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.a pot, kettle פָּרוּר K. to sprout, blossom; Hiph. trans. to make to פרח


, ; . . flourish; intrans. to flourish, blossom.

a flower, blossom.

פְּרָחִים .pl ; פִּרְחִי .w. af

פֶּרַח פְּרִי

in pause

.fruit – פַּרְי , פֶרְיִךְ .W. af

פְּרִי פרךְ

in pause rigour.

K. to break forth, spread itself, increase; (likewise פרץ

q. v.; . פצר.


פָּרָשִׁים .pl ;(a ); פשט


- פְּשָׁעִים .pl ;פִשְׁעִי .w. af

,K. to be open, be wide; (likewise) to be seduced פתה

, , ; ( :735 q. v.) to urge with entreaties; Niph. to spread abroad; Hithp. to break away.

a horseman. .
Ows K. to put off (a garment); spread one's self out;

Pi. to strip, plunder; Hiph. to cause to put off,
strip, flay; Hithp. to strip one's self.

a trespass, transgression. .

, ; () , be enticed or deceived; Niph. to be enticed; Pi. to persuade, entice, seduce; Pu. to be persuaded, be enticed ; Hiph. to make wide, enlarge.

; . ; . , loosen, plough, furrow, engrave; Hithp. to loose from one's self. .

. , (likewise) simplicity, folly.

an adder. .

,K. to open; Niph. to be opened; Pi. to open פתח

;simple, foolish, a fool - פְּתָאִים and פְתָיִם .pl - פֶתִי

פֶּתֶן פְּתָנִים .pl .(K. to interpret (dreams פתר

פִּתְרוֹנִים .pl - פִּתְרון

- an interpretation.


.sheep, a flock צאן – צְבָאוֹת .pl ;צְבָאִי .w. af ;צְבָא .i. c- צָבָא

- a host, ,

an army.

- a stag, hart. a colour.

צְבָאִים and צְבָיִם .pl- צְבִי

צְבָעִים .pl - צֶבַע .K. to heap up צבר .food, provision צוד .r צֵדָה , . צדה

1773 K. to seek or hunt after, lie in wait for; Niph. to

be laid waste.
- . -a .


- צִדְקִי .af


.just, righteous ; a rigliteous man - צַדִּיקִים .pl - צדיק צדק

צְדָקָה צִדְקָתִי .w. af .noon, mid-day צָהרים

, צוא ,dirty garments בְּגָדִים צוֹאִים

צוֹאָה .dirt, filth – צוֹאָתִי .w. af

צואר צוּארִי" .pl. i. c ; צואר .i. c.the neck - צוּארִי* -Pi. to command, bid, charge; Pu. to be com צוה

.honey, honey-comb, sweets - צוּפִים .pl - צוף

.Hiph צוץ

.K ציץ or ,K. ; . ,

manded. .
- . - .

to flourish, blossom; (likewise) Hiph. to peep.

piy K. to pour out; Hiph. to straiten, afflict, oppress,

urge, press.

c. The plural of this& ,צנֶארַי צְיָארִיךְ צנָּארָיו ,Pl. w. af *

noun is sometimes elegantly used of an individual. Comp. Gen. xlv. 14.

a rock. .


צְרִים .pl .K. to be white, be clear, be bright צחח

.m צח .white, clear, bright - צחח strictly p. a. K. of

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.K. to laugh ; Pi. to jest, joke, sport צחק ציד ,, w. ;.

ציץ צצים .pl

צל .a shadow - צלי :w. af K. to be fit, be successful, prosper; Hiph. trans. to צלח

he was prosperous in his ways, he הִצְלִיחַ דַרְכּוֹ

. 7y - i. c. 7%; w. af. '7'2- hunting, game, venison, food, provision.

a flower, blossom. - w. . — .

, , ; . . cause to be prosperous; intrans. to prosper.

, was successful in his undertakings. Comp. Deut. xxviii. 29. Josh. i. 8. — . . ; . — .

- an image, a shadowy image, shadow.

strictly p. a. K. of xay — thirsty.


. Toy K. and Pi. to sprout, spring up, grow; Hiph. to cause to spring up, cause to grow.

- a shoot, plant.

. wool. pyy K. and (once) Pi. to cry, call out; Hiph. to call

together, cause to assemble; Niph. to be called together, come together.

.a shadow - צְלָלִים .pl ; צִלְלֵי found only w. af - צֶלֶם

צְלָמִים .pl ;צַלְמִי .w. af

.K. to thirst צמא צָמֵא צמא pa.

צְמָאִי .w. af


, ; צמח


ז ז

צמח צִמְחי .w. af

צַמְרִי .w. af


. צעק

a cry•

צַעֲקָתִי .w. af ;צַעֲקַת .i. c- צְעָקָה

.the north צָפוֹן צפור צִפָּרִים .pl

- a bird.

198 K. to hide, conceal; (likewise) to lay up, treasure

up; Niph. to be concealed, be laid up; Hiph. to conceal, hide.


- w. af. '*; pl. O'?* - (strictly p. a. K. of 773) an adversary, enemy.


affliction, distress.


צַר לְךְ

,distress - צָרוֹת .pl ;צָרָתִי .w. af ;צָרַת .i. c- צָרָה

ny lit. [there is] distress to me, I am distressed.

thou art distressed, &c.

. ; . ; . – , anguish. - W. af. 'nyny - the leprosy. K. to bind or tie up; (likewise) to be hostile to, persecute.

צָרַעַת צרו


,a grave-קְבָרוֹת and קְבָרִים .pl ;קְבְרִי ,w. af


map K. and Pi. to bury; Niph. and Pu. to be buried.

- . ; , i sepulchre.

K. trans. to make to burn; intrans. to kindle,

burn. OTP (strictly) what is before or in front; (hence) the

east; (likewise) former times.
OTP towards the east; (likewise) from former

times. 327P eastern; (likewise) belonging to former times, 07po swin a proverb of the ancients, an old



According to Gesenius; Buxtorf derives it from 918.

proverb. 770 K. to be black, be dark or gloomy; be in mourning;

Hiph. to make dark, cause to mourn; Hithp. to

blacken one's self, become black or dark. D -- strictly p. a. K. of 770 — [one] mourning, a



,holiness – קָדָשִׁים and קָדָשִׁים .pl ;קָדְשִׁי .w. af


- i. c.

wTp K. to be sacred or holy; Niph. to be sanctified ;

Pi. to make holy, consecrate, sanctify ; (likewise) to prepare, appoint, proclaim ; Hiph. to consecrate, sanctify; (likewise) to appoint, set apart; Hithp. to sanctify or purify one's self, shew one's self holy ; (likewise) to be celebrated (spoken of a festival).

w. ; . —

a holy place, sanctuary, what is holy or sacred. Sop Hiph. to cause to come together, call together ;

Niph. to assemble, come together. See page 32,
Note 1.
; .

?- an assembly, congre-
712 K. (only in p. a.) and Pi. to wait, look for, hope;

Hiph. to cause to gather together; Niph. to be

gathered together. Sip – pl. nisip- a voice, sound, noise, report, roar

ing (of thunder). Dip K. to stand or get up, rise; (likewise) to last, remain.

, i. e. his courage failed him; Pi. to raise

up; Hiph. to cause to stand


up, establish, accomplish; Hoph. to be caused to stand, be raised up; Hithp. to raise one's self


. ; w. - .
napip adv. upright.

,his spirit did not remain in him לֹא קָמָה רוּחוֹ בוֹ

.height, stature - קוֹמָתִי .w. af ; קוֹמַת .i. c- קוֹמָה

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