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John xxi. 1-24. I say unto thee, When thou 21 Peter seeing him, saith to wast young, thou girdest thy- Jesus, Lord, and what shall self, and walkedst whither this man do? 22 Jesus saith thou wouldest : but when unto him, If I will that he thou shalt be old, thou shalt tarry till I come, what is stretch forth thy hands, and that to thee ? follow thou another shall gird thee, and 23 Then went this saying carry thee whither thou would- abroad among the brethren, est not. 19 This spake he, that that disciple should not signifying by what death he die : yet Jesus said not unto should glorify God. And him, He shall not die; but, when he had spoken this, he If I will that he tarry till saith unto him, Follow me. I come, what is that to thee? 20 Then Peter turning about, 24 This is the disciple which seeth the disciple whom Jesus testifieth of these things, and loved following; which also wrote these things : and we leaned on his breast at sup- know that his testimony is per, and said, Lord, which true. is he that betrayeth thee ?



Matt. xxviii. 16-20. 16 into a mountain where all nations, baptizing them in Jesus had appointed them. the name of the Father, and 17 And when they saw him, of the Son, and of the Holy they worshipped him : but


20 teaching them to some doubted.

18 And Jesus observe all things whatsoever came, and spake unto them, I have commanded you: and saying, All power is given lo, I am with you alway, even unto me in heaven and in unto the end of the world. earth.

Amen. 19 Go ye therefore and teach

18 they

Mark xvi. 15–18. 15 And he said unto them, In my name shall they cast Go ye into all the world, and out devils ; they shall speak preach the gospel to every with new tongues ; creature. 16 He that believeth shall take up serpents; and and is baptized, shall be saved; if they drink any deadly but he that believeth not, shall thing, it shall not hurt them; be damned. 17 And these signs they shall lay hands on the shall follow them that believe; sick, and they shall recover.



1 Cor. xv.

Acts i. 3. 5 He was seen of Cephas, 3 To whom also he shewed then of the twelve :

himself alive after his passion 6 After that he was seen of by many infallible proofs, above five hundred brethren being seen of them forty at once: of whom the greater days, and speaking of the part remain unto this present things pertaining to the kingbut some are fallen asleep. dom of God.

7 After that, he was seen of James, then of all the apostles.



Luke xxiv. 44-49. 44 And he said unto them, the psalms, concerning me. These are the words which I 45 Then opened he their underspake unto you, while I was standing, that they might unyet with you, that all things derstand the scriptures. 46 And must be fulfilled which were said unto them, Thus it is written in the law of Moses, written, and thus it behoved and in the prophets, and in Christ to suffer, and to rise


Luke xxiv. 44–49. from the dead the third day : nesses of these things. And, 47 and that repentance and behold, I send the promise of remission of sins should be my Father upon you: but preached in his name among tarry ye in the city of Jeruall nations, beginning at Je- salem, until ye be endued rusalem. 48 And ye are wit- with power from on high.

8 But

Acts i. 4-8. 4 And, being assembled toge- at this time restore again the ther with them, commanded kingdom to Israel ? 7 And he them that they should not de- said unto them, It is not for part from Jerusalem, but wait you to know the times or the for the promise of the Father, seasons, which the Father hath which, saith he, ye have heard put in his own power. of me. 5 For John truly bap- ye shall receive power, after tized with water; but ye shall that the Holy Ghost is come be baptized with the Holy

upon you : and ye shall be Ghost not many days hence. witnesses unto me both in Jeru

6 When they therefore were salem, and in all Judea, and in come together, they asked of Samaria, and unto the utterhim, saying, Lord, wilt thou most part of the earth.


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