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[as] I live, [as sure as] I live.

i. c.; pl. a beast, a living creature.

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adj. living (pl. of " q. v.)

i. c. ; pl.

-strength, valour, virtue,

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DK. to be wise, act wisely; Pi. and Hiph. to make wise; Hithp. to pretend to be wise, use craftiness, deal cunningly. Comp. Exod. i. 10.

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..; w. af. ; pl. wisdom.



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w. af. —the world, worldly life, lifetime,

a man's age.

K. to be ill, be sick, feel pain; Pi. and Hiph. to bring on illness on one, to put one to grief; Niph. Pu. and Hoph. to be exhausted, be wearied, become weak; Hithp. to bring sickness on one's self; to pretend to be ill.

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-w. af. pl. -sickness, illness.

'T T:

,far be it חָלִילָה

.far be it from me חָלִילָה לִי

K. to be pierced through or wounded; Pi. to
wound, break (a covenant), profane, defile; Niph.
to be profaned; Hiph. to break (a vow); (like-
wise) to begin; Hoph. to be begun.

.a person slain, a carcass - חֲלָלִים .pl ; חֲלַל .i.c- חָלָל

K. to dream; (likewise) to be strong; Hiph. to
cause to dream, cause to be strong, impart strength.
K. to pass, pass away, pass by, be renewed,
grow up again; (likewise) to pierce through; Pi.
to change (one's garments); Hiph. to cause to
change, renew, grow up again.

pn K. to divide, apportion; (likewise) to be smooth;
Niph. to be divided, to divide one's self; Pi. to
divide, give a portion; Pu. to be divided; Hiph.
(lit.) to cause to be smooth, make smooth (one's
words) i. e. to flatter, use hypocrisy; Hithp. to

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K. trans. to weaken, debilitate, disable, conquer;
intrans. to be weak, be debilitated, feel weak.
weak, a weak man.

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K. and Pi. to desire, covet, delight in; Niph. to

be pleasant.

Пeni. c. nen; w. af. 'non-anger, rage, fury.


an ass; (likewise) a heap.

—i. c. nipη;

w. af. nina mother-in-law.

-חֲמוֹתִי חֲמוֹת

.i. c- חָמוֹת .fifth חֲמִישִׁי

K. to have pity upon, spare.

Don K. to be warm, be hot; Niph. to become warm, grow warm, grow hot; Pi. to warm, heat; Hithp.

to warm one's self.

Dan K. to pluck off, shake off; (likewise) to wrong, violate.

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Yon K. to ferment, be leavened; Hithp. metaph. to be grieved.

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K. to favour, be favourable to, have mercy upon;
Niph. to be favoured, be graceful; Pi. to favour,
have mercy upon, impart gracefulness; Hoph. to
be pitied; Hithp. to entreat, make supplication.
K. to be polluted, be defiled, become corrupt;
trans. to defile; Hiph. to cause to be polluted,
defile, profane, corrupt.

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mercy; (likewise) disgrace, a shameful and wicked thing.

D K. to fail, want, miss, lack, be in want of; Pi.

to leave in want, expose to privation; Hiph. (intrans.) to want, be in want of; (trans.) to cause one to want, to deprive one of something, to cause something to fail.

i.c.; strictly p. a. K. of — wanting, lacking, deficient.

lacking understanding, deficient in in


.telligence חסר דַעַת

a coast, shore.

K. to hasten, make haste; Niph. to be in haste, make haste.

YEK. to have delight in, have pleasure in, wish, de


(likewise) purpose, object, business, concern.

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.acceptable words דִבְרֵי חֵפֶץ

vn K. and Pi. to seek, search, explore, investigate; Niph. to be searched through; Pu. to be hidden, be concealed (so as to require searching after); Hithp. to disguise one's self, mask one's self (so as not to be recognized without much investigation.) free; (according to some it signifies also) infirm.



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- grass, hay.

an arrow.

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a court, court-yard, hall, village.

-w. af. p; pl. D'P-anything ordained, decreed or appointed; a statute, law, limit, decree, appointment, portion.

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K. and Pi. to search out, fathom, sound, examine, enquire after; Niph. to be searched out, be fathomed, be enquired after.

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-a dry place.

K. to tremble, labour under anxiety, be anxious, be careful, hasten; Hiph. to cause to tremble, i. e. to frighten, terrify, strike with terror.

—pl. -anxious, timorous, fearful, fearing. K. to be kindled, burn (peculiarly applied to anger), (hence) to be provoking, excite anger, be angry; Niph. to be angry (with one); Hiph. to cause to kindle (applied to anger), be zealous ; Hithp. to put one's self into a passion, fret.

.חרץ See חָרוּץ

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— w. af.

—ploughing, tillage, arable ground.

On Hiph. to consecrate, devote; (likewise) to destroy; Hoph. to be consecrated or devoted; (likewise) to be destroyed.

K. and Pi. to reproach, expose to disgrace, blame,

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