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.literally-also if, i. e. although גַּם אִם 67

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.ראה 8 לב 9 .בֶּן 10 יִצְדָקָה 11 .רִשְׁעָה 12 לאהב synonymous with לֵבָב 15


.צוה 13

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16 ?.

19 20 2 also; for the force of this

particle when repeated in the same sentence (...), see

page 30, note 7.



see Glossary under TY.


.חטא 22

.but כִּי אִם 26 25 דֶּרֶךְ 27 .ידע 28

.עשה 23 *.יסף 24 .בין or בון פְּעֶלָה 30


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which originally signifies to add), when connected with) יסף The verb *

the infinitive of another verb, frequently serves to indicate the repetition

or continuation of the act which the other verb expresses, and may then

be considered as being used adverbially, in the acceptation of again; for

,Gen. iv. 2) and she again bare. So here in the text) וַתֹּסֶף לָלֶדֶת,example

viy niwy? ab’bin

and ye shall not again do [so] any more.

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כְּסִיל מֵאָה . נחה 4 תּוֹרָה 3 .ירה root מוֹרֶה 2 ירא 1 יטב 9 תּוֹכַחת 8 .קיץ 7 .בוא 6 נְתִיבָה 5 אָח 14 מוֹרֶה 13 .אמר 12 .בוא 11 .עֹרֶף 10

.יסר 18

.יצא 17

.בין or בון root 16 קָרוֹב 15

מֵאָה פְעָמִים stands here for מֵאָה 21

.בכה 20

נחת 19

a hundred times; a similar ellipsis will be found in Eccl. viii. 12.

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.צוה 1 מוש 2 איש 3 .אנה 4 עָמִית 5 .עֲמִית or

6 the prefix in this, and the repetition of the same in the next word, are equivalent to the English-as well as; the prefixes in the words following have the same force. literally-as they as thou, i. e. they as well as thou. 11 not; literally-with not, i. e. without.

.כֹּל 7

10 72.

12 72.

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היטב 13 חָכָם 14

.יהד 15 תּוֹרָה 16

18 Ti again, yet, still; Ti

literally—in yet,

i. e. whilst yet, during the time that. Compare 2 Sam. xii. 22.

.ענה 19 .עשה 20 .רע 21

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the name of a Rabbi of whom frequent mention is made in the ,הִלֵּל *

Talmud. He lived in Jerusalem about a century before the destruction of

the Jewish empire by the Romans, and was celebrated for his great learning, as well as for his meekness and inexhaustible patience.

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in the same ratio, in the 5 by.

8 the verb Ty to work or serve, when

Compare Lev. xxv. 39; Jer. xxii. 13;

משל 7 בַּעַל 6

signifies sometimes-to ,עָבֹד ב... construed with 2, that is

make one work or serve.

- 13

signifies-to ,עָבֹד אֶת .i. e ,אֵת when construed .בִּינָה 10 אדוֹן 9

with ,עבד but

serve one, wait upon one, be a slave to one.

14 7.

חדד 13 יסף 12 .שען 11

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is followed in the text, is a preposition signifying-with; see

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.לקח 3


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.ה see Glossary under .נתן 3 לֵבָב 2 .חנן 1 : יֵשׁ לְאֵל יָדְךָ 9 .ידע 8 .נתן 7 .ילך 6 .אמר 5

this phrase must be construed

as though it were written

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.*36 see page 45, note ; יֶשׁ אֵל לְיָדְךָ .ידע 13

יטב 14

.בוז 12

.ענה 18 .זְעָקָה 17

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