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Alvarez de Velasco (Gabriel). Epitoma de legis hvmanse, mvndiqve fictione, veritatis divinse, seterni, temporalisque differentia. 56 pp. 8 1. 416 pp. 36 1. 4°. Lvgdvni, S. Boissat $f G. Bemevs, 1662. S.

Alvensleben (Maximilian von). With Maximilian in Mexico. From the note-book of a Mexican officer, x, 289 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1867.

Amadis de Gaule. Le thresor des dovze livres d'Amadis de Gaule: assauoir, les harangues, concions, epistres, complaintes, et autres choses les plus excellentes et dignes du lecteur fran£ois. 12 p. 1. 1921. 12°. Paris, L. Longis& B. le Mangnier, 1560.

Amati (Amato). II risorgimento del comune di Milano. 2 p. 1. 349 pp. 12°. Milano, A. Lombardi, 1865. s.

Amberg (Hans Christian). Fuldstsendig dansk og tvdsk ordbog. 2 v- in 1. 598 pp; 614 pp. 8°. Kjobenhavn, Gyldendal, 1810. s.

[Companion to BADEN (I.) Fuldstsendig tydsk og dansk ordbogj.

Ambition. By Kate Willis, [pseudon. for Sarah E.Coolidge]? 318 pp. 12°. Boston, J\ French $ Co. 1856. s.

Ambrosius (Saint, bishop of Milan). Libri tres de officiis. 115 1. Sm. 4°. \_Coloniae, Vdalricus Zell, about 1470].

Ambrosoli (Carlo). Su le funziono del nervo gran simpatico. See Lussana (F. and P), and Ambrosoli.

American (The) advertiser; designed for the cards and advertisements of the leading business establishments of the United States. 180 pp. 16°. New Yorlc, J. P. Hall, 1849.

[ With Belden (E. P.) New York; past, present, and future. 1850].

American (The) advertising directory for manufacturers and dealers in American goods, 1831. 395 pp. 16°. New York, Jocelyn, Darling <& Co. 1831.

American agricultural annual. 1868. 152 pp. 12°. New York, O. Judd $ Co, 1868. .

American (The) agriculturist; designed to improve the farmer, the stockbreeder, and the horticulturist. A. B. Allen, R. L. Allen, and Solon Robinson, editors. April 1842 to Dec. 1851. v. 1-10. 8°. New York, C. M. Saxton, 1845-51.

— The same. A. B. Allen and O. Judd,

editors. Sept. 1853 to Dec. 1867. v. 11-26. 4°. New York, Allen & Co. and O. Judd, 1853-67.

American (The) anti-slavery society. Annual

report for 1860. 337 pp. 8°, New York, Amer. anti-slav. soc. 1861.

American bee journal. Edited by Samuel Wagner, v. 1. 1861. 2 p. 1. 484 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, A. M. Spangler, [1861.]

American board of commissioners for foreign missions. First ten annual reports. 321 pp. 8°. Boston, Crocker fy Brewster, 1834.

American (The) cyclops, the hero of New Orleans, and spoiler of silver spoons, dubbed LL. D. By Pasquino. \_pseudon.'] 27 pp. 12 pi. sm. 4°. Baltimore, Kelly & Piet, 1868.

American (The) eclectic medical review.
Editors, R. S. Newton and P. A. Morrow.
June, 1866, to June, 1868. v. 1-3 in 2 v. 8°.
New York, J. F. Trow f Co. 1866-68.

American ephemeris and nautical almanac.
See United States (Navy Department).

American (The) farmer: a monthly journal devoted to agriculture and horticulture, domestic and rural economy. [1867]. v. 2. 384 pp. 8 pi. 8°. Rochester, N Y, J. Turner, 1867.

American (The) gazette: a collection of all the authentic addresses, memorials, etc. Which relate to the disputes between Great Britain and the colonies. Nos. 1-5. in 1 v. 3d ed. 320 pp. 8°. London, G. Kearsly, 1768-69.

American gazette (The). By several gentlemen from America. No. 2-4. Feb. 20—Mar. 5, 1776. 20 pp. London, T. W. Shaw, 1776. [WithCrisis (The). No. 17-64. 1775-76. Note.—No. 4, imperfect |.

American homoeopathic observer: a monthly journal devoted to the interests of homoeopathic physicians. Jan. 1866 to Dec. 1868. v 3-5. 8°. Detroit, Dr. E. A. Lodge, 1866-68.

