

Copland (Alexander). The existence of other worlds, peopled with living and intelligent beings, deduced from the nature of the universe. 210 pp. 12°. London, J. G. & F. Bivington, 1834.

The mummy awaked; a poetic contrast

between the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians and that of modern times. 12°. London, J. G. <& F. Bivington, 1834. [In the preceding-, pp. 167-210].

Coppee (Henry). Life and services of gen. U. S. Grant. [Eevised ed.] 566 pp. 2 pi. 2 maps. 12°. Chicago, western neivs co. 1868.

Coppo (Pietro). Del sito dell' Istria, a Gioseffo
Faustino. (Corografie dell' Istria, n. 2). 8°.
Trieste, 1830.
[ROSETTI (D. de'). Archeografo triestino, v. 2].

Copway (George). The traditional history and characteristic sketches of the Ojibway nation. 266 pp. 2 pi. 12°. Boston, B. B. Mussey & co. 1851.

Cordier (Claude Simon). La vie de sainte Fremiat de Chantal, fondatrice de l'ordre de la visitation de Saint Marie'. 2 p. 1. 172 pp. 16°. Orleans, Couret de Villeneuve, 1768. S.

Cordier (Mathurin). Selecta colloquiorum centuria. Notis anglicis adspersa, a G. Willymot, usui scholarum. Ed. nova. 144 pp. 24°. Edinburgh, Gul. Anderson, 1783.

— The same. [With English translation,

by John Clarke] ¥ vii, 168 pp. 24°. [>. p.

about 1780]?


The same. Les colloqves, diuisez en

quatre liures. Traduits de Latin en Francois, par Gabriel Chapuis Tour. Latin and French. 4 p. 1. 598 pp. 32°. Paris, L Libert, 1646.

Cordonnier (Hyacinthe). See Saint Hyacinthe.

Cordus (Euricius, pseudon.) See Urbanus (Henricus).

Cornelius (Peter von). Zwolf bilderzu Gothe's Faust. Gestochen von F. Ruscheweyh. 12 pi. fol. Franckfurt am Main, J. F. Wenner, [1816]. s.

Cornell (Sarah G.) Carl's home. 333 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boston, R. Royt, 1867.

Corner {Miss Julia). The child's pictorial history of England. From the 13th London ed. 201 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, R. F. Anners, 1853. s.

Cornhill (The) magazine. July, 1867, to Dec. 1868. v. 16-18. 8°. London, Smith, Elder & co. 1867-68.

Cornwallis (Caroline Frances). Philosophical theories and philosophical experience. By a pariah, [pseudon.] 91 pp. 16°. London, W. Pickering, 1841. [small hooks on great subjects, No. 1].

Selections from [her] letters. Also some

unpublished poems, original and translated. And' 'Philosophical theories and philosophical experience/' xv, 482 pp. 8°. London, Trilbner fy co. 1864.

Cornwallis (Kinahan). A panorama of the new world. 2 v. viii, 430 pp; 300 pp. 12°. London, T. C. Newby, 1859.

Correard (J.) Cours de dessin topographique a l'usage des officiers et sous officiers d'infanterie et du cavalerie, etc. xiii pp. 25 col. pi. obi. 4°. Paris, J. Correard, 1852. S.

Cortes (Fernando). Historia de Nueva-Espana, aumentada con otros docvmentos, y notas por Francisco Antonio Lorenzana. 10 p.l. 400 pp. 9 1. 1 map. 32 plates. 4°. Mexico, Joseph Antonio de Hogal, 177C.

Preclara de noua maris oceani hyspania

narratio, [secunda narratio. Item de rebus, et

insulis nouiter repertis]. 4 p. 1. xlix, xii 1.

fol. Norimberga, F. Peypus Arthimesius, 1524.

[NOTE.—The 'tertia narratio,' which is frequentlyfound with the ahove, is wanting in this copy].

Corvinus. See Messala Corvinus.

Corvinus a Belderen (Jan Arnoldus). Venatorius illustratus. See Venatorius (D.)

Costa (Christovam da). [Aromatum et medicamentorum in orientali India nascentium his toria]. Ed 2a. 4°. Antverpice, 1593.

