Railroads, Their Origin and Problems

G.P. Putnam, 1886 - 230 páginas

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Página 219 - ... stations or station houses, or any change in its rates of fare for transporting freight or passengers, or any change in the mode of operating its road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Página 218 - State as to the manner in which they are operated, with reference to the security and accommodation of the public...
Página 73 - Boston) for Providence. Five or six other cars were attached to the locomotive, and uglier boxes I do not wish to travel in. They were made to stow away some thirty human beings, who sit cheek by jowl as best they can. Two poor fellows who were not much in the habit of making their toilet, squeezed me into a corner, while the hot sun drew from their garments a villainous compound of smells made up of salt fish, tar, and molasses. By and by just twelve — only twelve — bouncing factory girls were...
Página 219 - ... the public good demands the examination, proceed to make it in the same manner as if called upon by the mayor and aldermen of any city, or the trustees of any township.
Página 220 - Legislature of their official acts, including such statements, facts and explanations as will disclose the actual working of the system of railroad transportation in its bearing upon the business and prosperity of the State...
Página 46 - The blower whistled, the steam blew off in vapory clouds, the pace increased, the passengers shouted, the engine gained on the horse, soon it lapped him — the silk was plied — the race was neck and neck, nose and nose — then the engine passed the horse, and a great hurrah hailed the victory.
Página 218 - Said board shall have a clerk or secretary, who shall be appointed by the board, to serve three years, whose duty it shall be to keep a full and faithful record of the...
Página 35 - The deafening peal of thunder, the sudden immersion in gloom, and the clash of reverberated sounds in confined space, combine to produce a momentary shudder or idea of destruction — a thrill of annihilation, which is instantly dispelled on emerging into the cheerful light.
Página 74 - I lose sight of their pretentions to gentility, and view them as belonging to the plebeian herd. To restore herself to her caste, let a lady move in select company at five miles an hour, and take her meals in comfort at a good inn, where she may dine decently.
Página 49 - Each of the outside passengers who had an umbrella raised it as a protection against the smoke and fire. They were found to be but a momentary protection, for I think in the first mile the last one went overboard, all having their covers burnt off from the frames, when a general melee took place among the deck passengers, each whipping his neighbor to put out the fire. They presented a very motley appearance on arriving at the first station.

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