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Ti an uncle ; (likewise) a friend, a beloved one.

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-a gene - דוֹרִים in a few instances דורות .pl- דור


TIT K. to stamp, pound.

. a ration. wyt K. to thresh, tread under foot, trample upon;

Niph. and Hoph. to be trodden or trampled upon. 'I -i. c. 'T- sufficiency; (sometimes used advly.)

sufficiently, enough. 12 K. and Niph. to be crushed, be contrite; Pi. to

crush, bruise. 57 - pl. D'S7 - poor, thin, slender, weak; a poor


,a door-דַלְתוֹת .i. c ;דְלָתוֹת .pl ;דְלָתַיִם du - דֶלֶת

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257 K. (only once) and Pi. to jump, leap, skip about.
1757 - i. c. 957— poorness, lowness, low condition ;

og ny lit. low condition of the land, i. e.
the lower class of the people of the land.

. ; . ; .
OT -i. c. DT-blood.
o K. to be like, resemble; Niph. to be made

like; Pi. to liken, compare; (likewise) to think,

imagine; Hithp. to liken one's self. jiet image, idea, imagination.

K. to shed tears, weep.


. . at blame, fault; "ot in to attach blame, find

fault. PT m.

thin, fine. f.


.} דַקָה .the south דָרום

777 K. to tread, step; Hiph. to cause to step, i. e. to


— ; -a way, manner, custom, usage. Sometimes used advly. through the way of, i. e. through; e. g.


-דַרְכֵי .i. c ;דְרָכִים .pl ;דַרְכִּי .w. af

,through the way of the wilderness דֶרֶךְ הַמִּדְבָּר

i. e. through the wilderness. 077 K. to seek, enquire after, examine; Niph. to be

sought, be enquired after.

.grass דֶשֶׁא


la followed by Dagesh.
7 before


of the letters that the definite articannot receive Dagesh.

cle: the. ។ before ņ and y.

indicates interand y (not followed by Dagesh) before

rogation. any letter having Sheva. 7 interj. (exclamation of joy) aha ! 520 K. to be vain, follow vain schemes; Hiph. to

cause to be vain.
- W. af. 5777; pl. 79 - vanity, a vain thing;
used advly, vainly, in vain.



K. to meditate ; (likewise) to utter, sigh, mourn;

Hiph. to mutter. PT interj. (exclamation of woe) alas! woe! 4:37 pron. he or it; self, same, selfsame; X977 this,

that, the same.

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71 - p. a. K. of 1717 – being, existing ; TOT ON

lit. the day being or existing, i. e. the present

day. 11 wealth, substance, riches. XT pron. she or it; self, same, selfsame. See note

on 8:17; 477 this, that, the same. 1790 K. to be, exist; when constr. with 3 (1997)

it signifies : to become, be changed into, turn. See p. 4, note 11. When followed by a dative case e. g. 95.7797, 137797 (lit. [there] was to me, [there] was to him) it signifies, I had, he had,

See on

? 99 infin. Hiph. of 10%, used advly, - well. ng further, farther, onward, henceforth.


.יום See היום היטב

הָלְאָה זֶה See הַלָּזה



K. Pi. and Hithp. to go, walk, walk about; Niph. to pass away; Hiph. to cause to go, to lead. When coupled with another verb, the verb 7507 is sometimes used advly. to express the continuance of the act denoted by the verb with which it is connected. See p. 20, note 6.

* The substantive verb to be is very frequently understood after this pronoun, and then it stands for: the same is, that is.

.פקד like

560 Pi. to praise; Hithp. to praise one's, conjugated

one's? self, boast;

. Pi. to render foolish, make mad;

conjugated Hithp. to be foolish, be mad, pre

. tend to be mad. om hither, here.

.סבב like



pron. they m.; same, selfsame, the same [are]. nen) 1721 K. to make a noise, roar.

- p. p. K. of 17217 - noisy, clamorous.
TO-i. c. no-noise.
nipit noisy places, places of concourse.

pron. they f.; same, selfsame.

behold! lo!


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1790 adv. here, hither. 179 pron. See 107. 737 See ] T; w. af. '!?!? behold I, behold me; 1777,

behold thou, m. &c.

הִנְנִי הכֵּנִי

[blocks in formation]


anyo - strictly, inf. Hiph. of any (to do a thing in

the evening) used advly. - in the evening. See

DOWN. 721 K. intrans. to turn; trans. to turn; turn upside

down, upset, change; Niph. to be turned, be
changed; Hithp. to turn one's self, revolve.
. ,

270 K. to slay; Niph. and Pu. to be slain.

,a mountain-הָרִים .pl- הַר

.רבה See הַרְבֵּה

277 slaughter, destruction.

70 K. to conceive, be pregnant, be with child. 07 K. and Pi. to pull down, destroy; Niph. to be

pulled down. 7771 found only w. af. "??? and ????; pl. i. c.

/ ] - . Down — strictly, inf. Hiph. of bw (to do a thing early in the morning) used advly.-- in the morning.

. .

. i. c ;w.

.a mountain - הַרְרֵי הֶרֶר

.הַעֲרֵב morning and evening. See הַשְׁכֵּם וְהַעֶרֶב


even, &c.


:) before either of the letters

, , d, (likewise) before
words beginning with She-conj. signifying:

and, but, or, that,

When ! before words beginning with

prefixed to the past ^ in which case the letter

tense of a verb it becomes quiescent.

converts it into the ! (not followed by Dagesh) be- future, retaining

fore words beginning with at the same time Hataph Pathah.

its conjunctive sig

! before words beginning with

Hataph Sego.
1 in a few instances before
nouns by way of euphony.

converts the future into 1 followed by Dagesh, the past tense, retaining or 9 before & which cannot,

at the same time the of course, receive Da

various conjunctive siggesh.

nifications as specified

in the preceding article. !


.עַד See ועד

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