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punished; (likewise) to be emptied out, be strippedl or laid waste; Pi. to pronounce innocent, acquit.

strictly p. a. Niph. of 1753 --- contemptible, one that is despised.



vengeance, revenge.

– נְקַם .i. c- נָקָס

– נִקְמַת .i. c- נְקָמָה נִקְרָה .a cavity or cleft - נִקְרַת .found only 1. c

נְקָרָה or

- נֵרוֹת .pl - נֵר K. to lift or raise up, bear, carry, bring, take, take נשא

- a light, lamp.

, , , , , up, utter, speak, pronounce, swear, regard, accept, forgive; Niph. to be raised up, be elevated, be borne, be carried away; Pi. to lift up, exalt; (likewise) to make presents; Hiph. to cause to bear; Hithp. to lift one's self up, exalt one's self.

.תְּפִלָּה See .נָשׂא תְפִלָּה נְשׂוּא פָּנִים

.K. to blow; Hiph. to cause to blow, let blow נשב
Hiph. to reach unto, overtake, befall, obtain, get נשג

one that is much esteemed, one that is very respectable.

. . , , , , sufficiently, have sufficient means (for doing a certain thing). nawn ,

.he has not the means אֵין יָדוֹ מַשְׁגֶת

.נשא See נְשׂוּא פָנִים .a chief, prince - נְשִׂיאִים .pl ;נְשִׂיא .i. c- נָשִׁיא

.q. v אִשָּׁה the plur. of נָשִׁים ,breath-נְשָׁמוֹת .pl ; נִשְׁמָתִי ;נִשְׁמַת .i.c- נְשָׁמָה




-K. and Pi. to kiss; metaph. to do homage; (like נשק

wise) to arm; Hiph. to join, touch. ? .

.a weapon, arms, armour נֶשֶׁק and נֶשֶׁק

נֶשֶׁר – נְשָׁרִים .pl -נְתִיב .i. c- נָתִיב

נְתִיבָה -נְתִיבוֹת .pl ; נְתִיבָתִי .w. af


– . - an eagle.

a path, way.
? . ; .
113 K. to give, yield, set, place, put; (likewise) to

suffer, allow, permit; Niph. to be given, be placed ;
Hoph. to be caused to be given.
K. and Pi. to tear down, break, crush, destroy ;
Niph. Pu. and Hoph. to be torn down, be crushed.
K. to tear off, draw away (from a place); Pi. to
tear asunder, break; Hiph. to draw off; Niph. to
be broken, be drawn away, be withdrawn; Hoph.

to be drawn away.
and K. to leap, jump; metaph. to shake, tremble;

Pi. to leap; Hiph. to let loose, free; (likewise) to drive asunder.



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K. to turn, turn away, turn about, turn back, go
round, surround; (likewise) to be the cause or
occasion ; Niph. to be assembled round, be turned
away, &c.; Pi. to go about, go round, make a
diversion, divert, encompass; Hiph. to cause to
turn, turn about, change, alter.
DW 2D7 to change [one's] name; Hoph. to be

turned, be surrounded.
na? - .

. niziao the country round about; round about.

a thicket.

— . haol in pl. w. af. —- hardship, burdensome service.

a cause.

סִבַּת .i. c.round about מִסָבִיב and סָבִיב

סְבָךְ and סְבְלוֹת .found only in the constructive pl - סִבְלָה




סוּסִים .pl



סחֲרִים .pl סֶכּוֹת .pl ;סְפָתִי .w. af ;סְכַּת .i. c- סְפָה

i. c. - a peculiar property, peculiar excellency. K. to shut or close up; intrans. to be shut up; Niph. to be shut; Pi. to deliver up, give up; Pu. to be shut up; Hiph. to shut up; (likewise) to deliver up, give up.

- a horse. 990

a reed.
JID Dthe sea of reeds, i. e. the red sea.

- pl. 29D - a whirlwind, tempest. 710 K. to turn, depart, pass away, turn in; Hiph. to

turn away, turn aside, take off, remove; Hoph. to
be removed.
. - a merchant.