American (The) Hoyle; or gentleman's handbook of games: containing all the games played in the United States. With a treatise on the doctrine of chances. By "Trumps." \_pseudon.~] 5th ed. vii, 518 pp. 12°. New York, Dick & Fitzgerald, 1868.

American husbandry. Containing an account of the soil, climate, production, and agriculture of the British colonies in North America and the West Indies. By an American. \_anon.~\ 2 v. 472 pp; 81. 319 pp. 8°. London, J. Bew, 1775.

American and Italian cantatrici; or, a year at the singing schools of Milan. By Lucien. \_pseudon.~\ 344 pp. 12°. London, T. C. Newlyf 1867.

American (The) journal of horticulture, and florist's companion. July, 1867-June, 1868. v. 2-3. 8°. Boston, J. E. Tilton & Co. 1867-68. AMERICAN.


American (The) journal of the medical sciences. Edited by Isaac Hays. Jan. to Oct. 1868. New series, v. 55-56. 8°. Philadelphia, H. C. Lea, 1868.

American (The) journal of science and the arts. Conducted by B. Silliman, J. D. Dana, [and others]. Jan. to Nov. 1868. 2d series. v. 45-46. [Complete series, v. 95-96]. 8°. New Haven, editors, 1868.

American literary gazette and publisher's circular, Nov. 1867 to Oct. 1868. v. 10-11. 8°. Philadelphia, G. W. Childs, [1868].

American Lloyd's register of American and foreign shipping. Published by R. Hartshorne and J. F. H. King, xxxiv, 746 pp. 5 pi. obi. 8°. New York, J. W. Pratt & Co. 1868.

American medical association. First report of the committee on public hygiene of the American medical association, with sketches of the sanitary condition of Concord, Portland, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Lowell, Baltimore, Charleston, New Orleans, Louisville, and Cincinnati. (Extract.) 226 pp. 1 tab. 8°. Philadelphia, Am. medical association, 1849. s.

•*- Report of the standing committee on

medical literature, Alfred Stille, chairman, F. G. Smith, T. H. Yardley, P. C. Gaillard, A. Morris, T. Fithian, T. B. Johnson, presented to the American medical association. 37 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Am. med. assoc. 1850. s.

• • Transactions, v. 1-14, 1848-1863. 8°.

Philadelphia, Am. med. assoc. 1848-64.
[V. 3 and 4, 1850-51, wanting].

American naval battles. See Kimball

American Nepos. Collection of the lives of the most remarkable men who have contributed to the discovery, the settlement, and the independence of America. 2d ed. 408 pp. 16°. Baltimore, John Vance $r Co, 1805.

American philosophical society. Catalogue of the library. Parts 1-2. 634 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Amer. philos. society, 1863-66. S. [No more published].

American (The) quarterly church review, and ecclesiastical register. N. S. Richardson, editor. April, 1848, to Jan 1868. v. 1-19. 8°. New Haven and New York, [1849]-1868.

American silk society. Journal and rural economist. Gideon P. Smith, editor, v. 1-2, 1839-40. 406 pp; 357 pp. 8°. Baltimore, Amer. silk society, 1839-40.

American (The) stock journal, devoted to the improvement of our domestic animals through

out the United States. D. C. Linsley, editor.

Jan. 1859, to Dec. 1862. v. 1-4. sm. fol. New

York, D. C. Linsley, 1859-62. Americanischer jugendfreund. ii. Lesebuch

fur mittelklassen. Nach der ein und dreis

sigsten auflage der lebensbilder, ii, heraus

gegeben von Verthelt, Jakel, Petermann und

Thomas. 12°. New York, 1867. Amerika dargestellt durch sich selbst, 1818,

1819, und 1820. 3 v. 4°. Leipzig, G. I.

Goschen, 1818-20.

[Imperfect: v. 1, pp. 21-25, and v. 3, pp. 31-33,131-135, and 391-394 wanting.]

Amice (J. F.) Manuel de philosophie experimental e; ou, recueil de dissertations sur les questions fondamentales de la m^taphysique, extraites de Locke, [etc.] 2 p. 1. ii, 476 pp. 18°. Paris, Boret, 1829. s.

Amiens. Catalogue meHhodique de la bibliotheque communale de la ville. M6decine. xiv, 576 pp. 8°. Amiens, Duval <h Herment, 1853.


