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1 38 - pl. D'IN — a wolf. ng - definitely nain - dem. pron. this f. na K. and Pi. to slaughter, sacrifice. ? - W. af. 'ma?; pl. o'n?! - a sacrifice.

7 arrogant, wicked, an arrogant and wicked man.


הַזֶּה definitely הלזה sometimes

this m.

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Tlp in this [place], here.

7:19 from this [place], hence. 27-i. c. 17-gold. 7 Hiph. to sparkle, shine, glitter; likewise) to ad

monish, warn; Niph. to be warned. mai — strictly p. a. K. of 3 -a harlot. Sri K. to creep, crawl; (likewise) to fear. ny -i. c. ny; w. af. '; pl. Diny - an olive,

olive tree. 17 K. to be pure, be clean, be innocent; Pi. to

cleanse, purify, keep in purity. 72 K. to recollect, remember; Niph. to be remem

bered; Hiph. to cause to remember, i. e. to bring to remembrance, mention.

- pl. O'???-a male; (in opposition to 1722 a

female.) 1972! — i. c. 1179?- a remembrance, memorial. nep -i. c. net;

w. af. nap a plan, purpose; (usually in a bad sense) wicked device, plot;

(generally) wickedness. 12?

- w. af. ?a; pl. O!— time. 113 K. and Hiph. to cast off, reject.


99 K. to be angry, be furious.

– w. af. 'Oy! — anger, fury.
pyt K. to cry, cry out, call out; Niph. to be called

[together], i. e. to be collected or assembled to-
gether; Hiph. to call (together], i. e. to cause to

assemble; (likewise) to proclaim.
noy-i. c. nyt; w. af. neyi - a cry, a crying out.
O'P? sparks of fire, firebrands, live coals.
IPI K. to be old, grow old; Hiph. to wax old.




f זְקֵנָה ן


- a beard.

} – strictly p. a. K. of 71— strange; a stranger.

.f זָרָה

IPI -i. c. 12?; pl. O??

- an old man. ipi old age.

-i. c. 12?; w. af. '3?! – 172?? -i. c. nap!; w. af. 'n??? - old age.


. 077 K. and Pi. to fan, winnow, spread, strew, scatter,

disperse; Pu. to be scattered or spread out. m K. to rise, (spoken of the sun, also of light in

general), to shine.
Yn K. to sow (seed); Niph. to be sown.

- W. af. "Y?? — seed; metaph. offspring, issue,



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.pain, pang, distress-חֲבָלִים .pl- חֵבֶל חֲבַצֶלֶת

.(the folding of the hands (to sleep חִבֵּק יָדַיִם
;(.K. and Hiph. to join (intrans.); Pi. to join (trans חבר

. a lily *. K. and Pi. to embrace. , ().

(.); (.); Pu. to be joined; Hithp. to join one's self, associate.

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.a companion, associate - חֲבֵרִים .pl - חָבֵר

חֶברת .i. c- חֶבְרָה חג חַגִּים .pl ;חַבִּי

חֲגָבִים .pl - חָגָב

a -
.K. to be sharp; Hoph. to be sharpened חדד

. חדה


, חדל

חדר .a room, closet; metaph - חֲדָרִים .pl

חֲדַר .i. c חדר

a month, the new - חָדָשִׁים .pl ; חָדְשִׁי .w. af -

- a company, society.

a feast, festival.

- a grasshopper, locust. dan K. to celebrate a feast-day.

. 1777 K. to rejoice, be glad; Pi. to make joyful. 3707 K. to cease, leave off, refrain from, desist from.

- . - .

the innermost part of a thing.

. ; . - a , moon, ,

, i. . a month, a full month.

lit. a month of days, i. e. the space of חֹדֶשׁ יָמִים

.Pi. to shew, declare, tell, announce חוה .a wall-חומות .pl ; חוֹמַת .i. c- חוֹמָה חוֹנֵן .merciful, gracious - חנן strictly p. a. K. of .K. to have mercy upon, spare, pity חוס

.חף See חוף

* According to Mendelssohn and Gesenius; according to others this word signifies: a rose.

.שׁוּשַׁן See




חוּצָה .out of doors, abroad הַחוּצָה

הַחוּץ .from without מִחוּץ ... out of מחוץ ל...

חוצות .pl - חוּץ

,a hole, cave חור K. to make haste, hasten (intrans.); Hiph. to hasten חוש

a street. .

a , .

, (.); . (trans.), urge, accelerate; (likewise) to make haste.



- חֶזְיוֹנוֹת .pl ; חֲזִיוֹנִי .w. af ; חֶזְיוֹן .i. c- חניון .a vision ;K. to adhere, take hold of; (likewise) to be strong חזק

, ; () ; Pi. to strengthen; Hiph. to cause to be strong, make strong, take hold of, seize; Hithp. to strengthen one's self, gain strength, feel one's self strong.

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K. to fail, miss, offend, sin; Pi. to bear the חטא

, , , ; . punishment of an offence or sin, bring as a sin-offering, purify, purge; Hiph. to cause to sin; Hithp. to purify one's self.

a sinner.

a sin.

wheat. .

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חטא .חטא strictly p. p. K. of

חֵטְא חֲטָאִים .pl ; חֵטְאי .w. af חִפִּים .pl - חִטָה

חטֶר :חיים .pl ;חֵי .m.-i. c חַי

חיות .f. -pl חַיָּה K. to live, revive, recover (from illness); Pi. to חיה

a rod, scion, twig.

living, alive.

, , (); . enliven, quicken; Hiph. to cause to live,] I live, [as sure as] live] חַי אָנִי .a beast, a living creature - חַיוֹת .pl ; חַית .i. c- חַיָּה

serve alive. .

.life- חיי .i. c- חַיים

(.q. v חַי adj. living (pl. of חַיים ,strength, valour, virtue -חילים .pl ;חיל .i. c- חַיל

[blocks in formation]

.a lap, bosom חֵיק ,


. wir hastily, quickly, soon.

- a palate ; metaph. organ of speech,

- W.

- חִכִּי .af

mouth. .

K. to be wise, act wisely; Pi. and Hiph. to make חכס

, ; . wise; Hithp. to pretend to be wise, use craftiness, deal cunningly. Comp. Exod. i. 10. m

wise, a wise man, a wise woman.


חֲכָמִים .pl ;חֲכַם .m. -i. c חָכָם

חֲכָמוֹת .pl ;חַכְמַת .i. c- :} חֲכָמָה חָכְמָה .wisdom-חָכְמוֹת .pl ;חָכְמָתִי ;חָכְמַת .i.c.milk – חֲלָבִי .w. af ;חֲלֶב

חלב - חֲלָבִים .pl ;חֶלְבִּי .w. af

מֶלֶד ,the world, worldly life, lifetime - חֶלְדִי w. af

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-i. C.



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- the fat.

a man's age.

igbo K. to be ill, be sick, feel pain; Pi. and Hiph.

to bring on illness on one, to put one to grief;
Niph. Pu. and Hoph. to be exhausted, be wearied,
become weak; Hithp. to bring sickness on one's
self; to pretend to be ill.
-- a. - .

a dream.


.a sick man - חלה strictly p. a. K. of - חלֶה

- חֲלֹמוֹת .pl - חֲלוֹם

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