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.far be it חָלִילָה ,far be it from me חָלִילָה לִי

חֲלָלִים .pl ; חֲלַל .i.c- חָלָל


-W. af. ?n; pl. 0° -- sickness, illness.

. şi . 550 K. to be pierced through or wounded; Pi. to

wound, break (a covenant), profane, defile; Niph. to be profaned; Hiph. to break (a vow); (likewise) to begin; Hoph. to be begun.

. . - a person slain, a carcass. ohn K. to dream; (likewise) to be strong; Hiph. to

cause to dream, cause to be strong, impart strength. K. to pass, pass away, pass by, be renewed, grow up again ; (likewise) to pierce through; Pi. to change (one's garments); Hiph. to cause to

change, renew, grow up again. DSM K. to divide, apportion; (likewise) to be smooth;

Niph. to be divided, to divide one's self; Pi. to divide, give a portion; Pu. to be divided; Hiph. (lit.) to cause to be smooth, make smooth (one's words) i. e. to flatter, use hypocrisy ; Hithp. to divide.

— w. af. on; pl. opin? — a part, portion. Pin smooth.

. – . jici nan lit. smoothness of tongue, i. e. flatter

ing language, flattery. 2015 K. trans. to weaken, debilitate, disable, conquer ;

intrans. to be weak, be debilitated, feel weak. wyd weak, a weak man. Oh warmth, heat.

af. - a father-in-law. TON K. and Pi. to desire, covet, delight in; Niph. to

be pleasant.


.smoothness - חֶלְקַת .i. c- חֶלְקָה




-anger, rage, fury – חֲמָתִי .w. af ;חֲמַת .i. c- חֵמָה

.an ass ; (likewise) a heap חֲמוֹר .a mother-in-law - חֲמוֹתִי ; חֲמוֹת .i. c- חָמוֹת

.fifth חֲמִישִׁי K. to have pity upon, spare חמל


, . K. to be warm, be hot; Niph. to become warm, grow warm, grow hot; Pi. to warm, heat; Hithp.

to warm one's self. DAN K. to pluck off, shake off; (likewise) to wrong,

violate. .

חֲמָסִים .pl ;חֲמָסִי .w. af ;חֲמַס .i. c- חָמָס



K. to ferment, be leavened; Hithp. metaph. to חמץ

be grieved.



.clay morter חֹמֶר - חֲמֵשׁ .f -i. c חָמֵשׁ - חֲמֵשֶׁת .m. -i. c חֲמִשָּׁה

.fifty חֲמִשִׁים חן .favour, grace - חני .w. af .K. to encamp, pitch one's tent חנה

.gracious, merciful חַבּוּן

- חֲנִיתוֹת and חֲנִיתִים .pl - חֲנִית ;K. to favour, be favourable to, have mercy upon חנן

a spear.

;K. to be polluted, be defiled, become corrupt חנף

, , ; Niph. to be favoured, be graceful; Pi. to favour, have mercy upon, impart gracefulness; Hoph. to be pitied; Hithp. to entreat, make supplication.

, ; trans. to defile; Hiph. to cause to be polluted, defile, profane, corrupt. a corrupt man, a hypocrite.

. kindness, favour,

חֲנָפִים .pl - חָנֵף חסד חֲסָדִים .pl ; חַסְדִי w. af

mercy; (likewise) disgrace, a shameful and wick

ed thing.

700 K. to fail, want, miss, lack, be in want of; Pi.

to leave in want, expose to privation ; Hiph. (intrans.) to want, be in want of; (trans.) to cause one to want, to deprive one of something, to

cause something to fail. DM - i. c. 7017; strictly p. a. K. of JDN — wanting,

lacking, deficient.
31 om lacking understanding, deficient in in-


.telligence חסר דַעַת


a coast, shore. 121 K. to hasten, make haste; Niph. to be in haste,

make haste.

