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Pro. How! the best? What wert thou, if the King of Naples heard thee?

Fer. A single thing, as I am now, that wonders To hear thee speak of Naples : He does hear me; And, that he does, I weep: myself am Naples; Who, with mine eyes, ne'er since at ebb, beheld The king, my father, wreck’d.

Mir. Alack, for mercy!
Fer. Yes, faith, and all his lords,

Pro. At the first sight
They have chang’d eyes :-Delicate Ariel,
I'll set thee free for this !--A word, good sir;
I fear, you have done yourself some wrong.--At-

tend [Prospero talks apart to ARIEL. Mir. Why speaks my father so ungently? This Is the third man that I e'er saw; the first That e'er I sigh’d for: pity move my father, To be inclin’d my way!

Fer. O, if a virgin, And

your affection not gone forth, I'll make you The Queen of Naples.

Pro. Soft, sir; one word more.They are both in either's power: but this swift bu•

siness I must uneasy make, lest too light winning Make the prize light.-One word more~ I charge

That thou attend me: thou dost here usurp
Upon this island, as a spy, to win it
From me, the lord on't.

Fer. No, as I am a man.
Mir. There's nothing ill can dwell in such a

If the ill spirit have so fair a house,
Good things will strive to dwell with't.

Pro. Follow me,---
Speak not you for him; he's a traitor.-Come,

I'll manacle thy neck and feet together;
Sea water shalt thou drink; thy food shall be,
The fresh brook muscles, wither'd roots, and husks
Wherein the acorn cradled ;-Follow.

Fer. No;
I will resist such entertainment, till
Mine enemy has more power. [He draws his Sword.
Pro. Put thy sword up,

traitor : Who mak’st a show, but dar’st not strike, thy con

Is so possess’d with guilt: come from thy ward ;
For I can here disarm thee with this stick,
And make thy weapon drop.'

[FERDINAND drops his Point to the Ground. Mir. Beseech


Pro. Hence; hang not on my garments.

Mir. Sir, have pity ; .
I'll be his surety.

Pro. Silence ! one word more
Shall make me chide thee, if not hate thee. What!
My foot my tutor?-Hush !--Come on, obey :
Thy nerves are in their infancy again,
And have no vigour in them.

Fer. So they are :
My spirits, as in a dream, are all bound up.
My father's loss, the weakness which I feel,
The wreck of all my friends, or this man's threats,
To whom I am subdu’d, were but light to me
Might I but through my prison, once a day,
Behold this maid : all corners else o'the earth
Let liberty make use of; space enough
Have I in such a prison.

Pro. It works :-Come on.
Thou hast done well, fine Ariel ! - Follow me...-
Hark, what thou else shalt do me.

[Prospero talks apart to Ariel. Mir. Be of comfort; My father's of a better nature, sir,

Than he appears by speech : ne'er, till this day,
Saw I him touch'd with anger so distemper’d.

Pro. Thou shalt be as free
As mountain winds :—but then exactly do
All points of my command.

Ari. To the syllable.
Pro. Come, follow :-speak not for him.
[Exeunt PROSPERO, and MIRANDA supplicat-

ing him ;-ARIEL follows them, waving

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a Keg. Step. Tell not me;—when the butt is out, we will drink water; not a drop before: therefore, bear up, and board 'em :-Servant Monster, drink to me:Why, thy eyes are almost set in thy head.

Trin. Where should they be set else? he were a brave monster indeed, if they were set in his tail.

my lord ?

Step. My man-monster hath drown'd his tongue in sack : Thou shalt be my lieutenant, monster, or my standard.

Trin. Your lieutenant, if you list; he's no standard.

Step. Mooncalf, speak once in thy life, if thou be'st a good mooncalf.

Cal. How does thy honour ? let me lick thy shoe : I'll not serve him, he is not valiant.

Trin. Thou ly’st, most ignorant monster; why, thou debosh'd fish thou, was there ever a man a coward that hath drunk so much sack as I to-day? Wilt thou tell a monstrous lie, being but half a fish and half a monster ?

Cal. Lo, how he mocks me !-Wilt thou let him,

Trin. Lord, quoth he !-O lord, o lord, that a monster should be such a natural!

Cal. Lo, lo, again ! bite him to death, I pr’ythee.

Step. Trinculo, keep a good tongue in your head, if

you prove a mutineer, the next tree-The poor monster's my subject, and he shall not suffer indignity.

Cal. I thank my noble lord. Wilt thou be pleased to hearken once again to the suit I made thee?

Step. Marry will I: kneel and repeat it: I will stand, and so shall Trinculo. [CALIBAN kneels. Enter ARIEL, invisible to them, with a Tabor and

Pipe. Cal. As I told thee before, I am subject to a tyrant, a sorcerer, that by his cunning hath cheated me of this island.

Ari. Thou ly’st.
Cal. Thou lyst, thou jesting monkey, thou ;-

[Rises. I would, my valiant master would destroy thee ; I do not lie.

Step. Trinculo, if you trouble bim any more in his tale, by this hand, I will supplant some of your teeth.

Trin. Why, I said nothing.
Step. Mum then, and no more.— Proceed.
Cal. I

say, by sorcery he got this isle ;
From me he got it. If thy greatness will
Revenge it on him,--for, I know, thou dar'st,-
I'll yield him thee asleep,
Where thou may'st knock a nail into his head.

Ari. Thou ly'st, thou canst nut.
Cal. What a py'd ninny's this! Thou scurry


I do beseech thy greatness give him blows.

Step. Trinculo, run into no further danger; intere rupt the monster one word further, and by this hand, I'll turn my mercy out of doors, and make a stock. fish of thee.

Trin. Why, what did I? I did nothing; I'll go further off.

Stép. Did'st thou not say, he ly'd ?
Ari. Thou ly'st.
Step. Do I so? take thou that.

[Strikes. TRINCULO.-CALIBAN laughs. As you like this, give me the lie another time.

Trin. You:lie, I did not give you the lie:~Qut o'your wits, and hearing too ?-A plague o’your bottle ! this can sack and drinking do.--A murrain on your monster, and the devil take your fingers !

Cal. Ha ! ha! ha!

Step. Now forward with your tale.-Pr'ythee, stand further off.

Cal. Beat him enough : After a little time, I'll beat him too.

Step. Stand further.-Come, proceed.

Cal. Why, as I told thee, 'tis a custom with him I'the afternoon to sleep: there thou may'st brain


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