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—pl. n.; w. af. "y-boyhood, youth. Dyi. c. Dy-pleasant, agreeable.

D' sweets, pleasures, delights.

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K. to breathe, blow, kindle; Pu. to be kindled; Hiph. to cause to breathe out, cause to expire, blow away.

.giants נְפְלִים

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K. to fall; Hiph. to cause to fall, throw down, cast; Hithp. to throw one's self down.

Niph. to take breath, refresh one's self (after fa-

-w. af. ; pl. лive?
xiii. 20.)

once D. (Ezek.

breath, soul, life, living being, person;

(likewise) a body, dead body.

NOTE. With the affixes this word frequently forms

a periphrasis of the reflective pronoun: self;

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thyself, &c.

Pi. to rob, spoil; Hiph. to take away; (likewise) to deliver, free; Niph. to be delivered; Hithp. to take away from one's self, i. e. to strip one's self (of something).

K. to guard, keep, preserve, watch.

a female (in opposition to a male).

K. (only once used in the inf. coupled with the
Niph.); Niph. to be pure, be innocent, be un-

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punished; (likewise) to be emptied out, be stripped or laid waste; Pi. to pronounce innocent, acquit.

strictly p. a. Niph. of that is despised. opi.c. op?

contemptible, one

vengeance, revenge.

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K. to lift or raise up, bear, carry, bring, take, take up, utter, speak, pronounce, swear, regard, accept, forgive; Niph. to be raised up, be elevated, be borne, be carried away; Pi. to lift up, exalt; (likewise) to make presents; Hiph. to cause to bear; Hithp. to lift one's self up, exalt one's self.

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one that is much esteemed, one that is very respectable.

K. to blow; Hiph. to cause to blow, let blow. Hiph. to reach unto, overtake, befall, obtain, get sufficiently, have sufficient means (for doing a certain thing).

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.v .4 אִשָּׁה the plur. of נָשִׁים

,breath-נְשָׁמוֹת .pl ; נִשְׁמָתִי .w. af ; נִשְׁמַת .i.c- נְשָׁמָה




p K. and Pi. to kiss; metaph. to do homage; (likewise) to arm; Hiph. to join, touch.

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K. to give, yield, set, place, put; (likewise) to suffer, allow, permit; Niph. to be given, be placed; Hoph. to be caused to be given.

Yn K. and Pi. to tear down, break, crush, destroy; Niph. Pu. and Hoph. to be torn down, be crushed. p K. to tear off, draw away (from a place); Pi. to tear asunder, break; Hiph. to draw off; Niph. to be broken, be drawn away, be withdrawn; Hoph. to be drawn away.

K. to leap, jump; metaph. to shake, tremble; Pi. to leap; Hiph. to let loose, free; (likewise) to drive asunder.

120 K. to turn, turn away, turn about, turn back, go round, surround; (likewise) to be the cause or occasion; Niph. to be assembled round, be turned away, &c.; Pi. to go about, go round, make a diversion, divert, encompass; Hiph. to cause to turn, turn about, change, alter.

to change [one's] name; Hoph. to be

turned, be surrounded.



n the country round about; round about.

.a cause - סְבַּת .i. c - סִבָּה

.round about מִפָּבִיב and סָבִיב

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a thicket.

found only in the constructive pl. p and hap in pl. w. af. — hardship, burdensome service.

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-a peculiar property, peculiar ex

K. to shut or close up; intrans. to be shut up; Niph. to be shut; Pi. to deliver up, give up; Pu. to be shut up; Hiph. to shut up; (likewise) to deliver up, give up.

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a whirlwind, tempest.

K. to turn, depart, pass away, turn in; Hiph. to turn away, turn aside, take off, remove; Hoph. to be removed.

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DK. and Hiph. to cover; metaph. to protect; Hoph. to be covered.

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NOTE. (lit. to cover one's feet), to obey
a call of nature.

Pi. to turn into foolishness, frustrate; Niph. and
Hiph. to act foolishly, play the fool.

-pl.-foolish ;
foolish; a fool.

K. to be useful, be profitable; be benefited; (like-
wise) to nurse, take care of, manage; Hiph. to be
accustomed, become acquainted; Niph. to be in

nho K. to forgive; Niph. to be forgiven.

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TYD K. to sustain, support, assist.

Typ lit. to sustain the heart, i. e. to refresh the stomach (by taking food).

yo K. to move with violence, rage; be tossed about;
Niph. to be moved or disquieted; Pi. to scatter;
Pu. to be blown away.

a storm, tempest.


סְעָרוֹת .pl - סְעָרָה

.a sapphire - סַפִּירִים .pl - סַפִּיר -


- סְפָרִים .pl ; סִפְרִי .w. af

K. to number; (likewise) to write (found only in
the p. a.); Niph. to be numbered; Pi. to count,
number; (likewise) to narrate, relate, tell; Pu. to
be related, be told.

a writing, book, letter.

displeased, dejected, sullen.

K. to stretch out, hang over, hang down; Niph.
to vanish; become corrupt.

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.an eunuch, court-oficer - סָרִיסִים .pl ; סְרִיס .i. c- סָרִיס


K. to hide one's self (found only once); Niph. to
be concealed, be separated; hide one's self; Pi. to
hide, conceal; Hiph. to cause to be hidden, cover,
hide, conceal; Hithp. to hide one's self.

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i. c. y; pl. D'ay and niy-darkness, a
cloud; (likewise) a thicket.

Tay K. to labour, work, serve, cultivate (the ground);
272y to impose labour or service upon one.

* r. according to some, and D according to others; the latter derivation seems to be more warranted by 'the first radical having Pathah in the masculine form. Comp. 1 Kings xx. 43; xxi. 4.

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