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nu K. to slaughter. nay – pl. dimar - lit. a slaughterer; a cook; (like

wise) an executioner (whose office, in oriental

countries, devolves on the king's body guards). sau K. to dip; Niph. to be dipped, yau K. to sink; Pu. to be plunged, be drowned;

Hoph. to settle down. 770 K. to be clean, be pure; Pi. to cleanse, purify,

pronounce pure; Pu. to be cleansed ; Hithp. to cleanse one's self, purify one's self. m.) .

20 K. to be good, be pleasing, be pleasant; Hiph. to do good, act properly.

.m טָהר

clear, pure.

.f טְדֹרָה


.m טוב

.f טוֹבָה


good, fit, proper, fair. . 21. adv. well. - w. af. 26-goodness, wealth, good, happiness.

. 1070 K. to grind, crush.

clay, mud, mire.

.טעם See .טוב טעם

[blocks in formation]

54 (found only in p. p. of K. and Pi.) to patch, spot,

120 K. and Hiph. to hide, conceal ; Niph. to be hidden,

be concealed.
DYO K. to taste; metaph. to perceive, feel.




DY af. Yo — taste, savour; metaph. discern

ment, judgment, reasoning.
DY 2 lit. goodness of judgment, i. e. sound

- 1990-collective, n. children, little chil79) dren, little ones.

- adj. f. - putrifying, fresh. on before, ere, not yet.

onon when not yet, before.
970 K. to tear in pieces, snatch or catch (applied to

prey); Niph. and Pu. to be torn to pieces; Hiph.
to provide (with food), feed.
- w. af. '979-prey, meat, food.


- וְאוֹרִים .pl- יְאוֹר

. ?

a river. pa dry land, dry ground. ya K. to labour, toil, be weary, be tired; Pi. to tire

out, fatigue; Hiph. to cause to be weary, weary. ya weary, fatigued ; (likewise) labouring, toiling. T-i. c. 7'; du. O'q! - hand, power, influence, assistance, side, room, place, space. 72 lit. by [the] hand of, i. e. by means of,

by the medium of, through. na? r? lit. with an high hand, i. e. openly,

publicly, triumphantly. 177 K. and Pi. to cast, throw; Hiph. to confess; (like

wise) to praise, give praise ; Hithp. to make confession.

[blocks in formation]

-i. c. 7'7?; w. af. '?'?! -- a beloved one, friend, favourite.


yt K. to know, understand, perceive, notice; Niph.

to be known, be perceived, become known, be made to feel, be punished; Pi. to make to know; Hiph. to cause to know, make known, instruct, inform, make to feel, punish; Hithp. to make

one's self known.
777 Hithp. to become a Jew, embrace or profess

ART the sacred name of JEHOVAH, supposed to be

composed of 79 He was, 0717 being (denoting
present existence), and T. He will be, i.e. the self-

existing and eternal One.
di – pl. d'ag; i. c. *p!; du. 021- day, time, fate.

Die day [by] day, day (after] day, daily.
Oi(lit. the day) this day, to-day.
D'ONT 5 (lit. all the days) always.

with (lit. a month of days) the space of a
month, a full month. See Note 4. pp. 9 and 10.
2 –i. c. 2-mire, mud.

- strictly p. a. K. of ps' - a suckling.

strictly p. a. K. of Iwj— a dweller, inhabitant. I together, altogether, all one, all the same.


יוֹנָק יושב

[blocks in formation]

* Invariably pronounced by the Jews TX in consequence of an ancient tradition which enjoins them to consider this sacred name as ineffable. In some books the abbreviated form " is introduced instead of the regular form here given. When connected with PT it is pointed 1717. (IT PITX. See Gen. xv. 8.) and


אֱלֹהִים is then pronounced by the Jews

10 K. to be good, be well, be pleasing, be pleasant,

be cheerful; Hiph. to do good, do [a thing] well, act properly; (likewise) to fit up, arrange, adorn, attire.

On used advly. See under letter 17. M-i. c. 7.); w. af. !! - wine. ' Hiph. to argue, reason, prove, rebuke, blame,

correct; Hoph. to be corrected; Niph. to be proved,

be reproved, contend with; Hithp. to plead. Śg K. (has no future); Hoph.1 to be able, be allowed,

(used only in the future) prevail, overcome. K. to bring forth, bear (a child); (likewise) to beget; Niph. to be born; Pi. to help to bring forth, i. e. to perform the office of a midwife; Pu. to be born; Hiph. to beget; Hoph. (only in the inf.) to be born; Hilhp. to give an account

of one's own birth, declare one's own pedigree. 7 –pl. DoT; i. c. 7” — a child, boy, lad, young

(of animals).
– .

- a female child, girl, lass.
= 757 K. to go, go away; Hiph. to cause to go,

i. e. to lead, carry. 359 Hiph. to lament. 77? – i. c. ngo; w. af. ms. — a wailing, lamentation.

a shepherd's bag. D - pl. D'a- a sea. .

. D'p — i. c. 'Q! - pl. of Di' q. v. to-i. c. 10?; w. af. — right hand, right side ;

used advly. to the right.
Hiph. to lay, lay up, put, place, leave, permit,
suffer, let one alone; Hoph. to be put, placed or


- יְלָדות .pl



.סוף See .ים סוף


pu' K. to suck; Hiph. to give suck, suckle. ? - pl. nitid? and b'tid? — foundation, ground

work, first principle or ground of a thing. 90' K. and Hiph. to add, increase; when coupled with

the inf. of another verb, the verb 90' is frequently used advly. to indicate the continuation or repetition of the act denoted by the other verb, e. g. nss 20m (Gen. iv. 2.) lit. and she added to bring forth, i. e. she again brought forth;

Niph. to be added, be increased. 70' K. and Pi. to instruct, warn, correct, chastise ;

Niph. to be corrected, be chastised; Hiph. to

chastise. Syn Hiph. to profit, avail, be advantageous, assist, help;

intrans. to gain. Soyje y's, no profit, no use,

useless. ly because, on account of, in consequence of. run K. to counsel, advise; (likewise) to purpose;

Niph. to be advised, consult together; Hithp. to

advise mutually. ? . ; ? ,


,a forest- יְעָרוֹת and יְעָרִים .pl ;יַעְרִי .w. af



-יְפֵה .m. -i. c יָפֶה -יְפַת .f. -i. c יָפָה

72' K. to be handsome, be fair; Pi. to make beau

tiful; Hithp. to adorn one's self. m. -1

handsome, fair. .

? ? lit. fair of aspect, i. e. of a handsome appearance, of a fair countenance. pin na lit. fair of shape, i. e. well shaped,

well made. XX' K. to go out, go forth, come out, proceed.

wiņw nxx lit. the going forth of the sun, i. e. the rising of the sun, sun-rise; Hiph. to cause

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