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unto, until, even, even to, during, while, whilst.

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עַד כִּי עֲדָתִי .w. af ;עֲדַת .i. c- יעד .r עֲדָה


עֲדוֹת .pl - עוד .r עֵדָה .a testimony, precept, ordinance עוד .r עֲדוּת עדר - עֲדָרִים .pl ; עֶדְרִי .w. af

עוד ,yet, whilst yet, still - עוֹדִי ,עוֹרְךְ עוֹדֶנּוּ .w. af

-a congregation, , assembly.

- a testimony, witness. . .

- a herd, flock.


,as long as כָּל עוֹד what remains, the – עדף strictly p. a. K. of – עודף

again, repeatedly, a long while.
Tiya whilst yet, during the time that, within yet.

- . . - ,
remainder. .

- an ungodly or naughty man; (likewise) a young boy (or perhaps: a naughty boy).

- — . an iniquitous or wicked man.

- עֲוִילִים .pl- עֲוִיל

עָוֶל .iniquity, injustice - עַוְלִי w. af

עָגֶל - עולות .pl ;עוֹלָתִי .w. af ; עוֹלַת .i. c- עוֹלָה

- a burnt

offering .

. — .

עוֹלָם .eternity – עוֹלָמִים .pl .to eternity, i. e. for ever לְעוֹלָם

.עַד See .לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד ,from eternity to eternity מִן הָעוֹלָם וְעַד הָעוֹלָם

.עַר See .עוֹלְמֵי עַד

-i. c.


, from everlasting to everlasting.


jiyi ; W. af. ply; pl. nisiy – iniquity, sin. 51 K. and Pi. to fly, fly away; Hiph. to cause to fly,

let fly; Hithp. to fly away. qiy a bird; collect. birds, fowl. niy – pl. diniy – skin (of the human body), hide

(of animals). y quiescent) K. to awake, be awake; Niph. to

be awakened or roused; Pi. to awaken, stir up; Hiph. to cause to be awake, awaken, stir up;

Hithp. to rouse one's self, awake. my (not quiescent) Pi. to blind, deprive of the sight. may - pl. O'? - blind, a blind man.

. Y a goat. in r. 11Y - W. af. "Y and my - strength, might,

power. Ty m.

- strictly p. a. K. of my - strong, mighty.

. J1Y K. to leave, forsake; Niph. and Pu. to be forsaken. 7y K. to help, aid, assist ; Niph. to be helped ; Hiph.

(only found in p. a.) to bring help, give help. – w. af. '?

help, aid, assistance. . ; .

. ; w; . - an eye, appearance, colour, sparkling (spoken of wine).

- - i. c. 1oY; pl. nigry - a fountain.

עזים .pl


.f עַצְה

עזר עֶזְרָתִי .w. af ;עֶזְרַת .i. c- עֶזְרָה עֵינַיִם .du ; עֵינִי .w. af ;עֶין .i. c- עַיִן

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.m עָיֵף ,faint, languishing – עיף strictly p. a. K. of –

. a. , , exhausted, tired.



-עֲיָרִים (once) ,עָרִים .pl - עִיר עַכְבָּר

, ; עכר

a mouse.

2 K. to trouble, occasion grief and affliction ; Niph.

to be troubled, be brought into adversity.


,c.-on, upon, over& ,עָלַי עָלֶיךָ עָלֵיכֶס .w. af

in addition to, above, concerning, respecting, at,
near, against, for, because of.

.because that עַל אֲשֶׁר .15 ,14 therefore. See page 2, Note עַל כֵּן

.seeing that כִּי עַל כֵּן , &

על עָלִי :w. af



byo from above, &c.

-a yoke; metaph. bondage, servi-
K. to ascend, go up, rise; Niph. to be brought up,
be led away, be exalted; Hiph. to cause to go up,
lead up, bring up, offer up; (likewise) to light;
Hoph. to be caused to go up, be brought up;
Hithp. to exalt one's self.

-i. c.

a leaf.


upper, higher, superior, most high.

עָלֶה – עֶלֶה

עֲלוּמִים ,youth, youthfulness - עֲלוּמַי .w. af


.f עֶלְיוֹנָה - עלְלִים .pl - עלֵל


עלָלִים .pl ; K. (found only in p. p.) to conceal, hide, cover עלם

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a child, an infant.

(. .) , , ; Niph. to be concealed or hidden; Hiph. to cause to be concealed, conceal (from any one); Hithp. to conceal or hide one's self, withdraw.

.a lad עֶלֶם

oby K. to rejoice; Niph. to be joyful or delightful;

Hithp. to give one's self up to rejoicings, delight

or take pleasure (in something). aby Pu. to be covered; (likewise) to faint, swoon;

Hithp. to cover one's self; (likewise) to faint away, become faint.


עַמִּים* .pl ;עָמִי .af

a people, nation.

עֶם עָם עם

- w. af. jay, Toy, 'tey or Oy, &c. — with,

along with, before. TOY K. to stand, rise, stand up, arise, stand still, stand

firm, stay, abide, endure; Hiph. to cause to stand, make to stand firm, erect, place; Hoph. to be

caused to stand, be placed. ??QY = 'Oy. See by. Tinyl - found only w. af. 7ņoy, 'noy, &c. ~a neighnpyl bour, friend, fellow-man. Spy K. to labour, toil. DAY K. to lift up, load, carry; Hiph. to cause one to

carry, burden (any one). m

deep. f.


.m עָמק



עֲמָקִים .pl ; עָמְקֵי -

עֲנָבִים .pl - עֲנָב

- w. ; . - a valley, low plain. an Omer (a certain measure).

– . - a grape. 2DY Pu. to be delicate; Hithp. to take delight in, de

light in 173Y K. to answer, begin a speech ; (likewise) to sing ;

(also) to be oppressed; constr. w. 2 ("] 7y) to


• This word, with the definite article prefixed (o'yo), monly denotes: the other nations besides the Israelites, the non-Israelites. bear witness against (one); Pi. to sing, oppress, humble; Pu. to be afflicted; Niph. to be answered, be oppressed; Hiph. to afflict, humble; Hithp. to humble one's self.

meek, humble, a meek or humble

עֲנָוִים .pl- עָנָו

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-poor, helpless, a poor and helpless


עָנָן עָנָף ענש

עֲנִיִים .pl

.i. c.a cloud - עֲנָנִים .pl ;עֲנַן

עֲנָפִים .pl ;עֲנַף .i. c

; . - .

- a bough, branch. K. to punish, impose a fine; Niph. to be punished, be fined. a punishment, fine, contribution.

ענֶשׁ .lead עפרת

.a tree, gibbet, gallows, wood - עצים .pl -


- . .
K. trans. to occasion or give pain, afflict; intrans.
to feel pain, suffer pain; Niph. to be hurt, be
vexed, be grieved; Pi. to make, fashion, form;
(likewise) to vex, grieve; Hiph. to make one
vexed, excite to anger; Hithp. to grieve one's self, ,
be vexed.
- . — .

עֲנָבוֹן .labour, toil ; (likewise) pain - עַצְבוֹן .i. cעֵצוֹת .pl ;עֲצָתִי .w. af ;עֲצַת .i. c- יעץ .r עֲצָה

counsel, advice.
a sluggard.

עָצֵל עַצְלָה

עֲצַלְתַּיִם .K. to be strong; (likewise) to be numerous ; Hiph עצם

sloth, laziness, indolence.

. to cause to be strong, make strong; Pi. to break one's bones.

- a bone; ; (likewise) the same, very.


- עֲצָמוֹת and עֲצָמִים .pl ;עַצְמִי .w. af

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