Ammann (August). Die pflanzenkrankheiten. Fur land- und fortswirthe, lehrer, gartner, etc. bearbeitet. xii, 96 pp. 8°. Stuttgart, Verfasser, 1867. s.

Ammianus (Marcellinus). Rerum gestarum libri [quae supersunt]. 16°. [Geneva,"] 1568. [In VARII hist. rom. seriptores, v. 4],

Among the crags; or, legends of the covenanters, [anon.] 182 pp. 18°. New York, American tract society, 1868.

Ampere (Andre Marie). Essai sur la philosophie des sciences; ou, exposition analytique d'une classification naturelle detoutes les connaissances humaines. 2 v. Ixviii, 284 pp. 2 tab; x, xcvi, 180 pp. 2 tab. Paris, Bachelier, 1838-43. S.

Amsterdam. Catalogus van de bibliotheek der vereeniging ter bevordering van de belangen des boekhandels. Opgemaakt door F. Muller. xv, 144 pp. 8°. Amsterdam, 1855. s.

Anchored. By the author of " The climbers." [anon.] 271pp. 4 pi. 12°. New York, American tract society, 1868.

Ancient and modern Michilimackinac, including an account of the controversy between Mackinac and the Mormons, [anon.] 48 pp. 8°. [n. p.] 1854. s.

Andersen (Hans Christian). Fairy tales. A new translation, by Mrs. H. B. Paull. For young people, viii, 671 pp. 12 pi. 12°. London, F. Warne & Co. 1868.



Anderson {Col. Charles). The cause of the war: who brought it on, and for what purpose. 16 pp. 8°. New Yorhj W. C. Bryant & Co. 1883. [loyal publication society, no. 17].

Letter [on the war] addressed to the

opera house meeting, Cincinnati. 15 pp. 8°. New York, W. C. Bryant & Co. 1863. [LOYAL publication society, no. 21].

Anderson (Christopher). The annals of the English bible. Abridged and continued by S. I. Prime. 549 pp. 8°. New York, E. Carter $ brothers, 1852. S.

Anderson (James, of Stonehaven, Scotland). The black book of Kincardineshire; containing lists of the covenanters confined in Dunnottar castle, in 1685 ; with an account of the persecution of episcopacy; and other miscellaneous papers connected with the county. 202 pp. 12°. Stonehaven, W. Johnston, 1843.

Anderson (James, A. M)* The constitutions of the freemasons; containing the charges, regulations, etc. of that most ancient fraternity. [Reprinted from London ed. of 1723]. 12°. Cincinnati, 1859.

[In Moore (Cornelius). The craftsman and freemason's guide, pp. 317-354. ed. 1859].

Anderson (Johann). Histoire naturelle de 1'Islande, du Groenland, et d'autres pays. Traduite de TAUemand par [M. Sellius]. 2 v. xl, 314 pp. 1 map, 3 pi; iv, 391 pp. 4 pi. 12°. Paris, S. Jorry, 1750.

Anderson (John T.) Exercises in the fundamental rules of arithmetic. 139 pp. 12°. New York, L. H. Embree, 1854. S.

Anderson (Robert, Gen. JJ. S. A.) Instruction for field artillery, horse and foot. Translated from the French, and arranged for the - service of the United States. 191 pp. 58 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, B. P. Desilver, 1839.

Andersson (Nicolaus Johannes). Graminese [von Mossambique]. fol. Berlin, 1862. [In Peteks (W. C. H.) Nat. reise nacb. Mossambique. Botanik.j

Andover, (Mass.) theological seminary. Memorial of the semi-centennial celebration of its founding. 8°. Andover, 1859. S.

Andrae (C. G, editor). Den danske gradmaaling. le bind, indeholdende hovedtrianglerne paa sjselland og deres forbindelser med svenske og preussiscke triangebrsekker. xxviii, 579 pp. 4 pi. 4°. Kjobenhavn, F. S. Muhle, 1867. S.

Andreas, or Andreas (Anton). [Scriptum super logica Aristotelis]. Scriptum super tota arte veteri Aristotelis. 104 pp. fol. Venetiis, per O. Scotem, 1480. i

Andres (Antonio). Sermones panegiricos. 2 v.

