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HE Editor can hardly realize the fact that

twelve months have elapsed since he undertook the responsible duties of conducting this Magazine. To step into the vacant chair of so able a predecessor might well have deterred a bolder man. There were

new friends to make, old friends to get acquainted with,—and Science-Gossip could boast of a large circle. The months were to bring with them hosts of queries, some of them any but patient ones, and requiring information that was all but omniscient!

But it was not long ere we felt that in the sheer love of Science we had a strength that might be calculated upon. Supporting us were men whose names are “household words” in the departments of science they have devoted themselves to, and from

them we have received willing and valuable help, without which we could not have done our duty to our readers. Out of a grateful heart, therefore, on our own behalf, as well as on that of the querists who have profited by their advice and instruction, we tender to them our best thanks.

The scope of SCIENCE-GOSSIP we have not altered-believing it could not well be altered for the better. We stand between the High Priests of pure science and the humbler votaries who would know its wisdom. Our ambition is not to be esteemed learned, so much as to be deemed useful. By uniting in monthly fellowship the unassuming but ardent lovers of nature, we feel we are doing much good; by giving them the means of noting phenomena worth notice, comparing notes, and in


This Journal will be Mailed direct to any Address in the U.S. on receipt of Annual Subscription, 7s. Englis? Currcrcy

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relieving each other's difficulties, we are helping on that reign of “Good-will towards men,” which this especial season brings to our minds.

We have endeavoured to do our duty-if we have failed, we crave that forbearance which men should always receive from their brethren. For any shortcomings, omissions, or faults, we implore pardon, hoping that even by these we may learn wisdom. In the strength of the experience of one short year we hope to do better. Whilst thanking our readers for many expressions of kindly sympathy and encouragement received during our “ Year of Office,” we extend to them the Editorial hand, and wish them most heartily

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Rotifer, Parasitic, 112.

Rumia cratagata, 12.
Rush, Flowering, 205.

Japyx, 272.
Juicundus conglomeratus, Pollen of, 61.

Sanguisorba officinalis, Pollen of, 61,

Saws of Sawies, 157.

Scabiosa arrensis, Pollen of, 61.

Scale of Smelt, 104.

Scales of Fish, 104, 176.

Seal of Liverpool, Ancient, 41.

Seal of Margaret, Queen of Scotland, 4.

Seaweed Press, 172.

Section-cutting Machine, 177.

Smelt, Scale of, 104.

Spondylus spinosus, 202.

Sponge, the Glass-rope, and Spicules, 36.

37, 38.
- Polythoa on, 56.
Stag Beetle, Dissection of, 14.
Stephanops uniseta, 11.
Stonechat, 206.
Stone Implements, 228, 229, 230.
Sugaring Net and Drum, 124.
Sun-fish, the Banded, 29.
Sycamore, Leaf of, 99.

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Terraced Hills at Galway, &c., St.
Thunderbolts, 252, 253.
Tilia Europea, 98.
Tortula muralis, 50.
Trout of Loch Islay, 85.
Tubulariu clathrata, 180.
Typhlichthys subterraneus, 55.

UMBRELLA Net, 122.

Vanessa Antiopa, 250.

Variegated Pink, 203.

This Journal will be Mailed direct to any Address in the U.S. on receipt of Annual Subscription, 7s. Englis? Curycrcy i

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