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– רְחבות .pl

? - . ? a wide street, wide place, market

place. DANT merciful, compassionate. D'm a mill. D) K. to love; Pi. to have compassion, pity; Pu. to


find mercy.


d'aq? - i. c. 'O? - bowels, love, affection, pity, favour,

K. to shake; Pi. to hover, float, flutter.
K. trans. to wash, wash away, cleanse; intrans. to
wash one's self, bathe; Pu. to be washed; Hithp.

to wash one's self. 277 K. to be removed, be distant; Pi. to put far away;

Hiph. to cause to be distant, i. e. to remove; in-
trans. to be distant.
POTT - strictly inf. Hiph. used advly. — at a dis-

tance, far off.
ph7 m.) remote, distant.
? f. ) .

– . ?

ter of contention, cause. por an empty or vain thing; vanity. ? m.

} empty, vain, base. :7? m. - strictly p. a. K. of 737– tender, delicate,

} 275 77 lit. tender or weak of heart, i. e. timid, fearful.

w. af. 'a?? - a chariot; collect. a train of

chariots, war-chariots. w937 substance, goods, possessions. Soy7 calumny, slander.

.at a distance מֵרָחֹק | : רְחֹקָה -a strife, contention, mat-רִיבוֹת and רִיבִים .pl - רִיב


f רֵמָה

097 f. / weak.


.to go about as a talebearer הָלֹךְ רָכִיל .K. to get, acquire רכש רְמָה .a pomegranate, pomegranate-tree רמון K. to be high, be exalted; Niph. to be lifted רום = רמס

a worm.

up, rise.

.K. to move, creep, move upon רמש , a רֶמֶשׂ רְנָה רְכָּתִי


רֵעִים .pl ;רֵעִי רַעֲךָ or

. in? that which moves or creeps, a moving thing.

a cry, shout of joy.



- W.


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panion, friend, neighbour, fellow-being.

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K. to be hungry, hunger ; Hiph. to cause to be רעב


}- strictly p. a. K. of zyn – hungry

.m רָעֵב .hungry – רעב strictly p. a. K. of -. : רְעֵבָה

.a famine, hunger רָעָב

a trembling רְעָדָה

•evil, calamity - רָעַת .i. c- רָעָה K. to feed, graze, pasture; (likewise) to associate רעה

. ?

. — , .

, , ; ()
with; Pi. (once) and Hithp. to have intercourse,
make friendship (with one).

- . a. - (), a shepherd; (likewise) one associating with. a thought*.

רֹעֶה ,(one feeding (sheep - רעה strictly p. a. K. of

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According to Aben Ezra, Buxtorf, and Mendelssohn.

DY K. to roar, rage, thunder; (likewise) to be agi

tated; Hiph. to cause it to thunder ; (likewise)

to cause agitation, provoke to anger. DY? a raging, roaring, thunder. PY? green (spoken of trees in full growth). wiya K. and (once) Niph. to be shaken, quake, tremble;

Hiph. to cause to tremble, put in motion. 127 K. to slack, hang down, sink, be weak; Niph. to

be remiss, be idle; Pi. to slacken or loosen ; Hiph. to let go, let alone; Hithp. to behave one's self

slackly or remissly. na-i. c. 1797 - weak.

DT 12 weak-handed, powerless, weak.

.mire רֶפֶשׁ

1747 K. to be pleased with, delight in, accept favour

ably; Niph. to be favourably accepted, be par-
doned; Pi. to seek favour; Hiph. to satisfy;
Hithp. to make one's self acceptable.
. . ? -

w. af. 'pix? - grace, favour, good will, pleasure. 1787 K. and Pi. to slay, kill, murder; Niph. to be slain. P? only, excepting ; (at the beginning of a sentence)

surely, indeed. 77 K. and Pi. to skip, leap, dance; Hiph. to cause

to skip YPT -i. c. YP?-[the] expanse, firmament. vaz - pl

. Dyw?- wicked, ungodly, a wicked man. - . ?

wickedness, guilt. ? . ; .

- pl. D'ap? - a burning coal, flame.
- . ?

רֶשַׁע - רִשְׁעִי w. af רִשְׁעָתִי ;רִשְׁעַת .i.c- רִשְׁעָה

רֶשֶׁף רִשְׁתִּי .w. af

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a net.

.28 See p. 15, Note .אֲשֶׁר = (שׁ in a few instances) שֶׁ , שאג

;K. to be laid waste; Niph. to make a noise שׁאה

a w)=. . , . Javi K. to roar, groan.

; a ; (likewise) to be laid waste; Hiph. to lay waste; Hithp. to gaze or wonder at. a grave, pit, hell.

, , () as a loan, borrow.

שָׁאול K. to ask, beg, demand, enquire; (likewise) to ask שאל

and he asked death for וַיִּשְׁאַל אֶת נַפְשׁוֹ לָמוּת

.K. to remain; Niph. to be left, remain; Hiph שאר

himself. Comp. 1 Kings xix. 4.; Niph. to ask for one's self; Pi. to ask, beg, enquire; Hiph. to lend.

. trans. to cause to remain, i. e. to leave; intrans. to remain.

a rest, remnant, remainder.

שְׁאָר ;


) , שְׁאֵר .one related by blood, one near of kin שְׁאֵר בָּשָׂר

78 Alesh; (likewise) a relative, relation, kin.


a remnant.



.a week – שָׁבָעוֹת and שָׁבְעִים .pl

- W.

ܕܸܟ שְׁבָטִים .pl ;שְׁבָטִי .w. af .likewise) a tribe) [שֶׁבֶט

שְׁבָּלִים שִׁבֹּלֶת ears of corn, (supposed to be the pl. of

-a rod, staff, sceptre; ) (.

, (. - Job xxiv. 24.) a stream; (likewise) an ear of corn; (see the preceding article).

). m



.m. -i. c שִׁבְעָה שִׁבְעַת .i. c-. שְׁבַע .f -i. c שֶׁבַע


.seventy שִׁבְעִים

a day – שַׁבָּתוֹת .pl ;שַׁבַּתִּי .w. af ;שַׁבַּת .i. c- שַׁבָּת

. zavi K. to break; quench (thirst); (likewise) to buy

or sell (corn); Niph. to be broken; Pi. to dash to pieces; Hiph. to cause to break through; sell

(corn); Hoph. to be broken, be hurt. naw

- Maw — (inf. constructive K. of 2uj9 q. v.) nawi K. to cease to do any thing), rest; (likewise)

to cease to be, have an end; Niph. to cease to exist, have an end; Hiph. to cause to cease (from doing any thing), cause to rest, still, quiet; (likewise) to put an end to, put away, remove, leave (one) without any thing).

. . ; . — a of rest, sabbath-day.

- . - an oversight, error, mistake. de what is vain or false, vanity, falsehood.

Nytja in vain, or: on a falsehood. * 210 K. to turn, turn back, return; Pi. to bring back,

restore; (likewise) to pervert; Hiph. to cause to
return, bring back, restore; (likewise) to cause
to turn away, i. e. turn off, hinder ; Hoph. to be
brought back, be restored.
777 707 to return word, answer.

wÐI. Iw lit. to restore life, i. e. to refresh.
w K. to be equal, be like, be equivalent, be suitable

or useful; Pi. to make plain or even ; (likewise) to put, place; Hiph. to compare, liken.


שִׁגְגָתִי .w. af - –

* When joined to another verb, the verb Iw is used advly. for: again ; e. g. nyMIWN I will again feed (Gen. xxx. 31.) nowa ?? and he sent again ; (2 Kings i. 13.)

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