. ; . ; . a booth, tabernacle.

. 70 K. and Hiph. to cover; métaph. to protect; Hoph.

to be covered.
Note. 777 TOT (lit. to cover one's feet), to obey

a call of nature. SD Pi. to turn into foolishness, frustrate; Niph. and

Hiph. to act foolishly, play the fool.

- pl. opp - foolish ; a fool. 120 K. to be useful, be profitable; be benefited; (like

wise) to nurse, take care of, manage; Hiph. to be accustomed, become acquainted; Niph. to be in

danger. obo K. to forgive; Niph. to be forgiven.

. TYD K. to sustain, support, assist.

24 Typ lit. to sustain the heart, i. e. to refresh

the stomach (by taking food).

.the feast of tabernacles חַג הַסְכּוֹת



K. to move with violence, rage; be tossed about;
Niph. to be moved or disquieted; Pi. to scatter ;
Pu. to be blown away.


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a storm, tempest. pl. ninyo 790 - pl. D'790 - a sapphire. 70 K. to number ; (likewise) to write (found only in

the p. a.); Niph. to be numbered; Pi. to count, number; (likewise) to narrate, relate, tell; Pu. to be related, be told.

; . - a writing, book, letter. * Dm.

displeased, dejected, sullen.


סְפָרִים .pl ; סִפְרִי


.f סָרָה

MD K. to stretch out, hang over, hang down; Niph.

to vanish; become corrupt. Din-. c. D'AD; pl. D'D'ID- an eunuch, court-officer.

[blocks in formation]

970 K. to hide one's self (found only once); Niph. to

be concealed, be separated ; hide one's self; Pi. to hide, conceal; Hiph. to cause to be hidden, cover, hide, conceal; Hithp. to hide one's self.

darkness, a - עָבוֹת and עָבִים .pl ;עָב .i. c- עָב

. ; . - , a cloud; (likewise) a thicket. yay K. to labour, work, serve, cultivate (the ground);


.to impose labour or service upon one עבד ב'י



710 according to some, and 770 according to others; the latter derivation seems to be more warranted by the first radical having Pathah in the masculine form. Comp. 1 Kings xx. 43; xxi. 4.

See page 57, Note 8; Niph. to be laboured, be

erved, be cultivated; Pu. to be laboured, be made to serve; Hiph. to cause to work.

a servant, slave.

w. . — , , service. .

עֲבָדִים .pl ; עַבְדֵי .w. af -

.i. c- עֲבֹדָה

; עֲבֹדַת ,labour, work - עֲבֹדָתִי .w, af


(a body of servants, domestics ; (according to some עֶבְדָה

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a , ; ()
husbandry. .
K. to be thick. .
K. to pass, pass on, pass over, pass by, pass away,
go; Niph. to be passed over; Pi. to bar; (like-
wise) to gender; Hiph. to cause to pass over,
carry, conduct, turn away, remove; Hithp. to be-
come angry•

. ; . - ,
is on the other side, beyond, side, quarter.

- a Hebrew.


the other side, what – עֲבָרִים .pl ;עֶבְרִי .W. af


- a Hebrewess.

- a cake.

עֲנָה and

עִבְרִים and עֶבְרִיִים .pl - עֶבְרִי* עבריה עִבְרִיוֹת .pl

עֶנּוֹת .pl ;עָצַת .i. c-

.m עָגל
ן : עֶגְלָה

; עֶגְלַת
עֶגְלָתִי .w. af

עֶגְלוֹת .pl ;עֶגְלָתִי .w. af -


round. .

-i. c.


a heifer. .

a cart, waggon.

-the other side (of the rivers Euphrates and Jordan), or whe (עבר)

* It is not easy to decide whether this name was given by the Canaanites first to Abraham and his race and afterwards to Joshua and his followers, on account of their having come over to them from ( ther Abraham and his progeny have themselves assumed this name as descendants of (2) Eber. . Comp. Gen. x. 21, 24; Numb. xxiv. 24.

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