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חֲפָצִים .pl ;חֶפְצי ,W. af

YAN K. to have delight in, have pleasure in, wish, de

- . . ;

delight, pleasure; (likewise) purpose, object, business, concern.

van '727 acceptable words. wan K. and Pi. to seek, search, explore, investigate;

Niph. to be searched through; Pu. to be hidden, be concealed (so as to require searching after); Hithp. to disguise one's self, mask one's self (so as

not to be recognized without much investigation.) 'WON free; (according to some it signifies also) infirm.

. - w. ; .

.בַּיִת See .בֵּית הַחָפְשִׁית

חצים .pl ;חצי .w. af

חֵץ חצי


an arrow.

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-חֲצֵרוֹת and חֲצֵרִים .pl ; חֲצֵרִי w. af ; חֲצַר .i. c- חָצֵר


-anything ordained, de – חֲקִים .pl ;חֲקִי .w. af

חֲקוֹת .pl ;חֶקֶת .i. c- הִכָּה חקר

a court, court-yard, hall, village.

. ; — creed or appointed ; a statute, law, linit, decree, appointment, portion.

-a statute, law. K. and Pi. to search out, fathom, sound, examine, enquire after; Niph. to be searched out, be fathomed, be enquired after.

- a sword, any cutting instrument.

חֲרָבוֹת .pl ;חַרְבִּי .w. af - חרב

.פֶה See .לְפִי חֶרֶב .dryness, heat חֹרֶב

.m חָרֶב חֲרֵבָה .a dry place - חָרָבוֹת .pl חָרָבָה ,K. to tremble, labour under anxiety, be anxious חרד

*} ary,

} dry, desolate, waste.

anxious, timorous, fearful, fearing – חֲרֵדִים .pl- חָרֵד K. to be kindled, burn (peculiarly applied to חרה

, , , be careful, hasten; Hiph. to cause to tremble, i. e. to frighten, terrify, strike with terror. . - , , , .

, ( anger), (hence) to be provoking, excite anger, be angry; Niph. to be angry (with one); Hiph. to cause to kindle (applied to anger), be zealous; Hithp. to put one's self into a passion, fret.

.חרץ See חָרוּץ חָרִישׁ .ploughing, tillage, arable ground-חֲרִישִׁי .w. af ;Hiph. to consecrate, devote; (likewise) to destroy חרם

. .

, ; () ; Hoph. to be consecrated or devoted; (likewise) to be destroyed.

. , , ,

,K. and Pi. to reproach, expose to disgrace, blame חרף

defy; (likewise K.) to winter, remain during the

winter; Niph. to be betrothed. non autumn; (sometimes used for the space of time

that comprehends both autumn and winter.) pon K. to move diligently, be diligent, be active,

bestir one's self; (likewise) to decide (in judgment), determine, decree.

pon- strictly p. p. K. - diligent, a diligent man. Pan K. to gnash (with one's teeth). won K. to cut, grave, work, frame; metaph. to devise,

plot; (likewise) to till, plough; (also to be silent, hold one's peace; Hiph. to keep silence; Hithp. to be still.

my z war, to devise evil. wy? – pl. ovn — deaf, a deaf man. vin K. to think, consider, esteem, take one (or some

thing) to be, account, deem, invent, devise; Niph. to be reckoned, be esteemed, be accounted, be considered; Pi. to count, reckon, reflect, consider, intend, be about; Hithp. to reckon one's self, be reckoned.

– w. af. 'WT - darkness.

- w. af. 'NN-a father-in-law. im -i. c. in?; w. af. in-a son-in-law; (like

wise) a bridegroom.

- w. af. 'nane? - espousals, nuptials, wedding. nannt -w. af. 'mont - a mother-in-law. non K. and Niph. to be broken, be dismayed, be con

founded; Pi. to be broken; (also) to terrify; Hiph. to break, strike with terror.

חשֶׁךְ חתן חָתָן



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