[In ORTA (G. de). Aromatvm, etc. historia. 1593. pp.

241-312]. [Imperfect: title page and pp. 225-40 wanting-]. Costa (Etbin Henrik, editor). Yodnikor spomenik, [or] Vodnik-album. Mit beitriigen von 86 verfassern. xii, 168 pp. 4 pi. 4°. Laibach, J. v. Kleinmayr $- F. Bamberg, 1859. s.


Costard (J. P.) Lettre du lord Telford a milord Dirton, son oncle. Precedee d'une lettre de l'auteur. [anon.~] 60 pp. 8°. Paris, VEsclapart, 1765.

Coste (Xavier Pascal). Monuments modernes de la Perse. 3 p. 1. 57 pp. 11. 71 pi. fol. Paris, A. Morel, 1867.

Costello (Dudley). Holidays with hobgoblins, and talks of strange things. 2 p. 1. 332 pp, 4 pi. 16°. London, John Camden Hotten, 1861

Costello (Louisa Stuart). Memoirs of Anne duchess of Brittany, twice queen of France, xiv, 420 pp. 12°. London, W. <& F. G. Cash 1855.

Cotton (Bev. Alfred Johnson). Cotton's keep sake. Poems on various subjects, [with] autobiographical sketch, and a condensed history of the early [Indiana] settlements. 526 pp. portrait. 12°. Cincinnati, Applegate <& co. 1858.

Cotton (Charles). Complete angler. See "Walton (Izaak) and Cotton.

Cotton {Bev. Henry). A typographical gazetteer attempted. 2d series, xvi, 376 pp. 8°. Oxford, Clarendon press, 1866.

Cotton {Bev. John, pastor at Boston, Mass.) The bloudy tenent, washed and made white in the bloud of the lambe. Wherein the great questions of this present time are handled, viz: how farre liberty of conscience ought to be given to those that truly feare God? 195 pp. sm. 4°. London, Hannah Allen, 1647.

■ A briefe exposition of the whole book of

Canticles. See Bible, English.

• A briefe exposition of the whole book of

Ecclesiastes. See Bible, English. An exposition upon the 13^ chapter of

the Revelation. See Bible, English. -■ God's promise to his plantation. 3 p. 1.

20 pp. sm. 4Q. London, John Bellamy,

1630. — The keyes of the kingdom of heaven, Ee

print. iv, 108 pp. 12°. Boston, Tappan 6c

Bennett, 1843.

■ A modest and cleare answer to mr. Ball's

discourse of set formes of prayer. % p. 1. 49 pp. sm. 4°. London, Henry Overton, 1642. ■ The powring out of the seven vials: with

an application to our time. 2 pf 1. 156 pp. sm. 4°. London, H. Overton, 1645.

■ Reply to mr. [Roger] Williams, his ex

amination. 144 pp. sm. 4°. London, Hannah

Allen, 1647.

[With COTTON (John). Bloudy tenant, etc. London, 1647].

A treatise of the covenant of grace. 3d


ed. 8p.l. 233 pp. 16°. London, Peter Parker, 1671.

— - The way of the churches of Christ in

New-England. 4 p. 1. 116 pp. 2 1. sm. 4°. London, Mattheio Simmons, 1645.

• The way of congregational churches

cleared. 2 p'ts in 1 v. 6 p. 1. 104, 44 pp. sm. 4°. London, M. Simmons, 1648.

Cotton {Bev. John, great grandson of preceding, pastor at Newton, Mass.) Wisdom, knowledge, and the fear of God recommended to rulers and people. A sermon preached in Massachusetts, May 30th, 1753, being the day for the election of his majesty's council. 42 pp. 12°. Boston, J. Draper, 1753.

Cotton {Sir Robert). An exact abridgment of the records in the tower of London, from king Edward ii unto king Richard iii, of all the parliaments holden in each kings reign, and the several acts in every parliament: [with] the names and titles of all the dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts, and barons, summoned to every of the said parliaments. Revised by William Prynne. 16 p. 1. 716 pp. 711. fol. London, W, Leake, 1657.

