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3. That they to whom God in His mercy has been pleased to reveal these truths, should be most careful to set them before their brethren in a Scripture form, and, as far as possible, in Scripture language; and it behoves them not hastily to cast such truths on ground unfitted to receive them, but to prepare the minds of others for their reception, by the constant inculcation of the principles on which they are founded ; and, above all, by showing the practical results which the Apostles themselves make to depend upon them.

It behoves them, too, to weigh well every word in which they strive to commend them to their brethren, lest it seem overstrained, or unreal, or at manifest variance with other clearly revealed truths, and so give occasion of stumbling to the weaker brethren, and of wilful misrepresentation to the adversaries.

Above all, it behoves those who "know these things' to pray very earnestly and constantly that the Great Head of the Church may give to all His people faith to apprehend the things pertaining to His mystical Body, and boldness to confess them when apprehended. For with respect to these things, as well as to all others which belong to Christ, His saying holds good

“He shall glorify Me, for He shall receive of Mine, and shall show it unto you"

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Acts ii. 38; xx. 16

Rom. vi, 1–4; Coloss. ii. 11, 12

Note. On the only sense in which we can be said to die to

sin in Baptism

1 Cor. x. 1-10

1 Cor. xii. 13

Gal. iii. 26 ; Ephes. v. 26 ; Titus iii. 5

1 Peter iii. 21.

General teaching of these Scripture statements

II. Christians always assumed to bave been received into
a state of grace in Baptism

Practical application of this by Scripture writers
III. This state of salvation does not in all cases secure

the present goodness or the final salvation of those once

brought into it
IV. Apostles assume that all Christians who sin, sin

because they fall from grace, not because God has not

given them grace

V. Baptized Christians never called upon to be born again
Summary of Scripture teaching

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