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how long?

?when מָתַי לְמָתַי

עַד מָתַי

מְתֵי .i. c- מתה .r מְתִים .loins - מָתְנַי .w. af ;מָתְנֵי .i. c- מתן .r מָתְנַיִם

, ; . , מתק


pro K. to be sweet, become sweet; Hiph. trans. to

cause to be sweet, make sweet, sweeten; intrans. to be sweet.


מַתָּת מִתּת or

.a gift, present - מַתַּת .found only i. c - נתן .r


a particle used to express respectful entreaty or) נָא

exhortation) I beseech, I pray; (it likewise signi-

אָנָא .fies) now. Comp נאלח

- אלח p. a. . ,faithful, true, firm - אמן strictly p. a. Niph. of - נֶאֱמָן

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.K. and Pi. to commit_adultery נאף ,K. to despise; Pi. to despise, provoke, excite, stir up נאץ

. ; . , , , blaspheme; Hithp. to be despised; be blasphemed.

נַאֲקוֹת .pl ; נַאֲקָתִי ; נַאֲקַת .i. c- נְאָמָה –

.Niph. to prophesy, predict future events; Hithp נבא

a groaning, cry, lamentation. ) .

to prophesy; (strictly) to make a prophet of one's self, i. e. to train one's self in the way of prophecy; (in a bad sense) to pretend to be a prophet.

- . . . telligent man.


p. . . 3 temptible.

. a. . .

-intelligent, an in - בון strictly p. a. Niph. of - נָבוֹן

-despicable, con - בזה strictly p. a. Niph. of - נִבְזֶה

.preferable - בחר strictly p. 8. Niph. of

- נְבִיאִים .pl ;נְבִיאִי .w. af

.the south נגב


U2) Niph. (only once*) and Hiph. to look, behold. - w. . .

- a prophet 0$??? a prophetess. . Saj K. to wither, fade, fall off, wear away; (likewise) to act foolishly; Pi. to esteem lightly, slight.

72. to the south, southward.
723 Hiph. to declare, tell, shew, announce; Hoph. to

be told.
- w. af. '72)-[what is] before, in front.

720p over against, against, away from, away.
12 K. to shine, give light, beam; Hiph. to cause to

shine, enlighten.
Jal K. (only p. a.) and Pi. to play (on an instrument).
ya K. to touch, reach; (in a bad sense) to injure, hit,

strike; Niph. to be struck, be beaten; Pi. to
smite, plague; Pu. to be plagued; Hiph. intrans.
to touch, reach, come up to; trans. to cause to
- w. af. Yn; pl. Dy?? -

-a plague, wound,
stroke, blow.
way K. and Niph. to draw near, approach ; Hiph. to

cause to approach, bring near; Hoph. to be caused to approach, be brought near; Hithp. to draw

near together, assemble. 3'71 - i. c. 3'??; pl. D'???? - liberal, a liberal man, a

noble minded man.

strictly p. a. Niph. of 1721 — contrite.



* Viz. lng way! Isai. v. 30. Gesenius however takes it to


.נבט be the Piel and not the Niphal of the verb

נְהָרוֹת and נְהָרִים .pl ;נְהַר .i. c- נָהָר –

a river.


נחל נַחֲלָה

?? a lamentation.

. . ? STID K. to rest, repose, have rest, encamp; Hiph. to

cause to rest, give rest; (likewise) to let or set down; Hoph. to have rest given, be allowed to

be at rest. DIJ K. to flee; Hiph. to cause to flee, put to flight;

(likewise) to save by flight, i. e. to remove in good

time. yus K. to move, be moved, shake, wander, stagger;

Niph. to be shaken; Hiph. to cause to move, shake, disturb, drive about.

– strictly p. a. Niph. of 87 — awful, frightful. bra K. to flow, run, dissolve; Hiph. to cause to flow. 12 K. and Hiph. to lead, guide. – pl. di mo — a brook ; (likewise) a valley.