Cottonian library. See British Museum,

Cottu (Charles). Des moyens de mettre la charte en harmonie avec la royaute\ 2 p. 1. 348 pp. 8°. Paris, C. Gosselin, 1828. s.

Country (The) gentleman. A journal for the farm, the garden, and the fireside, devoted to improvement in rural affairs, etc. Jan. 1853 to Dec. 1865. v. 1-26, in 25 v. 4°. Albany, L. Tucker & son, 1853-65.

Note.—After Dec. 1865, the Country gentleman was merged into the Cultivator and Country gentleman.

Courier du BasrKhin, Jan.-Dec. 1779. 2 v.

ISTqs. 1-104. 838 pp. 4°. Cleves, Sitzmann,


[Imperfect: Nos. 72, 73, 75, and 92, wanting]. Courier de Boston. Nos. 1-26, 33 April, to 15

Oct. 1789. 206pp. 4°. Boston,:S. Hall, 17'89.

[Imperfect: 11. wanting at the end.] Courier de l'Europe, gazette anglo-francoise.

July, 1778, to July, 1779. v. 4-5. 418, 7 pp;

416, 6 pp. 4°. Londres, E. Cox, 1778-9.

[Imperfect: vol. 4, t. p. and nos. 1-9 wanting; vol. 5, no. 17, wanting].

Cournot (Antoine Augustin). Des institutions destruction publique en France, viii, 575 pp. 8°. Paris, Hachette, 1864.

Court (The) sermon, 1674. [anon."] Supposed to have been written by Gilbert Burnet, bishop of Salisbury, viii, 54 pp. 1 facsimile. 8°. Cincinnati, B. Clarke fy co. 1868.

Courtship and marriage. \_anon.~\ iv, 308 pp. 12c. [Boston, W. H. Piper $f co. 1868]. [With Physiology of marriage, etc. 1868}.


Cousin (Victor). Cours de l'histoire de la philosophic Introduction a Phistoire de la philosophic Nouv. 6&. 2 p. 1. iv, 444 pp. 8°. Paris, Didier, 1841. s.

The same. Histoire de la philosophic du

xviiie si&cle. Nouv. 6&. 2 v. 2 p. 1. iv, 472 pp; 2 p. 1. 513 pp. 8°. Paris, Didier, 1841. s.

Cousin Amy; or, home duties, [anon.] 216 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, presby. hoard of pub. 1868.

Cousin Franck's household; or, scenes in the old dominion. By Pocahontas, [pseudon.] 2ded. vii, 259 pp. lpl. 12°. Boston, TJpham, Ford & Olmstead, 1853. s.

Covarrubias Horozco (Sebastian de). Tesoro de la lengva castellana, o espahola. 10 p. 1. 602, 79. pp. fol. Madrid, L. Sanchez, 1611.

Cowdery (M. F.) Elementary moral lessons. 261 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, H. Cowperthwait & co. 1856. s.

Cowing (John P.) & co. Catalogue of pumps, fire-engines, hydraulic rams, etc. 1867. [Illustrated]. 118 pp. 8°. New York, Bradstreet press, 1867.

Cowley (Charles). A history of Lowell, [Mass. ] 2d revised ed. 235 pp. 9 pi. 12°. Boston, Lee & Shepard, 1868.

Cox (Edward). Companion to the sea medicine chest, and compendium of domestic medicine, etc. Revised by R. Davis. 1st Am. ed. 216 pp. 12°. New York, S. S. & W. Wood, 1851.

Cox (Homersham). Antient parliamentary elections. A history showing how parliaments were constituted, and representatives of the people elected in antient times, xiii, 200 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, 1868.

-—— A history of the reform bills of 1866 and 1867. ix, 302 pp. 8°. London, Longmans, 1868.

Cox (Samuel Sullivan). A buckeye abroad; or, wanderings in Europe, and in the orient. 444 pp. 9 pi. 12°. New York, G. P. Putnam, 1852.

Cox (Sandford C.) The evangelist, and other poems. 134 pp. 18°. Cincinnati, author, 1867.

Coxe (Rev. ArthurCleaveland). Halloween: a romaunt, with lays meditative and devotional, by tbe author of Christian ballads. 180 pp. 24°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott & co. 1869.

