Hand Book of the American Republics

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1891 - 486 páginas

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Página 75 - Any person who shall, without the consent of the owner thereof, reproduce, counterfeit, copy, or colorably imitate any such trade-mark and affix the same to merchandise of substantially the same descriptive properties...
Página 74 - ... which is identical with a registered or known trade-mark owned by another and appropriate to the same class of merchandise, or which so nearly resembles some other person's lawful trade-mark as to be likely to cause confusion or mistake in the mind of the public, or to deceive purchasers.
Página 46 - ... to seek out, discover, and find whatsoever isles, countries, regions, or provinces of the heathens and infidels whatsoever they be and in what part of the world soever they be, which before this time have been unknown to all Christians...
Página 74 - SEC. 5. That a certificate of registry shall remain in force for thirty years from its date ; except in cases where the trade-mark is claimed for and applied to articles not manufactured in this, country, and in which it receives protection under the laws of a foreign country for a shorter period, in which case it shall cease to have any force in this country by virtue of this act at the time that such trade-mark ceases to be exclusive property elsewhere.
Página 163 - As used in section 2803, the term "distilled spirits" includes products produced in such manner that the person producing them is a rectifier within the meaning of section 8254 (g). (c) PROOF SPIRITS. — Proof spirits shall be held to be that alcoholic liquor which contains one-half its volume of alcohol of a specific gravity of seven thousand nine hundred and thirty-nine ten-thousandths (.7939) at sixty degrees Fahrenheit.
Página 75 - America, under the seal of the Patent Office, and shall be signed by the Commissioner of Patents...
Página 74 - Tariff Act of 1930, no article of imported merchandise which shall copy or simulate the name of any domestic manufacture, or manufacturer, or trader, or of any manufacturer or trader located in any foreign country which, by treaty, convention, or law affords similar privileges to citizens of the United States...
Página 12 - Arbitration shall be equally obligatory in all cases other than those mentioned in the foregoing article, whatever may be their origin, nature or object, with the single exception mentioned in the next following article. Article IV. The sole questions excepted from the provisions of the preceding articles, are those which, in the judgment of any one of the nations involved in the controversy, may imperil its independence. In which case, for such nation arbitration shall be optional: but it shall...
Página 70 - ... a mark containing indication of a locality or establishment which is not that of the origin of the object, whether or not there be joined to this indication a supposed or another's name; (4) sell or expose for sale, merchandise or products bearing marks as described in Nos. 1 and 2 of this article; (5) sell or expose for sale merchandise or products marked as in No.
Página 46 - French sundry times, that the countreys lying North of Florida, God hath reserved the same to be reduced unto Christian civility by the English nation. For not long after that Christopher Columbus had discovered the Islands and continent of the West Indies for Spaine, John and Sebastian Cabot made discovery also of the rest from Florida Northwards to the behoofe of England.

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