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בְּקָרִים .pl ;בְּקָרִי .w. af ;בְּקַר .i. c- בָּקָר

an OX,

ypa K. and Pi. to split, cleave, divide, break through,

break open; Niph. to be broken open, burst; Hiph. to break through; Hoph. to be broken

through; Hithp. to divide itself, to be rent. Ypa -i. c. nypa; pl. niye? — a valley, low country. pā – pl. o'??? - morning.

-. . . .

collect. horned cattle, herds. wpa Pi. to seek, ask, beg; Pu. to be sought. 72)

) 872 K. to create; Niph. to be created. Na - strictly p. a. K. of 872-[One] creating, i. e.

a Creator.
777 hail, hailstone.
1772 K. to choose, select.


-p. p. K. of 772-blessed.



.m בָרוּךְ

:f בְּרוּכָה .iron בַּרְזֶל


.m בָּרִיא

m. K. to flee, run away; Hiph. to cause to flee,

i. e. to put to flight. m.

stout, strong, fat.

. Na n. a creation.

T a bar, bolt.

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.f בְּרִיאָה

.a covenant בְּרִית ,כרת בְּרִית

.כרת See

772 K. to bend one's knee, to kneel down; Pi. to

bless, salute; (of the Kal. only the p. p. and once the inf. are used in this acceptation See 71721);

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Niph. and Pu. to be blessed; Hiph. to cause to
kneel down; Hithp. to bless one's self, give too

much credit to one's self, boast. po K. to lighten, to flash.

-i. c. pha; plur. D'ana- lightning, flash of

lightning, flashing, glittering. bwa K. to boil, be boiling; (hence) to mature, ripen;

Pi. to cook or boil; Pu. to be boiled; Hiph.

to cause to be cooked, to ripen. DWI pipa; plur. Dova-spice, sweet odour, ova) fragrance. pa -i.c. w?; w. af. pipa— flesh, body, meat.

--r. w12 — W. af. mum-shame.

-- W. af. ņa; plur. nija --- a daughter. osana -i. c. mana-a virgin, young woman.

1782 - - pl. O'X2 -- proud, haughty.
28-i. c. 1*?- sublimity, Majesty ; (in a bad sense)

pride, haughtiness.
582 K. to redeem, free, claim as one's own; (likewise)

to stain; Niph. to be redeemed; (likewise) to be
stained, polluted; Pi. and Hiph. to stain, dirty,
pollute, defile; Hithp. to defile or pollute one's

Jad K. to be high; Hiph. to cause to be high, to make

high, exalt.

.m ܕܪܕ


£ גְלֹהָה

-i.c. 21-high, lofty, proud.
35 m2, lit. proud of heart | i. e. one of a proud
min nda lit. proud of spirit, disposition.

a limit, border.

ܪܕܕ .height, majesty, pride - גָבְהִי .W. af


גְבל .mighty, strong; a hero גבור ,lit. mighty of valour, i. e. a mighty hero גִבּוֹר חַיִל

a man.

.i. c- גִבְעָה .a hill- גְבָעוֹת .pl ;גִבְעַת

גְבָרִים .pl- גֶבֶר .coriander גר .m גָדול :ז גְדוֹלָה




K. to be great, to grow great, grow ; Pi. to elevate, exalt; (likewise) to bring up; Hiph. to cause to be great, to magnify; Hithp. to shew one's self great; (in a bad sense) to pretend to be great.


.Pi. to reproach, blame, blaspheme גדף body, human – גְוִיּוֹת .pl ;גְוִיָּתִי ;גית .i.c- גְוִיָּה

frame. .

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to rejoice, exult.


ן .Kal גיל or .K. to give up the ghost, to expire גוע

.a body - גוּפַת .i. c- גוּפָה .K. to sojourn; (also) to fear, be afraid גור

.a lot- גוֹרָלוֹת .pl ; גוֹרָל .i. c- גוֹרָל .K. to take away violently, to rob גזל

– גִזְעִי .i. c- גֶזע K. to cut, divide, decide, decree; Niph. to be cut גזר

- a stem of a tree. .

נָחוֹן גל

, , ; .
off, be decided, be decreed.
w. .

a heap; (likewise) a fountain.

.belly - נְחוֹנִי :w. af

- גלים .pl


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גִלְגַלְתִּי .w. af - –

waves of the sea (found only in the plural number). . a skull; metaph. an

india vidual. oba K. to uncover, reveal; (also) to remove, wander,

go into captivity; Niph. to be revealed, to appear; (likewise) to be carried away; Pi. to make manifest, disclose, reveal, uncover; Hiph. to cause to wander, to to go into captivity, to banish; Hoph. to be caused to go into captivity; Hithp. to uncover one's self.


.idols גלוּלִים גָלִיל

59 name of a country; Galilee. dd also, even.

Da lit. also ... also; i. e. both ... and.

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גַם אִם

lit. also if, even if ; i. e. although.

גם כִּי

גמֶא ܕܕܪ

גְמַלִים .pl ; גְמַלִי

a bulrush, reed.
-- ; .

a camel. Boa K. to bestow (good), inflict (evil); (likewise) to

wean a child (from the breast); Niph. to be weaned. 12 – w. af. 22; pl. 022-garden. 2 K. and Pi. to steal ; Niph. to be stolen; Pu. to be

brought secretly; Hithp. to steal one's self away, to sculk.

[blocks in formation]

nya K. to rebuke. noy? -i. c. naya - rebuke, reproof. - W. af. ???; pl. 0'32.

vine. .


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.brimstone גָפְרִית

* Hence : Golgotha, a place of a skull. Matt. xxvii. 33.


17 Pi. to excite, stir up, provoke; Hithp. to be ex

cited, be provoked, fret.

-- ????; pl. ni– a threshing-floor, barn. una K. to drive, expel; (likewise) to carry along, cast

up; Niph. to be troubled, be agitated, be driven or cast out; Pi. to drive away; Pu. to be driven

away. DW – pl. D'pua— rain.

דִבַּת . .a bee-דְבוֹרִים .pl- דְבוֹרָה

។ 2NT K. — constr. w. 5 p.ocb 287) — to care for, be

anxious about. 172XT care, sorrow. 1787 K. to fly, hover, Aoat about. na? -i. c. nat- slander, obloquy, evil report.

? . . pat K. to cleave to, stick to; Pu. to cleave together ;

Hiph. to cause to cleave together; (likewise) to

pursue, overtake. 77 K. (found only in the participles) to speak; Niph.

and Pu. to be spoken; Pi. and Hithp. * to speak. as by a7 lit. to speak to the heart, i. e. to persuade, try the power of persuasion (on one).

. . ; . a word, thing, matter, business, concern. ipia di 27 lit. the business of [the] day in its day, i. e. the daily task, the thing requisite for

- דְבָרִים .pl ;דְבָרִי .w. af ;דְבַר .i. c- דָבָר

the day.

777 pestilence, plague.

* The Hithp. of this verb seems to be particularly applied to supernatural speech. See Mendelssohn's 718) on Numb. vii. 89.

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