— Thoughts on the services: designed as

an introduction to the liturgy, and an aid to its devout use. 2d ed. xxiv, 336 pp. 18°. Baltimore, J. Robinson, 1859.

Coxe (Rev. William). Account of the Russian discoveries between Asia and America, [with]


the conquest of Siberia, and the history of the transactions and commerce between Russia and China. 4th ed. xxiv, 18, 500 pp. 5 maps. 1 pi. 8°. London, Cadell & Davies, 1803. - Travels into Poland, Russia, Sweden,

and Denmark, interspersed with historical relations and political inquiries. 3 v. 8°. Dublin, S. Price, 1784.

Crafts (W. A.) The southern rebellion: being a history of the United States from the commencement of Buchanan's administration through the war for the suppression of the rebellion. 2 v. viii, 652 pp. 2 maps. 24 pi; 648 pp. 26 pi. 4°. Boston, S. Walker, 1862-67.

Craik (Mrs. Dinah Maria Muloch). The woman's kingdom. A love story. [anon.~] 183 pp. 1 pi. 8°. New York, Harpers, 1868.

Crane (Anne Moncure). Emily Chester. 12°. Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867.

Opportunity. A novel. 336 pp. 12°.

Boston, Ticknor & Fields, 1867.

Crantz or Cranz (David). Historie von Gronland; enthaltend die geschichte der dortigen mission der evangelischen briider zu NeuHerrnhut und Lichtenfels. 17 p. 1. 1132 pp. 131. 2 maps. 4 pi. 16°. Barby, Mens, 1765.

— The same. 6 p. 1. 402 pp. 2 maps. 4 pi.

16°. Frankfurt und Leipzig, 1779.

Crawford (Charles). An essay on the propagation of the gospel, in which there are numerous facts and arguments adduced to prove that many of the Indians in America are descended from the ten tribes. 2d ed. 154 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. Humphreys, 1801.

Crawford (John). Monumental designs. See Schumacher (Jacob) and Crawford.

Creamer (Hannah Gardner). Delia's doctors; or, a glance behind the scenes. 262 pp. 12°. New York, Fowler & Wells, 1852. s.

Creppin (J. Baptiste). Essai g^ologiqne sur le Jura Suisse. 1 p. 1. 152 pp. 1 col. map. 4°. Delemont, Helg & Boechat, 1867. s.

Crevier (Jean Baptiste Louis). Rh^torique francoise. 2 v. xx, 304 pp; 282 pp. 16°. Avignon, J. A. Joly, 1812.

Cricketana. By the author of "The cricket field." [J. P. anon.'] vi, 238 pp. 5 pi. 16°. London, Longman, 1865.

Crippen (William G.) Green peas, picked from the patch of Invisible Green, esq. [pseudon.] 311pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, etc. [1856]. s.

Crisis (The). [A weekly political newspaper].

No. 2-63. Jan. 28, 1775, to March 30, 1776.

7-406 pp. fol. London, T. W. Shaw, 1775-76.

[Imperfect: nos. 28 and 30. and extra no. Aug1. 9, 1775, wanting].



Crisis (The). No. 17-64. 113-412 pp. fol.
London, T. W. Sham, 1775-76.
[No. 17 imperfect].

Critical and historical account of all the celebrated libraries in foreign countries, as well ancient as modern. By a gentleman of the Temple. [anon.] 18°. London, 1739.

Croffut (W. A.) and Morris (John M.) The military and civil history of Connecticut during the war of 1861-65. 892 pp. 12 pi. 8°. New York, L. Bill, 1868.

Croker (Thomas Crofton). Catalogue of a collection of ancient and mediaeval rings and personal ornaments, formed for lady Londesborough. x, 88 pp. 2 pi. 4°. London, printed for private reference, 1853. s.

Croll (Oswaldus). Philosophy reformed and

improved. The discovering the great and

deep mysteries of nature. Made English, by

H. Pinnell. 11 p. 1. 226 pp. 16°. London,

L. Lloyd, 1657.

[With PARACELSUS. Of chymical transmutation. 1657].