32 p. 1. 412 pp; 8 p. 1. 424 pp. 8°. Valencia,

B, Montfort, 1771. S.

Andrews (Christopher C. brevet major general).

History of the campaign of Mobile. 276 pp.

5 maps. 6 pi. New York, D. Van Nostrand,

1867. Andrews (Rev. H. P.) Six steps to honor ; or,

great truths illustrated. 299 pp. 16°. New

York, Carlton & Porter, 1856. S.

The sure anchor; or, the young christian

admonished, exhorted, and encouraged. 216

pp. 12°. Boston, J. French & Co. 1855. S.

— Voices from the old elm; or, uncle

Henry's talks with the little folks. 277 pp. 16°. New York, Carlton <& Porter, [1857]. S.

Andrews (Stephen Pearl), and Boyle (Augustus F.) The phonographic reporter's first book. 291 pp. 12°. New York, Andrews & Boyle, 1848. S.

Ange (L?) conducteur des ames devotes dans la voie de la perfection chr^tienne; contenant l'ordinaire de la messe, les vepres du dimandie ; [etc]. 1 p. 1. 384 pp. 1 pi. 24°. New York, K Dunigan ty frh*e, 1852. S.

Angel-voices; or words of counsel for overcoming the world. After the mode of Richter's " Best hours." 3d ed. \_anonS\ 117 ppk 16°. Boston, Ticknor, Peed fy Fields, 1851.

Angelis (Pedro de). Memoria historica sobre los derechos de soberania y dominio de la Confederacion argentina a la parte austral del continente americano, [etc]. 54, lviii pp. 8°. Buenos-Aires, 1852. S.

——— De la navegacion del Amazonas. Res* puesta a una memoria de M. Maury. 103 pp. 8°. Caracas, T. Antero, 1857. s.

Angell (Oliver). Fifth reader, [etc]. Newed* 2p.l. 296pp. 12°. Philadelphia,E.H.Butler & Co. 1849. s.

Anleitung zur ausfuhrung der einfachsten pionnier-arbeiten im felde fur schanzzeugtrager und zimmerleute der k. k. linieninfanterie. \_anon.'] iv, 70 pp. 7 pi. 8°. Lemberg, E. Winiarz, 1856. S.

Annales de literature m6dicale6trang&re, r6dig6es par J. F. Kluyskens. 18 v. 8°. Gand, P. F, de Goesin-Verhaeghe, [1805-14]. S.

Annales des ponts et chaussees. Memoires et documents relatifs a Fart des constructions et au service de Ting^nieur; lois, etc. concernant ^administration des ponts et chaussees. 4ese>ie. 1866. 4 v. 8°. Paris, Dunod, [1867].

4e s6r. M6moires et documents, v. 1—2. 1866.
Lois, d6erets, etc. v. 6.



Annales de la propagation de la foi. See Association de la propagation de la foi.

Annales telegraphiques, publiees par un comity compose de fonctionnaires de ^administration des lignes telegraphiques. v. 1-8. 8°. Par Dalmont <& Dunod, 1858-65.

[Imperfect: v. 1, no. 2, wanting*; v. 2, no. 6, wanting].

Annales des voyages. See Malte-Brun (V. A.)

Annals (the) of king George the first: containing not only the affairs of Great Britain, but the general history of Europe. [1714-20.] With an introduction in defence of his majesty's title. \_anon.~] 6 v. 8°. London, A. Bell, 1716-21.

Annals (The) of king George, year the second: a faithful history of the affairs of Great Britain for 1716, with a full and compleat history of the rebellion, [anon."] iv, 352, 99 pp. 4 1. 12°. London, A. Bell, and others, 1717.

Annals (The) and magazine of natural history, including zoology, botany, and geology. 1867. 3d series, v. 20. 8°. London, Taylor & Francis, 1867.

The same. 1868. 4th series, v. 1.. 8°.

London, Taylor & Francis, 1868.

Annan (Rev. Eobert). Exposition and defence of the Westminster assembly's confession of faith: being the draught of an "overture" prepared by a committee of the associate reformed synod, in 1783. A new edition; with an introduction and notes by Rev. David McDill. 286 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Moore, Wilstach, Keys fy Co. 1855. s.

Annapolis (Maryland). See United States naval academy.

Aimuaire de 1'administration francaise, par M. Block, faisant suite au dictionnaire de ^administration francaise, 1867. viii, 384,164 pp. 16°. Paris, Berger Levrault, 1867.

