Proceedings of the Board of Regents


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Página 305 - So that a man shall say, Verily there is a reward for the righteous; doubtless there is a God that judgeth the earth.
Página 71 - States, or any person or persons to this state for the use of a university; and the funds accruing from the rents or sale of such lands, or from any other source for the purpose aforesaid, shall be and remain a permanent fund, the interest of which shall be applied to the support of said university...
Página 77 - ... remain a permanent fund, the interest of which shall be applied to the support of said university, with such branches as the public convenience may demand, for the promotion of literature, the arts and sciences, as may be authorized by the terms of such grant. And it shall be the duty of the legislature as soon as may be. to provide effectual means for the improvement and permanent security of the funds of said university.
Página 42 - Your Committee recommend the adoption of the following Resolutions : Resolved, That the...
Página 641 - An act to appropriate lands for the support of schools in certain townships and fractional townships, not before provided for,' and which shall be subject to approval by the Secretary of the Interior.
Página 180 - Edmonds be referred to a select committee of three, to be appointed by the Chair, to consider and report thereon.
Página 91 - Michigan," are hereby granted and conveyed to the State, to be appropriated solely to the use and support of such university, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe...
Página 983 - AD 1841 ; and all estates of deceased persons who may have died without leaving a will, or heir, and also such...
Página 294 - The question then being on the adoption of the resolution, it was decided in the affirmative, by yeas and nays, as follows : Yeas.— Messrs.
Página 68 - Territory, and for no other use or purpose whatsoever; to be located in tracts of land not less than an entire section, corresponding with any of the legal divisions into which the public lands are authorized to be surveyed.

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