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Pi. to excite, stir up, provoke; Hithp. to be excited, be provoked, fret.

7; pl.

a threshing-floor, barn.

K. to drive, expel; (likewise) to carry along, cast up; Niph. to be troubled, be agitated, be driven or cast out; Pi. to drive away; Pu. to be driven

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тт :

constr. w. (NT) to care for, be

anxious about.

care, sorrow.

NT K. to fly, hover, float about.

? —i. c. — slander, obloquy, evil report.

.a bee-דְבוֹרִים .pl- דְבוֹרָה

pa K. to cleave to, stick to; Pu. to cleave together; Hiph. to cause to cleave together; (likewise) to pursue, overtake.

717 K. (found only in the participles) to speak; Niph. and Pu. to be spoken; Pi. and Hithp.* to speak.

by 27 lit. to speak to the heart, i. e. to persuade, try the power of persuasion (on one).

777 — i. c. 777; w. af. 777; pl. "???
thing, matter, business, concern.

יוֹם בְּיוֹמוֹ

a word,

2 lit. the business of [the] day in its

day, i. e. the daily task, the thing requisite for

the day.

7 pestilence, plague.

*The Hithp. of this verb seems to be particularly applied to

supernatural speech. See Mendelsfohn's

81 on Numb. vii. 89.

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Ti an uncle; (likewise) a friend, a beloved one.

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K. to thresh, tread under foot, trample upon; Niph. and Hoph. to be trodden or trampled upon. Ti. c. 7-sufficiency; (sometimes used advly.) sufficiently, enough.


K. and Niph. to be crushed, be contrite; Pi. to crush, bruise.

-pl. D-poor, thin, slender, weak; a poor


i. c.

K. (only once) and Pi. to jump, leap, skip about.
-poorness, lowness, low condition;
lit. low condition of the land, i. e.
the lower class of the people of the land.
-du. Dn7; pl. ninhy; i. c.


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- i. c. D—blood.

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,a door-דַלְתוֹת

K. to be like, resemble; Niph. to be made like; Pi. to liken, compare; (likewise) to think, imagine; Hithp. to liken one's self.

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.knowledge ידע . דעת

דֹפִי דפי

blame, fault; in to attach blame, find

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777 K. to tread, step; Hiph. to cause to step, i. e. to guide.


-w. af. 77; pl. 77; i. c. 77-a way,

manner, custom, usage. Sometimes used advly.
through the way of, i. e. through; e. g.

,through the way of the wilderness דֶרֶךְ הַמִּדְבָּר

i. e. through the wilderness.

K. to seek, enquire after, examine; Niph. to be
sought, be enquired after.

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interj. (exclamation of joy) aha!

ban K. to be vain, follow vain schemes; Hiph. to

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K. to meditate; (likewise) to utter, sigh, mourn;
Hiph. to mutter.

interj. (exclamation of woe) alas! woe!

pron. he or it; self, same, selfsame; this, that, the same.

היה See הוה

יוֹם הַהיֶה ; being, existing - הוה p. a. K. of- הוה

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lit. the day being or existing, i. e. the present day.

wealth, substance, riches.

pron. she or it; self, same, selfsame. See note

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it signifies to become, be changed into, turn. See p. 4, note 11. When followed by a dative case e. g., (lit. [there] was to me, [there] was to him) it signifies, I had, he had. See .


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K. Pi. and Hithp. to go, walk, walk about; Niph.
to pass away; Hiph. to cause to go, to lead.
When coupled with another verb, the verb
is sometimes used advly. to express the con-
tinuance of the act denoted by the verb with
which it is connected. See p. 20, note 6.

* The substantive verb to be is very frequently understood after this pronoun, and then it stands for: the same is, that is.


Pi. to praise; Hithp. to praise one's conjugated self, boast;

Pi. to render foolish, make mad

Hithp. to be foolish, be mad, pre-
tend to be mad.

פקד like


.סבב like

.hither, here הֲלֹם

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pron. they m.; same, selfsame, the same [are].

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strictly, inf. Hiph. of y (to do a thing in the evening) used the evening. See

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TEK. intrans. to turn; trans. to turn; turn upside

down, upset, change; Niph. to be turned, be changed; Hithp. to turn one's self, revolve.


a mountain,

.רבה See הַרְבֵּה

K. to slay; Niph. and Pu. to be slain.

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