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D K. and Pi. to collect, gather; (likewise) to take
away; Niph. and Pu. to be gathered, to be taken
away; Hithp. to assemble, collect together.

DN K. to bind, tie to, yoke (horses to a carriage);
Niph. and Pu. to be bound.

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.lit. long of nose, i. e. slow to anger אֶרֶךְ אַפַּיִם lit, short of nose, i. e. soon moved to קְצַר אַפַּיִם

anger. See p. 13, Note upon the notes 14, 15.

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.Hithp. to restrain one's self, to check one's self אפק

אֵצֶל .near, hard by - אֶצְלִי .w. af


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,lit. path of plainness, i. e. plain path ארח מישור

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K. to be long ; Hiph. to cause to be long, make ארך

long, prolong ; intrans. to be long.

.(long of (found only in construction ארך ,lit. long of spirit, i. e. patient, enduring אֶרֶךְ רוּחַ

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.name of a country ; Aramea, Syria אֲרָם .earth, a land - אֲרָצוֹת .pl ; אַרְצִי .w. af - אֶרֶץ



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,lit. [each] woman to her sister אִשָּׁה אֶל אֲחוֹתָהּ אִישׁ See . אִישׁ אֶל אָחִיו .one to another. Comp

.name of a country ; Assyria אַשׁוּר

,a cluster of the vine- אַשְׁכּלוֹת .pl

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.K. to be guilty; Hiph. to pronounce [one] guilty אשם .guilty (אשם strictly p. a. K. of) - אֲשֵׁמִים .pl- אָשֵׁם


.rel. pron. which, who אֲשֶׁר

אותי lit. which - me אֲשֶׁר

אוֹתְךָ lit. which - thee, m. &c. J אֲשֶׁר
lit. which אֲשֶׁר-שָׁם

there, i. e. where.

.conj. that, so that אֲשֶׁר

.because that עַל אֲשֶׁר .in as much as, seeing that בַּאֲשֶׁר .as, according to what כַּאֲשֶׁר

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lit. happiness (or rather happinesses) of; [O the]
happiness of! it is commonly Englished by: happy
is, or blessed is.

w. af. 7ņis, 'nis, &c. is a mere mark of

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(when it has no accent) אֶת

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instances) from, out of (את


the accusative case.

af. TAN, AN, &c. - prep. with; (in a few

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2-w. af. 2, ia, 72, 2, &c. - pref. in, on,
with, at, by, out of, through, against, among,


- a garment.

a well.

- בְּאֵרוֹת .pl- בְּאֵר .name of a place בְּאֵר שֶׁבַע אֲשֶׁר See בַּאֲשֶׁר

בגד בְּגָדִים .pl ; בִּגְדִי .w. af -
.K. to deal faithlessly בגד

.faithlessness בֶּגֶד
.K. to invent בדא

K. to be solitary, to live in solitude.


.solitary בָּדָד

.tin בְּדִיל


572 Hiph. to distinguish, set apart, separate; Niph. to be separated.

,bdellium בְּדֹלַח


Niph. to be confounded, be troubled, be fright-
ened; Pi. to confound, trouble, frighten; (likewise)
to be in haste; Hiph. to confound, trouble; (like-
wise) to hurry, hasten.

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; w. af. 'na; pl. nibną –

K. to come, come in, enter; Hiph. to cause to
come, i. e. to bring; Hoph. to be caused to come,
i. e. to be brought.

1 lit. the coming [down] of the sun,

i. e. the setting of the sun, sunset.

K. to despise.

K. and only once in Pi. to understand, perceive, or a consider; Niph. to be intelligent; Hiph. sometimes intrans. like K., and sometimes trans., to cause to understand, to cause to perceive, &c.



-pl. ii-a pit, hole.

.to be ashamed; Hiph - אבוש, יבוש .K. - fut בוש

to cause to be ashamed, i. e. to put to shame ;
Hithp. to be ashamed of one's self.

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– perhaps ww— K. and Pi. to tarry, delay.

= K. and Hiph. to despise; Niph. to be

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a- בַּחוּרִים .pl- בָּחוּר

בחר p. p. K. of- בָּחוּר

.K בחל

constr. w.

gusted with...

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K. to try, prove, explore, examine.

K. to choose; when constr. w.

:) ב


it (בחר ב

signifies: to prefer, be pleased with; Niph. to be preferable.

Pi. to speak rashly.

K. to trust, confide in, rely on, be confident; Hiph. to cause to be confident, inspire with confidence.

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―i. c.



.a house- בָּתִּים .pl ; בֵּיתִי .w. af ; בֵּית .i. c- בַּיִת


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a family.

lit. house of a father, father's house, i. e.

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lit. a house of freedom, i. e. an

isolated and quiet house. (According to some it signifies a house of infirmity, an infirmary.)

K. to weep, lament.

.firstborn בְּכוֹר

.not בל

that not, in order that not.

-sometimes-secretly, privately.

K. to wax old, be worn out; Pi. to waste, spend.

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.terror - בַּלְהוֹת .i. c ; בַּלָּהוֹת .pl- בַּלָּחָה

.without בְּבְלִי ;not בְּלִי

-pl. -old, worn out.

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