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.the destroying angel מַלְאָךְ הַמַּשְׁחִית
; מְלֶאכֶת ,work - מְלַאכְתִּי .w. af

מְלָאכָה לאך .r

.i. c.

labour, business.

מַלְבּוּשׁ .r .a garment-מַלְבּוּשִׁים .pl- לבש

מְלוּכָה .a kingdom, reign מלך .r
.the royal city עִיר הַמְּלוּכָה
.the royal progeny, the royal line זֶרַע הַמְלוּכָה

.salt מֶלַח

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; Pi. to let escape, deliver; (likewise) to lay eggs מלט

Niph. to be delivered, escape; Hiph. to deliver;

(likewise) to bear, bring forth; Hithp. to escape.

,K. to reign, become king; Hiph. to cause to reign מלך

i. e. to make one king; Hoph. to be made king;
Niph. to take counsel, consult.

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מַלְכוּת .royalty, reign, kingdom - מַלְכִיּוֹת .plמְלַמֵּד .a teacher- למד strictly p. a. Pi. of

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.from, out of, by. Comp. p מִן

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- מְנוֹחַ .i. c- מָנוֹחַ

place, rest, state


מְנוּחָה .of quietness - מְנוּחוֹת .pl ; מְנוּחָתִי .w. af

a candlestick.

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מְנֹרוֹת .pl ;מְנוֹרַת .i. c- נור . מְנוֹרָה .r

-a present, gift, offer- מִנְחָתִי .w. af ;מִנְחַת .i.c- מִנְחָה

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ing, oblation.

מַפָּכוֹת .pl ;מַסֵּכַת .i. c- נסך .r מַסֵּכָה

מִסְכְּנוֹת ,stores, magazines סכן ,r מַסְלוּל סלל .r

a way, path.

;K. (only once) and Niph. to dissolve, melt מסס

metaph. to faint (from fear); Hiph. to cause to
faint, discourage.

r. NED provender, fodder.

a place of concealment,


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secret place, hiding-place.

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K. and Pi. to be little, be few; Hiph. to cause to מעט

be little or few, diminish, give little or less.

a little, a few.

by byp [by] little [and] little, by degrees.

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.an upper garment - מְעִילִים .pl- מְעִיל

and מַעְיָנִים .pl ;מַעְיָנִי .w. af ; מַעְיָן .i. c- עין . מַעְיָן .a spring, fountain- מַעְיָנוֹת


.found only with pref עלה .from above, above מִמַּעַל

.deeds, works, actions - מַעַלְלֵי .i. c - עלל . מַעֲלָלִים .the place of sun-set, the west ערב .r מַעֲרָב

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;K. to find, find out, get, obtain, meet, befall מצא

Niph. to be found, be acquired; Hiph. to cause

to find, deliver up.

,an unleavened cake - מַצוֹת .pl-מצץ or מץ .r מַצָה

unleavened bread.

.strife, contention נצה .r מַצָה

a- מְצוּדוֹת .pl ; מְצוּדָתִי .w. af ;מְצְדַת

fortress, citadel.


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command, commandment, injunction, charge.

מְצוּלָה .depth - מְצוּלוֹת .pl- צול

.lit. mire of the depth, a deep mire יְוֵן מְצוּלָה מָצוֹר .a siege, wall, bulwark צור .r -[the] forehead, brow, front.


מְצֹרָע .leprous, a leper- מְצֹרָעִים .pl - צרע .r .a crucible צרף .r מַצְרֵף


the gathering together (of] - מִקְוֵה .i. c - קוה .r מִקְוֶה


מָקוֹם -מְקוֹמוֹת .pl ; מְקוֹמִי .w. af ; מְקוֹם* .i. c- קום .


a place.

.a staff, rod - מַקְלוֹת .pl ;מַקַל and מַקֵל .i. c- מַקֵל -something bought, posses - מִקְנֵה .i. c- קנה . מִקְנֶה

- an accident, chance, fate.

sion, cattle, herd.

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.bitter, bitterness מרר .r : מָרָה



it is bitter to me, i. e. I am grieved or] מַר לִי

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.a sight, vision - מַרְאוֹת .pl - ראה .r מַרְאָה .rest, a resting-place רגע .r

.a spy- רגל strictly p. a. Pi. of - מְרַגֵל


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K. and Hiph. to be rebellious, be refractory, rebel מרה


מָרוֹם height, or high (spoken of - מְרוֹם .i. c-רום .

the heavens).

the] heights, high places, the]- מָרוֹם pl. of- מְרוֹמִים

higher regions, the heavens.

* Before the relative pronoun (whether expressed or understood) the constructive form Dip is sometimes elegantly used.


מְקוֹם אֲשֶׁר Comp. Gen. xxxix. 20; Ps. civ. 8. In some instances

are used advly. for: where; Comp. Est. iv. 3; viii. 17.

.compassionate, merciful-רחם strictly p. a. Pi. of - מְרַחֵם .pl ; מֶרְכַּבְתִּי .w. af ; מִרְכֶּבֶת .i. c - רכב . מֶרְכָּבָה .a chariot, waggon - מַרְכָּבוֹת

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.deceit, deception - מִרְמוֹת .pl - רמה .r מִרְמָה .K. to cleanse; Pu. to be cleansed, be rinsed מרק

; K. to be bitter, be grieved; Niph. to become bitter מרר

Pi. and Hiph. to make bitter, imbitter; metaph.

to afflict; Hithpalp. to be irritated.

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מְרֹרִים .bitter things, bitter herbs מרר .r (wickedness ; (used as an adj. f. concrete רשע .r

a burden.

wicked, a wicked woman.

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.breakers, waves, billows - מִשְׁבְּרִי .i. c - שבר .

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K. to rub with oil, anoint, consecrate; Niph. to be משח


[destroying, [one - שחת strictly p. a. Hiph. of - מַשְׁחִית


מַלְאָךְ See .מַלְאָךְ הַמַּשְׁחִית

something marred_or - מָשְׁחָתִי .w. af - שחת .

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K. to seize, draw, draw out, extend; Niph. to be משך

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drawn out, be extended; Pu. to be pulled out, be
put off, be delayed.

r. 1 — i. c. 1ựp-a lying down, couch, bed.

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מַשְׂכִּיל -intelligent, pru - שכל m. - strictly p. a. Hiph. of

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