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slaughter, destruction.

K. to conceive, be pregnant, be with child.

K. and Pi. to pull down, destroy; Niph. to be pulled down.

found only w. af. 77 and 777; pl. i. c.

.a mountain - הַרְרֵי הֲרֵר


— strictly, inf. Hiph. of D (to do a thing early in the morning) used advly.-in the morning.

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-definitely dem. pron. this f.

П K. and Pi. to slaughter, sacrifice.

-w. af. ; pl. Da sacrifice.

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Tarrogant, wicked, an arrogant and wicked man.





הַלָּזֶה sometimes

dem. pron. this m.


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Hiph. to sparkle, shine, glitter; (likewise) to ad

monish, warn; Niph. to be warned.

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,an olive - זיתים .pl ; זֵיתִי .w. af ;זית .i. c- זית


olive tree.

K. to be pure, be clean, be innocent; Pi. to cleanse, purify, keep in purity.

K. to recollect, remember; Niph. to be remembered; Hiph. to cause to remember, i. e. to bring to remembrance, mention.


נְקֵבָה a male; (in opposition to - זְכָרִים .pl


-a remembrance, memorial.



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(usually in a bad sense) wicked device, plot; (generally) wickedness.

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pyt K. to cry, cry out, call out; Niph. to be called [together], i. e. to be collected or assembled together; Hiph. to call [together], i. e. to cause to assemble; (likewise) to proclaim.

pyi. c. py; w. af. 'npy-a cry, a crying out. O'P sparks of fire, firebrands, live coals.

IP K. to be old, grow old; Hiph. to wax old.

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strictly p. a. K. of-strange; a stranger.

K. and Pi. to fan, winnow, spread, strew, scatter,
disperse; Pu. to be scattered or spread out.
K. to rise, (spoken of the sun, also of light in
general), to shine.

K. to sow (seed); Niph. to be sown.

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-w. af. -seed; metaph. offspring, issue, progeny.

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pl. -pain, pang, distress.

a lily*.

K. and Pi. to embrace.

DT pan the folding of the hands (to sleep).
K. and Hiph. to join (intrans.); Pi. to join (trans.);
Pu. to be joined; Hithp. to join one's self, asso-

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a companion, associate.

a company, society.

w. af. ; pl. D'an

a feast, festival.

a grasshopper, locust.

aan K. to celebrate a feast-day.

TK. to be sharp; Hoph. to be sharpened.
K. to rejoice, be glad; Pi. to make joyful.

K. to cease, leave off, refrain from, desist from.

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-w. af.


pl. Da month, the new

lit. a month of days, i. e. the space of

a month, a full month.

Pi. to shew, declare, tell, announce.

-i. c. in; pl. niin-a wall.

strictly p. a. K. of — merciful, gracious.

DK. to have mercy upon, spare, pity.

.חף See חוף

* According to Mendelsfohn and Gesenius; according to others

this word signifies: a rose.

. שׁוּשַׁן See

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K. to make haste, hasten (intrans.); Hiph. to hasten (trans.), urge, accelerate; (likewise) to make haste.

חֶזְיוֹנוֹת .pl ; חֶזְיוֹנִי .w. af ; חֶזְיוֹן .i. c


— a vision. pin K. to adhere, take hold of; (likewise) to be strong; Pi. to strengthen; Hiph. to cause to be strong, make strong, take hold of, seize; Hithp. to strengthen one's self, gain strength, feel one's self strong.

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K. to fail, miss, offend, sin; Pi. to bear the
punishment of an offence or sin, bring as
sin-offering, purify, purge; Hiph. to cause to
sin; Hithp. to purify one's self.

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K. to live, revive, recover (from illness); Pi. to enliven, quicken; Hiph. to cause to live, preserve alive.

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