Aimuaire encyclopedique. Publi6 par les directeurs de Fencyclopedie du xixe si&cle, 1866-67. 1800 col. in 900 pp. 8°. Paris, bureau de V encyclopedic, 1867.

Aimuaire de ^instruction publique pour V ann6e 1867, public par J, Delalain. 487 pp. 1 map. 16°. Paris, Delalain etfils, 1867.

Aimuaire de la librairie, de Fimprimerie, de la papeterie, du commerce de la musique et des estampes, et des professions quiconcourent a la publication des oeuvres de la literature des sciences et des arts, lix, 511 pp. 16°. Paris, cercle de la librairie, etc. 1867.

Aimuaire du ministere de 1'agriculture, du commerce, et des travaux publics pour 1' ann&e 1866. [annales des ponts et chaussees, 1866].

Aimuaire de therapeutique. See Bouchardat.

Annual (The) register: a review of public events, at home and abroad, for 1867. New series, viii, 353, 288 pp. 8°. London, Bivingtons, 1868.

Annual (The) of scientific discovery; or, yearbook of facts in science and art for 1868. Edited by S. Kneeland. 16°. Boston, Gould & Lincoln, 1868.

Another Cain: a poem, [anon.] 15 pp. 8°. London, Hatchard & Son, 1822. [miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 56}.

Anquetil (Louis Pierre). L'esprit de la ligue, ou histoire politique des troubles de France pendant les 16e et 17e si&cles. lanon.'] 3 v. 16°. Paris, J. T. Herissantfils, 1767. s.

Anson ( George, baron Anson, of Soberton). A voyage round the world. See Walter (Bev. Richard).

Anstaing. See Le Maistre d'Anstaing.

Ansted (David Thomas). Physical geography. 8°. London, 1852. [In Manual of geographical science, v. 1}.

Anstey (Christopher). The new Bath guide; or, memoirs of the B[lu]n[de] r[hea]d family. In a series of poetical epistles, lanon.] l€th ed. viii, 175 pp. lpl. 8°. London, J. Dodsley, 1776. s.

Anstey (Thomas Chisholm). Notes upon "the representation of the people act, 1867." With appendices, xi, 172, cxliv pp. 8°. London, W. Ridgioay, 1867.

Anthon (Charles). Key to Anthonys Latin prose composition. 94 pp. 12°. New York, Harper fy brothers,-1849. s.

Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius). The meditations, with the manual of Epictetus, and a summary of christian morality. Freely translated from the Greek, by Henry McCormac, M. D. 126 pp. 12°. London, Longmans, 1844. s.

Antonio (Nicolas). Bibliotheca hispana, sive hispanorum notitia, qvi post annum secularem MD, usque ad prsesentem diem floruere. 2 v. 41 p. 1. 633 pp j 1 p. 1. 690 pp. foi. Borne, JSf. A. Tinassi, 1672.

Antrim (Benajah J.) Pantography, or universal drawings, [etc.] with the nature and importance of pasigraphy as the science of letters. 161pp. 12°. Philadelphia, author, 1843, s.


Aparicio (Jose, painter). Descripcion sencilla y breve del cuadro que represents el feliz arribo y desembarco de ss. mm. y aa. en el puerto de Santa Maria, [etc.,] 1823. 15 pp. 1 pi. 8°Madrid, Ibarra, 1827. S.

Aphthonius. Aphthonii sophistae progym

nasmata, partim a Rodolpho Agricola, partim

a Iobanne Maria Catanaso, latinitate donata.

• 4a ed. 383 pp. 6 1. Amstelodami, L. & C.

Elzevir, 1655.

Apocalypse. See Bible.

Apocrypha. See Bible.

Apollonius Pergaeus. Conicorum libri octo; et Sereni Antissensis de sectione cylindri et coni libri duo. 3 v. in 1. fol. Oxonice; Sheldon, 1710. S.

■ De sectione rationis libri duo ex arabico

mst0 latine versi. Accedunt ejusdem de sectione spatii libri duo restitutio [etc.] Prsemittitur Pappi Alexandrini prsefatio ad viiraum collectionis mathematicse nunc primum grseceedita; cum lemmatibus, ejusdem Pappi ad hos Apollonii libros. Opera [etc.] Edmundi Halley. 5 p. 1. liii; 168 pp. 8°. Oxonii, Sheldon, 1706. S.

