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PK. to suck; Hiph. to give suck, suckle.




—pl. ii and '70?— foundation, groundwork, first principle or ground of a thing.

70 K. and Hiph. to add, increase; when coupled with the inf. of another verb, the verb D is frequently used advly. to indicate the continuation or repetition of the act denoted by the other verb, e. g. (Gen. iv. 2.) lit. and she added

to bring forth,

i. e. she again brought forth; Niph. to be added, be increased.

DK. and Pi. to instruct, warn, correct, chastise; Niph. to be corrected, be chastised; Hiph. to chastise.

by Hiph. to profit, avail, be advantageous, assist, help; intrans. to gain., no profit, no use, useless.

y because, on account of, in consequence of.

K. to counsel, advise; (likewise) to purpose; Niph. to be advised, consult together; Hithp. to advise mutually.

,a forest - יְעָרוֹת and יְעָרִים .pl ; יַעֲרִי .w. af - יַעַר


K. to be handsome, be fair; Pi. to make beautiful; Hithp. to adorn one's self.

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2 lit. fair of aspect, i. e. of a handsome appearance, of a fair countenance.

well made.

lit. fair of shape, i. e. well shaped,

K. to go out, go forth, come out, proceed. wowy lit. the going forth of the sun, i. e. the rising of the sun, sun-rise; Hiph. to cause





to go out, i. e. to bring out, bring forth, produce;
Hoph. to be caused to go forth, to be brought


Hithp. to place or present one's self, set one's
self up.

K. to be straitened, be distressed, be distressing.

K. to form, frame; Niph. and Hoph. to be formed.
a former, creator;

strictly, p. a. K. of

(likewise) a potter.

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-w. af.a work, something worked; (like-
wise) imagination, cogitation, thought.

K. to be precious, be esteemed, be valued, be rare;
Hiph. to cause to be precious, make precious,
make rare.

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K. to fear, be afraid, stand in awe; Niph. to
be feared, be awful; Pi. to awe, frighten.

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i. c. 7; strictly p. a. K. of N-fearing, fearful, afraid, timid.

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יִרְאָתִי יִרְאַת יִרְאָה



-i. c. ; w. af. ' fear, awe.

K. to go down, descend; Hiph. to cause to go
down, i. e. to bring down; Hoph. to be caused
to go down, be brought down.

K. to cast, throw, shoot; Niph. to be shot; Hiph.
to throw, shoot; (likewise) to point out, direct,
instruct, teach.

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onei. c. n-sides, innermost part.

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K. to be grievous, be unpleasant, displease; to
be grieved, be vexed, go ill (with one); (like-
wise trans.) to do harm.

P greenness, verdure.

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plit. greenness of herb, i. e. green herb.
K. to possess, take possession of, inherit; Niph.
to be impoverished; Pi. to take possession, usurp ;
Hiph. to cause to possess, give for a possession,
take into possession; to dispossess, drive out;
(likewise) to cause to be poor, make poor.

(without the accent) imp. v. there is, there are.
This verb sometimes receives affixes, and then it
ceases to be impers. e. g. thou art;
ye m. are, &c.

there is [a case in] which, i. e. it hap-
pens sometimes that. See Note 9, p. 5.

there is to me, i. e. I have; (est mihi).

there is to thee, i. e. thou hast, &c.

K. to sit, settle, dwell, inhabit, abide; Niph. to
be inhabited; Hiph. to cause to sit or dwell,
make to be inhabited, people; Hoph. to cause to
be inhabited, to be placed.

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K. to sleep, go to sleep, fall asleep; Pi. to cause
to sleep, lull asleep.

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Hiph. to help, assist, deliver, save; Niph. to be
assisted, be delivered.

,straight-forward, right - יְשָׁרִים .pl ;יְשָׁר .i. c- יָשָׁר


upright; an upright man.

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pref. as, like, when, about, thereabout....

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7 K. to be heavy, be hard, be grave, be honourable; Niph. to be laden, be burdened, be honoured, be glorified; Pi. to harden, honour, revere; Hiph. to cause to be heavy, make heavy, cause to be hard, make hard, harden; Hithp. to make one's self honourable, pretend to be honourable.

-i. c. 713 — hard, heavy, grave, important.

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-i. c. 7; w. af. 72-honour, glory.

already, before now.

K. and Pi. to subdue, conquer, force; Niph. to be subdued.

so, thus; here, there.

.this way and that way כֹּה וָכֹה

.in the meanwhile עַד כֹּה וְעַד כֹּה

Tas far as there, yonder.

K. to be dim, (e. g. the eyes); Pi. to become dark, be gloomy, be faint; trans. to check, restrain.

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K. to measure; Pilp. to contain; (likewise) to sustain, support; Hiph. to measure, contain, sustain, endure.

Niph. to be fitted up, be prepared, be proper, be right; Pi. to prepare, establish, make firm, confirm; Pu. to be prepared, be established; Hiph. to provide, prepare, establish; Hithp. to be founded, be established.

Dipl. i-a cup, goblet.

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for, because, seeing that, when, if, that, though, although, surely, yea, indeed.

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-a talent (a coin); (like

all, every, any, whole.

wise) a plain or level ground; a mass, morsel.
-w. af. b, b, 2, &c.


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K. to be ended, be at an end, be completed, be determined, be spent, be consumed, fail, long for; Pi. to end, finish, complete, put an end to, cause to fail, cause to long, give the finish, consume, destroy.

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