Croly (David G.) Seymour and Blair: their lives and services. With an appendix, containing a history of reconstruction. 275 pp. 3 pi. 16°. New York, Richardson

Croly {Rev. George). The modern Orlando. [anon.] Cantos i-vii. New ed. 214 pp. 12°. London, H. Colburn, 1848.

Tales of the Great St. Bernard, [anon. ]

3 v. 12°. London, H. Colhurn, 1828.

The same. [anon. ] 2 v. 240 pp; 242

pp. 12°. New York, J. & J. Harper, 1829.

Cromwell: a tragedy in five acts, [anon.'] 124 pp. 12°. New Yorh, Dick & Fitzgerald, [1868].

Cronstedt (Axel Fredrik). Essai d'une nouvelle mineralogie. Traduit du Suddois et de 1'AUemand de Wiedman, par Dreux fils. 2 p. 1. xxxvi, 391 pp. 16°. Paris, P. F. Didot lejeune, 1771. s.

Cronycke (Die) van Hollandt, Zeelandt, ende Vrieslant, beghinnende van Adams tiden tot die geboerte ons heren Jhesu, voertgaende tot den iare 1517. [anon.] 2 p. 1. 435 I. 4,1. fol. Leyden, Jan Seuerst, 1517. NOTE.—Known as "Divisie chronijk."

Crooked (The) elm; or, life by the way-side. [anon. By Thomas W. Higgins?] 452 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Boston, author, 1857. s.

Crooks (George R.) A first book in Greek. See M'Clintock (J.) and Crooks.

Cross (Maurice). Selections from the Edinburgh review; comprising the best articles in that journal, from its commencement to the

present time. With dissertation and notes.

4 v. 8°. London, Longmans, 1833. Crowfield (Christopher,_psm<&m.) See Stowe

(Mrs. H.B.) Crowquill (Alfred, pseudon.) See Forrester

(Alfred Henry). Croyland (Abbey of.) Historic croylandensis

continuatio. [anon.] fol. Oxoniw, 1684.

[GrALE (T.) and Fell (J.) Rerunianglicarum scriptores veteres. v. 1. Oxonise, 1684].

Criiger (Hermann). Organographical observations on certain epigynous monocotyledons. 8°. London, 1853.

[In Henfrey (A.) and Huxley. Scientific memoirs, art. 6].

Cruikshank (J. and A.) Sabbath school gems of music and poetry; designed expressly for the sabbath school. 144 pp. obi. 16°. New York, A. S. Barnes & co. 1850. s.

Cruise (The) j a poetical sketch, in eight cantos. By a naval officer, [anon.] xxiv, 448pp. 8°. London, J. Hatchard, 1808.

Crusenstolpe (Fredrik). Koran. Ofversatt fran Arabiska. Historisk inledning, etc. 1843. See Koran.

Crusenstolpe (Magnus Jacob von). Der russische hof von Peter i. bis auf Nicolaus i. Und einer einleitung; Russland vor Peter dem ersten. [7-9 band fortgesetzt von C.Volckhausen]. 9 v. 16°. Hamburg, Hoffmann 8? Campe, 1855-60.

Cruttenden (D. H.) The objective or synthetic arithmetic, in which the science is learned from the art. First course. 396, vii pp. 12°. New York, J. M. Bradstreet fy son, 1868.

Cudworth (Ralph, D.D.) The true intellectual system of the universe; wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted, and its impossibility demonstrated. A treatise on immutable morality; with a discourse concerning the Lord's supper. With account of the author, by T. Birch. 1st Amer. ed. 2 v. 804 pp; 756 pp. 8°. Andover, Gould & Newman, 1837.

Cullerier (Auguste). Atlas of venereal diseases. Translated from the French, with notes and additions, by F. J. Bumstead, M.D. 328 pp. 26 pi. 4°. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1868.

Cullum (Bvt. maj. gen. George W.) Biographical register of the officers and graduates of the U. S. military academy at West Point, N. Y. from its first establishment, 1802, to the army re-organization of 1866-67. 2 v. xvi, 619 pp; 665 pp. 8°. New York, Van Nostrandf 1868,

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