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last trial of my predecessor Mary-Ann Carlile, and I hope now to find twelve, your verdict will be Not Guilty, or a nolle prosequi will be entered on the case as its issue. Be firm, and do your duty; and believe me, when I conclude by saying, that I scorn mercy and demand justice.

The Lord Chief Justice, after stating the substance of the Indictment, observed that the Defendant was not called on to answer any reasonable or fair discussion on the truth of Christianity in general, or any of its particular tenets. The law permitted that every subject, however sacred, should be freely, yet moderately and temperately discussed; but it would not yield its protection to gross and scandalous calumnies on the established faith. It would be a most extraordinary state of society in which the privilege of defaming that religion on which all its institutions were built, should be conceded. The publication had been clearly proved ; indeed, it had been avowed and gloried in by the Defendant; and therefore, the only question would be, whether the passages bore the character imputed to them by the record. The learned Judge then read the paragraphs set out in the indictment, and left the Jury to say if they could doubt of their meaning. Much bad been urged, to which, if applied to a different case, he should readily accede; he meant those arguments wbich had been largely quoted to show the impolicy of attempting to support religion by the secular power; and these certainly would have great weight if a grave and serious disquisition were indicted: but it would be hard to show that every society had not a right to support it against calumny and slander, and to protect the young and uninformed from the influence of mere contumelious abuse. If the Jury thought these passages were only parts of a fair and temperate discussion of the sacred topics to which they had reference, they might acquit the Defendant; but if they considered them as gross and indecent attacks on religion, they must find her guilty.

The Jury turned round in their box for about two minutes, and then returned a verdict of GUILTY.


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Just Published, Price One Shilling. The



Humphrey Boyle,






Blasphemous and Seditious Libel,






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The Republican.

This work is continued on the basis of a determined freedom and independence, its sentiments are open and in no instance admits of ambiguity, or are they liable to a dubious construction. It freely canvasses the passing events of the day and exbibits them in their proper views and purport. It does not shrink from canvassing the utility and propriety of the various establishments of the country, whether political or religious. Here hypocrisy finds no support, nor tyranny adulation. The cause of truth and the moral welfare of mankind is its only object. The general sentiments of this work are of that kind to give the reader a satisfaction on a future day, as they are more confined to general subjects than to passing trifles. It will stanı as an example of what may be done in the worst of times by a determined opposition to bad men and bad measures.

To those who are acquainted with the contents of any of the former volumes of “ The Republican” it is scarcely necessary to say what will be the future, as the spirit and principle will be the same with a studied endeavour to improve.

From the time of Plato, until within the present age, it has been deemed a visionary theory to advocate the preference of a Republican form of Government, and, in fact, it was so, before the Representative System of Go. vernment was made the basis of Republicanism, but now that paragon in social and political economy has been discovered, and its practical part exhibited to the view of all the people on the earth, it is not only become not visionary to advocate the Republican form of Government, but the contrary, or that which is deficient, is become a proof of corruption and dishonesty in its advocates. There is no political honesty but in the advocacy of the Representative System of Government, and that System of Government constitutes the only Real Republicanism, therefore, it is evident that there can be no political honesty but in the advocacy of the Republican form of Government.

These are the political sentiments of “ The Republican.”.

But there is another point equally important and equally Republican. From all the facts we can gather from historical records it is evident, that the majority of mankind have been the dupes of impostors, who, to their own peculiar gain, and to the loss and misery of the multitude, have inculcated idolatry. Every nation on the face of the earth has had its idols to impose on the ever ignorant and credulous multitude, and every nation has still its idols from the corporeally visible Jugernaut to the spiritually invisible Jehovah and Jesus. To endeavour to abolish this idolatry, to enlighten the multitude, and to shew them that every species of religion is idolatrous, immoral and both mentally and corporeally mischievous, shall be the peculiar object of “ The Republican.

Its Editor will shrink from nothing that is calculated to exhibit truth to the mass of mankind, and more particularly his fellow natives of this Island, whatever pains and penalties may follow the act. He says, that robbers masked and robbers masked, prey upon the productive labour of the multitude, and he will endeavour as far as in him lies to expose and destroy the former, and enlighten and protect the latter.

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Works of Thomas Paine.

S. d. Case of the Officers of Excise... 4 | Letters to the Citizens of America 1 0 Common Sense

1 O Miscellaneous Letters and Essays 5 0 American Crisis 4 0 Miscellaneous Poems

0 9 Public Good

0 9 Miscellaneous Poems, fine paper, Letter to the Abbe Raynal 1 6

1 hot-pressed

o Dissertations on Government, &c. 1 0 Appendix to Do. ... Prospects on the Rubicon

0 9 Appendix to Theological Works 0 6 * Rights of Man, Part I. 3 0 Letter to Camille Jordan on Priests, Do. Do. Part II

3 0 Bells, and Public Worship.... 0 3 Letter to Addressers

1 0 Portrait of Thomas Paine for bindDissertation on First Principles of

ing with the above

1 0 Government.