Apollonius Ehodius. Argonautica. Scbolia avcta et emendata indicesque locupletissimos addidit Augustus Wellauer. 2 v. in 1. xiv, 293 pp; 318 pp. 8°. Lipsiae, B. G. Teubner, 1828. s.

Apollonius Tyaneus. Epistolas. Lipsiae, 1709. See Philostratus. Quae supersvnt omnia,

Apologie pour Fordre des francs-masons. Par Mr. N. [anon.] 7 p. 1. 126, 3 pp. 1 pi. 16°. La Eaye, P. F. Gosse, 1785.

Appeal (An) to the public on bebalf of Cameria, [America] a young lady who was almost ruined by the barbarous treatment of her own mother, [anon.-] London, 1781. 30 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, re-printed, E. Clarke & Co. 1868.

Apperly (Charles James). Nimrod abroad. 2 v. ix, 285 pp; viii, 306 pp. 12°. London, H. Colburn, 1842.

Appleton (D.) and Co. [Catalogue of their] own publications. 234 pp. 31. 12°. New York, Appletons, 1859. s.

Appleton (William S.) Memorials of the Cranes of Chilton, with a pedigree of the family, and the life of the last representative. 89 pp. 4 pi. 8°. Cambridge, J. Wilson $ Son, 1868.

Apuleius Madaurensis (Lucius). Opera, quae extant, omnia, [v. 1. Asinus aureus]. Cum Philippi Beroaldi in Asinum aureum eruditissimis commentariis: recensque Godiscalci


Stevvechi in L. Apuleij opera omnia quaestionibus et coniecturis, [etc]. Noua ed. v. 1. 8 p. 1. 1115 pp. 16°. Lvgdvni, vidua A. De Harsy, 1614.

The same. [Opera omnia]. 4 p. 1. 384 pp.

24°. Amsterdam, Guil. Cossiusf 1624.


Vita Apvleii.

Metamorphoseon. Lib. xi.

Oratio de magia.

De mvndo, liber.

De dogmate Platonis, sive de philosophia. Libri tres.

De deo Socratis, liber.

Florida: itemqve alia fragmenta, et titvli librorvm.

Apuleius Minor (Lucius Caecilius Minutianus). De orthographia fragment a et Apvleii minoris de nota aspirationis et de dipthongis libri duo. Edidit [etc.] Fredericvs Osann. xxxiv, 157 pp. 8°. Barmstadii, C. W. LesJce, 1826. s.

Aquino($<xw?£TommasoNiccolo). See Thomas Aquinas (Saint).

Arabian (The) night's entertainments. New ed. with notes by Rev. G. F. Townsend. viii, 632 pp. 16 pi. 12°. London, F. Warne 8? Co. 1866.

The same. The adventure of hunch-back,

and the stories connected with it. With prints, engraved by W. Daniell, from pictures painted by R. Smirke. 99 pp. 17 p], fol. London, W. Daniell, 1814.

Arago (Dominique Francois). Traits de m6t6orologie, ou explication des phenom&nes de 1'atmosphere. ParM. A. [anon.'] 120 pp. 18°. Paris, Prinard, 1832. [bibliotheque populaire. 5e livr].

Aratus Solensis. Phenomena et diosemeia, graece. 42 pp. 4°. Lugduni Batavorum, 1600. [ With GrROOT (H. de). Syntagma arateorum, 1600].

Arbatel. Of the magic of the ancients, the greatest study of wisdom, [anon.]

[ With Agrippa VonNettesheim (Henry Cornelius). Fourth, "book of occult philosophy, translated by R. Turner. Sm. 4°. London, Harrison, 1655.]

Archambault (Prof.P. J). Precis el^mentaire de physique. 2 v. in 1. 200 pp; 269 pp. 12°. Paris, A. Durand, 1855. s.

Archer (Major E. C.) Tours in upper India, and the Himalaya mountains, etc. 8°. Philadelphia, F. K. Greenbanh, 1823. [greenbank's periodical library, v. 1. pp. 397-514. ]

Archer (William Henry). The progress of Victoria; a statistical essay, iv, 100 pp. 8°. Melbourne, Blundell & Co. 1867. s.

Statistical notes on the progress of

Victoria in agriculture, etc. 1861-66. See Victoria. Statistical notes.

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