; . ; .
heritance, possession.
ON) Niph. to repent, regret, reflect; (likewise) to be

comforted or consoled; Pi. to comfort, console;
Pu. to be comforted; Hithp. to console one's self;
(likewise) to repent one's self.
- strictly p. a. Niph. of Ton- pleasant, pleasing,

. . ? serpent.
- w. '-

and man? – brass, copper ; (likewise) a brazen fetter.

nn K. and Niph. to descend, go down; metaph. make

an impression ; Pi. to press down; Hiph. to cause
to come down, bring down.
. .


; נַחֲלַת .i. cנְחָלוֹת .pl ;נַחֲלָתִי .w. af

- .


an in


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נְחָשִׁים .pl ;נְחַשׁ .i. c- נָחָשׁ נְחֹשֶׁת – נְחֶשְׁתִּי and נְחָשְׁתִּי .w. af

.fetters נְחֶשְׁתַּיִם

.quietness, rest נוח .r נָחַת


103 K. to stretch out, incline, decline, turn; Niph. to

be stretched out, be extended, stretch itself out; Hiph. to cause to be stretched out, spread out,

cause to incline, cause to decline or deviate, pervert. yos K. to plant, ingraft, establish, fix; Niph. to be

planted. 70 K. to guard, keep, retain (spoken of anger). 72 - strictly p. a. Niph. of 725 - honourable, glorious. 17 Hiph. to smite, strike, beat, kill; Hoph. to be

caused to be beaten, be smitten; Niph. and Pu.

to be smitten. 2009 -- strictly p. a. Niph. of 113-established, prepared,

ready, right, upright.
uprightness ; a right or honest word, (for 727
17pia. See Aben Ezra on Ps. v. 10).

57? — devices, evil designs, plots. D'D?? wealth, riches, goods. 7) Niph. to be known; (likewise) to dissemble; Pi.

to know, regard; (likewise) to behave strangely; (also) to deliver up; Hiph. to regard, perceive, know, recognise; Hithp. to be known, be distinguished; (likewise) to pretend to be a stranger,

dissemble. 7 — i. c. 12. - foreignness, a strange place. 7212 a stranger.

. m)

strange, a stranger.


- i. c.

.strange gods אֱלֹהֵי נֵכָר

.m נָכְרִי

.f נָכְרִיָּה



– . ? - an ant. MDJ Pi. to try, put to the test. yol K. to move, march, journey; Niph. to be re

moved, depart; Hiph. to cause to move, remove, cause to march, lead, guide.


- pl. n. ; w. af. 'nwy? - boyhood, youth.
Duy - i. c. O'y? - pleasant, agreeable.
D'A'Y? sweets, pleasures, delights.

DyK. to be pleasant.
Dyj pleasantness.
nya - . ; . ? --

-- a boy, lad, youth. - pl. niny? — a girl, damsel. ņa - p. p. K. of 7) — boiling, seething. n) K. to breathe, blow, kindle; Pu. to be kindled;

Hiph. to cause to breathe out, cause to expire,


blow away.

,giants נְפִלִים


נְפָשׁוֹת .pl ;נַפְשִׁי .w. af


. Sa K. to fall; Hiph. to cause to fall, throw down,

cast; Hilhp. to throw one's self down. wa Niph. to take breath, refresh one's self (after fa

- . ; .

D'a. (Ezek.
xiii. 20.) - breath, soul, life, living being, person;
(likewise) a body, dead body.
Note. With the affixes this word frequently forms

a periphrasis of the reflective pronoun: self ;

e. g. Wag myself; 7 thyself, &c.

r. 913 honey-comb. nyo and ny! ever, for ever. 58) Pi. to rob, spoil; Hiph. to take away; (likewise)

to deliver, free; Niph. to be delivered; Hithp. to take away from one's self, i. e. to strip one's self

(of something). 73) K. to guard, keep, preserve, watch.

? a female (in opposition to 771 a male). 17p K. (only once used in the inf. coupled with the

Niph.); Niph. to be pure, be innocent, be un



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