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,a scorpion ; (likewise) a thorn - עַקְרַבִּים .pl- עַקְרָב

. iná osya in his very vigour, i. e. in the fulness of his vigour. .

. – a ; (a , brier.

, .

.K. to be sweet, be pleasant ערב

.sweet, pleasant עָרֵב

:evening עֶרֶב .ה See under letter .הַשְׁכֵּם וְהַעֶרֶב

ערְבִים .pl - ערב

- עֲרָבוֹת .pl - עֲרָבָה .a plain, waste, desert - עֲרָבוֹת .pl -nakedness, shame - עֶרְוָתִי .w. af ;עֶרְוַת .i. c- עֶרְוָה

a raven.

lit. offensiveness of a thing) i. e. an עֶרְוַת דָבָר

.prudent ; (likewise) cunning - עֲרוּמִים .pl - עָרוּם

עָרִיצִים .pl - עָרִיץ

,K. to arrange, prepare; (likewise) to compare ערך to arrange the battle, put one's self עָרֹךְ מִלְחָמָה

K. (only once); more frequently Hiph. to be ערס

fulness, offensiveness.

y , i. e.
offensive thing.
– . - .

strong, one strong; (in a bad
sense) one violent, a tyrant, an oppressor.
, ; () .

in battle array; Hiph. to value, appraise.

(); .
cunning; (likewise) to be prudent.

, , ; (.
a chesnut-tree; (or: maple-tree).

. the neck. .
a fog, mist.

a herb; collect. herbs.

, , , , , acquire (e. g. riches); Niph. to be made, be done ; Pu. to be made. ·

- W.

,cunning, craft, deceit; (also) prudence עָרְמָה עַרְמון

ערֶף עָרְפִי


עֶשְׂבִּי .i. c- עֵשֶׂב ,K. to make, do, perform, fit up, produce, get עשה

;one] making]- עשה strictly p. a. K. of - עשֶׁה .rich, a rich man - עֶשִׁירִים .pl - עָשִׁיר עֲשִׁירִי

.smoke - עֲשָׁנִי .w. af ;עֶשֶׁן and עֲשַׁן .i. c- עָשָׁן
K. to be rich; Hiph. to make rich; (likewise עשר

tenth. .


. , ; w. - .

; . ; ( intrans.) to become rich, get rich; Hithp. to pretend to be rich.

. riches.


- עָשְׁרִי .af

עשֶׁר עָשׂוֹר


more commonly


עֲשֶׂרֶת .m. -i. c -m. in composition with the units to ex עָשָׂר

m press

the numbers from 11 to 19.


.עֶשֶׁר -in composition with the units to ex .£ עֶשְׂרֵה

. f.
press the numbers from 11 to 19.

nwy clearness, brightness *.

m. =

.twenty עֶשְׂרִים .*

עַשְׁתֵּי עָשָׂר אַחַד עָשָׂר

.£ עַשְׁתֵּי עֶשְׂרֵה אַחַת עֶשְׂרֵה = £ עַשְׁתֵּי

.thoughts, cogitations עֶשְׁתּנות ,time-עַתּוֹת and עִתִּים .pl ;עְתִּי .w. af - עֶת

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. - . . , season; advly. at the time when, whenever, when.


According to Buxtorf, who renders this word by: nitor. Aben Ezra seems to have taken it in the same acceptation, as have also the authors of the authorized English version of the Bible. See Song of Sol. v. 14.

,now עַתָּה

. TINY - pl. O'TMY - a he-goat. Tiny ready, impending, being about.

K. and Hiph. to pray, entreat; Niph. to be entreated by one.)

780 Pi. to adorn, beautify, glorify; (likewise) to search

the branches, glean; Hithp. to glorify one's self;

(constr. w. 5y) to glory over, boast. yapan occurrence, incident, accident. WID K. and Pi. to meet; Niph. to meet together. 1772 K. to redeem, deliver; Niph. to be redeemed or

delivered; Hiph. to cause to be redeemed; Hoph.

to be caused to be redeemed. JS here, hither.

-i. c. 9; w. af. 5,719 or 19, 79, 9; pl.
19-a mouth, word, command, opening; an
edge; (likewise) a part, portion.
? according to.

according to, in proportion to.
270 with the edge of the sword.

by according to the word or command, ac

cording to, in proportion to. 212 K. to be faint, faint; Niph. to become weak, be

debilitated. iş pure gold.


w. af. "???; pl. D'IT— fear, terror. na a piece, fragment.

פחים .pl- פַּח

a snare.


S52 Pi. to judge, think, believe ; Hithp. to pray. osa Pi. to weigh, ponder ; (likewise) to level, make

straight (a path or way). j? that not, lest. D'y? -i. c. ???; w. af. 's — face, appearance, surface,

front or forepart; (likewise) anger; used advly. before, forwards ; (in opposition to wing behind). D'3? forwards ; (likewise) formerly, in former times.

by (lit. on the surface of), upon. 1760 3p by in the open field. Comp. Lev. xiv. 7. ? – w. af. 7???, ???, &c. — before.

. from the presence of, before; (likewise) on

account of, because of. 09 n. pl. gems, jewels; (according to some: pearls ;

according to others: corals, rubies.) nos – pl. Ono? - lame, a lame man. D'Obits, pieces, little pieces.

D'og nano (according to Kimchi) a coat [made
up] of [little] pieces, (probably of different colours,
which, in eastern countries where every thing
gay and variegated is looked upon as being
very nice and ornamental, may have been con-
sidered as a very splendid and elegant dress).
- . . 9; . - a graven image, an

idol. bys K. to work, make, prepare, do (either good or evil). . ; w. ; .

a work, action ; (likewise) a reward, wages.


; פְעֶלֶת .i. c- פְּעֲלָה פְּעֲלוֹת .pl ; פְּעִלָּתִי .w. af


פְּעָמִים .pl- פַּעַם

DYD K. to agitate, move; Niph. and Hithp. to be agitated or troubled.

- a foot, footstep; (likewise) a time, repetition ; (also an anvil.

Dy2, this time, now.

Dy? sometimes .... sometimes...


פצה פֶּצַע פצר

bye? by this time as the other ; as at

other times. Comp. Judg. xvi. 20. K. to open; (likewise) to deliver. - w. af. 'Yx; pl. Dyre- a wound, bruise.

K. to urge, press, entreat very urgently. 72 K. to visit, review, number; (likewise) to miss ;

(also) to command, charge, deposit, lay up; Niph.
to be visited, be missed; Pi. (once) to muster;
Pu. to be numbered, be missed; Hiph. to cause
to visit, appoint visitor; (likewise) to deposit;
Hoph. to be caused to be visited, be appointed, be
deposited; Hithp. to be numbered, be reviewed.
a deposit, store.

פְּקָדִון פַּקְדִים פקודים

commands, precepts.

7722 K. to open; Niph. to be opened.
7*p?w. af. 'T'p?; pl. D'T'p? — an overseer, officer.

K. (found only in p. p.) to separate; Niph.
to be separated, separate one's self, be divided
or dispersed; Hiph. to make a separation, sepa-
raté, scatter, disperse; Hithp. to be separated.
- w. 779; . ?

- a mule. 1779 - w. ; . - a 177 K, to be fruitful; Hiph. to cause to be fruitful,

make fruitful.


a COW.

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