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777strictly inf. Hiph. used advly.— much.
K. to tremble, be moved, be disquieted, rage;
Hiph. to cause to tremble, disquiet; provoke to
anger; Hithp. to rage, be in a rage.

-w. af. disquiet, trouble, raging, anger.
-w. af. ; du. Da foot.

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K. to rule, domineer; Hiph. to cause to 'rule.

7 K. and Pi. to run after, pursue, persecute; Niph. and Pu. to be pursued, be persecuted; Hiph. to cause to run, chase.

217 K. and Hiph. to contend, plead.

ריב or


pl. in-wind, air, breath, spirit, mind; (likewise) quarter or side.

יִקְצַר רוּחַ קָצֵר See

yalit. [the] four winds, i. e. the four

quarters of heaven.

DK. to be lifted up, be exalted, be high; Pi. to raise, lift up; Hiph. to raise up, heave; Hoph. to be heaved up; Hithp. to exalt one's self. Hiph. to smell; metaph. to take delight (in a thing).

y=yHiph. to make evil (one's doings), act wickedly, do or treat ill.



K. and (once) Pi. to run, rush upon; Hiph. to cause to run; (hence) to fetch in haste.

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.f רָזָה



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K. to be wide; Niph. (only participle) being wide or large; Hiph. to cause to be large, enlarge.

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an? —pl. nian? - a wide street, wide place, marketplace.

O merciful, compassionate.


.a mill רחים

DK. to love; Pi. to have compassion, pity; Pu. to

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find mercy.

i. c. bowels, love, affection, pity, favour,


K. to shake; Pi. to hover, float, flutter.

YK. trans. to wash, wash away, cleanse; intrans. to
wash one's self, bathe; Pu. to be washed; Hithp.
to wash one's self.

K. to be removed, be distant; Pi. to put far away;
Hiph. to cause to be distant, i. e. to remove; in-
trans. to be distant.

strictly inf. Hiph. used advly.— at a dis

tance, far off.

pm.remote, distant.

.at a distance מֵרָחֹק | : רְחֹקָה

-a strife, contention, mat-ריבות and רִיבִים .pl - ריב

ter of contention, cause.

pan empty or vain thing; vanity.

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m-strictly p. a. K. of tender, delicate,




lit. tender or weak of heart, i. e. timid,

w. af. a chariot; collect. a train of chariots, war-chariots.

substance, goods, possessions.

calumny, slander.

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K. to get, acquire.

a worm.

a pomegranate, pomegranate-tree.

K. to be high, be exalted; Niph. to be lifted

up, rise.

K. to move, creep, move upon.

w that which moves or creeps, a moving thing.

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y K. to be hungry, hunger; Hiph. to cause to be hungry.

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My K. to feed, graze, pasture; (likewise) to associate with; Pi. (once) and Hithp. to have intercourse, make friendship (with one).

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– strictly p. a. K. of

one feeding (sheep),

a shepherd; (likewise) one associating with.

a thought*.

* According to Aben Ezra, Buxtorf, and Mendelsfohn.

DK. to roar, rage, thunder; (likewise) to be agitated; Hiph. to cause it to thunder; (likewise) to cause agitation, provoke to anger.

Dy a raging, roaring, thunder.

green (spoken of trees in full growth).

wy K. and (once) Niph. to be shaken, quake, tremble; Hiph. to cause to tremble, put in motion.

K. to slack, hang down, sink, be weak; Niph. to be remiss, be idle; Pi. to slacken or loosen; Hiph. to let go, let alone; Hithp. to behave one's self slackly or remissly.

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K. to be pleased with, delight in, accept favourably; Niph. to be favourably accepted, be pardoned; Pi. to seek favour; Hiph. to satisfy; Hithp. to make one's self acceptable.


ii. c.

7; w. af.

will, pleasure.

-grace, favour, good

K. and Pi. to slay, kill, murder; Niph. to be slain.

p only, excepting; (at the beginning of a sentence) surely, indeed.

K. and Pi. to skip, leap, dance; Hiph. to cause to skip.

ypi.c.yp-[the] expanse, firmament.

yuq —pl. Dy—wicked, ungodly, a wicked man.

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.28 See p. 15, Note . אֲשֶׁר = ( in a few instances) שֶׁ

.K. to roar, groan שאג

;K. to be laid waste; Niph. to make a noise שאה


(likewise) to be laid waste; Hiph. to lay waste;
Hithp. to gaze or wonder at.

a grave, pit, hell.

K. to ask, beg, demand, enquire; (likewise) to ask שאל

as a loan, borrow.

and he asked death for וַיִּשְׁאַל אֶת נַפְשׁוֹ לָמוּת

.K. to remain; Niph. to be left, remain; Hiph שאר

himself. Comp. 1 Kings xix. 4.; Niph. to ask for
one's self; Pi. to ask, beg, enquire; Hiph. to lend.

trans. to cause to remain, i. e. to leave; intrans.

to remain.

a rest, remnant, remainder.

flesh; (likewise) a relative, relation, kin.


.one related by blood, one near of kin שְׁאֵר בָּשָׂר

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a week.

a rod, staff, sceptre ;

ears of corn, (supposed to be the pl. of havi
Job xxiv. 24.)

a stream; (likewise) an ear of corn; (see the pre-
ceding article).


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