0 6 A Memoir of Thomas Paine to Agrarian Justice

0 6

accompany his Works, by R. Decline and Fall of the English


6 System of Finance

0 6 Letter to George Washington.

A superior Edition of the above Political 1 0

and Miscellaneous Works may be had * A common blue paper edition of Rights of

in boards, in 2 vols. at £ 2. with a Man, Part I. may be had at 1s. 6d. per copy.

Memoir and Portrait prefixed. N. B. R. Carlile intends, immediately, to print the whole of Paine's Works, with a Selection of Aphorisms, from those Works, in the form of Walker's Poets and Classics, at the least possible Price. The First Part of the Age of Reason may be had at Sixpence, as a Specimen of the Edition. Price 3s.

Price 60. An ENQUIRY into the Cause of the REPORT OF THE TRIAL OF MRS. Progress and Establishment of the Chris

JANE CARLILE. tian Religion, commonly called Gibbon's On an ex-officio Information, for pube celebrated five causes"; being the fif- lishing No. 8, Vol. 3, of the Republican. teenth and sixteenth chapters of the N. B. The defence on this trial, of Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. which a full report is given, will be By EDWARD GIBBON, Esq.

found to comprise the pith of that excel.

lent pamphlet published during the Price 2d. each.

usarpation of Oliver Cromwell, entitled The CHARACTER of a SOLDIER. | Killing no Murder. The subject of the By PHILANTHROPOS.

prosecution was nothing more than a The CHARACTER of a PRIEST:

moral lesson to tyrants and those whom By Ditto.

they oppress. The CHARACTER of a PEER, By Ditto.

Price coloured 5s. plain 3s. The CHARACTER of the JEW BOOKS : being a Defence of the Na

Manchester Massarre. tural Innocence of Man, against King3

A full Description of the bloody at. and Priests, or Tyrants and Impostors.

tack made upon the Inhabitants of By Ditto.

Manchester and its vicinity, assembled

on St. Peter's Plain, to discuss the best Price 6d.

means for obtaining a Reformn of the SCOTCH POETRY; consisting of Parliament, by the Yeomanry Cavalry Songs, Odes, Anthems, and Epigrams.

of Manchester and Cheshire, on the By Alexander Rodger, an Operative

16th of August, 1819. Weaver of Glasgow.

N. B. This is a large print got up

under the directions of R. Carlile, and Price 1s.

by all the information he can get has SAUL, A DEAMA, transiated from not been equalled by any hitherto pub. the French of VOLTAIRF.

lished on the same subject,

Works Published by R. Carlile, 55, Fleet Street,
The Beist.

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Pamphlets at the following Prices. may be bad in 4 vols. 8vo. Price CHRISTIANITY UNVEILED, £1. 5s. boards.

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The IMPORTANT EXAMINAbut Sincere Christian.

By M. Voltaire.
Price 2s. 6d.

Price 5s. bds.

LETTERS TO EUGENIA, Being an Answer to the Apology for .the Bible; in a Series of Letters to

On the absurd, contradictory and the Bishop of Landaff, by Samuel demoralizing dogmas and mysteries Francis, M. D.

of the Christian Religion. Now first N. B. This refutation of Watson's translated from the French of M. Apology for the Bible is a refutation in Freret. deed. No rational being can read this

N. B. This work will be found one pamphlet and ever feel the least respect of the closest pieces of reasouing and for the book called the Bible afterwards. the most unanswerable argument against

the Christian Religion and the existence Price 1s. 6d.

of those fantasies called souls and spirits, THE CHRISTIAN MYSTERY, with their pretended immortality, that A CHINESE TALE, BY VOLTAIRE.

ever issued from the pen of the PhilosoThoughts on the Christian Religion, pher. by an American Deist. Deism exa

Price 2s. mined, with a few Ideas on miracu- THE LIFE OF DAVID; lous Conversion. A Letter to Sir Or, the History of the Man after Samuel Shepherd, Knt. Attorney God's own Heart. General, upon his prosecutions of Richard Carlile, to which is added a

Price Is. Letter to Mr. Carlile, and a Letter ex- A LETTER TO THE REV. DR. tracted from the Morning Chronicle. SAMUEL CHANDLER, Price 3s. bds.

From the Writer of the History of THE GOD OF THE JEWS;

the Man after God's own Heart.

N. B. This work forms the counters OR, JEHOVAH UNVEILED: With Strictures on the Lives of the part of the foregoing, and would be apHebrew Saints, and remarks on the propriately called a second part of the Jewish Theocracy; to which is pre

Life of David. They are two admirably fixed, a Letter to the Bishop of and well written pamphlets of the last Landaff.

century. N. B. This is a stinging answer to TWO CURIOUS ENGRAVINGS, Bishop Watson's Apology for the Bible.

To bind up with the Deist, as FrontisPerhaps no other work has handled the Bible in so masterly a manner.

pieces, emblematical of the Triumph of

Reason and Justice over Superstition. Price 6d.

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bers at 6d. each.

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