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!f our services are Scriptural, they must set forth-
1. That Holy Communion is ordained to enable us to

partake of the body and blood of Christ. Proof that

they do this
2. That in this partaking of the flesh and blood of Christ

we receive certain unspeakable benefits
3. That this partaking must be connected with the resur-

rection of the body

The Prayer-book and Missal compared on these two

points. Holy Communion as a partaking of the body

and blood of Christ, and benefits consequent thereupon,

set forth far more clearly in the Prayer-book than in

the Missal

4. That these benefits depend on the spiritual state of

the recipient

5. That the outward part must be the consecrated bread

and wine. Every notice of the Holy Communion in
Scripture witnesses to the necessity of Consecration


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