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Matt. ii. 13–23. 15 And was there until the 19 But when Herod was death of Herod : that it might dead, behold, an angel of the be fulfilled which was spoken Lord appeareth in a dream to of the Lord by the prophet, Joseph in Egypt, saying, saying, Out of Egypt have I Arise, and take the young called my son.

child and his mother, and go 16 Then Herod, when he into the land of Israel; for they saw that he was mocked of the are dead which sought the wise men, was exceeding wroth,

young child's life.

21 And he and sent forth, and slew all the arose, and took the young children that were in Bethle- child and his mother, and hem, and in all the coasts came into the land of Israel. thereof, from two years old and 22 But when he heard that under, according to the time Archelaus did reign in Judea, which he had diligently en- in the room of his father Herod, quired of the wise

he was afraid to go thither : 17 Then fulfilled that notwithstanding, being warned which was spoken by Jeremy of God in a dream, he turned the prophet, saying,

aside into the parts of Galileet. Rama

there a

voice 23 And he came and dwelt in heard, lamentation, and weep- a city called Nazareth : that it ing, and great mourning, Ra- might be fulfilled which was chel weeping for her children, spoken by the prophets, He and would not be comforted, shall be called a Nazarene. because they are not*.



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Luke ii. 40–52. 40 And the child grew, and 41 Now his parents went to waxed strong in spirit, filled Jerusalem every year at the with wisdom; and the grace of

feast of the passover. God was upon him.

when he was twelve years old, * See Study of the Gospels, p. 319. + See Vol. Nativity, p. 159.

42 And 48 And

Luke ii. 40–52. they went up to Jerusalem, standing and answers. after the custom of the feast. when they saw him, they were 13 And when they had fulfilled amazed : and his mother said the days, as they returned, the unto him, Son, why hast thou child Jesus tarried behind in thus dealt with us? behold, thy Jerusalem; and Joseph and father and I have sought thee his mother knew not of it. sorrowing.

49 And he said 44 But they supposing him to unto them, How is it that ye have been in the company,

sought me? wist ye not that I went a day's journey; and must be about my Father's they sought him among their business? 50 And they unkinsfolk and acquaintance. derstood not the saying which 45 And when they found him he spake unto them. not, they turned back again to 51 And he went down with Jerusalem, seeking him. 46 And them, and came to Nazareth, it came to pass, that after three and was subject unto them : days they found him in the but his mother kept all these temple, sitting in the midst of sayings in her heart. the doctors, both hearing them, Jesus increased in wisdom and and asking them questions. stature, and in favour with 47 And all that heard him, God and man. were astonished at his under

52 And






4 In

12 But as

John i. 1-18. In the beginning was the Light. 9 That was the true Word, and the Word was with Light, which lighteth every God, and the Word was God. man that cometh into the : The same was in the begin- world. 10 He was in the ning with God. 3 All things world, and the world were made by him; and with- made by him, and the world out him was not any thing knew him not.

11 He came made that was made.

unto his own, and his own rehim was life; and the life was ceived him not. the light of men.

5 And light

many as received him, to them shineth in darkness, and the gave


power to become the darkness comprehended it not. sons of God, even to them that 6 There was

man sent

believe on his name: 13 Which from God, whose name were born, not of blood, nor of John. 7 The same came for the will of the flesh, nor of a witness, to bear witness the will of man, but of God. of the Light, that all men

14 And the Word was made through him might believe. flesh, and dwelt among us, and 8 He was not that Light, but we beheld his glory, the glory was sent to bear witness of that as of the only begotten of the



for grace.

John i. 1-18. Father, full of grace and truth.

17 For the law was 15 John bare witness of him, given by Moses, but grace and and cried, saying, This was he truth came by Jesus Christ. of whom I spake, He that 18 No man hath seen God at cometh after me is preferred any time: the only begotten before me : for he was before Son, which is in the bosom of

16 And of his fulness the Father, he hath declared have all we received, and grace him.



[blocks in formation]

for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

3 For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying,

2 As it is written in the Prophets ;

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